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An Angel's Notes for the Day

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New friend who's cat of the day

December 9th 2011 9:22 am
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Hi everyone, short diary but the kitty who's cat of the day, Tiger, he's got mouth cancer and his remaining days are very short. Please friend him and his family. His mom needs all the comfort and support she can get. This is a very difficult time for them.

Thanks everyone! Midnight is still eating well and feeling better and yes, Finney is still being a poopyhead. MOL.

Luv Alex


Kittens from high kill shelter need homes

December 6th 2011 12:06 pm
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Hi everyone, we don't have these kittens, we're posting this for a very, very good friend of ours. She's a wonderful person and rescued these kittens but the foster parents fell through:

I rescued some kitties from a high kill shelter in Georgia (East Coweta Animal Control)... there are four precious kitties! My foster that I had lined up just informed me that she can't take them, and I must find either someone to foster or adopt these kitties this week. They were supposed to go on transport this weekend. I can transport them anywhere on the east coast or midwest. Anywhere further than that might be too expensive for me to get them to you... but contact me anyway and we can figure something out.

Is there anyone here who might want to adopt one of my rescues or foster them? Please contact me as soon as possible at or I've got to find somewhere for these kitties to go this week, whether it be foster or into a new forever home. I don't want them to end up back in a shelter, when I worked so hard to get them out!

You can see their pictures on my Shutterfly page here. Rescue kittens

If you can't take them, it would be great of you could please forward this to anyone you know who you think might be able to, or might know someone.


Big thank you to everyone! We love you so much!

November 14th 2011 9:13 pm
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I just want to say a big thank you to everyone so much for my COTW honors. All the prezzies were wonderful but the notes of love and support that came with them were truly beyond beautiful and we're actually copying them and keeping them so we can always remember how special you all are. If there's ever a day when we feel down or sad, we can look back at those wonderful words and know we're loved by so many and it means everything to us. We had a great week, despite some sadness in mom's family. We kind of wish we hadn't said anything about mom's uncle because we feel like we put a damper on our celebration. It's nuts how many people have left mom's family this year. But our family here is just as important and we also have so many of you who have joined me here at the bridge and some who will join me still. We'll purr for you all and we'll be here for you as much and as often as you need us. Always remember that! You're all so special to us, so kind and loving. We cannot tell you what a privilege it is to be friends with you all. All the love we got this week, the pawmails, the emails, etc. just helped to heal our hearts. I have to get back to my angel duties because there are a lot of kitties here that need our purrs big time.

Linus! Please come home! Biggles, I'm so glad you're feeling better. Another bout of pancreatitis is not fun. Mrs. Murphy, sweetheart, we're all here for you. And for our wonderful friend Tigger as well. We hope you both have a very long time left with your families. Teddy Bearz, we're purring for you and have our paws crossed they find out what's going on and can treat it. Hooch, hang in there my friend!!! Pounce, sweetheart. So new here at the bridge but already so loved by everyone.

For my friends here already at the bridge, thank you for helping me celebrate. I loved the afternoons of catnip tea with Queen Tallulah, the walks along the rainbow banks with Aryeh and Purrcy, my two handsome fellas. Mr. Sam, our talks were incredible. Sally Maria, your fur looks so luxurious again, I wish your momma could see how you shine! Indiana, my little troublemaker, MOL. Love you to pieces. Alfie thank you for all the dances, we'll have to make this a new tradition it's been so fun. Misha, Molly, etc. etc. etc. I had so many moments here with all of you that I could go on and on. SOOOOO many angels here but oh what gorgeous and glorious kitties you all are! You made me so happy.

Okay, I must get on with my thank yous because now the torch has been passed to lovely Abigail and she really is a beautiful girl! This is one heck of a long list. Thank goodness I can eat as much as I want now and still keep my girlish figure. MOL. Lots of pie and cuppycakes! Here we go:

Sky – heart
The family of Timmy Tomcat – pie
Ginger & family – heart
Taffy angel – heart
Jackson & family – pie
Simone & River – pie
Gunarr T and family – heart
Elsa – turkey leg
Anonymous for the heart and the BEAUTIFUL message you left with it. Made our eyes leaky with joy.
Tully & family – pie
Annie Angelpants & family – blue ribbon
The Bush Furrs – heart
Kiki & family – heart
Tasha & TT – heart
Blackberry & family – rainbow
Louis Lebeau & family – heart
Mr. Sam at the bridge & family – red ribbon
Fearless & family – heart
Molly angel – rainbow
Misha & family – heart
Jezebel – acorn
Aryeh & family – acorn
Kally Kat – rainbow
Rocky Ann & family – rainbow
Tate cuppycake – rainbow
Abigail (the new cat of the week) – crown
Cheveyo – crown
Toffy & Vanessa – emerald
Murray & family – crown
Cassie & family – star
Angel Purrcy – rainbow star
Blizzard & family – rainbow star
Another anonymous – crown
Alfie & family – crown
The Tabbies – angel star
Muppet & family – diamond
Chiefy & family – rainbow star
Merlin & the Cornish crew – angel star
Tilly – angel star
Biggles & family – angel star
Miranda & family – diamond
Tigger & family – star
Casey & family – angel star
Skylar & family – angel star
Shade from the S-team and the A team – crown
Pipo, Minko & family – crown
Hunter, Munky & Ozzy who gave us an extra pair of wings for my mommy’s uncle who passed away. That was SO sweet and he’s using them right now! He loves them, thank you!
Annabelle & family – cornucopia
Nikolai for the cuppycake because, yes it’s true! I can eat as many as I want up here and NEVER get sick! NOM NOM NOM
Ingen & Novi – trophy
Tink & Snow – trophy
Kitty P & family – champagne
My buddy Hooch – trophy
Zach & Zoe & family – trophy
Natasha – trophy
Rufus & family – trophy
Melissa Anne & family – trophy (you know what they did? They adopted a new kitty and named her after my momma! Lisa Mari! Isn’t that sweet?)
Sally Maria – champagne
Norman & family – maple leaf
Nadia & Gumpy – champagne
Smithwick & family – cuppycake
Teebo & family – champagne
Mietzi & Timo – turkey
Bella & family – trophy
Smokey Joe & family – pawty hat
Scooter & family – trophy
Artie & family - trophy

Thanks again everyone! What a wonderful week and what pawsome and great friends we have.


Angel dancing

November 11th 2011 3:07 pm
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Hello all my fellow Catster poopyheads! MOL! Got your attention? Good! Just kidding anyways but I thought it was cute because we're always talking about poop. So I have been enjoying my week as COTW for sure! Gosh we can hardly keep up with all the pawmails, emails, prezzies, well wishes, etc. It's so wonderful mainly because we're seeing so many of our furriends we haven't seen in a long, long time.

This week has been a mix of emotions for us as many of you know and even though momma is still having occasional moments of sadness at the loss of her uncle, mostly she's tired and just wants to laugh and have fun. Her uncle was one of the most kind and gentle souls she's ever known and we know for a fact he's flying all over the clouds with his daddy, my mommy's grandad who came to get him and bring him to heaven. He dreamed it a couple of nights before he died! He's doing things now he wasn't able to do for so many years, he's free. And he would NOT want mommy or grammy, grampy, his wife and kids to be crying over him all the time. He lived 20 years more than they thought he would and that was a huge gift to everyone!

Mom's shot yesterday went well except for the fact that the shot took 15 minutes and they were there for 3 HOURS! Not cool! Anyways, mom is definitely feeling better. It can take anywhere from 3-5 days for the full affects of it but sometimes longer. She started feeling it immediately which is SUCH a good sign. Everything up until now has not worked so cross your paws this does!

On that note, let's get back to MMMMEEEE!!! MOL! Just kidding. But I would like everyone to continue to help us celebrate because it's been a BIG honor for me. So let's enjoy ourselves and each other and maybe a bunch of us angels can get together and dance on some clouds! We'll enjoy some catinis, and yes of course trout!!! MOL. Don't forget trout or the Tabbies will send someone to kick our angel bums. We can have some good food, play some games, do some dancing, etc. Which reminds me I need to put my music player back up on my page.

Here's another of mom's poems to inspire you!

Rope The Stars

Rope the stars
And ride the sky
Take them far
And take them high

Make a difference
Make your mark
You should know
You're not alone in the dark

Explore new horizons
Sail around the land
Make your dreams come true
No matter how grand

Open up the heavens
Dance in the rain
Cherish the good times
Not suffering and pain

Be happy, be proud
Be free and be loud
Just don't be anything else
But completely yourself


PLEASE keep celebrating! Don't stop!

November 9th 2011 7:44 pm
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For those of you that haven't yet read Finney's diary, mom's uncle passed away tonight. He was a frail man who was paralyzed most of his adult life with MS and recently had a heart attack and was diagnosed with lung cancer. He was in the hospital and for some reason was released and passed away tonight at home. Mom is very, very sad. And that's why we DON'T want you to stop helping me celebrate my wonderful week! Please Don't stop! We need this so bad. This is the 3rd close relative mom has lost in less than 5 months.

She's supposed to go tomorrow morning for her steroid shot, they had a cancellation. Now she doesn't know what is happening. Grammy and grampy are supposed to give her a ride home. I'm sure they still can. But anyways, the point is, she's very sad right now but does NOT want to stop celebrating my wonderful, wonderful and special week with all of you! That's the last thing she needs right now. Tomorrow is only Thursday, we still have a few days left of pawtying and having fun. So let's do that okay?

If there's anything mom has learned in this year especially, it's don't waste any time! Be with the ones you love and enjoy each other! Comfort her, love her and let her know you're there. Because we know you are all so terrific at doing that. You are a spectacular support system. But also don't stop coming here with me and laughing and having fun because that would be a dishonor to mom's uncle who never got the chance to do so many of the things we all do everyday.

But he is right now. He's flying and soaring and screeching across the sky like a shooting star! We know it! Mom would go nuts if she didn't have her friends here to turn to. She would literally be in a ball depressed. It's because of you all that she isn't. So thank you! I'm gonna go and find him now if I can. Maybe he can come and visit mom with me. She'd like that.

Luv you all
Alex and her family


I must confess

November 8th 2011 1:32 pm
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I must confess something. Deep in my heart I always wanted to be COTW. Usually I don't care about accolades, my rewards are always seeing the smiles of my friends and knowing that kitties I help are healthy and happy. But I know that angels don't usually get COTW here. And maybe it's because Finney and Lacey are alive and with my momma, able to always show new pictures, new videos, new fun things about them. I cannot. I'm technically stuck in a time warp there on earth, even though here at the bridge, my afterlife experience has exceeded everything beyond my expectations.

The friends I've made here at the bridge and here on Catster have made all the difference in my short life there on earth and in my mommies heart it's helped to keep me alive. When I was alive we weren't here, we didn't have all these furriends, we knew very little people. I hope it does not make me a bad kitty for secretly wanting this honor. I think everyone wants to feel like a king or queen for a short time. And I know that I am very much loved and my friends are the most generous and appreciative with their kindness and support.

But I will say that I love making new friends this week, I like having everyone on my page enjoying themselves. I like for once being the PAWTY on Catster. Cause we know that Finney and Lacey sure know how to pawty, there's no question. But did you know that us angels can really ROCK THE BRIDGE? That's what my friend Hooch just said! He said "the bridge must be rockin' with joy!" And for sure it is. The number of angels here with me celebrating is amazing! If I named them all I wouldn't have any room left in my diary.

So I hope you forgive me for my confession, I think it's actually more important even to my mom but for the same reasons. And maybe, just maybe, there will be a kitty or two that needs our help and now knows where to go to find it because of this. That's truly the ultimate reward. OH!!!!!! And thank you to all the kitties making these pawsome pictures for me! FURRY FURRY KEWL!!!!

Thank you again! I love you all with every single tiny piece of my heart. PAWWWWWTYYYYY ON!!!! MOL!


CAT OF THE WEEK! I'm honored and blessed.

November 7th 2011 8:17 pm
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I better write a diary quick while mom has a free finger! MOL! The emails and pawmails are coming in fast and furious and what can we say!!! I am one lucky and happy angel and I'm thrilled to have so many of my friends to help me celebrate because it would not mean anything to me without all of you! We have had too much dismal stuff around here lately and not enough pawtying!

So here's my idea! The kitties here at the bridge can meet me for catnip champagne cocktails and the kitties here on Catster can help me by coming here to my diary and letting your fur down. Let's give thanks before Thanksgiving for each other and for still having this place to be together! My heart is aflutter with pretty butterflies that Queen Tallulah gave me and I'm feeling a little tipsy on all that champagne rolling in, whooey! MOL. But it's a great tipsy and I promise I can handle my catnip. MOL.

BTW, Lacey just barfed up all of her supper and a giant loogey hairball all over mom's freshly washed floor (just today she cleaned it). Doesn't mom know that's asking for this to happen? MOL! Poor Lacey. Full moon madness is setting in. She's a pain in the neck sometimes and doesn't ever shut up. Mom says she'll have to let Lacey sleep on her bed tonight or she'll knock the door down.

Here's to a great week for everyone! Thank you all for the love and support you always give to me and my family.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
-- Maya Angelou

The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.
-- Thich Nhat Hanh


A special and heartfelt thanks

November 4th 2011 12:23 pm
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Thank you to everyone who helped me celebrate my gotcha day yesterday. Don't worry about mommy, it was sad for a very brief moment when she was helping me write my diary. But she was okay after that. Still can't believe it was so long ago. Anyways, we want to say our thank yous to everyone and I hope we don't miss anybody!

Sweet angel Sally Maria for the crown (Sally, I didn't do much to help you become a good angel. You were already such a sweet and loving soul when you got here. I'm so honored you're here with me and I'm honored to have shared my gotcha day with your birthday).

Biggles & family - angel star
Kitty P., Harrison & angel Indy - angel star (I have so many angel furriends here).
My good friends Tink & Snow - rainbow star
Angels Misha & Marrakech & family for the rainbow
Norman & family for the adopt a kitty ribbon
Lovely Tabatha for the heart
Murray, Cindy Lou & family - heart
Lady, Baby & family for the blue ribbon
Bugsy, Annie Angelpants & family - red adoption ribbon
Luv bug Tigger for the heart
Skylar & family for the red ribbon
Casey & family for the rainbow
Nadia & Gump for the heart
Beepers & family for the red ribbon
Doggy Diamond (one of my souls I guard), Zach & family for the heart
Big Harry & family for the red ribbon
angel Skids kitty & family for the rainbow
Teebo, Callie & Rose for the rainbow
Angel Feisal for the rainbow
Macy & family - red ribbon
Luke & family for the heart
Artie & family for the rainbow
Sweet Bella & family for the heart
Athena & family for the trophy
Monster for the YUMMY CAKE!!!
The cornish crew for the lovely candle
and last but not least...Linus who is still missing for the fishbowl.

Look at all the wonderful friends we have. We're so so so lucky and we know it!!! We know it and we feel it with all of our hearts. We love that adopt a kitty red ribbon because everyone here on Catster is all about rescues and opening their hearts. That's what this community represents.

You know what would be the best present I could ever get? If Linus would go home to his family. That would make my gotcha day and every day the best ever. Linus, we haven't given up on you! I wish I could take all of these prezzies and make one big giant star to shine in the sky to light the way home for Linus and all the others who need one. That's what I'll do tonight! Linus! Look in the sky tonight, I'm lighting a giant candle star for YOU to find your way home!

Thank you all for loving us so much. We NEED YOU in our lives yesterday, today and everyday.

Luv with all of my angel heart


Gotcha day, update on my mommy, and my wonderful PURRFECT- friends

November 3rd 2011 1:25 pm
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Hi everyone! Mommy is just getting a chance to sit down and write me a diary for my gotcha day. She said sometimes it feels like a dream with me. Like everything we went through together from the minute she called me her own, to the minute I left her. It was 8 years ago today that she took me in her arms and let herself be my mommy. Time has no boundaries and makes no sense. Sometimes it feels like it was yesterday and other times like it was a million years ago. Just writing this is hard, in the past she didn't like to acknowledge my gotcha day because it was just a reminder that I left her too soon. But it was the happiest day of both of our lives. And the second happiest will be someday when we can be together again and I can purr softly on her cheek, kiss her and nuzzle her. I want to thank all my wonderful friends for all the prezzies (which I will do personally by the weekend), but mostly for the lovely and sweet messages that go with them. It means the world to us and we don't know what we'd do without all of you to help make this day easier for us.

On another note, mommy went for her MRI last week. She went to the doctor this morning for a follow up and he said she's got disc ostephyte complex (bone spurs), but very mild. Hey Newman! Mommy has spurs if you need to borrow them for your cowboy outfit. MOL. He showed her the results and said they weren't too bad but you could see how one disc was much more inflamed than the others. They are going to do an epidural injection (steroid) but the soonest they can do it is not until the 14th of this month! JEEEEEZZ! She's been suffering long enough already! But he's a busy guy and doesn't do this stuff every day so she has to wait. They did put her on a cancellation list though. But he said that it should really take care of it and help alot because she responded to oral prednisone. So once this is all over he encouraged her to get some exercise and strengthen her back.

In the meantime she's been working hard on the website, helping other kitties, playing with Finney and Lacey more to make up for all that time she couldn't and trying to at least get outside while it's been nice out. It's super nice today! What a crazy snowstorm they had on earth over the whole northeast last weekend. That was nuts! Way too early. I tried to get old man winter to knock it off, I even went and pinched his bum with my fingernail. MOL. He didn't like that too much, no sense of humor. But he was out of line! All these nature gods and goddesses that head up the storms, the nice weather and everything, they all have their schedules mixed up. They need to stop this crazy weather stuff.

Anyways, that's it for now I think, nothing else much happening to talk about. Too many fleas here still lately so mom's just been getting other things done. But we wanted to thank everybody for helping us get through this day.

And Linus, please go home honey! PLEASE. (a note to Linus' mommy: he's NOT here at the bridge with us so don't stop looking!) I know it's greedy to want another miracle after we had so many lately. Specially with Ingen being found and going home. But we love Linus and his family just as much, we can't stand to see his family missing him. Miranda I hope you're eating more lately. I know you miss your brofur. I'm still looking for him honey, I'm not giving up!

Big whisker kisses to everyone!
Luv and smooches


Worth mentioning

October 26th 2011 3:55 pm
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I think I can do this here, I checked the guidelines and I think I'm okay. I know that so many of you are not on our newsletter for our website so you don't know that you can save money by going through our site to buy certain products. For instance, when purchasing food, treats, supplements, toys, etc., if you go through my website by clicking on any of the links OR the advertisements on the sides, you can still use the coupon codes in addition to any sales the website may be having. I’m sure with the holidays coming we’ll be able to offer some good deals and new coupons.

Even if you don’t buy anything that’s listed on my site, if you click on the ad and go through my site, we still get a commission for anything you’ve bought and you can still use the coupon. Still a win-win for all of us and you get some cool new kitty stuff! Right now Only Natural Pets is having a Halloween special on treats so you can go on our site, click on one of the treat products, links OR the advertisement with the coupon code and shop for anything you want, use the coupon code plus get the sale price as well. It's the same though for any of the other brands there.

Just something we thought we'd let you know about. Everyone is strapped big time for funds and yes, my mommy gets a VERY small commission (trust me it's not much at all) but these are ONLY products she's recommended as safe before and will continue to hold to that standard no matter what. Plus she's been doing this now for 3 years and has just now started this to help pay herself for expenses and all of that.

Also, if anyone would like to sign up for our newsletter we send out all kinds of feline health info, research links, recall notices, new products we like, etc. Your email address and info are blocked so no one but my mom sees them. Mom does not sell anyone's info to anybody EVER so no spam. You can go to the site and click on the Paws on the News button.

That's it but if you haven't seen Artie's diary about his story on my site, be sure and stop by to read it! Gosh we love that little guy. He's so cute it's nuts! MOL.
Life as an amputee. He really puts a smile on our faces and is such a positive story.

Did you know that Newman's Poopology! book is coming out Nov. 2nd? We cannot wait! I think we're going to be in it too! We all sure need to laugh these days so we're really looking forward to this. I KNOWWWWWWW there's a lot of juicy stories in there, EWWWWW. Did I just say JUICY?

Yes folks, even a dainty little angel like myself can get down in the muck with the best of 'em. MOL!!! And NO I don't need another DDP just cause I said POOPY! 3 is enough now. MOL. Give it to Newmie or better yet, to Inky for his diary on Manboobs!

Angel Alex over and out

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