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But I LIKE to eat things that make Pops Crazy!

August 26th 2010 5:02 am
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I have to come out of the closet. I am a grown kitty and I should be proud of all I do and who I am!

OK Here Goes: I have a pica-appetite. That is when you just have a hankering to eat, well, odd things. My favorite is dust bunnies. If I catch one Pops will see me coming out from under the couch with it. I then sit down next to him, my normal spot, and commence to eat it up. It is funny cause he has to look close to see what I have. He shakes his head and gives me a pet.

Anyhow, the other day, I got my OTHER Favorite, Plastic bag! Now Pops goes nuts when I do this. He checks and makes double sure to throw it all out and put it all back in the box it came in, BUT, he missed a little bag that was in his new cameras box.

I came up for my morning treat with the bag halfway down, covered with cat spit, hanging out of my mouth! Pops grabs it and his hand slips! Cat spit is like the best motor oil slippery! So I jump down and we do the cat walk away, Pop walk after, trick for a bit. He grabs the bag and... I had chewed it in half. Gulp. Yummy Bag bit!

I was fine. I ate all day. I still use the dirt pan.
Now it is 4 days later and Pops is better. He is not following me and checking every thing I do. That Pops. He means well!
Timmy TomCat


Kitten Cam and My New Guest Book

August 23rd 2010 4:08 pm
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Well I have to admit I am a bit per-ter-bed!
*Tim grumbles*
I have been here the longest and I DONT HAVE A WEB CAM!
Anyhow I do not want to be charges with sour treats so her it is:

Link to Kitten Cam

It is also under my great guest book...HEY YEAH! I have a guest book Nyah Nyah Buddy Nyah Nyah Toby...

OK Pops I will act growed up!
Gee, just funnin!
Yer Pal Timmy TomCat


OMM We have new foodies!

August 22nd 2010 6:00 am
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OMM(OH MY MEOW!) OMM OMM OMM OMM Meee-ooow! Mee-ooow!
Wowzers! Sumptin happen and we have critters to catch!

*Pops whispers* "Don't tell them it is a DVD on the 52 big screen!"

Der are dem Bushy Tails and dem Flyers! Dey are in-da big opening to outside like where our seat is to watch da world.
Now Toby has been goin from da Big to da seat and back and forth fer fer eva and all mornin! *Tim whisper* Maybe he feel better bout his catster bein bonker!
So Gotta go! Lots to do figurin howz to getz da Flyer and da climber bushy tail! Mee-oooww
Timmy Toby Buddy N Da Kits too!


Lots going on

August 21st 2010 5:14 pm
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Wowzers an Meowzers there are things happenen!
Dat Toby goten his page all mixed up *Timmy gives a smile*
You cannot read it no mo and he can't un-check da CSS in Fun Stuff. I told him to go through the tuu torial, but, NOOOO... He says: "I can do it faster and just change my text like THIS... Opps'ers!"
Now we are waitin fer HQ on monday to redo da codin.
Dat Pops better not see! He did dat codin fer fun in da 90's soze... But tings change ya know...
Now Dat Buddy is buggin fer treats and will not play wit da nice ball he got. Buddy bud the bug.
Dem Kits are HUGE! Dey all gain 3/4-1 pound Pops told me! Wowzers! He says dey do not mind the Loud Hose Monster either and I NEED TRAINING! Humph! I am not a kit! I do not see how not hidin is a good thing. I mean reely! What dat about?
So Lots going on...
Oh yeah Pops got him a Cam Cord? Guess heza goin to jump rope er sumptin with dat cord MOL
Bye fer now
Timmy Tomcat


Flehming and...

August 19th 2010 5:28 am
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Pops came up from the kitz breakfast run and he was real surprised to have me jump up and sit with him while he poured a coffee. He was kind of wondering as I usually lay by his foot and look up.
Pops: "Tim... Whats up?"
I look up and then he laughs cause I am giving his hand the Good Ol Flehmen response.
Well... I have to identify the BroFurs and SisFurs for later! Right!
Timmy TomCat


Changes Comin!

August 15th 2010 8:27 am
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Hey all!

Well, the cat is out of the bag, so to speak. The brofurs now know about the kittens. We cornered Pops when he came back from giving them breakfast. I was first on the stairs, then Toby, Buddy was at the top as always. Pops was surprised as this is how we greet him when hes working. He said "I guess you guys all know what is going on. I feed the kits after I give you your breakfast and I get a cuppa." OK Pops. As long as we are first!

I am still the favorite and I have been here longest.
I am still favorite?
Aren't I? Huh? Huh?
Pops:"Yes Tim! You are! Comon up N get a pet"

Bye all! I have some important Biz here purrin 4 Pops... Later
You Pal Timmy TomCat


Hey Buddy!

July 30th 2010 5:52 am
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Buddy my pal my cat my brofur!

Congratulations on DDP!

No Buddy I am not upset about anything. No you did not "get me" last night. Look! I am trying to teach you strategery. You just always do the same:lunge and grab with both paws. I bop your head from up high, you lunge and wrap the paws around my neck trying to pull me down, I pull back. Repeat.

Its all in fun Bud! Bud! Buddy!

**Buddy wanders away. Muttering. As usual**

Ah well. I try and teach-em. Tough job.

Wonder what the Bros will do when they learn the truth about the kittens!

These are going to be interesting times coming up!

Have a great day all my pals!

Timmy Tomcat(Boss of Da Boyz)


Winning at Life

July 28th 2010 7:13 am
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My what a Great Day!

Pops read to me that my friend Margo has helped her Mom to get a bit better! I was purring up a storm while I sat next to him at this good news. I love pretty Margo and her Moms! They make Catster a fun place!

I do my part too! I give Pops a smile when I run in front of him flop down and give a big stree-eetch as he comes into the bedroom. I then hop on the bed and lay in his place - Meow Meow - He gives me a good pet and I give him a good purr. We(he) then get ready for the day. I have to be close by and ready at a moments notice to flop and purr for Pops.

We cats are connected. Give and take. Supporting and Supported. Needing and needed. When Pops has big things in his life we support him. We are there. Day in. Day out. Just like he was, and is, for us.

Not big stuff! We get our treats in the kitchen! Pops gets his fresh coffee. I plop and stree-eetch in front of the table. Buddy requests his little bit of coffee creamer. Buddy is one pushy kitty cat. Toby jumps up for a fast head rub then goes to our tree to play.

Pops says this part of his day is Purrfect! Dat Pops!

Bye fur now!
Timmy Tomcat


Missing Mercy

July 19th 2010 5:08 am
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I am in shock about little Mercy! We loved to look over her pages and see what new beautiful outfit she had! She was a kitty we all had a big crush on. Pops would read us her exploits and about Moms. We know she was not feeling really good but she was so young.

My friends Coco and Amber are over the bridge and have already gotten in line to pay their respects to this wonderful kitty. She had a ton of heart in that little body. She always gave so much to us all.

I am sending purrs and prayers along with Pops!


I am so thankful

July 13th 2010 6:01 am
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Thanks to all my pals on Catster who have been celebrating with me about my Dairy Day Pick! Purrs and Bumps back at-cha!

So... I am trying to keep Buddy and Toby playing nice. Buddy got his hands on some manifesto that he is sure will allow him to rule the world.(sure Buddy! Don't hold your breath!) He was making fun of Toby's book too. Well, Toby, I do not think Buddy fits in as: "The horrible-est cat that ever lived". Maybe you are going overboard here. I know you are upset that he gives you a whack upside the head now, but, you used to chase him around every day and call him a "big lazy boy".

I warned you. Told you to play nice. Don't worry! Pops will make sure it all works out. I mean you guys do know Pops is keeping tabs on us. His surreptitious photo reconnaissance is up to date!

OK guys thanks for chilling! Buddy you do have the funny ways of laying around!

Purrs N Bumps from Timmy T.

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