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Life with the Boyz

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October 30th 2010 6:42 am
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OK Furs

This is serious Business!

We have a busy day as Pops is taking some fosters to an event.
With last minute suggestions and keeping out of the way we are busy busy so we jumped on Catster to send thanks to KCK for the Party and...

Whoa?? What in the world???

It looked like one of our friends was SICK AND GOING TO THE BRIDGE! OH NO! WHAT HAPPENED??? SO SUDDEN!!!! Oh... It is a message, from a good furiend, to a good furiend, whom we have been supporting all along.

This is not good HQ!!

Maybe leave it as was and just add an "detailed friend page" link???


Goodness this is difficult

We have been upset cause with Pops at work full time again we cannot sneak on the puter during the day and and and...

** The Boyz all line up and caterwaul: MEOWWWWWWW NOT LIKE!**


I got Busted Big Time! And Happy Halloween too!

October 27th 2010 3:46 pm
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Hey furs!
So Pops busted me exploring the cabinets. I was trying to be sneaky and... As you see by my pho-toe I was caught red-pawed!

Pops:"Well Tim. It was the Shss--BANG, Shss--BANG, Shss--BANG that gave you away"

Well I do not have opposable thumbs ya know! I did my best!

Pops:"Tell you the truth. It was Toby sitting there looking at the cabinet that gave you away! And please don't knock all the stuff on the floor when you go 'exploring' from now on like you did in the bath room!"

Well... OK! Deal! Ya know... If you tell me where the good stuff is...

Pops: "TIMMY TOMCAT! Ya know! To make up WEAR THE HAT"


Pops:"Yes Tim The HAT!"

OK OK...Geez... *Rumpy Toby and Buddy Snicker at Tim*

Happy Halloween everyone!
Catster is the Best!
Timmy T


Time to VOTE and...

October 23rd 2010 10:36 am
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Hi Furiends!

Wow we had a long week.
Pops is back at work so he took the weekend off of rescue. I have been supporting him each night by keeping the peace with the Boyz while he chills out and has dinner. Some times I have to remind everycat that he is the one who buys the food litter and treats. My Bro's are cool but we do have the kid!

All day, every day, and I mean ALL DAY of Every, Very Long, Day Rumpy runs around asking everycat:

"Where is Pops? Will he be gone long? Where did he go? Is he coming back? Are you SURE? Do you want to play? Why not? How about if I just play with your tail? No? How about if I lay on top of you to keep you warm? No? How about..."

On and on... ARRRGGGHHHH! Teen agers!

Ah well. It is a beautiful Saturday so I am going to sit in the window a bit and think about what we are bringing to the KCK Halloween party

Have a relaxing weekend all!

Timmy T


Wow! A Weekend to Remember!

October 17th 2010 1:55 pm
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Hi furs!
Well I am just getting back on track here after all the celebrations. On Friday I had my Got-Cha day! So happens I was also DDP, gee-whiskers. On top of that it just so happens that My Got-cha day is the same as Tate's Birthday! Mee-oww, eyes closed, knead-the-blanket, double-triple party'n time Doods!
Me, Gump, Milo, Bugsy, Simon, Luke, Pigeon, Toki, and of Course, Tate, went on a round of the town. Big Buddy showed up late and Toby got the numbers of a few kitties(as usual). Rumpy was sent home in a cab as he really needs to cut back on the nip. He is a teen so...
So not much work this weekend and thats the way it should be. Its a cats life. Fun with furiends, good food, a bit of nip and end it with a long nap.
Yes, Life is Good!
But, even Better with Furiends!
Have a good week all. Pops is back full time so we hope he leaves the puter on!
Timmy T


Double Plus Good Day! Got-Cha and DDP!

October 15th 2010 4:04 am
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All my good bestest furiends!

I am DDP AND it is my Got-cha Day!


I just had to jump on and thank those who already have given me special things for my Got-Cha! I have the bested best furiends on Catster. Purrrs to you all!

An don't fergetz: Happy Birfdays to Tate too! You TomCats who are coming to the bash bring Cuppy Cakes!

This all just ended up Purrfect!

Timmy T


Wow lots going on!

October 15th 2010 4:01 am
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A Fast Update:
We are a little busy because we have some fosters with us. This is because a new girl, Annie, is so frightened she stayed in the little cube house for days while the others were in the room. Pop has asked my help for some tips on how to get Annie to come out and be less frightened. Its working!! She came out last night and actually came over into Pops lap! Wowzers!

Mars is one funny little guy. We call him, trumpets please, ta-daa: Action Cat! MOL. He has more zip than a jalapeƱo!
I give him some run for the money when we do lazer tag but he is a little much for Big Buddy and Toby. MOL.

Now little Phantom is here too. Pops is not sure if she is going to join us or not. She is here to keep Rumpy company. He is a little much so Pops wanted him to have a furiend that had the same energy.

Even with all this we still have special Triple T events!
Timmy TomCat Time! MOL
Me and Pops. Head Bumps! Pets! Purrs! Scritchin! Yeppers!

Timmy T


Vote Early! Vote Often!

October 11th 2010 8:19 am
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We, ahem, I, Timmy TomCat have entered several catagories of our Annual Coolest Dog & Cat Show!

Naturally with my furiends I will win the whole shooting match! Below are the links so you may EASILY vote for, Tah-Dah... TIMMY TOMCAT!

Vote for Timmy Tomcat in the World's Coolest Friends Photo

Vote for Timmy Tomcat in the World's Coolest Captivated Cat Photo

Vote for Timmy Tomcat in the World's Coolest Funny Cat Photo

Vote for Timmy Tomcat in the World's Coolest Sitting Cat Photo

Vote for Timmy Tomcat in the World's Coolest Naughty Cat Photo

All of my family have listed their links right on the right hand side of their pages above where it says how long we have been on Catster!

Now there is MORE! I have already started VOTING FOR ALL MY FURIENDS!


May the best photo cat WIN!
Timmy T


Pops is full time!

October 9th 2010 5:44 am
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Just a Fur-Y-I
Pops is back at work full time so we may not be able to keep up like we used too! He forgets to turn the puter on in the morning so we have to wait till he comes home. If he is not working with Rescue till a little later that is.(We each have special time daily with Pops.)

Just want you all to know we love all our furiends in case we miss a special day!

We will try and catch up on weekends.

Timmy N Da Boyz


We are Ready Willing and...

October 9th 2010 5:39 am
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I am feeling fit and frisky! That cat-cold is his-tor-ee!

Toby is also back to his old self too and all ready to... Oh yeah. What exactly are we ready for?

Rumpy! We are fit as a fiddle to show that youngin about cats!

He grew up in foster so he is a little, well, rough around the edges. He cannot wait his turn. He wants our personal sleep and sit spots. He is all about Rumpy.

Well the other night he got an eye opener.

When he came we did not feel good so we were like: "Dood, lemmee sleep, go away, better yet, I'll go away."

Now we are like:"Hey, What-U-Doin? Lets GO!"

So Rumpy is chasing play-mouser #37(they each smell different) and who jumps in but Toby. Now Toby has this way about him. He sits under the tree and just BOLTS out! Hits the Mouser! BOLTS back! All in about a quarter second! You can hear his claws digging in! There is wind in your face. So Rumpy is like:"What? What was that?" So Pops throws another mouser. Toby does it again except he also does his signature Throw-the-mouser-in-the-air and be under the tree before it hits the ground move.

MOL! Big eyed Rumpy!

Now I get into the act! I like the lazer! Pops got me going back and forth full speed! I like to change direction! I almost got it! I don't know how it got away actually. I do the fast-circle-change-direction move. Now Rumpy is just... Watching!

Finally Big Old Buddy joins in! Now Buddy has been especially grumpy since Rumpy came. His new move is CHARGE! He Charges in to check the dinner! He Charges in to look in the tub(we get a drip drink). He just is the leader of the Charge. A gray blur. So, Big Buddy Charges after that lazer. That dood can really move! 18 pounds of flying cat! You can feel the thud through the floor. C-H-A-R-G-E!!!

Rumpy took 2 steps back... He didn't try and hog the game. He was kind of quiet all night! No nudgy Rumpy. Now, all of a sudden, he does not try and steal others treats! MOL

He now knows who he is living with!

Da Boyz!


We really love the little dood! I play with him a lot and Toby does a a bit. Buddy, well, Buddy is... Buddy-Bud

The best teacher is experience.
Timmy TomCat


Medication and The Cat Dooty Manual!

October 5th 2010 5:28 am
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Hi friends!

Thanks for the get well purrs. I am about back to full cat strength today and it is one week since this cat-cold came on.
Still in my spot watching over all of the others.

News Flash:I am taking my medicine! So is Toby!

We want to help Pops: We are not doing the standard Cat dooties
for medicine. We will miss the corresponding points gained (You need 1500 a year to keep your cat-card active. We usually get about 50 to 70 per medication attempt so you can see this is a great dooty to fill your cat-requirements.

If you don't know about Cat Dooties? Here is a small glance direct from the manual:

Out of the 2009 cat dooty manual:(they update every 3 years)

1. First run-hide at least once maybe up to three times, 20pts per hide.
2. Then, if caught, fight-thrash-wriggle-spin for at least 30 seconds, 1pt per second.
2A.If they relax their grip,10pts for each re-position
2B.If you escape and get back to 1! 20pts and keep counting!
3A.They gotcha: Use the head-twist-spit! Meds on floor 10pts.
3B. Meds on the floor and hooman does not know 30pts

So we are missing out. I already have about 1250. Buddy is way over and Toby is catching up at 1150. We always sail in with plenty to spare but we have to teach Rumpy-BUMP.

Ah Well. Happy Tuesday.
Timmy T.

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