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Life with the Boyz

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It was Scary and It aint Halloween!

October 3rd 2010 1:18 pm
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Oh My Cat!
Pops went and took me to the *Whispers* vet...
He really snuck up on me and-zip! I'm in the dreaded and horrible carrier! I gave a wail and guess who came to help? Rumpy-Bump(you have to read Buddy Bud to see why)

Rumpy tried the door but had to give up. He told me it is no big deal and he has been all over in carriers, cages, trucks, you have it. Well thats great... For Him! Not for me!

So the vet lady was nice, but, I slipped her like an eel.
The tech came at me with "cat gloves" cause I found a hidy hole and... Ah well... I mean what could I do. I showed them who really was in charge.

Then Pops held me then so I was OK.

Oof! I got the posterior poke. Little Temperature so got a quick shot of fluids and some meds and I am good to go.

I thank my friends for sending purrs!
Thanks for all your help with the needy too!
All together we make a difference!

Timmy TomCat


Update from Da Boyz

October 2nd 2010 7:47 am
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Hi furiends!
I should be more timely in my postings but it is tough as I have a little cat-cold. That darn Rumpy. He gave it to Toby and I. We have little coughs and a slight fever. Pops was really surprised that feverish cats lick their lips like persons.

So I just hung out on the couch for a day or so. Now I am all up and out and mostly back to normal. My appetite is a bit off. No more lip-licking. MOL.

So the really big news is that Tiger went to his forever home!
Yay Purr Meow! That is Great and the Kitten Krew will update everyone.

Pops was supposed to get a call today from the people who gave him the kittens about the sister cat who also just delivered. He was really upset as he gave them the place for low cost/No cost neutering. He just cannot take another litter at this time. Very sad but you save and do what you can. If you take them all you will be a hoarder in no time.

No is a very sad word sometimes.

Pops talked to the president(of the kitty program Not Mr O MOL) who said "We have a event going today and have a display cage for you ready". Wow they are so much help! You really need support to save kittens and cats.

We know all our furiends do what they can. In these tough times any help is appreciated!

Please visit the various cat auctions to help other kitties in need. I will list them later as I have to run.

Love ya all
Timmy T and Da Boyz


Rumpy Joins Da Boyz Part Deux

September 29th 2010 6:17 am
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*Timmy comes forward from a meeting with Buddy and Toby*

Tim: "OK guys...Here goes!Hey Pops! YO! Dood! POPS DOOD! MEEEEOOOOOWWWW~EEEOOOWW!"

Pops: "Tim, bro, I'm getting ready to descend to the third circle of hell! I am back to work and have to get ready!"

Tim: "Yeah, well, I know, But... Well..."

Pops: "Spit it out already!"

Tim: "I... OK, Rumpy is a pain in the...!"

*Rumpy runs up* "Whatcha doin? Purr! Huh? Can I play? Huh? Purr!"

Tim: "SEE!"

*Pops picks Rumpy up and sets him on the cat tree* PUUUURRRRRR!

Pops:"Tim, I really give you guys credit. No hissing! No cat fights. Every body shares meals."


Pops: "He is a kid. Remember he is about a month older than you were when I got you. He has a lot of energy and I need you guys to just give him a little time until he calms down. He will once he gets used to being in a new forever home."

Tim: "He seems older. He sure is big. But, he IS a little, well, Goofy. Young cat huh?"

Toby: "He is more excited than ME! He does need some climbing instruction. He falls off things?? Easy Things? Didja see him fall off the table... MOL"

Pops: "He grew up in a crate. Be kind to him!"

Buddy: "Well! I doan no bout none dat. I be inna bedroom. Call me when it Treat Time agin. Youz doodz show da whipper snap how to do cat dooties. I gotta be ready fer da nite watcherz"

Rumpy: "What did I MISS? Wanna Play! Lets Jump up*He falls* Whoa... Lets run over there!"

Pops: "Thanks Guys!Gotta go earn the cat food"

Da Boyz "KThnksBi"


Something to Remember

September 27th 2010 8:15 am
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I saw this posted on my friend pate. Thanks Milo (1111843)

A Pets Ten Commandments

1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you will be painful.

2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.

3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being.

4. Don’t be angry with me for long and don’t lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainments, but I have only you.

5. Talk to me. Even if I don’t understand your words, I do understand your voice.

6. Be aware that however you treat me, good or bad, I will never forget it.

7. Before you hit me, before you yell at me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet I choose not to bite you.

8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I’m not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might be getting old or weak.

9. Please take care of me when I grow old or become sick. No matter how you feel, I’ll be there for you.

10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please. Never say you can’t bear to watch. Don’t make me face this alone. Everything is easier for me if you are there, because I love you.

Thanks Pops! We really do have a wonderful home!


Rumpy Stumpnots Joins the Brofurhood of Da Boyz

September 26th 2010 8:52 am
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*Tim is spokes-cat*
Tim: "Well, Pops is all, I do not know what it is that humans get, not nervous, maybe what they call apprehensive. Cats do not have this feeling as we are either cool with-it or not-cool with-it."

Toby:"Well I don't know what Pops is thinking? I mean we had been smelling him for a week!"

Buddy: "Yeah wadja tink he taught we wood doz? Be all alley-cat on-im? We cibiized. Cept Toby! But..."

Tim: "Buddy! No sibling goofing. We are here as a furmily"
*Buddy Grumbles but nods his agreement*

Pops: "Ready guys? Here he is!"
*Pops lets Rumpy out of his carrier*

Rumpy: "Hi Guys! Been Smelling you! I see... Hmmm Timmy? Right. Toby? You really are good looking dood. And, you must be Buddy Bud! Hi there guys"
*Rumpy starts up his Big-Motor-Purr*

Tim: "Hi Dood! Welcome! Make yourself at home. Your nose will tell you who has what staked our personal like."
*Tim wanders into the bedroom and jumps on the bed*

Toby:"Yo! Dood! Welcome. Like Tim said just pay attention to our personal places."
*Toby get on the top of the tree*

Buddy-Bud: "Yeah... Well... Hi...Busy watchin fer Mouzers sneakin in."
*Buddy goes to his spot at the top of the stair*

Rumpy: "Hey Pops want-ta play?"

Pops: "Well... Is that all guys? Guys?"

An anticlimactic introduction was had by all! Rumpy is now just another one of Da Boyz



September 24th 2010 1:57 pm
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Hey all my friends!

First gotta say Good Job to Buddy Bud! He was KCK Cat of the week! We love ya you big old galoot!

Next! Well the cat is out of the bag! Our new Brofur is... Ta-Da... Drum Roll Pleaze...


Whee--Hoo!!!! Yays!!! Yippee!!

So his name is cause he is a Bob-Tail, but, he had none! They are liken about 12-14 vertebrae with a little kink for the show circuit so... Instead of being a celebrity cat on da circuit he is coming here for his forever home! He is real happy about that and he is a great TomCat from Down Tennessee way!
He has what he calls a Big-Motor-Purr!
Like those hot rod cars and boats that go RRRRRRRRR!

We had to wait for all his check-ups before we could formally be introduced so now we are all Tails-in-the-air... Oops! I mean we are all Walking-in-circles-purring excited to be meeting him...
Whats that Pops??? He is coming NOW!!! OMC!! Line up! Lick that fur! Buddy Stop looking for snacks! Toby Calm down!
OK We are ready...

*All in unison*
Hello and Welcome Rumpy Stumpnots!!!!


We do what we can

September 21st 2010 5:45 am
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Hi to all my good friends!

I wish I had more time but we are getting ready for a new rescue dood who is coming soon!

*Timmy looks excited*

We do not know his name yet as Pops is keeping it secret cause of Buddy Bud being so, well, flighty. The big old galoot had a very bad life and it took till about the last 5 months for him to really settle in.

Pops has returned to work part time so the puter is not on all day. We can only sneak on a bit. Darnzies!

He is also busy with adoption days for the Kits coming up. The next one is in King of Prussia PA at the King of Prussia community park. There is a yearly flea market next to the police station and Spay and Save have a spot.

Last weekend 3 cats may have gotten homes! Wowzers! I was a Spay and Save kitty so I know how exciting that is!

We have been good boys for the past week. Even Buddy-Bud has not caused any Cat-astrophes! MOL

Have a good week I will hopefully be back on Friday!

Timmy TomCat


Who is leaving Who is staying, and, More Importantly, Cats!

September 16th 2010 6:31 am
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Justa comment cause Buddy told me about some postings he has seen.

We have no idea why there would be an exodus from a site that does provide an interesting and fun place for, and this is the rub, Cats!

And yes we include the odd Mom or Pop or Auntie or Uncle who are People in this. Their Puters after all!

If there may be one or the other advertisers on this site that you may not like, come-on already, vote with that old American Tool: Buying power! Any Cat can look at their dish and tell Mom or Pop those famous words that shall go down in history, uttered by that cat whose name fades, but, whose words still resound in cat-dom: "DO NOT WANT!"

I mean if you do not like it do not buy it!

We quit dry foods. Not easy! Took a lot of cat-will-power. But we did. *Buddy glowers* We still have plenty of treats
*Buddy rolls his eyes*
Buddy Bud: "I do feel better Tim"

See. And we did not have to "bash" any company to do it!

You can also just spread the word, in your Own Private eMail, hosted by the carrier you choose, at home, in privacy, to all the people you know. "Please do not buy Blah Blah! I feel this about that, and, also, let me say another thing that needs to be said but was not; and... and... and..."



You could also set up your own web site. Costs about ten bucks a month. Too expensive? It is a tough money time for many! Hey, get some like minded to chip in a buck! Ten people and there you go!

Then, maybe... The Loudest will get to be boss!

Oops! What did I say! Sorry!

Aw... Shucks! No I'm not! MOL

Yeah Boss! The boss of you! The boss of me! The boss of this! The boss of that! Boss of who this independent business should take advertising dollars from.


Sorry... This cat says: DO NOT WANT!

Wrong way to do it!

From the experience I have had here I know the powers that be listen. A message, POLITE of course, will be noted. Enough messages and there will be a difference.

An even better way is to go on the nutrition forums and post stuff about WHAT YOU DO and KNOW!

Not what others SHOULD NOT DO!

We have a bit of time now and again and we will go to Answers and give our knowledge to newbie cat owners.

We suggest wet! We say why! We do not mention Brands! Never a peep from the moderators. We had issues with wet! Buddy swore he would die if he did not get a certain brand! He got over it! In Time!

Buddy: "No I did-not"
Quiet Buddy!

Then there was a litter, a non clumping earth friendly litter. One of the kittens ate a chunk. He stopped eating! Luckily he up-chucked it! If it went a bit further he may not be with us! We now only use plain old clay or the newsprint kind. We were STEAMING to say the least. We tell plenty-many kitties about this but NOT ON CATSTER by BRAND!

Also: We like hand play! We like crate training! We like claws! We tried raw and will again! We don't get cat shows, but, are trying to learn! We don't like hoarders! We like spay/neuter. We donate! We give time! We transport to adoption shows at national pet supply companies!

There are groups and lists for all the things these people want to do with Catster! Lists that let you rant about all this stuff. Lists for people who like... Dogs... Even for *Tim Shudders* Politics!

Let us all move forward.
If you want to leave; so be it!
Me, Buddy-Bud, *Toby runs up* "Me Too!" will stay. We like it. We need a break from Pops *Pops flicks Tim's ear*
We have so many friends it is hard to check on them already.
We do our best.
We will make plenty more friends!
We may Like Catster, but, we love our friends more!

PS: Sorry Buddy! Stole yer thunder!

PPS: FaceBook?? What-cha think Pops?
Pops: "Yew Gotta be kidding? Biggest collection of banality on the planet! The self serving in search of sycophants. My eyes bleed when I go there! The "HotNSexy" adverts make you want to purge. Thats why I love, and, talk to my Cats!"

Tim: Awww shucks!*looks embarrassed*

Timmy TomCat Buddy-Bud TomCat Toby TomCat The Kits The Angels: Inky, Pee, Stinker, Amber... *Coco flys in* Me Too!
And of course Pops



September 13th 2010 7:20 am
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Pops is back at work.
We want to make our pages nice for halloween.
We want to find new things for cats and put them at our web site SuperCatSite dot com. It is just a blank page now!
Much to do.
Around naps and play and meals we are hard pressed.
We hope he leaves the puter on so we can visit everyone here when he is away. We have too little time.
*Yawn* Think I need a nap.
Give me a quick head scritch. Yeahhhhhh!
Timmy TomCat being busy sleeping


Playing with Me and other Cats

September 8th 2010 5:56 am
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Hi all!

Anyhow Pops has been thinking! Smell dat fur burning, MOL.

He read a La Fee Verte's diary about being gentle!

This is a little "Pet Peeve" of Pops. Pet! MOL! I think... OUCHIES! OK Toby I will get on with it! no more nipping!

OK. Some say that "hand play" is a bad thing! Whats that about? Pops says that communication with us by touch and play is the very important to a connection between the owner(Pops) and the Pet(us).

Now the truth is we do have to learn how to play with them no-furs because they do scratch easy. When you read some forum entries and other "expert" opinion they discourage this type of play. We wonder why?

It is obvious that not all pets whether cats, dogs, even lizards, cat be touched ad-lib. The pets demeanor, past behavior, social status, health, and the whole gamut of a deep holistic assessment must be taken into account. Even in times of distress a cat that is known can be handled with no worry of scratching or biting.

Pops had a very badly injured Tom Cat, Tommy T. Pops was very upset but Tom could no longer have a quality of cat life due to being attacked by bad people in Philadelphia. The vet told him: "Be careful he is going to bite! He is in too much pain!". Well Pops just reached into that carrier and Tommy started purring like a locomotive. His face all distorted, his eyes still told a bigger story of a true connection. Tommy T went to over the bridge quietly in Pops arms. This had to do with the bond that had been developed between cat and caregiver.

Now all are not the same. It depends on the animal, and, how deeply the owner understands their personality. Ming, another fur from long ago, a hot tempered Siamese, would allow some petting, some play, but would give very clear signals of: "Enough. I have had enough. Thanks but no thanks. Bye." She would then jump down and go hunting.(A whole book of what she brought home) If Pops kept touching he would get a nip. Ming let NO-ONE else pet her.(Well Pops GF. She was family) Ming would jump on their lap and visitors would raise their hands in the air and yell:"Your cat! Get your Cat!"

Pops hand played with this cat with no problem.

Pops even got Buddy to play nice! A 10 year old rescue who had who knows what kind of home. He hid for months and months before showing his face during the day. He would turn and nip at any touch. Today he gets a nice head scritch and pet. He is just starting to hand play with Pops. He gets confused, like he does not know what to do, and jumps away.

It is very tough to have "time" for life let alone a pet. Work, family, chores, all take so much effort. We juggle and dance to get done with this and that while forgetting the other. Lots to do. Every day.

But with time, attention, and most importantly, a connection, we can have a gentle relationship with a wonderful part of our natural world. The only domesticated creature that "choose" to be in our lives. It really takes so little. Just a continuity. A regular time to pet and play. Just a few minutes. With just that we get so much back.

Pops always wonders how people who have issues connecting with a kitty connect or have empathy with other people?

Wow this got complicated! Anyhow!

Pops is FOR Hand Play! We are too! Each in our own way!

Pops says he is gonna put dis stuff all inna place fer the new cat owners.



What Buddy?

"Youz betta getz on ova here N lookee dis birdee ting unda dere! I tink I gotz it but I dunno?"

*Timmy Winks*

Dat Buddy!

Have a wonderful play day with your kitty!
Timmy TomCat(N Pops too)

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