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Life with the Boyz

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Hi from TT Investigations!

January 30th 2011 3:33 pm
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Yo furs!

I do so much around here keeping the brofurs in line I am starting a new gig! Trouble Tim Investigations! I have been reading over Pops shoulder about Joe Gray and now Midnight Louie. Man those cats are Cool with a capitol C! So I want to be the investigator around here! I even have a jingle if I can get Pops to put it on the radio!

Maybe I can get some nice lady cats to sing it out:
*When there's trouble, Trouble Tim! He comes rushin, rushin in!*
Yes folks he is on the job injecting himself into any shenanigans, investigating loud noises with eyes big and ears forward. He takes all comers on with any impromptu wrestling match that strikes his fancy. Top Cat Tim! Ready to solve your investigatory needs!

So I have already started. I checked out that big noisy thing that always seems to make noise when Pop comes home. It is clear of any thing dangerous.

I next checked out that strange box! Why was it there? What was in it? Do not worry it is safe and you may walk by with nary a bit of fur ruffled.

Now I daily check the cabinets so rest easy. No sneaky mice or bugs coming in this house. And I did the high ones tonight. I saw where the treats are kept and did a fast check to make sure they are safe. Pops did catch me and I had to leap to the counter from the cold thing but he did not mind it seems.

*Tim walks off singing to himself: "Trouble Tim! He comes rushin..."*

Timmy T


Tag Youz It

January 28th 2011 4:01 am
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Wowzers this is a fun game!
My pals Karma and also Ashlynne tagged this big handsome Tom!

*5 most annoying things my humans do, then tag 5 others to keep it going.* Sooo... Lessee??? Hmmm... That there Hooman???


1. Pops puts the treats away! He should let them out in a big dish so we can just take them when we want! Yep! Numero Uno!

2. Pops has to stop letting Rumpy have the run of the house! This is recent and I know he has an ouchie, BUT!!! Argh he gets us Toms worked up!

3. I want Pops to wait when he cleans the pan for me to come and inspect the work! Whenever he starts I come and try to "add a little" but he shoo's me into the other pan. He needs to let me mark the pans! I am a Tom and need to make my scent! Geez-O-Cat!

4. He needs to spend more time with me in the morning. Maybe quit going where he gets all dressed for and just stay home giving me a good pet and head scratch!

5. He has to make the bed more often. He is a bachelor and just leaves the blankets rumpled. I want to rumple them! Its no fun if they are already!

I tagged some kitties I have not heard from in a bit to see how they are and some other good pals!
ZippieĀ® McNoNo, Platelicker, Annie, Hook, Pigeon

Well that was fun!

Now about that number two! That boy! Ya know! His got his ouchie right when he was starting to get the plan of who lays where in the bed. How to play. Eating order. Litter order. Such simple rules to have a well running TomCat Temple and...
We have discussed this issue and he has one week!
Then it is Whack-A-Rumpie Time!
The Boyz have meowed!

Timmy Tomcat with consensus from Toby and Buddy


Family is Furmily. Huh?

January 22nd 2011 10:30 am
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Well cat-life goes on!
We are all pulling for our little buddy but he insists on things being as they were.

He jumps on whoever he wants.
He buts in line at meals.
He insists on first treat.

That Rumpy! We love the little fellow even though he is not so little anymore at 10 1/2 pounds.

We have been kind of laid back.
We are giving Pops a break cause he has a full plate, and, its not treats!

I did come out on Thurs night to say hi to his friend. She brought a nice meal for him and then she played with Rumpy on the floor. Toby came down off the tree and then Buddy came over. Pops showed here how Rump and Toby catch flying mousies and she was laughing. I figured it was safe so I came up pretty close. Then I gave her a my Timmy Tomcat Streeettccchhh and I stuck my toes way out like I do for Pops. She smiled at me. I think I may let her pet my head next time. Maybe.

So another week down.

Winter is firmly here.

Purrs to my Furs!
Timmy Tomcat


Very Important!

January 16th 2011 10:11 am
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Hi Furs

Very important stuff here!

Please purr for my Brofur Rumpy-Bump!

He was horse playing last night and got hurt pretty badly.
He burned his back with hot water by pulling a towel off that had a pot on it. Pops put all the information on his page if you want to see the whole story.

Poor Pops is now wrung out!

We are all being quiet and just playing in the living room. Rump seems to want to be by himself in the bedroom and Pops is going in every little while to check on him.

Purr for our buddy and we will keep everyfur updated.

Timmy Tomcat


New Years Wishes for all our Furiends! Moms and Dads Too!

December 31st 2010 3:48 pm
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Happy New Year to all our very good Catster Furiends!

We love you so stay safe this New Years Eve!

I Told Pops: NO! You ARE NOT ALLOWED OUT TONIGHT! You can play with your hooman friends tomorrow K!

Pops is NOT ALLOWED OUT! TOO Dangerous for hoomans!

Pops said: "OK TIM OK! Dood! I am a big boy you know!"

Yep! That Pops! You have to watch these hoomans. Take care of them. Give em plenty of purrs and head-bonks!

Thanks! We can have fun here!

Timmy TomCat and the Boyz are ready to Party Down! Safely! Hope you do too!

A note from Pops: "Tim has never ever done this. He was all over me for the past hour. Buddy is rampaging up and down. Toby is in some mischief and Rumpy is being good? A message? I called my buds and am going out for a big steak dinner... Tomorrow night!
Be Safe and enjoy a wonderful new year!"


Happy New Year to my very special furiend!

December 31st 2010 6:57 am
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A Time to reflect on future plans and past plans changed.

We agree.
This is a good thing for all creatures.
To plan is to show engagement in living.

A plan may be to muster many to accomplish much.
A plan may be to build a grand edifice.
A plan may be to help oneself or another with a small task.
A plan may be to quietly assist another or wash ones own paw.

Life plans are, in essence, indistinguishable.
To be of any value they need two indispensable components.
First is a decision to act.
Second is the quality of continuing the action to completion.

It is not enough to have endless planning no matter how noble.
It is not enough to start a noble course if one simply quits.

Any decision is nothing without an ongoing and living decision of renewal.
Any decision is nothing if not understood as living and renewing
Not static and fixed but alive and vibrant.
Not a point of reference but referring to all.

Making decisions as singular and discreet misses their true nature.
Making decisions as singular and discrete fools one into grand illusion; may lessen one's ability to decide; may open one or others to great harm.

May your decisions all be true and have following.


Our Good Friend reminds us of staying the cat-course.

More days to come Buddy. You have had trials. You are loved by us all!

Congrats Buddy on your Got-Cha Day!
Timmy Toby Rumpy and Pops


DDP for ME!

December 30th 2010 3:49 am
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Oh Cat 'O' Cat!
I Has a second this morning and check old Catster, and, here it is a wonderful DDP! Hey My pal Sparkman is DDP too so its always best to have a buddy on the platform of excellence. He has a super funny story bout his family! Dey big game hunters..MOL.


Our week has been quiet. Pop has a bad day on Mon for some reason. Just *zap* there it be. Ouch. He talks to us about that stuff cause we cat pile and purr heal him when he needs us(and other times too just for fun.) He says that we are the best medicine for his head. Thats a lot of meds for that big old thing. MOL..

We dont know bout new years? Hmmm? Persons make a big deal but we have our own days. We will be by to say hi this weekend Furshur!

Love ya all!
(In a man cat way)
Timmy Tomcat


Hey! Wow! Sandy Claws did us good!

December 26th 2010 10:38 am
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Hey Furs!

We have to say we had a wonderful weekend and Christmas Day!

We hope you all had as joyous a time with your families and loved ones as we did. Some are no longer with us so we had a had a cat-hooman vigil to commemorate all those who are over their respective bridges.

It was interesting to watch Pops and his sister. She has the little rescue doggies and there is as much need with them as with our poor feral kin. Watching them drove home and how Pops does not "talk down" to we simple cats. He, at times, seems rather progressive in his understanding of various universal powers, but, still has a long way to go before he can truly 'live in the moment'. He does try.

Pops did run some bags of food to a local Foster location, Kitty Cottage, where Toby lived once upon a time. He took nip, Cigars, and Nanners too. We always send a purr to all those in need as we are blessed with cat-plenty; good food, a warm home, plenty of loving care.

Well now I am getting misty. The truth is it has been a very tough year for many. We are very fortunate in that our trials of various illness have all been in passing. We are healthy, a bit wiser, and not in any real sense wealthy, but, enough to give a small amount.

Ops here comes the snow! We are going to watching Pop shuffle his sisters car and his under the porch so he does not have to dig them out. Colorful language always entails. MOL!

May all of our Catster Furiends have a healthy and safe new year!

From all of us Timmy Toby Buddy Rumpy Angels and Pops!


And now that it is Time to be Merry!

December 16th 2010 3:47 am
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Well we boyz had a discussion with the Pops!

He came in from work and we had all of our cards and stuff all over the floor (You try stuffing an envelope without thumbs).

He said: "That is a lot of work and and people will..." MEOW! Well! We just ended that right there! We are Cats! We have Cat furiends!

I yowled: "Cats like little purresents and do not feel all, all, hooman!"

Pops had to relent: "You have a point there. I have been trying to meditate to that free spot for 45 years. The moment as it is. No attachment to past or future. OK!"

Then of course it all went bad!

Rumpy had been in our presents! We were busy and the kid, well, you know kids. He had been sneaking around and he had them all out! They were all over the bedroom and just as Pops looked in he was dragging a big stocking around.

Pops: "Rumpy! Can we get 5 minutes of Peace-on-Earth around here!"

We are so used to this we just keep on keeping on. MOL.

Moew Meow Meow
Meerrryyyy Catstmas!
Moew Meow Meow


COTD Thanks

December 14th 2010 3:50 am
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Gee!! Me! Timmy Tomcat! COTD!
I thank all who took the time to stop by and give me cat-congrats.

I really love all my Catster Furiends! They make a cold day warm. And, wow, it is 20 outside today!

On this cold day Please think of your local shelter cats and the feral colonies that may be in your area. Times are tough! Even a little bit helps. Thanks for listening!

Pops is getting ready for work so I have to get off the puter!

Busy days are ahead as we have a list and are checking it twice!


Timmy TomCat

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