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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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BREAKING MEWS! New angels help guardian angel rescue lost- Linus

November 19th 2011 6:38 pm
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well, it was a furry crazy and sad day yesterday. Not only here on Catster but at home. Everything mommy has had to deal with in the last year just came pouring out of her like Niagara Falls and she couldn't stop crying all day! THEN she gets an email from Tigger's daddy saying that Tigger went with Alex to the bridge. Which made her cry even more. Alex says he was such a good boy and so brave. He didn't cry, although he was so sad to leave his family behind. Rest assured she is taking VERY good care of him and pretty soon he'll be as good as new and ready to assume his angel duties. BUT! she said he already started some of those duties yesterday.

On his way up the stairs of the kitty bridge that leads to the beautiful place where kitties roam and play all day, he was holding Alex's paw and looking around. "wow!!! It's so amazing and colorful up here. So bright! Good thing I'm not afraid of heights!" He said. He was looking around everywhere so quickly, didn't want to miss a thing, when he spotted a gray and white kitty, wandering around, so sad and purrty mad at himself for getting lost! Tigger slowed down and pulled on Alex's paw and said "hold on Auntie Alex, look!!! Look down there! Isn't that Linus?" Alex turned and said, "Tigger! GREAT EYE! We've been all looking for him for a furry long time and NO ONE could find him! You did it!"

So Tigger and Alex swooped down and found two kitties on their way up to the bridge at the same time, Jaffa and Grub. Alex said, "you guys want to come and help us? He's a handful and we need to make sure he does not get away!" "SURE" they said very gladly. So these 4 kitties swooped down and chased Linus like crazy glowing bugs and made him run so fast that he ran right into the yard of someone that his pawents were visiting! Alex said "okay guys, let's really get him over there, ramp it up! Turn on the meowzers and let's make sure he's spotted!" Oh that Linus was so mad. He couldn't figure out why these glowing tinkerbell type kitties so small they looked like bugs, were zooming in front of his face, his mouf, his ears. He kept swatting at them and thank goodness he missed! That's the last thing we need is to have 3 new angels get their buzzers beat up! MOL.

So Linus ran and ran and he was yelling and meowing "get off me you crazy cats! What do you think you're doing! Leave me alone!" Then he looked closely and said "Alex! Is that you? What in the world are you chasing me for?" Alex looked at him and said "because you crazy numbskull! LOOK!" Alex, Tigger, Grub and Jaffa all pointed at Linus's mommy and daddy and when he saw them he couldn't believe it! "OMC!" he yelled! "Thank you thank you! Oh Tigger buddy, I'm so sorry to see you like this. But you look grand! Very beautiful lights coming from you all. How lovely!" Tigger said, "thank you Linus, this is my first official angel act. You better get over there before they leave!" Then they all gave Linus angel hugs and watched as Linus raced towards his mommy and daddy yelling and meowing "HEY! I'M HERE! I'M HERE!!! DON'T LEAVE ME!"

"Ahhhhh," Alex said. "you all did so great. Look at that! Not even at the bridge yet and already you saved a kitty, one of your furriends!" Tigger gave Alex a hug and said he was so excited, he felt so good about what they'd done. Then he said "now let's go, I hear there's great catinis and trout samiches up there!" As they looked back and saw Linus being hugged and kissed excitedly by his family, they turned and knew this would be a furry wonderful Thanksgiving for this family.

Moral of the story: Don't wander off because you never know how many angel bugs are going to buzz you until you can't take it anymore! MOL!

The End


Added information to last diary

November 16th 2011 1:36 pm
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Hi everyone, this will be a super short diary. I just wanted to add to my last diary about the study that's being done at UC Davis for IBD/lymphoma kitties. Even if you are a perfectly healthy kitty or have a completely different health condition, PAWLEASE give your vet the information so they can see if they have other cases that could apply! This is so furry important! And unfortunately there are MANY MANY cases of these diseases around. So please look at this page on our site again and pass the link and info onto your vet! IBD Studies/Trials

Thanks everyone!


Important study on IBD & small cell GI lymphoma! Please read

November 15th 2011 1:05 pm
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Lacey's mommy here! I'm hijacking her diary for an important reason. We need to get the word out about this as it could benefit so many kitties in the future who develop these horrible diseases!

I’m very excited to announce that IBD Kitties is now working with UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in their study for IBD and small cell GI lymphoma in cats. PLEASE pass this information out to other forums, your blogs, websites, etc. This is an important study and the results could possibly mean a much easier way to diagnose GI lymphoma other than invasive surgery and biopsy. If your kitty has had a biopsy already and has been diagnosed with IBD and Small cell GI lymphoma, and you’d like to participate in this study, they would need a blood sample and some other information from your vet. If you’re interested please contact me at IBD Kitties and I’ll be happy to provide you and your vet with the Dr’s contact information and the proper form.

The University of California at Davis (UCD) School of Veterinary Medicine's Department of Veterinary Surgical and Radiological Sciences is conducting a study in cats with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and Small Cell Gastrointestinal Lymphoma (GILSA). This UCD study is comparing two lymphocyte populations in cats with biopsy-confirmed IBD or GILSA: those lymphocytes circulating in the blood and those found in the tumor biopsies. The goal of the study is to determine if a blood test can be used to predict which disease the cat has based on lymphocyte populations. Additionally, if the test is predictive of one or the other disease, this study will also determine how specific the test is for the two diseases and how sensitive the test in distinguishing between the two diseases. This is not an intervention or therapeutic trial. While enrolling your cat in this trial will not help your cat specifically, your cat's involvement may help other cats with these two diseases. Results from this study may aid in providing a non-invasive pre-surgical/endoscopy diagnostic tool in the future.

Thank you for helping to spread the word on this important study and know that you'll be helping countless kitties in the future!


Mommy is getting her shot!!!

November 9th 2011 1:58 pm
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Guess what!!! The orthopedist called with a cancellation for tomorrow morning to give my mommy the steroid shot in her back! Instead of waiting until the 14th, she goes tomorrow morning! Please purr for her it goes well. She's a little nervous but mostly excited to get it over with.

Instead of going to the doctor's office, they're doing it at the nearby hospital in radiology so it's only a few minutes away. Only thing is that grampy has to drive her home, she can't drive herself and he is one TERRIBLE driver! He freaks everyone out he's so bad. He tailgates so bad you could kiss the bumper and then he presses on and off the break enough to make you car sick. Then he swears at people! MOL. Relax grampy for crying out loud.

So mom says she'll drive on the way over there and then he can drive them home after and she'll clutch the door handle and pray the whole time, MOL. Poor meowmy, that doesn't sound fun at all. She says the needle isn't even bothering her as much as the car ride home!

Plus tomorrow is a full moon and you know how superstitious my momma is. But so far it's been a really good week so we're hoping it sticks with that momentum! Just wanted to give you an update. Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate Alex's big honor of COTW! We've been enjoying seeing so many of our furriends again!

Crossed paws for my meowmy!


New video of us and stoooopid clocks!!!

November 5th 2011 2:57 pm
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So what's this mom says about turning the clocks back tonight? Won't it be hard to see the time if the clock is facing the other way? I don't get it. But she says that means starting tomorrow the days will be super short. I don't like that and neither does mom. Makes us all want to hibernate. Stinks if you ask me!!!! I still don't see what having the clock facing the other way has to do with it but I guess she knows what she's doing.

Not much to talk about but I thought we'd let you know we have a new video up on our youtube channel! Check it out, subscribe to our fun channel too!
Your Entertainment

And btw, notice how Finney is the instigator through much of this video. He's a giant BRAT! MOL. I am an angel, you'll see.


Mom update and other things

October 26th 2011 1:32 pm
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First let me say mom had her MRI yesterday morning and all went well as far as we know. I'm sure if there was anything really pressing they would have contacted her by now. Mom could not believe how tiny that tunnel was! She was thinking it was like having a CAT scan where the thing is HUGE and you are not inside this itty bitty trapped thingy. OMG, the minute they slid her in there, she was like "ARRRGGGHHH". She's already claustrophobic and she said this is what it must be like to be in a coffin! Which freaked her out even more. She did really good though, they put music on for her and she had earphones because the machine sounds like a giant jackhammer. Weird!

It takes almost a half an hour so she had to lie still like that for 30 minutes. She kept her eyes closed the whole time and kept picturing and thinking she was in open fields of flowers running around, the beach and the ocean, lots of BIG OPEN places! By the time they let her out she was so ready to get out of there. So anyways, it's over and she's got an appointment already booked for next Thursday with the orthopedist doc but probably when he gets copies of the tests they'll call and let her know what they'll be doing. Maybe even give her that shot then. But she has been doing much better just bloated from the prednisone. She says she'll take that any day over the pain she was in before.

Funny how her other mean doctor wouldn't give her two lousy pain pills and this guy gave her 30 of them. She's only taken 3 total since last Thursday!!! Not even one everyday cause she's been on prednisone again. Today is uncomfortable though. She woke up pretty sore and throbbing cause it's supposed to SNOW here tonight at some point or tomorrow. Mom says that's a bad word around here and then she said some not so nice words I can't repeat. MOL.

Yesterday afternoon grammy and grampy raced out of here to go to the hospital because grammy's only sibling had a heart attack. We found out today he's got lung cancer. He's had MS for the last 25-30 years and has chain smoked the whole time. Ironically he's always said "what's it gonna do, kill me?" Little did he know that it would. Course he's lived WAY longer than anyone thought but that doesn't mean it's not upsetting. He reminds mom so much of her grampa, her mom's daddy that died many years ago. Mom loved him so much, he was a kind man and adored mom. Her uncle is the same. Mom hasn't seen him in a long time but wants to now. Grammy says he looks horrible, old and frail so mom's in for a shock. He has 4 grown kids and only one of them gives a darn about him! Thank god his wife has stuck by his side every minute of their lives together and always taken great care of him. But they are POOR and I mean DIRT POOR. If we could have ever helped them more than we did, we sure would have. He didn't deserve this hard life. It pains mom deeply to see someone so good have to deal with so much hardship in his life. Maybe once he's gone, he can be with grampy and all will be right again.

You know how he got the MS? He worked in one of the old mills here and back in the days of the depression, there was an anthrax leak. He got it. He and grammy have had very, very hard lives. Yet he's never complained, at least not out loud. Amazing man. Mom says it's hard around here lately. It's like the summer of death! Everyone in our neighborhood that mom grew up knowing is either dying, dead or has Alzheimer's. Everything changed in such a short time. Plus the two relatives that died in June and now this. I have to say, I really love being a kitty, it's so much easier. I don't know who my real siblings and mommy and daddy ever were and it doesn't matter. I have Finney and my mommy. That's all I need and they both love me more than anything. I'm a lucky girl!

Sorry to be such a downer, we don't mean to be. Mom says she's really, really trying to be positive! She's just really sad right now and needs a nap I think, MOL. I've been trying to cuddle her all day and she won't sit still long enough! But I think she's ready, so we're gonna go for a cuddle session now. She needs a massage!

Luv you guys!
Lacey bug


please friend this kitty, he needs our love and support

October 18th 2011 6:04 pm
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UGH, this is so sad and giving mommy leaky eyes. Tiger has very little time left and only 45 friends. He's got gum cancer and he will most likely be at the bridge by the end of this month which is not long away. PLEASE friend him and his family as his mommy is extremely sad and can use as much support as she can get. :((

I hope you all can at least read this diary. I know you'll rally like you always do for this kitty and his family. They need us badly. Please hurry.

Mom just saw Tiger's mom post that now her dad may have cancer also! This is just so awful. They need us now more than ever kitties.


Ingen update!

October 10th 2011 2:44 pm
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Just got an email from Jen! All is going GREAT with Ingen's trip! The driver said that Ingen has been eating and meows a little at first while driving but then settles down. She also said that Ingen is a "real sweetheart". (which we all knew anyways). The dogs don't seem to be upsetting her at all. They were in Montana this morning so all is going well!!! We're so happy and so glad! I hope this company turns out to be a great recommendation we can all use if anyone ever needs to in the future.

On another note mom went to see her primary care doc this morning and he's sending her to an orthopedist next Thursday. Mom needs a steroid shot right in the pain center of her back injury (which mom already knew). But it must be done by a specialist who knows exactly what he's doing so nothing gets damaged or worse!!! That's the last thing mom needs. She'll be going to physical therapy on Wednesday and she doesn't see the specialist until the 20th so that's a little ways off but at least not too bad. Her doc doesn't want her to stay on steroids too long obviously. He said that because she's taking the pills, it goes through her whole body which can cause problems. Giving an injection to the injury site just goes there. I wonder why they don't just do that in the first place? Wouldn't that save an awful lot of time, pain and side effects? Oh well!

So that's the poop on Ingen and my mom! Mom sat outside a lot this afternoon because it was so gorgeous today it's unreal. Mom said if she could bottle this, she'd be stinking rich! I don't want her to stink, I like the way she smells but the rich part sounds good! More toys, food, and stuff for me and Finney. MOL. After all, it's really all about us!


Purrs for my mommy

October 8th 2011 9:17 am
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I know this is a busy purr day. Sally Maria is going to the bridge this afternoon, Samsara went to the ER last night, all kinds of stuff going on. You can tell there's a full moon coming! Anyways, if at all possible can you spare some purrs for my mommy? She's on her way back to the urgent care at the hospital. She woke up with so much pain this morning again that it's really more than she can stand. It's BAD. So she's off, AGAIN. She's so depressed and sick of it. I feel bad asking because there is so much going on and I know it's busy today. Even a little bit would help. Thanks so much, we'll let you know what happens.

Luv Lacey


Purring for Biggles

October 4th 2011 12:37 pm
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Since Alex is busy with Ingen duty I'm going to take this one. Biggles needs major purrs right now. He's back in the hospital guys. His blood sugar is up to 300! He needs some big purrs today. He's lethargic and has lost 2 lbs fairly quickly. Also severely dehydrated. He's being stabilized at the hospital now. So please purr hard for our wonderful friend. I'll keep you updated on his condition as his mommy emails mine.

Good news too though! Tigger is probably going home with his daddy tomorrow! HURRAYYY!! He said that Tig wants OUT of there and bad which is THE big sign from a kitty that he's so had enough and is ready to be with his family. Yaaayy Tig!

We can't believe the amount of the funds that's been raised for Ingen in less than 24 hours! Unreal! Mom turned on the computer this morning and it's at $510!!!! Holy minoly!!! You guys are the pawsomest. Lots of those donations were from strangers so I'm pretty sure they were all from your friends on Facebook. Very cool of them! We have not heard from Bella's mom yet but I believe she will be picking Ingen up after she gets out of work. She may be on her way pretty soon. As soon as we hear anything we promise to update you.

Mom in the meantime is a big ball of stress. These new neighbors are horrendous. Mom is no prude. She will let out a bad word or two sometimes. But NOT in the driveway, outside, for the world to hear, constantly and in front of kids! This lady is not a good mom as far as we can tell. She swears like a sailor in front of her sons big time! She doesn't like mom already, hasn't even tried to say hi, even though mom did. sigh.

This whole summer has been about everything changing here. First mom's uncle died and the neighborhood went completely dark and quiet. Nothing is the same, no one goes out to talk anymore. And now this. Mom does not want to whine or complain. But it's sickening. Mom just said to Kitty P's mom "I wish I was on a nice island somewhere drinking pina coladas, laying in a hammock, watching the sun set, listening to the waves. AAAHHHHHH. Sounds so great!" I hope she has plans to bring us with her!!!


From mom: "I'm not going anywhere...only in my head!!!" LOL

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