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Life with the Boyz

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Merry Christmous

December 8th 2013 2:18 pm
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Hi Furends
Goodness we have been so busy that I have not gotten here to ask anyone if they wanted to get a Chrissymous Card from us this year. We have our list but want to make double sure
If you would like our Collectible Grade Tomcat Family Chrissymous Card send me a paw mail!

Now the BIG NEWS!

Miss Fitz is Cat of the Week over at Koolest Catster Kitties!
Purrs and Head Bumps to our Gal!

Thats it fur today

Timmy Tomcat


Happy Thanksgiving and Holidays

November 27th 2013 10:41 am
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I would like to wish all our Mewish furends a happy Chanukah.

Have a wonderfur Thanksgiving everycat and family.
We really love our Catster furends and have not been here near enough.
So we hope to visit some more in the next year

I would like to get an updated holiday card list. If you would like to play let me know by pawmail your address. Email is ok too as we do those also.
Timmy and Family


Help me with the Cardwood Derby Race

November 17th 2013 2:20 pm
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Hey Furends
I have some great news and need your help to win!

Some of you know I am in Cat Scouts. It is really fun and the family helped me build my Cardwood Derby Race Car. If you vote fur me I he may just win. Here I am and I am ready to Race

You can go right to the Cardwood Derby at Cat Scouts and vote fur me. You will have to go to the second page there are so many fun entries.

You can Pin me at theCardwood Derby on Pinterest

You can Like and Comment fur me on Cat Scouts on Facebook

And finally you can Tweet @catscouts #cardwoodderby @timmy_tomcat

Thanks so much!
Since you are such good pals I want to raise a toast to you.

Now these are fur the cold weather!

I think you will like Buddy's Special!

I really have to visit more now that the holidays are here. Please visit the whole family on my bloggie Tomcat Commentary by Tim

Purrs Furends
Timmy Tomcat


Happy Halloween for our pals and Hello to a New Kitty at the- Tomcat Home

October 30th 2013 8:46 am
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Hi Furends
Yes we deserve a hiss due to not being around to visit as we should. Truth is there is a good reason. The reason is this little scrap. Einstein

Now do not quote me on this but, I have heard he is going to transition from foster to family. He was a very sick little fellow and it took all of Dads nursing and cat knowledge along with our family and many many more were purring for him to pull him through. After weeks of this we really cannot see him going anywhere.

So, that is why we have not been around during our favorite time of year.

That said, we have really good news! Our pal Platelicker Spears was at the vet and not feeling well. He is now home and on the mend. Stop by and give him a few purrs for good measure.

Now tomorrow we are having a big
Halloween Party at our Blog!
We are inviting ALL our Catster pals to come an enjoy the goodi! es and fun.

So furends in closing...

BOO! Its Halloween! MwaHaHaHaHa

Timmy the Pumpkin Tomcat


Hey Furends its my Gotcha Day

October 13th 2013 4:23 pm
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Hi Furends:

Our party is a bit late as we are working to keep the little one in good spirits. He is very sick but Dad says he is now eating more so has a chance. If he makes it another week the vet says he will be ok.
Here is little Einstein! The hair got him his name. Purr for him!

Now before the party let me thank Rory, Jezabel, Dova, Teebo, Callie, Rose, Kaci-Sunshine, Queen Missy, Bella, Orange Ruffy, Angel Patches, Phantom, Tate, Benson, Luke, Platelicker, Angel Nala Sue , Milo, Newman, Rex, Bugsy, Mia, Milo, Xena Princess Warrior, Smiley Cassanova, Pooh Bear, Angel Buddy, Angel Buddie, Lily, Big Harry Angel, Mac, Ivy, Smokey, Gizmo, Lady, Baby, Wanda, Norman, Gleek, Mac, Ivy, Legaly..
And their Families of course. If I missed any cat please know I love you and thank all my Catster friends for being so loving.

Well it is late but my Family is throwing me a big Gotcha Day Party so come on in and have some fun. We have great Noms, Drinks and Toys to play with.

What a great idea to have Filet for the Main Course

Dig into the Lobster with Butter

Buddy: Mmmm Lobster//

Dig in Buddy Budd. There is plenty

We have Chick-Hen that looks really good

We have cold cuts for later on if you have any room left that is

Or coarse you will need to was down those Noms with some chilled drinks

Have a Nip-Tini made with Nip around the rim. Excellent

A furend makes this great Beer special for our Cat Parties

No Cat Party is complete without some Milk

When you are finished have a nap and then join the play fun!

Have a bit of Nip to get in the mood

We have some great Mousies to play with

Whee Jingle Balls! Who wants to bat one around

Every Cat likes these

We hopy you had a grrreat time at my Gotcha Day Party. If you drank a bit too much or have the Nip running around your head please stay over. We have room

We have comfy beds if you stay over

Thanks for coming by
Timmy Tomcat


Hi Furends Let me Splain!

October 12th 2013 2:43 pm
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I have to splain about our lack of Catster Action!
We had a grand plan really get down with our Catster pals this past week and, well...
Seems the Dad said yes to saving a little kitten.
I mean what could we say! Here is the story.

Dads friend called him on Monday. She said there were kittens and a Mom cat on her porch. Long story but Dad said he would make some calls and see what he could do.

The next day she called and said the little one was not moving! He was on the porch all night in the cold. Dad said to warm him and get him to him Right Away.

He was very slow moving. Dad thought it was all over. He warmed him up and gave a few droppers of formula. He repeated this a few time. At 6pm on Tuesday the kitten went very still and coma like. Dad said: "No, Not Again!"
(He had lost Teeny Tiny after only 2 days of foster 2 years ago) Dad started to vigorously rub this kitten all over and held him in a towel warmed in the microwave. At 7pm He opened his eyes a little and Dad gave him 2cc of formula. This was repeated every half hour till 11.

Then he woke on his own and groomed his little paw for a minute. That was the turning point. Dad saw he was breathing easily. At 3am the little fellow was HUNGRY and ate 10cc of formula and then slept.

Well it has been progress ever since and he even ate some wet food. A trip to the vet on Friday to get the check and he is FIV and FeLV negative. This means he is allowed out to our area. He smells funny, oh meow!

Today he was running around on the floor for a long time having a grand time. We are pretty well used to him and let him bumble into us as he hops around.

So there is a lot going on. Dad says there are 2 more coming but they are going into the foster room. I asked why he is not down there? Dad did not say anything. Hmmmm, this could be trouble

Other BIG News is that I am in the Cat Scouts! Wheee! Check out my picture! There are a lot of Catster friends there so come on over and Check out the Cat Scouts

Hey, hope to see you all soon!

Purrs from you pal
Timmy Tomcat


Talk Like a Pirate Cat

September 23rd 2013 9:13 am
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Well we are a week late getting here but if you come by my bloggie you would have seen this post. I do invite you to stop by and visit

Tomcat Commentary by Tim

We set sail for Grand Adventure with a scurrilous crew bent on plunder and pillaging with a few stops for a quick nap and treats as time allowed.

Captain Tim with Furst Mate Toby and Fearless Ms Fitz are ready for anything

Buttons and Buddy are Catting the Gun-Deck Ready fur Action

We Met up with Fearless Kjelle Bus who was guarding our Booty from Scalacats!

And what a Wonderfur Treasure it Be!

Our Buttons had short patience for the Divvy! Avast Cat Paws off till the Cat-Captain gives the Meow!

Of course some of the Crew was on Duty!

Purrs to all our pals and please share in our bounty!

Cat Captain Tim Tomcat


Our Family Trip to Paris with the Tabby Cat Club

September 4th 2013 9:34 am
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Hi Furends:
We went to Paris with our pals from the Tabby Cat Club.

Tomcat Commentary by Tim

Tabby Cat Club

Here are our highlights but we suggest you visit our Bloggie and the TCC because we have links where you can see all our furends photos from this fun trip.

We arrive with Ms. Fitz, Toby, Scylla, Fenris, Tuiren, Socks, Rumpy, Buttons, Buddy & me. Goodness that was a meowth full.

Then we went to the Louvre. Here me Fitz and Buddy are in front of the odd glass thingie.

Then we went to that big Tower Mr Eiffel built. Really a nice place to lay about.

While we were under the tower some Paris Cats were flirting with Ms Fitz. We had to take Toby for a walk by the canal so he could calm down.


Here we are back in our room a bunch of tired kitties.

The next day we went to the Arc De Trumpet or whatever.

I really wanted to go back to the Louvre to see some more paintings and discuss them.

Now. This is all about the colors and blah blah blah blah

As you can see my very ecellent discussion of painting was ignored by my furmaly. No class.

I found this work to be exceptional

On our last day we Man Cats went to the Paris Auto Show. We wanted a Porsche fur sure!

While we had fun Toby HAD to go to the Fendi Store in Paris with his little lady Fitz. You would not beleive how many packages she made him carry.

Toby are you listening? How would they look on my little feet? TOBY!

Here we are packing up. All the bags on the Right are from Ms Fitz.

We had to hurry to the airport. There was a bit of a hold up and I went back to see what the problem was. I could not beleive my whiskers.

Then there was Buddy's Carry On!

We agreed to finish the big Paris Burger by the time we landed or there would be a tariff to pay. Trust Buddy Budd to cause excitement.

Finally we were home and happy with Dad.

Hope you have had a great Labor day and are ready fur Fall
Love you all
Timmy Tomcat and Family


My Dear Furends

August 25th 2013 12:50 pm
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Hi Everyfurry

I admit that I have not been visiting my friends here and am so sorry. We have been busy supporting our bloggie friends that are in need.
We miss all our Catster pals and will be visiting a bit in the next week.

With that said how about that Nip Hot Doggie I have! Meow Dad really takes good care of us. We got that one two weeks ago, last week we got a Cats Meow and just today we got our new Winnies Wish Nip goodies.
Winnies wish is a very good rescue that Dad supports.

Meow furends
Timmy Tomcat


Happy Birthday to Me!

July 21st 2013 10:44 am
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Hi furends!
Thanks so much for the wonderful presents everycat!
Milo, Hobo, Platelicker, Tristan, Meep, Bibi, Gleek, Beepers, Rex, Bugsy, Max, Simba, Mia, Milo, Xena Princess Warrior (Hey Lady Cat), Smokey, Gizmo, Friskie, Homer, Kibbles, Smiley Cassanova, Teebo, Marmalade, Wanda, Norman, Mac Ivy Legaly, Georgina! And Families of course.

Dad gave me some really nice nip on a big new scratcher. (I have a sneaking suspicion that he got if fur all of us but what the meow!)
I love grabbing it and spinning around even though I have no claws.

Dad also gave me 2 great new cat perches on our window bird n squirrel tv. I promised to share of course.

Hope you all stop by my blog Tomcat Commentary by Tim to say hello and share in the fun like thes the Tabbies of Trout Town do. What a great bunch of cats. We visit them too.

Have a great week and keep cool
Timmy Tomcat

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