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August 4th 2011 4:58 pm
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Today we are a bit down.
We came here to just say hello
Stop by and pay some purrs to our pal Balster #493721
We cats have it good and need to purr fur each other.
Timmy T


Summer is flying by!

July 30th 2011 1:56 pm
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Well Cats I have been very lax in my posting.
Lots of busy times with kits and keeping my brofurs in line.
Rumpy and Buddy have been scrapping and this gets Pops cranky. He may put them in crates at night if they don't chill. They were running around the bed from 1am till 5am last night. If it was a work night for the old guy hoo-cat.

One of the kits was adopted today too. Mr Buttons. He is just a wonderful little guy and will grow into a wonderful cat. Pops said he is moving in with a real looker. A petite black beauty named Stella. Now Fitz and Fearless Fred may have a new couple of kits tomorrow so we shall see.

So have to run.
Miss you all!
Timmy Tomcat


News Happy and Sad

July 2nd 2011 6:06 am
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Happy Happy Happy

Happy 4th of July to all my four-legged, and less, MOL furiends!
Have a very safe and enjoyable time. Eat plenty of good stinky food and give a caterwaul when the family pooch hides from the Boomies!

We send purr-ayers of support to the family of our Facebook furiend Tabby One-eyed Wit-tank. He was a really grreat cat!

PS you can always find me out on the web by just Googling my name. I seem to be quite the cat!

Timmy T
Family and Pops send happy wishes too!


Zoo Trip

July 1st 2011 7:29 am
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Hey Furs

Wow did we Tomcats have a fun time last weekend with the Koolest Catster Kitties at the Zoo! Just check out the great photos from this super cool trip! We have a few more we have to post tomorrow!
Thanks so much KCK! Love youz cats! In a man cat way of course! MOL!

So the kits are all adopted except for little Pinky! He is out at PetCo and there is an application that Pops needs to check out. If it works out, wowzers, four more kittens in furever homes! Gonna head bonk that old guy fur-shur!

So we will be by this weekend to say hello to all our pals!
Well we hope we will! Pops big puter had some problems and it took about a zillion restarts and repairs to get it fixed. He was looking to buy another one but would rather buy cat-food! MOL! (not fur us we have plenty but to donate to the feral colonies in our area)

So see ya soon!
PS Google me and you will be surprised! I waz! MOL!

Timmy Tomcat


Wonderful Summer Days are here

June 26th 2011 8:57 am
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Hey all my furiends!

Thinking of you all even though I have not been here as much as I like. So let me give a update of the happenings with the Tomcats.

The kits are all out in their furever homes. Seems they were fancy high-falootin Abyssinian kits. Pops was like "Yeah Sure they are" when the other foster hooman told him, but, don't you know, there they were, identical cats featured in the latest Cat Fancy! Pictures looked just like those little scraps. That was a real lucky turn having them in a big glossy magazine.

Or was it Luck?

The 21st was the Day of Bast so... We brofurs think our great Mother had a paw in this from the start. We are dutifully purring in reverence.


So I furgot the pictures of the squeeker last post so here they are. They are really fun but once they stop running they are, well, just blah in my mind.

I have made a personal vow to not be so rough with Buddy Bud. I furget about how worked up he gets. Evey thing is so serious with that cat. I was just playing box with him the other day and he got all upset. I mean come on. He hardly fit in there! I saw how upset he was so I gave it up. He jumps right in only by a big squeeze! MOL! If he had another treat he would have split the seams! MOL!

PS. Toby furgot how he got outside but I knew how. He was so upset he did not remember he was stuck in the closet. He got worked up and then he actually ripped the old cat door open! Pops was like:"Whoa Tim! You see that!" Pops fixed it again cause he is afraid if we fall off the roof we will get lost. I agree.

Have fun furs.
And be careful out there!
Timmy Tomcat Rolling into Summer with a cat smile!


A wild Mouse and More Wow

June 18th 2011 4:53 am
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So furs it has been a moon or two.

We are very busy at the Tomcat abode with new kits. That Pops is on the beam with giving to those in need. The thing is when a cat does not have a Mother they need lots of education in the ways of the cat.

Running, jumping, climbing, chasing, catching. Pops is real good at training in all that, except, the final bite. The one that puts down the toughest prey. He just cannot do that one. I myself am still trying to master it. And we had a trial! Wow listen to this!

The other day Rumpus(That is my new name for Rumpy! MOL!)was making a fuss. No big deal. He makes a fuss all the time. But this was fur real. We had a mouse in the house! MOL!

Can you imagine what that idiot mouse was thinking. Strolling along, whistling a mouse tune, not paying attention, and all of a sudden:"Uh-Oh. I am not in Kansas anymore!"... MOL! So Rumpus goes for him. I cut him off. We get him and play: "Fling the mouse". Grreat fun. Rumpus does not have much smarts and let him loose near the desk. I just zoomed around the back and chased him out. He ran by the pans and Zap I gotcha mouse.

We had him all over. Back and forth and Pops thought it was grreat!

Whenever Rumpus had him he would go: "Rrrr! Mine!". MOL! Rumpus! MOL. So finally he stopped running.

I was no longer interested as I know from previous that Pops will now take over and remove the intruder. I mean, yuck, I am not eating that! I do wish I knew the bite though! Maybe next time! It is just so much fun having a real mouser you forget to try the bite. If we were hunting fur real it would be different.

So that was it and... Oh Yeah!

There was a new investigation too! The strange box was there on the floor and I reached in to make sure there were no mice in there. I got all the little plastic bags out and Pops was very proud. He said "Very good job Tim. I know you will make sure there are never any hidden mice around here!" I was really happy!

Me and Pops have been getting along really well. When Rumpus came Toby and Buddy used to kid me that Pops had a new first mate. I knew that was not true. Me and Pops have a special bond. This summer it seems stronger than ever. I just feel very safe and happy when I am with the old dood. I think the others are jealous. MOL.

Well have to go and sneak down to give the kits some pointers for today!

Timmy Tomcat


Happy Summer

June 5th 2011 4:46 am
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Is summer here? It must be official sometime soon. Sure is warm enough. Me and Toby have been spending a lot of time in the window getting sun. When it comes out that is. Lots of clouds and rain around here.

The kits are really getting big. They went to an event yesterday and everyone thought they were so cute. We think they are not quite as old as first thought because they still are really funny when they try and catch a toy in the air. They plop over. They still have to work on coordination. They are fast as anything.

They also do not swarm during meals anymore. They were like little piranhas. They now know there is plenty and eat what they will and jump right back to play. And cat can they play and play and play. MOL. Zip zoom zing zow MEOW! Play all day.

Pops says they will soon be old enough to have the room during the day without supervision. He is such a fuss-bucket. Neurotic Dad he says. We like him like that just fine. Our Buddy Pops.

Purrs all!
Timmy T


Furiends, Roaming and Country Cats Tilt Me Yer Ears

May 19th 2011 4:14 am
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Hello all...

That time of year.
Kitten Season!

So the Pops comes up and Rumpy is all over him. I mean all over like sniffing and snuffing and nosing and poking! Pops was kind of laughing but I was a bit put out as I wanted my spot on the couch and had to wait.

Big deal Rump! Kitten stink! Get used to it!

Ah-meow... He is not used too and has not smelled many of Pops Furiends. The dood helps as many kitties as he can. Seems we have a new batch of kits. I gave a fast sniff. Seems like 5. Hmm. And Cookie was there too. Pops said she is "boarding". Yeah-meow. What-ever Pop.

So that is the big news. We are all settled in now that Gremmie is off at an event. She may come back but Pops promised not up here with us. He says he learned his lesson last year with the fosters and rescues bringing in them nasty fleas.

Yay Pops.
Help all ya want!
Just keep em in the foster room!


Purrs to all and to all a head bump!
Timmy Tomcat


Happy Saturday Fur my Pals

May 14th 2011 4:27 am
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Hi fur friends!

Yeah I know I am not here nearly enough of late.
I miss you all.

So the big news is that Gremmie is back in the Foster room.
A big sigh or relief from Da Boys. We love her but she was tough. She gave every cat a whack when ever she walked by. Well it gets old. Pops noticed what he called odd behavior. Some cat would get mad and start chasing her. Then we would all jump in.

Not odd Pop. Just just-desserts. Yeah I know that cats should not hunt in packs but... She was a pain in the tail. More than Rumpy. if that is possible.

So Pops wanted me to ask any multi-cat house holds if any of you get into group attack mode. We Boyz do!
4 for one!
One for 4!
Timmy T and Da Boyz


That time of year!

May 1st 2011 8:04 am
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Hi Furs!

Well here we are.
Spring is in the air. Easter and Passover have, well, passed. Valentines day is a memory and it left some with happy hearts, some not so. The horrible weather that has caused such hurt is history for now and we purr that those in need shall receive.

That all said.
It is that time of year again.
That time comes so fast.

Kitten season.

Please remind your non-fur family and all your furiends of the importance of spay-neuter. Please do your part to prevent a sad end to kittens that will never have a home, end up in a shelter. If they are feral almost all will be killed. The non-ferals do not do much better but they have a slim chance.

If you have ferals in your area work with local Trap Neuter and Return Groups. Remind everyone about the need to really get on this problem. For every lucky cat like me, born in an alley, trapped at a young enough age to be socialized, there are 10, 20 who are not. Very sad sad sad.

I am Forever grateful as T-N-R Saved ME!

Pops may take a litter this year but he has personal issues and it is so hard since we have a foster already. If Everyone did One Thing! Just a bit! It would help so much! Just a little!

Thanks for listening to this cat. It is a big problem! Huge! We CAN Make a difference! One little life at a time!

Timmy Tomcat. Purring for those in need

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