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Pawsitively Meow-Worthy

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Bad dream

October 26th 2010 10:21 am
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So momma had a really bad dream last night. She dreamed that someone stole me from her! Can you imagine? She was so upset, she couldn't understand where I went. But she came and rescued me and gave me massive hugs and kisses. She did that when she woke up too. She was mad at her dream! Stupid bad dreams, leave my mommy alone! No one is gonna take me away, NO WAY! Besides, I'm a guard kitty. I growl everytime someone comes up the stairs. Momma would pound on anyone who would try and take me away from her. Not that anyone would, it was a silly bad dream. But we know how real they can seem. Poor momma, it bothered her a lot.

It's beautiful here today! Indian summer they call it. 70 degrees and momma is back in her shorts and getting ready to go for a walk. Yesterday she cleaned in the house and moved stuff around in the living room. Me and Finney love when she does that because then we have new hidey spots and new places to play.

Hope everyone has a good week and has beautiful weather and good dreams!
Luv Lacey Bug


Big thank you!

October 23rd 2010 10:44 am
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Thank you's are in order for all my wonderful gifts yesterday that I got for my DOTD. It sure was a fun day and momma is tired today, not feeling that great so this will be short.

Thank you to Hunter's mom for making my beautiful DOTD picture! Thank you to Redford & family, Tate & Riley. Thank you to Kaci Sunshine for my trophy! Thanks to Hazel Lucy, to Sally Maria and family for my spooooky pumpkin! Annabelle & Hunter for my black kitty cats, the family of Adam Dylan, Leo, Grace and family, Kally Kat.

Thanks to Jezebel, Purrcy, Ginger and to Gump & Nadi and also Lucy and her family for my furever diamonds! Boy I love glittery stuff. Luke, Tully, Natasha & Sammy for my gorgeous Emerald! Thank you so much everyone who wrote in my diary too! I don't mean to forget anyone.

Between all the beautiful pink ribbons I get to wear, the fun and scary Halloween decorations and my new jewels, I am living like a princess. I could never enjoy this time without all of my special friends here on Caster! You guys all make our lives so full and fun!

Luv you all!
Lacey and family


Diary Girl!

October 22nd 2010 3:06 pm
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I cannot beweive it! I'm Diary of the Day! First, I'd like to thank the Academy (Catster) and all of it's members who voted for me (Catster). I will wear this crown with honor today and walk around the house, strutting my stuff with my tail in the wind, waving it in Finney's face.

I will eat whatever I want (yeah right), do whatever I want (I do anyways), be as cute as I can be (yup, that's me!), and gets lots of hugs, kisses and headbonks from my momma and Finney.

I have to say that this day is much better than yesterday. Yesterday momma gave us some fish and I scarfed it up really, really fast like a hoover. Not even 5 minutes later, I hurled fish all over the kitchen floor! And I do mean everywhere. It wasn't pretty and it didn't smell very nice. Then I had the heaves after that for about 2 minutes which scared mommy. But what are ya gonna do? I made a pig of myself and that's what I get for it! (that's what momma says anyways, I personally don't see the problem).

But to celebrate today momma played some music, I went looney tunes all over the house and we had a good time. It stinks though because it's soooo cold today, (43 degrees with a wind chill of 38, brrrrr) that we couldn't have the windows open. Me and Finney already miss chattering at the birds and watching the blue jays comes and eat peanuts off their feeders. This is going to be a longgg winter.

Looks like we'll need some new toys! Thanks again everyone for my gifts. I will thank you all personally tomorrow if I'm not too hung over on Nippy! Hiccup!

Luv Lacey


You like?

October 17th 2010 1:58 pm
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Okay, we changed our pages again! Momma's making me dizzy. Check out all 3 of them and be sure to expand and watch the videos on the mixpod. We think you'll like these pages better than the last ones. Finney's background stayed the same because it fit so well with the video and we liked it alot. Let us know what you guys all think!

I can't even imagine what mom will be like at Christmas on here!

All last night we could smell apples baking from downstairs, mmmmmm good! Then momma went to visit grammy and came back upstairs with a big hunk of homemade apple pie! Wow that smelled good. We asked to have some but nope! No way. Momma just kept smacking her lips and making those nom nom nom sounds! It was kinda funny actually. Awww momma, no pie for us? Really? "No! no pie for you!" LOL she doesn't want us getting fat. Sheesh


Fire, Fire everywhere!

October 11th 2010 10:03 am
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So we're all wondering what the heck is wrong with hoomans these days! There is person or people setting fire to houses all over our side of town and yesterday there were EIGHT fires set in one day, just blocks from our house! What in the world is going on with people? Why are all of these hoomans so violent and want to hurt others? We're really scared! What happens if we catch on fire and we can't get grams and gramps out in time? What about us? What about our elderly cousin kitties downstairs? Momma is freaking out, this just isn't right.

I hope they catch this crazy person because this is scary stuff. Momma says when she was little, her best friend's house up the street from us was on fire BIG time and everyone had to leave the neighborhood. She said you could see the flames from miles away. That doesn't sound fun to me, fire is dangerous and I don't want my tail singed off!

This weekend was John Lennon's birthday and momma played his songs "Imagine" and "Give Peace A Chance". What happened to those words? Isn't anyone listening? We animals are staging a protest! We're sick of all this bad behavior from hoomans! Just cut it out and stop hurting others! You could take a lesson from us kitties. We do what we have to do to survive and the rest is up to nature.

Momma isn't sleeping very well now. She feels like she has to stay up and watch around the house to see if the flood lights come on. Sometimes it's just a skunk or something looking for bugs or sometimes we hear kitties fighting outside (like last night, WOW)! But now she feels like she has to sleep in her clothes and have the hose ready in the yard. Poor momma. If it's not one thing it's another. She's always worrying about something.


What's going on?

October 8th 2010 2:23 pm
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First off we want to say a thank you to those who gave us belated well wishes and gifts for our DDP! Sally Maria, Annabelle, Hunter and many others. It really means a lot to us and couldn't have come at a better time. Everything is fine with us, we're doing great!

No so much for many others. Alex just wrote something cool in her diary but what she didn't say is that she is SO busy bringing kitties to the bridge right now, she can hardly keep up. Momma feels so bad for these poor pawents she wishes she could give all these poor mommas and daddys hugs.

We don't know what's going on right now but this is a really bad cycle! It's quite scary actually and momma does not like this one bit. Again, we are FINE (knock on wood) and it's not about us at all so please no one worry.

In the last 2 days alone, momma has gotten 8 emails out of the blue from pawents saying that suddenly their kitties have either gone to the bridge or are going this weekend. That's a lot of kitties in 2 days!!! What the heck? I think we need to ask Alex if she knows what's going on up there. Is this a roundup of some kind? We know things go in cycles and this really does happen during the changing of the seasons. It's almost as if it goes with the changing of the tides. But wow! This is just a lot and we are so sad and feel so awful.

My momma just loves these kitties so much and has gotten so close to their pawents, it's hard for her not to "feel" their pain. My momma is very empathic and I guess that makes her good at what she's doing with the site and all. But she wishes so much she could help even during a time like this. I guess all she can do is listen to them and tell them how much she loves them. I suppose that's all that can be done. But she wants you all to know how much, how very, very much, she wishes she could be there to give you hugs. Life isn't fair sometimes. My momma has sure had her share of hard times. Maybe that's why she feels so much for others when something like this happens. We can't help but fall in love with you all and hurt so much for you when something like this happens.

Please everyone, if you can, this weekend, even if it's kitties you don't know or have no idea about, please say some kind of prayers for all the sick ones and the ones that have recently gone to the bridge and are going soon. This is a hard time for their parents and we need to offer as much support, love and cyber hugs as we possibly can. We all know what this loss is like, it's torture! Collectively, we can help to heal their hearts, at least enough to get them through it.

We're a strong and close bunch here and we know you all can join in and do it with us!
Luv you all sooo much!
Lacey, Finney and angel Alex


Thank you Catsters

October 7th 2010 8:33 am
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Thank you fellow catsters for making me a daily diary pick yesterday and thanks to all of my great friends for all the gifts and the concats! We love you all!

We were very sad to read this morning that our friend Aryeh has passed away. Poor thing just couldn't fight his illness anymore. God speed little man. You're safe at the bridge now and I'm sure you'll see Alex and all the other Catster angels there. They'll take good care of you. If you can, please stop by on his diary entry today and give his momma some headbonks and purrs. She's so sad and could really use them.

Thanks everyone
Love Lacey


We're a lucky couple of kits!

October 6th 2010 8:11 am
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Wowsers! I'm a DDP! Thank you so much Catster and everyone. LOLO, yes, I'll try and get Finney to be extra nice. He usually is anyways. Concats to our new friend Simone for getting a DDP as well! And many concats to very good friend Lukey for getting Cat of the Week! What a great thing to see his handsome face on the front page all week long. You're a star in our book Lukey! Now we just have to get our sweet angel Alex to be some kind of pick for something. She's never had this honor and she deserves it.

It's rainy and cold here today so this is the purrrfect way to keep us smiling and cheerful. You guys always do that for us! Ooooh, Finney's big foot is hanging off the tower. I have the sudden urge to go and chew on it. Hee hee hee.


new pages

October 1st 2010 7:26 am
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Thanks Hunter and Hunty's momma for getting us these new pages! Their great. We have music and videos on each of them too but they take a little bit to load so people should scroll down and wait a minute for them. They all match our backgrounds!!!

Congratulations to my beloved (but bratty) Finnegan for being a DDP! Now I'll have to be nice to him all day today. Hmmmm, we'll see! If he tried to chew on me I'll have to punch him in the eye again. Just the way it works. But we always end up making out in the end. LOLO

Grams is just fine by the way everybody! She's got a hard head and quite stubborn! Thank you all for your well wishes and support. It helped momma to talk about it with everyone.
Luv Lacey


More excitement (not wanted)

September 28th 2010 7:55 am
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Last night my mom heard a bang again. She's like lightning my mom. She raced downstairs to find grams on the floor in the bathroom, almost passed out. Grams takes a sleeping pill every night and we wish she wouldn't do that. This thing knocks her out LITERALLY. Mom had to pick her up and bring her back to bed. It really upset her. Grams is fine believe it or not. She has bad osteoporosis and at 80 years old has banged her head a thousand times, it's like a rock that thing. But between her and gramps falling all the time, mom worries. My momma tries to make the house as safe as she can. She's going to go to Walmart and get some railings for their human potty and hope that will help. Mom is quick I tell ya. Gramps has fallen off a ladder and broken his broke his leg. Then he fell down the stairs and shattered that same leg real bad. Broke his femur! I guess that's a really painful big bone in humans. That one was really bad! Gramps has had strokes, high blood pressure, had prostate cancer (he's cancer free for 6 years now), grams has ulcers and colititis, pancreatitis, leaky heart valve, on and on and on. They are both in their 80s and mom knows they won't always be here and it scares her to think that one of these days, they might not be so lucky. We hope that doesn't happen for a long time! We love our grammy and grampy! And it'll really tear mom apart when that day comes. All you furbabies out there, enjoy your pawents and grandpawents if they are still with you!
Luv Lacey

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