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Life with the Boyz

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Happy Saturday Fur my Pals

May 14th 2011 4:27 am
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Hi fur friends!

Yeah I know I am not here nearly enough of late.
I miss you all.

So the big news is that Gremmie is back in the Foster room.
A big sigh or relief from Da Boys. We love her but she was tough. She gave every cat a whack when ever she walked by. Well it gets old. Pops noticed what he called odd behavior. Some cat would get mad and start chasing her. Then we would all jump in.

Not odd Pop. Just just-desserts. Yeah I know that cats should not hunt in packs but... She was a pain in the tail. More than Rumpy. if that is possible.

So Pops wanted me to ask any multi-cat house holds if any of you get into group attack mode. We Boyz do!
4 for one!
One for 4!
Timmy T and Da Boyz


That time of year!

May 1st 2011 8:04 am
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Hi Furs!

Well here we are.
Spring is in the air. Easter and Passover have, well, passed. Valentines day is a memory and it left some with happy hearts, some not so. The horrible weather that has caused such hurt is history for now and we purr that those in need shall receive.

That all said.
It is that time of year again.
That time comes so fast.

Kitten season.

Please remind your non-fur family and all your furiends of the importance of spay-neuter. Please do your part to prevent a sad end to kittens that will never have a home, end up in a shelter. If they are feral almost all will be killed. The non-ferals do not do much better but they have a slim chance.

If you have ferals in your area work with local Trap Neuter and Return Groups. Remind everyone about the need to really get on this problem. For every lucky cat like me, born in an alley, trapped at a young enough age to be socialized, there are 10, 20 who are not. Very sad sad sad.

I am Forever grateful as T-N-R Saved ME!

Pops may take a litter this year but he has personal issues and it is so hard since we have a foster already. If Everyone did One Thing! Just a bit! It would help so much! Just a little!

Thanks for listening to this cat. It is a big problem! Huge! We CAN Make a difference! One little life at a time!

Timmy Tomcat. Purring for those in need


DDP Whee!

April 29th 2011 4:27 am
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Whee I am DDP!!
Thanks to all my furends and Specially to KCK and Big Harry who always makes sure we cats get super nice photos of our special dayz!
Purrs to all!
Timmy Tomcat


Happy Spring!

April 24th 2011 11:34 am
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Hello all!

It has been a few days so we are kneading-happy that we finally got some special pictures posted. Check em out!

Let me wish our hooman furends an Exciting Easter or a Purrfect Passover! We cats will bring in this time of new beginnings by doing our best to honor Bastet!

As we sit in deep contemplation, bathed in the first warm evenings rising moon, we Purray:

" Beloved Bast, mistress of happiness and bounty, twin of the Sun God, slay the evil that afflicts our minds as you slew the serpent Apep. With your graceful stealth anticipate the moves of all who perpetrate cruelties and stay their hands against the children of light. Grant us the joy of song and dance, and ever watch over us in the lonely places in which we must walk."

Our Pops gave us a small incense of nip to relax us and put us in the proper respectful mood.

Good tidings to all! Fur or not! Young and old! May this year be full of bounty, health and joy!

Timmy Tomcat


Wowzers Meowzers

March 15th 2011 3:32 am
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Geez 'O' Cat
I have been away for a bit.
Well we did do a foster last week but she is already up at Petco. We are hoping she gets a home because she was such a nice kitty.

So with Rumpers being well again not much new to report. He is still Rumpy. MOL. But he is getting HUGE. It seems like all of a sudden so maybe all that food was going to healing and now... Wowzers... He is as heavy as the Buddy Bud. About 16pounds. He has big feet too. Toby started calling him big-foot but I do not think that is nice. He has settled down. Just a bit. MOL

Me and the brofurs are playing every day around here and it is nice that it is a bit warmer. We still pile on to the Pops at night.

OK OK Quite poking me!

Buddy and Toby and Rumpers say Hi

So we will try and make a regular appearance here. All good intentions and all.

Purrs and HAPPY St Patricks Day to all our Pals!
Timmy and Da Furs Pops too!


Oh My so Busy!

February 16th 2011 4:53 am
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Well furs a fast note!
We are busy here at the TomCat home!

Pops has been all this and that cause his job moved his office and stuff. He did not have the red thing that carries him around in its belly last week and was cranky when he got it back. Something about "Good lord thats a lot for an inspection!". Whats a "spection"? He is better now but he needed extra purrs. We have such a chore with that dood!

The Rump is back to his old self. He is so full of wild it is just amazing. He plays with me, then Toby, then Buddy, then back to me! We take naps in between but geez-o-cat! When he is full grown I am so glad he will be our pal. He will be a big strong dood fur shur!

We have a visitor down in the foster room. Valentino. Pops said he is a "TNR"? He washed his hands real good when he came up but we could still tell by smell and were on him till he explained. He said he is going home after the V-E-T. We wish him well.

No new investigations but we have our noses to the trail for anything that may be afoot!

So have a good day furs.
Timmy TomCat



February 11th 2011 4:24 am
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Hi furs!
Cat O Cat I had the Zoomies last night!
I usually lay a bit with old Pop as he reads after we eat dinner but...
Not last night!
I zoomed here!
I zoomed there!
I was caterwauling: "Outs the way comin through!"
I had a mousie cornered in the kitchen and there was no quarter shown.
Chomp Whack Chomp Whack
By the time I wanted to settle down Pop was heading to bed.
So since it was cold last night! Brrr! We all came in and piled on.
Except Buddy who stays on the dresser but he does not get cold.
That Russian Blue fur I guess.
I had breakfast and am going to nap so... Maybe another big zoomie night coming.
Have to keep fit for my investigative work MOL
Timmy TomCat


Timmy TomCat Ivestigations looks at...

February 10th 2011 4:43 am
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Well the first look into something in need of looking got a look!

We looked a deep look into KKC otherwise known as the Kit Kat Club.
This club does not appear active at the moment with the last post years ago. There were a lot of members at one time maybe 100. We hope all those kitties are in new clubs and are healthy and happy.

We never reveal reasons for investigations and our clients are catfidential. If we find nefarious conduct we will, of course, report it, if, and, only if, it may hurt one of our furends or any cat/kitten/clowder.

One of your Furs acting strange? Suspect theft of Nip or Treats? Is there something that feels like a fur ball is stuck in your craw? Give TT Investigations a note here or confidential catmail. We will have our crack team get right on it! Right Furs! Furs? Yo! Doods! Brofurs!

*The sound of quiet snoring in the background*

Well there you go! We will be right on the case!

*Tim skulks off muttering:"Never help around here! Bunch of lazy..."*

Timmy TomCat of TT Investigations (We are on FB too! Meow)


Wow I am DDP

February 8th 2011 5:15 am
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Thanks Catster Diary Gal fur giving me this Honor!

We did not have a monitor last night. Dead as, as, my Super Bowl Desires! Sigh! Well Pops went down this morning to get the little one out of the foster room. He was going to wait till tomorrow! Wow Glad he didn't!

Thanks so much to KCK for the cool photo!

I really am worn out with the last month. Rumpy. Super Bowl. Snow. More snow... I mean we do not go out in it but the old guy has to make sure the cat food keeps coming so we have to keep him de-stressed. Lots of purring needed. And Rumpy... He is feeling better so... I will just pass on any comments on the kid. MOL.

We hope to be back to normal this weekend. Every body taking a turn at the keys. Pops is talking about a foster program for this year. Lots of cat-action coming for the TomCat Doods!

Thanks Furs! For all your support! This furmaly has needed it big time!

Love Ya All (In a man cat way of course)
Timmy TomCat


Training for TT Investigations!

February 6th 2011 10:25 am
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I have gotten Toby to go along with training. You would think I was asking him to eat a fur-ball. I just want my brofurs ready for anything when duty calls.

We may have big international client in no time. We will be flying on private jets over the blue pacific to a remote island paradise! We will be saving a clients kitten from evil doers! Think of the Mahi Mahi thank you feast! Yum!

So that Toby is very strong and very fast. When he gets the finer points of paw to paw down he will be a match for any cat. As the photos show he needs a lot of work.

Buddy Bud is really a new man the past year! Wowzers-meowzers what a great blue fellow he is! Fast, strong and yet quiet and stealthful. He is perfect for work in the old soviet union!

When Rumpy would gets well and joins in his great natural physical ability we add much to a great team. He does need to mature a bit but what an agent he will be! With that Rump swagger!

We will cut a swath through any room of cats with our entrance.

Timmy TomCat

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