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Life with the Boyz

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I hereby give all my treats to my BroFurs... April Fool!

April 1st 2012 8:35 am
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Meow I am glad my diary works again. Seems I had some Catster fleas last week. I hope all my furs are having a fun April Fools day.
Here are some cat tricks you can pull on your family!

*Hide and do not come out even for dinner or treats. This one has my Pops in a tizzy. He looks all over and then when he finds me I walk out and blink my eyes like I was asleep. MOL.

*Act Sick. This one is really hard but give it a try. You give your meal or treats a sniff and then look at your hooman with that sad look. Then walk away really slow and put your head on your paws. This is good for getting plenty of attention for days. Remember, you have to recover before the vet call! If not this one can backfire.

*Get those jingle things, keys, and hide them under the sofa. Good fur hours of your hoomans looking around and being all worried. It is even better if they do not find them and you bring them out and just leave them out in the open. Watch those funny hooman looks.

Have a Fun and Tricky Day
Timmy T


Catster is new. Again.

March 17th 2012 6:52 am
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Here we are with a brand new Catster.

I like the look. Yes I do. I hear some have had fleas like my good furend Pipo who has been DDP for 3 days. Sounds like a good choice for a 3 day cat so...


Pops brought a big bag in last night when he came home and it smells delish!
I will let you know what goes on with our own Party later. Pop said his Sisfur and some hooman friends may come over later. That is fine as long as she does not bring the barkies.

Hope to see my furends over at the KCK Party tomorrow 3pm Catster time.
Plenty of Green-Nip. Oh yeah. It is anyhow. Oh well. Purrs!

Timmy T


Good Times

March 4th 2012 11:41 am
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Wow it is almost St Patricks Day.

I don't know what we will have going on this year but I bet Pops will think of something and it will be cat fun to the max the way all have been getting along.

I have been telling him about how much things have changed. He was really worried with Fitz coming to stay here. He544rt said: "You cannot take a step without bumping into a cat" which is true. 6 is a bit much. We talked a lot before B came but Fitz was kind of out of the blue. It was time to come home from being shown for adoption and, Boom, here she is.

We think it may be that due to the heavy population we just are paying attention to normal etiquette that we did not worry about before. It may also be that Pops is really being attentive to play. Daily and intense play sessions are followed at night by our new late meal time. So it maybe or it maybe not any or all or something else entirely.

I just like it. We have less work to do making sure all get along. It is going to be a good year. I can feel it.

Timmy the Relaxed TomCat


Roo needs support and other news.

February 19th 2012 10:08 am
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It is with heavy heart I am asking every cat to send Purrs of support to our good friend Roo and his family. His Mom went over the Rainbow Bridge after having knee surgery. Very sad and very sudden.
Support Roo

Then there are some cats who are loosing their homes. Art Blakely is trying to get them some help. Check his diary.
Art Blakey Helping

So a bit of fun please welcome and say hello to Nikka. She is new to Catster.
Hello Nikka

And I am closing on a Fun note!
*Tim Meows:"Hey Cats! Gather Around! MEOOOOWWWWW"*
OK are we all here?
Congrats to TOBY!
Hey Dood you are Koolest Catster Kitties Cat of the Week!

*The Boys are all purring and swatting paws at Toby*

Have a good week all!
Timmy Tomcat


Never a dull moment.

February 12th 2012 10:13 am
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So there are no quiet cat naps around here!
What with Toby pining away over for his Admirer.
And Buddy working over the new Nip Sock.
And Buttons just being a Cat-O-Lesencent.
And Rumpy. Where do I start with Rumpy.

The other night he just would not give anycat a break. Jumping on me! Jumping on Buttons! Jumping on Buddy! Jumping on Toby!
Finally Pops gave him his "Rrrrrwwwwrrrrrr"! He sounds just like a big cat. Freaky. We he makes that growl we know he is serious and to stop whatever.

Oh my achin head! Tough being Top Cat with this bunch

Rumpy Needs a Time Out!

Timmy Tomcat


Special thanks from all of us to all of you!

February 5th 2012 11:54 am
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This is a very big Thank You!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

From all of us who are here and our Angels too! Thank You all for being such good friends. Coco, Inky, Amber, Stinker, Pee, The Fosters, Rumpy, Buddy, Toby, and me Timmy we all really appreciate your wonderful gifts over the past year and especially this month when so many have had special days.

We are hoping to have more time in the next few weeks to come and play with every cat but just wanted to say that..

We Love You All!
Thanks for being who you are!
It really is the little things that matter!

Purrs, Bumps, Angel Dust for all!

Timmy T and Family!


Hey Buddy Bud and B!

January 28th 2012 6:24 am
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We have had little B running and playing with all of us for over a week now. He plays with Rumpy a lot and I really like to play with him also as he is such a nice little cat.

I want to wish Big Buddy Bud a very Happy Birthday! Buddy we may not get along all the time but I like having you around as part of our family. We all love you ya big lug you.
*Tim whispers* Wait till he sees the goodies Pops got him! We have a party planned fur next week that will include Angel Inky as his is the 30th. Pop does not know we cats know his bday is the same as Buddies the 31st! Wow three Aquarian's MOL!

Well we have to get Fitz and Inky ready for an event. Purr success toward them so that they get forever homes real soon!

Timmy Tomcat


The New Boy

January 22nd 2012 2:15 pm
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Well here we are in a new year and we have a new fur!

All welcome Mr Buttons.

Now the Boyz really did not know all the discussion between me and Pops about this move but let me tell you it was quite heated at times. It is a big thing to change the composition of a family unit. We had tried in the past with temporary fosters and what have you. Those outcomes were not good. We wanted this to work if it could.

I was skeptical. I know my brofurs a wee bit better, being a cat you know, so I did not think it would work. We are territorial and we are a bunch of touchy Man-Cats. Look at me wrong and the fur flies. Well not really but you know what I mean. We can be a bit hissy. And then there is Buddy. A touchy cat if there ever was.

Now Pops was more optimistic. He said that we did not realize it but we had been smelling Buttons for months. He was right. I thought fur a minute and realized I never raise a whisker when Pops comes up from foster care. He also said that this was a pretty easy going cat. I finally gave in.

I introduced our new kid to everycat. We decided to just call him "B". Buddy gave a cat laugh and said it was lucky he was not going to have kids. That old Galoot does get a zinger off now and again.

It was a bit odd for the first day or so. The kid loves Pop, don't we all, and insisted on sleeping with him. We came in at our normal times each wondering "where is the new kid", and, there he was all snuggly nuggly with Pops. He was purring up a storm. Well we all went off to the couch. No way should he be in the bed. Not the first night. Where was his etiquette, his breeding, his... Yeah we were jealous. We each kept coming in and looking and leaving. So Tuesday it was the same. Wednesday we all played after Pops came home from work and that was that. Toby came in and settled into his spot and it seems they had already discussed the rotation. Toby really had 2 spots so it all works out fine.

So once the sleeping was arranged it was all fried in mouse butter. We all sleep soundly and all play like we were from the same litter. Except Old Buddy. Of course. But, I see a little cat smile from the Old Galoot when B Whacks Rumpy. MOL. The more things change...

So we have to decide if our new boy B gets a new page. Hmmm? Maybe he could just have the foster page and then he will be the foster liaison? We shall see. We shall see.

Have a wonderfur week all!

Your Cat on the scene
Timmy Tomcat


A Wonderfur Day! Adoption Day!

January 8th 2012 11:27 am
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Wowzers Meowzers!

Little Buddy has a Furever home!!!

Cat-O-Cat! Pops made a special trip and took him to meet some very nice people! He knew they would just love this wonderfur little fellow! We told him to listen to everything we told him on how to flirt with hoomans!

*Tim Whispers: We told him to ignore whatever Big Buddy Bud said*

*Buddy-Bud hollars: "Whut? You say sum-tin Timmerz?"*

No Buddy! Nothing!
Shhhhhh MOL!

So, he climbed out of his carrier and got his motor running right away. He looked very good with his fur all shiny and neat. He paraded back and forth being a good kitten. He walked up front and looked at Pops who gave him a wink. He then really got purring and walked back to give the man and woman a nice head bump.

When the ringy went off today we all crowded around. Pops held his finger up to be quiet and was talking for a long time.

He hung up and said "Oh well next time".

We were all like "WHAT? Whats wrong?"


Then he gave us all a treat! We are all Tails-in-the-Air happy!

Have to go! We are getting a little cat-party going!

Timmy TomCat


To all our Friends!

December 31st 2011 9:44 am
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This year some of us had little cat troubles. Some of us had big cat troubles. We have had good and bad, health and illness, loss and plenty. Old dear friends have gone over the bridge and we mourn their loss.

On the human side it has been even tougher. Many have lost much and some have lost all. There is difficulty just getting through any given day.

So now this year is coming to a close. Looking back we know our little family had days that were very difficult. Rumpy had his burn last January. Pops had family and work issues. Our fosters are still looking for forever homes.

With that meowed you could hang many names on the past year. Many would cause eyes to open wide and ears to swivel about. We are just going to say that, for we TomCats, Pops too, it was, well, it was challenging.

Some may think that is too soft a word. Not descriptive of all the anguish and turmoil. Well, maybe so, but, we temper this word with others! Love! Friendship! Caring! Helping! Giving!

The caring and loving friendships we have here with our friends shifts the balance, moves the needle, fills the tank, smooths the wrinkles... Well maybe not that, but, you know.

Whenever we come here we feel it. We wonder at the deep and meaningful emotions we have from our wonderful interactions with those we love. Coming here is plain fun. It gives a spring to the step, a twinkle to the eye, we cannot help but purr and we see Pops smile.

Yes sometimes there is sad news. That is life. The important thing is to keep your eye to the good. Allow the love in and give it freely away. Be kind and do good works to your ability. Let those around you know how you feel and be true to who you are.

You are all truly wonderful and I love you all!
(In a Man-Cat way of course)
Your good friend
Timmy Tomcat
Happy New Year from Da-Boyz N Pops!

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