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Life with the Boyz

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Wow a Very Special Occasion!

October 6th 2012 6:33 am
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Fall is in the air and that means Catoberfest!
What is that you may ask?

Well it is a very special celebration at a wonderfur place called,
Drums please: Tabby's Place!

Pops has bid on some nice things and even won a few. The money goes to help kitties who would never have a chance anywhere else. They take in the sick, the old, and yes, they even take in the nasty and ornery. The cats can live their lives in a wonderful environment getting care and love.

Pops is a Guardian Angel for Dot.

She is a nice little girl who was born with spina-bifida. You would never know it from the way she zips around.

Pops is going today to meet her and the other cats, get the items he won, and possibly do some more bidding in the silent auction. There are some paintings of Dot that we think would look good on the wall. Since we are going to redecorate, some day that is, the new cat tree is waiting, we need all the cat related items we can find. After all this is a real cat house.

Buddy-Bud: "Uhh, Timmers. Youz better re-phazer dat."

Uh... Yeah. This is a wonderful home for cats.

We will post some photos later so you meet these friends.

Purrs to all
Tim T


I am feeling a bit silly this fall

September 23rd 2012 1:04 pm
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Well cats the weather has been very nice here in PA. We are lounging about and watching the fall changes going on outside our windows. Yes it would be nice to go outside but Pops is a worrier. He would be nuts if one of us got hurt while outside. And, truthfully, I dont think I would go out. Nope. I am fine right here.

So I fooled my brofurs yesterday. A photo came out all bright and they were like "Gee Tim why does that look all bright?"
I told them the Aliens! Buddy joined in with "Yeah dey follow mee frum out Area 51 when I went wit da Blues few weeks ago. Yessir"

Well Toby and Buttons have been watching out the windows for the return. Fitz rolls her eyes. MOL. We always have fun around here.

Oh before I go I wanted to let you know that I finally tried Pops Chicken Meals. Pretty Good if I say so myself. Pretty good.

So thats about it.

Purrs Furends
Timmy Tomcat


Nip, Invention and a Cat Fight. Another Holiday!

September 3rd 2012 1:09 pm
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Since it was a holiday Pops decided to break out the good stuff! Wow a new bag of Premium Nip!

Pops made some of those cool Nip-Socks. Then there was something new! Seems Fitz was playing with a plastic thing and Pops had an idea. Put some Nip in there! Cool!
Then I had an Idea while gnawing!

Yes we have good ideas while gnawing. Much better than dogs just not as widely known. I digress. I thought this was so much fun we should improve it. The nip came out too fast. Me and Pops chewed it over and figured if the holes were covered a bit. Ah Purrfect!

Pops opposable thumbs my idea and viola!
A new Nip-Toy

Then Buddy tried to steal it. Yo Dood not Cool!
Buddy snags MY toy!

OK dood this means Cat-Fight!
Give that back NOW!

We do the old Whacka Whacka Whack Attack

Buddy thinks better of the whole thing
He is up and moving and I am charging after
Hey! Come back here!

You better stay back there!

And this Nip-Sock is mine too!

Hey Buttons! Be careful! There are Nip Thieves sneaking about!
*Buttons Yells Back*
Thanks Timmy! I will hold this one close by!

So as you can see we had a lot of fun around here. Me and Buddy were back to pals in a few minutes and I even let him play with the toy I invented.

Such is the life of a Top Cat

Purrs to all!
Timmy Tomcat


The Excitement never Stops.

September 1st 2012 11:18 am
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So last week we had a touch of cat-flu flying through. Glad that is done with. I really want to thank all our furends who wished us well. That is what I love about this place.

So this week Buddy and I took little Fitz out for a day of fun. Can you believe he brought a Box? MOL.
Me Buddy and Fitz out in the sunshine

He said he hates having to clean grass out of his fur. I tried to tell him that is half the fun. Oldsters. MOL.

So as soon as we get home Buddy is picking on Rumpy. I cannot blame him as the tables will turn by next week. I just hate it when they run up and expect me to make things better. Like Kittens those two.

Speaking of kittens did you meet my nephew My Nephew Timmy Junior

We got some rain this past week and hope our furends who need it got a bit too. And hope that no cat was flooded by that nasty Issac.

So purrs to all!

Timmy T


Good and Bad this week.

August 26th 2012 12:24 pm
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The good this week is a you see in my photo. Happy just being with my Pop.

The Bad is a bit more involved.

First Bumpy got a sick tummy. Then Toby. Then Bump needed to go to the vet for his eyes. They were all red. Pops said it looks like hooman Pink-Eye. Seems that the sneezer we all had now and then can also go to the eyes. It may be from Mr B, but, who knows.
My Blog has the particulars:

The good thing is Rumpy and Toby are better. Seems the belly ache only lasted a night. Pops worried anyhow. He says that by the time he can teach Rumpus to sit still for his eye drops he will no longer need them.

Pops is watching us all very closely just in case. I will help him out by telling my brofurs not to hide if they are sick. I don't.

Last night I put my hair-ball right on top of Pops' music-in-the-ear thing. That way he could check it out. I put one in his slipper too, as a backup. That is being a good cat.

Timmy Tomcat


I Won Gold at the Olympics! Yay KCK fur the Catster Team!

August 16th 2012 1:06 pm
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Wow what trip to the London Olympics last week.
We are all tired but it was worth it
I competed in Boxing and won GOLD!
I also tried Fencing but Colorado took the title.
As long as a furend won I am happy.

So Lots cooking, and I mean cooking.
Pops is still making us food and it is on my Blog

and on his

Funny title there dood.
I think I am going to sit on his lap when he needs the bathroom!
Never poke a cat MOL
Have a Wonderfur Day!
Timmy Tomcat


**Wild-Nip-Party** - and - **Flying-Cat-from-Above**

August 11th 2012 10:38 am
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Hi furs!

Me and the family had a wonderfur week.

**Nip Party**
On Monday we were all kicked back after finishing our treats. Pops looked over at me and said "Lets have a Party".

Well sure thing Dood! You don't have to ask me twice. So Pops gets up and the next thing I know he is DUMPING NIP on the floor! Whoa-Cat! I mean a PILE of NIP! He laughed and with a wink he said: "Lets watch to see how long it takes for the other cats to figure this out."

It was a hoot! First Rumpy comes over. He plops down next to the pile. Then Toby and Buttons come in, give a sniff, look around, and they start nibbling on the nip. Buddy looks around the couch saying: "Yo! Timmerz! Whuts Happen?". He looks from me to Pops to the Nip. From the Nip to Pops to me. Buddy dives in. Of course Fitz girl was watching from the top of the tree and was into the mix with a hop and a step. "Hey Boys!"

We had a whacky-whack-whack you attack me then we attack thee. We had a kitty roll in the nip contest. Seeing who can jump the highest is always fun. We had a roll-over contest and Buddy was the winner. Who would have thought.

Now let me tell you something really funny.

The next morning Pops is all finished getting ready for that work thing. He walks by to turn off the air blowing thing. So he is on his way back. He stops to pet Buddy who is on the table and WHOMP! A CAT FROM THE SKY DROPS ON RUMPY! The cat just missed Pops. Who was that Sky-Cat?

Fitz of course. MOL

It took a bit to realize she had jumped from the cat tree, over Pops, and onto the hanging light fixture. She stuck for a few seconds, but, no grip. She slid off. Plop!

It just happened that Rumpy was there right underneath. They both took off like a shot. The light is swinging. Pops looks at me with big round eyes. I look at Pops with big round eyes. We laugh like the dickens. He gives me a chuck under the chin and I give him a big purr.

Never a dull moment with a herd of cats
Timmy Tomcat


Hey Cats

August 5th 2012 9:55 am
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Kind of quiet around here for a while.

Especially since B and I had our little talk. MOL he was all sneaking around for the next day. Then Rumpy and Toby explained to him that is the way cats keep order in the house. We have to explain everything to him since he comes from an abandoned litter.

Kind of funny thing about all this teaching of the young cat got Toby and I talking about the good old days.

I was an abandoned kitty while Toby was given up after some time. Pops took us both in and it has been great since.

So no big news.
Kind of quiet.
But really the best of all being home with the ones you love!
May you all have such rewards.

Timmy T


A Week of Fun with all my good furends

July 20th 2012 9:27 am
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Wow what an exciting week!
My head is spinning as I have been the Cat of the Day AND Cat of the WEEK!
Buddy got a DDP and so did Toby! Wowzer Meowzer!
We went on a day trip with KCK to Block Island that was so much fun. If you do not belong you should check this group out. -17959

Lots of action and more fun than a mouse in the house, well, maybe not, but, almost.

I have also been updating my Blog.

Pop has been tugging my tail to add the info about his Homemade Cat Food. I have to admit I like it. My brofurs are more food oriented than I but it is good. Another thing really odd that Pops told us would happen. I will whisper this so lady cats can hold their ears: (Tim whispers: Our Poopies are much smaller and less smelly.) Go figure. Pops says its because his food is nutrient dense. I have noticed I eat a bit less and so have the brofurs. Interesting stuff all.

I have had so much fun this week I want to thank my pals. Tigger, Jezabel, Rory, Buddie, Gibbs, Cash, McKenna, Mookie, Angel, Rick,Jameson, Milo and Family, Tate, Patches and Family, Bear and Family, All the Calico Junction Cats, Tigger, Cali and Family, Napoleon, Colorado, Luke and Family, Tristan, Tyson, Finnegan and Family, Samson, Rex and Family, Jack and Family, Pounce, Mr Sam and Family, Gump, Monster, Mac and Family, Teebo and Family, Gleek, Sammy and Family, Tony and Family, Ollie Boo and Family, Reanan, Meep and Family, Simon and Rubin Angel!, WeeBeesSiamese, and all my good furends here on Catster
Love you all very much!

Timmy Tomcat


What? My BirthDay? MEOW!

July 15th 2012 8:35 am
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Well what a great day it is.

Pops gave me a few extra treats furst thing and I was like, Huh? Then Pops and every cat got in a big circle and sung Happy Birthday Timmy!
Oh My I am all emotional. What a surprise.

I got a new Sleeping Box! Wowzers-Meowzers!
Pops also showed my my new BLOG!

Well it is not really new but Pops helped me do my furst big post in a long time. We collafurated on Homemade Chicken Cat Food.

Oh darn here comes Buddy to try out my Box.


Ok where was I? Oh Yeah.

Happy Birfdayz to ME! MOL

Have a fun day furends

Timmy Tomcat

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