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Wonderful Day is coming!

October 9th 2011 7:06 am
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Hi Furends!

My Got-Cha day is next Caturday! Wow time flies!
Thanks so much to my good furends at Koolest Catster Kitties for my great photo! What a good buncha cats! I am all excited and I see Pops and da my brofurs whispering! Cat-O-Cat something is brewing. MOL

So our little fur Fred the foster is ADOPTED! Yay! This is very good news as the group Pops works with has had very few adoptions and more kittens and cats then ever. Remember to tell your families to adopt if they can help out. More important make sure everycat knows about spay/neuter. Some feel it is a loss but so many die alone and sick it just is not right to bring more kittens into the world. Thanks! I am jumping down from the cat tree podium.

So Pops has 3 new little fellows and...

*Buddy Runs Up-"Tell-em ,Tell-em" - Buddy shifts from paw to paw*

OK Buddy OK! Well there are 2 Blues!

*Toby Runs Up - "And! And!" - Toby and Buddy eye each other.*

Yes Toby there is an all black kitten too! Geez you cats! Give me a paws width to get it all out. Yes these are some cute kittens. The funny thing about this is guess who is the foster who is kind of cranky about the newbies? Did you guess Fitz? Who would have thought that the shy one is all "Grrrr Grrrr My Room! Mine!" They ignore him and play. MOL.

And who do you think is the wildest laser chaser? Fitz again! Like a wild cat. Pops is all amazed. Like "Is that Fitz?". He zooms around the room like a cat possessed. He will make a fine kitty for some lucky home.

Well back to work. Teaching the kits the ropes. Helping support Pops as he has been tired and now... Well... He has more to do. He does not use the puter as much lately. He has a new position at work and is doing his job and has to learn new things. He says it will be better but the getting there will be rough. I give him the happy cat look and a purr for support.

So have a good week. Halloween is coming! CAT-OH-CAT! A fun time.

Timmy Tomcat


Good News and More!

October 2nd 2011 2:27 pm
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Well furs my Foster Furend Fred has a home! Wonderfur! Buttons may also have a home! Now if only some lucky retired or very quiet family would look at Fitz this summers fosters will be settled in.

Makes you think about how lucky we are. Very

And I must say sorry about not posting more. We had the problem with the other puter that kind of whacked us out for a couple weeks. Now we have the new one and Pops is beat from work and leaves it off. He is changing jobs to a new position and he has to do his job and also learn about this new work. It is all something never done before so he is glad he was chosen as a lot of his peers were trying to get it. But he is tired. We give him the purr therapy.

He does make sure he spends time with us every day! Individual in our special spots and all together during play time.

Maybe if we learn the pass word to turn on the puter? Hmmm?

Have to run here he comes. I can hear Buddy yowling for a treat so it must be dinner time!
Time flies so Me-Ow lets go cats! Meal time! That means play time is next.

Have a great week my fur friends!

Timmy Tomcat


Happy Caturday and more

September 10th 2011 10:02 am
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Hi furs.
Happy Caturday!

Wow we had some fun this week and the really Big Newz is Rumpers Trial of the Climb! MOL

So the big big wild wild boy, who I may add always mentions that he is oh-so-much this, and, even more oh-so-much-that, got into something that was beyond his young knowledge.
He climbed up to the top linen shelf. Yeah. Big Whoop you say. Well. He got STUCK! MOL!

Pops was wondering where he was during treat time? Under the sink? In the bedroom? In the closet? No no no no. Then the mournful Meee-oooowwww. Pops goes into the bathroom and there he is!
Way way way, well, not really. He was maybe 5 feet up on the top shelf. But... MOL... Cannot stop meowing over this... MOL... He was scared to jump down! MOL! He gives Pops a look and says HALP POPS!

Rumpy Yelling HALP HALP HALP

Pops just gave him a look shook his head and went back to the couch and his book.
So he was crying for any of us to help.

Buddy Responds to Rumpy Yelling HALP HALP HALP

I did not know what the issue is as I jump from the China Cabinet to where-ever I want and... Oh don’t tell Pops... I mess up the table cloth when I do those long jumps!

Toby Hears Rumpy Yelling HALP HALP HALP

So I go and see what all the fuss is about!

I walked in and told him “Jump Dood!”
What a Chicken.. “No no I promise you won't Rumpy.”


End of story. MOL

Have a Grreat Caturday my furs!
PS Talk like a Pirate is coming 09/19 Get Ready!


A note on tomorrow 9/11

September 10th 2011 9:40 am
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Pops told us all about how is a sad day tomorrow. We really have a hard time understanding hoomans sometimes.

They can do so much that furs cannot.

Create beauty in many ways.
Do so much good in many ways.
And then
Do evil in so many ways.
Destroy in so many ways.

Pops says it has a lot to do with self.
That when one or a group feels that they are above another because of who they are or what they believe then evil flourishes and destruction follows.

So sad.

So pointless.

Yes he spoke of the bravery and love that shines through such dark times.

We wanted to mention these things and purray for those who bear the scars.

The Tomcats


KCK trip to Sea World Austrailia!

August 28th 2011 4:09 pm
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We are some tired Kitties!
What a wonderfur trip!Thanks again to our great admins who did so much to make this trip a success!
Our paws are tired.
Timmy T


Wowzers! New Puter coming!

August 27th 2011 12:49 pm
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Purraying you are all safe from the storm! We are waiting here in PA 3:45PM. Pops went and got Fred from the PetCo where he was strutting his stuff. He is back home with Buttons and Fitz until it blows over.

So then...

After some pacing(Hard on one leg).
Sleeping on it(The best part in a cats mind).
Checking again.
Pops bit the bullet and bought a new puter.

We cats were proud as he did not do the Man-Thing. He did not buy the Big-Block with Slicks and Fuel Injection! Not to say he got the economy model. Neither did he get the one that insists you have on sensible shoes before you boot up. He got a nice sporty model with some zip and, drum roll, two monitors!(Sounds of the double-mint ad in the background)

He is hoping the old puter that we were so fond of just needs a swap of memory or some such. If not then maybe he can have the hardy drive swapped out into an enclosure with full nondisclosure.

That way he can see all our pictures that he holds so dear.

No tears! He has backups on CD of all my pics, and, the bro-furs up to last month or so.

Hopefully soon we will be back full fur ahead burning the keys with hot claws.

Thanks for the good thoughts fur Buttons!

Timmy T


A day off? I think not!

August 25th 2011 3:38 pm
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Ohh the Pops is a bit hot under the collar.

His puter gave the Blue-Screen-of-Death last month. Win 7 repair worked but it may be a hardware issue and it died fur good.

Of course it died the morning Pop took off to rest a bit and catch up with email and such.

So I gave him a double-purr with head-bump when he came in from getting a track ball for the lil-puter.

We cats are so glad he got that. Who can use those little screens? I always push down on it with one paw while the other is hitting a key. I can just imagine with thumbs getting in the way.. Oy... MOL..

So we will now be back on catster I hope a bit more.

And also we have some important stuff going on here. We need plenty of purrs to help little Mr Buttons find a home. He came back to Pops due to FIV. He is in the foster room with Fitz but he really wants his own furever home. He is near Phila PA if you know a nice hooman... Thanks

I learned a new move! I run up and wrap my paws around a cats neck and throw myself down flipping the other cat. MOL! Pops is amazed!

Timmy Tomcat (The Wrassler)


Yo Yo Yow!

August 24th 2011 6:20 am
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Yow it was scary yesterday with all that shakin and rollin and stuff.

All our furiends are ok and that is most important and we are glad all of you are safe. We felt it here in PA and when Pops came home he made sure we were all OK.

He told us that he thought someone was playing around by standing behind him and rocking his chair. When he turned around there was no one there and then he noticed his cubicle swaying. His buddy came over and things were still swaying. It was funny that Pops department were the only ones to stay in the building. Maybe not!

So he is with us today and we are with him and all is good on this sunny Aug day!

Purrs to all
Timmy T


Wowzers I am DDP!

August 22nd 2011 4:21 am
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Hey furiends I am that very highly coveted
Glad I saw it in my email bucket. I wanted to come by yesterday but we had more action here at the Tom Cat home. Has been a lot of action lately it seems. Some good, some not so good.

So yesterday it was a rough morning.
We all got up and Pops gave us our treats and...
Hey! Where was Toby?
Pops gets his dark stinky liquid and starts calling: "Hey Tobers! Toby!" No Toby. He starts looking for closed doors. No. Checks the breakfast wet food. No! Starts looking around, and, there is Toby, under the armoire. Looking sad. Oh my. He runs under the desk. Oh my. It is 620AM.

So we all worry.
Except Buddy. "He b finez he gotta rumblers! He gotta Poopers!"

So Pops keeps calling him and all that. It is now 8AM. He calls his friend to ask her to come over to help get Toby out from under.(Antique desk hundreds of pounds and with no leg and the other Pops is not able. More Oh my.)

So Pops is sitting there and just shakes the treat jar once more and... Out comes Toby. Like nothing.

"Oh I had a little tummy ache" he says.
Has a treat.
Just then Pops friend calls.
He laughs and says "Glad I did not have another hundred dollar tummy ache".
So that story ended well.

Then Pops spent a lot of time with Fitz the Foster.
He came up all smiling and told me: "Tim. The little guy is now coming over for a pet and rolls over and gives a big stretch and purr. He is getting socialized for adoption. A great day Tim."

Little(Not so anymore) Mr Buttons is doing good too. We are really worried about him finding a home. He is FIV and was returned to Pops. Oh My. Pops may have him for a while.

So then Pops went out with his pals for a few hours and I was all ready to hop on his puter and... THUNDER BOOMS! Oh my all shut off. Yesterday Philadelphia passed the record for rain. EVER. Wettest year EVER.

So Hi furs I am jumping on and hope see you this weekend at KCK 2pm Catster time 08/28! Part-AAA!

Timmy T


We have been... Well... Ahh... Umm...

August 14th 2011 11:50 am
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To all my dear furiends. I have been a bad cat as I have not come by to visit. There are no excuses but maybe a reason or two.

The old guy has really been worked over the past month or so. That thing he does during on week days, descending to the circles of hell, has been to the lower levels of late. He gets home and, well, you know how it is. He has been gone for a few hours and we want, no, we NEED, our snacks and dinner. So then he feeds and cares for the fosters and does all that hooman stuff. Trash, laundry, bills, blah blah blah. Why they do all that insanity is any cats guess but they all do. So the short of the long is that he is pooped out. So I have to do my cat duties.

I jump up on the couch and give him the double-purr paws hanging over the leg along with the look of affection that only our kind can accomplish. Then I have to go and whack or chase whom ever is causing cat trouble(Rumpus mostly). While he is getting ready for reading time in bed I do a fast patrol and rush in to my spot for more purr-therapy.

Its a big job that takes big paws. Not that I mind. He took me in from the streets so it is only fair that I do my part in this home. I just wish the brofurs would... Well let them tell ya. Never let it be said I tell tails!

So Purrs from your pal!

Timmy Tomcat

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