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Today's daily inspiration

August 20th 2011 2:07 pm
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This is a GREAT story! Watch the whole video. This gives me hope for the kids of our future. He obviously has pawsome parents.

Daily quote: I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. -- Augusten Burroughs

Generous boy gives away his baseball to another little boy


Is this a test? And a heartfelt message.

August 18th 2011 1:41 pm
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Wow, just when mom is starting to get her groove back on somebody else who's got issues starts in. This time it's our neighbor. This is a good example of how people are just loose cannons right now. My neighbor who we've known for YEARS just decided without even asking my mom, to pull out a chain saw and come over and gouge her large shrubs that were barely hanging over her fence to his property. GOUGE them! Mom is so lit up furious right now she went down there and lit him a new one. Told him to back off right now or she calls the cops. He's like "it's on my property." A FEW branches and he's just slicing the whole thing! He was going to do all three of them. God what is wrong with people these days? Mom was so mad she's still shaking. She said to never, ever, ever do that again. He used to be so nice and she told him he's a complete jerk now.

Grampy couldn't believe he did that. We've known them forever! He doesn't even live here anymore he only owns the house. He never, ever even comes over here to take care of his place. Sheesh! This is #2 now. Things come in threes so mom is hoping she doesn't get something else thrown at her. She's ready to pop a vein.

Anyways. we saw this on David Letterman last night and it just wowed us. Such beautiful, amazing and brilliant talent! We'd like to share this with everyone and let you know if you're feeling angry or like you might do or say something you'll later regret, think about this:


A good day!

August 11th 2011 3:33 pm
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Today started off sad. We got an email from Maggie's mommy saying that she was so much worse off than ever, she had fluid in her belly and lungs. So she was going to say goodbye to her because they were convinced after all of this it was FIP. Mom was crying, very upset. Then mom couldn't take it so she went outside and worked in her garden. Transplanted some stuff and got in tune with nature.

Then the tides changed. Maggie's momma emailed back and said that the fluid in her belly was NOT consistent with FIP at all so they were going to run some more tests because there's something else going on. Mom did some research and found out it may be something called liver ascites or hypoalbuminemia. She's got all the symptoms listed and the vet agreed this could be it, yay for mom! Anyways, so now Maggie is still alive and they are draining the fluid and sending it out for cultures so keep purring because there may be a miracle at work here.

Then just now mommy came running in the house so excited. She was outside watering her flowers and honest to god a hummingbird came over, drank some nectar from the flower, played in the shower wand that mom was using to water and then...ready for this...landed on my mom's shoulder! I'm not kidding! Mom said she thought she would pass out from excitement. That hummingbird came right over to her and was not one bit scared.

Mom said she hopes this is a sign! How many people can say a hummingbird landed on them and stayed there for a few seconds? Not many I'll bet. OH! And somebody new that emailed my mom this week is going to put her kitty on our website and she bought a bunch of stuff at by going through mom's website so mommy gets a commission for that! Yay her first one!

So today turned out to be a good day after all. Don't ya love it when that happens?


Important information and lesson learned

July 21st 2011 11:01 am
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Hi every fur!! First I'd like to say that I know we've been tagged several times to play the new tag game. I'm so sorry but we don't have time to play it. It's really hard to play tag because it takes a lot of time to look up and create links to kitties pages and so forth. Last time we played we were tagged 15 times!!! Now we love that everyone considers us so much fun we get tagged that much, MOL. But it's too much time spent on that stuff and mommy is behind on her work. Plus the last couple of days her migraines have been OFF THE CHARTS! So please forgive all 3 of us if we can't play that game. Mommy prefers to play games in diaries that way we only answer things once.

Anyways, most of you got this already because you're on our newsletter for our website but we feel it's important enough to repeat this for those of you that aren't. (You can be if you want to, just let us know and we'll sign you up). This is from my mommy:

I wanted to get this info out to you considering this dangerous heat we’re in all over the country and even the world right now. Yesterday we learned a very valuable lesson here at my house that I wanted to share with all of you so you don’t have the same thing happen.

As many of you know, I live upstairs from my elderly parents (in their 80s), and care for them. We also take care of my sister’s cat Midnight who stays on the first floor of the house with my folks. Let me first say that my parents adore her probably more than any other pet we’ve ever had. Midnight stays with my dad in his computer room during the day and watches over him, and when they’re watching tv in the living room, she stretches out on my mom on the recliner. Yesterday my dad accidentally locked Midnight out in the inside porch, which IS screened and wide open to air, but it’s where their a/c’s backside is positioned from their kitchen window, and that’s where the hot air blows! He looked for her before closing the door and locking it but she must have been hiding under the chair or something. My mom came home from doing groceries about an hour later and found her limp! It must have been almost 100 degrees out there. She’s fine, she drank plenty of water and managed to eat some dry food and hold it down, the wet food, not so much. She threw up several times yesterday and last night. My dad felt SO bad he almost cried. If she would have died, he never would have forgiven himself. It was no one’s fault, this could happen to any one of us, doesn’t have to be someone elderly.

She’s doing much better, eating like a horse, played and is feeling great. My poor mom cried and kissed her all day and told her she loves her so much! This was a tough lesson to learn and one that could have turned very tragic. I wanted to share this with you all so you know that even when we think we know where they are, we should make SURE we know where they are. Especially during any kind of extreme weather be it heat waves or freezing weather. Don’t worry about Midnight, she’s sucking up all the love and mega kisses we’re willing to give her. She can’t get enough of them as far as she’s concerned and everyone is willing to oblige.

Again, please keep yourself and your pets hydrated! Leave PLENTY of fresh, clean water out for them, even some additional bowls in different rooms if you can. Try putting some ice cubes in their water dishes, they’re fascinated by it and it gets them to drink. Also, if you don’t have a/c please make sure you have several fans on in your house and try to keep doors to the hottest rooms closed so they can’t go in there. For some reason (like Midnight did) they will lay down in very hot rooms! Don’t know why, seems crazy to me but it’s up to us to control that. You can also take a cool towel or compress and put it on their little pads if they get hot. If your pet is not drinking enough water and they seem a little bit drained, give them a some cool water (not cold) in a medicine syringe just to get them drinking.

And I’m sure you all know this already but NEVER leave your pet, any pet, in your car. Even with the windows cracked open, the temperature can exceed 100 degrees in there. If you see any animals in a car anywhere with the windows up or even cracked, please report this to the police immediately! You may save a pet’s life. If you have ferals in your neighborhood try to leave as much water out for them in a cool and shady place as you can. Also, if you have elderly neighbors at all please try and check on them, make sure they are okay and make sure their pets are okay as well as they may not be able to themselves.



Saturday morning cartoons!!! Can you name some?

July 15th 2011 9:18 pm
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Mommy went out to the garden today to do some work and she was standing there with her coreopsis, she took her finger and put it at the bottom of the flower head, flicked it really far and said "my momma had a baby and her head popped off"! WHAT?! What kind of vicious thing is that? I looked at Finney, he looked back at me and said "whoa, that was cruel! Glad she never did that to us".

Who in the world ever thought up a horrible saying like that? We asked momma that, in the form of our native tongue, when she walked in the door. She somehow understood us and said she didn't know but it was something she learned as a kid. She said nursery rhymes were actually pretty gruesome. Like from the Brothers Grimm.

So here is a question for you all. What Saturday morning cartoons did you used to watch as a kid? Name 5 of them. Bet you won't even remember some of these:

The Jackson 5 cartoon (surprise surprise)
Scooby Doo (NOT scrappy doo, blech)
Goober & the Ghost Chasers
The Groovy Ghoulies
and of course Looney Tunes (the road runner and Wiley Coyote were her fav)

Road Runner

She says sometimes she feels like this:


POOR MOMMA! Okay, your turn! Name 5 of your favs. OH and I forgot to mention; POOP POOP POOP POOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! I want a DDP too! MOL.


Doing okay, the goodbyes are over

June 22nd 2011 8:43 pm
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Hi everyfur! My mommy and I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, love and support and PATIENCE with us during this whole ordeal. It's been furry tough. So much has changed in such a short time, it's like that full moon solar eclipse last week came in and swatted it's big hands all over the place! Mommy's other best friend called last night to tell her he got laid off from his job. He's furry mad, he was told his job was secure but as you know, there's no such thing anymore.

Jim's wake and funeral service were very beautiful. At the wake they had a collage of pictures on a dvd playing on a big screen tv and mom said they chose so many beautiful and funny pictures of him. Cause that's how he was FUN! It was bittersweet to watch them. She said Rick's poor momma is just a broken woman. Mom walked into the place, walked up to her and said "hi mommy" and Joan fell into my mom's arms and just cried. Mom just hugged her and cried with her.

His funeral was beautiful too. He'd been cremated and his older brother got up and told stories of Jim when he was young. He was so at one with nature he used to get into the beaver pond on their farm and swim with the beavers! Then he talked about how he could do any bird call at all and when everyone left the church, there was a mockingbird sitting right there in the tree singing it's heart out. Mom said "look, it's Jim!"

Then she had to go 2 hours later to her uncle's wake which was completely different. Very dark, depressing, body laid out with just a few pictures taped to his casket. Blech. Mom thought that was not right. They have more than enough money so who knows what happened there! But mom told all her cousins some funny stories about him and they all laughed and cried. Then her and grampy tried to go to the funeral today and they couldn't get anywhere near the church at all! Cars for blocks around and grampy can't walk far. So mom was going to drop him back home cause it's literally down the street, and go back but the line was outside the doors of the church. So they couldn't get in. That's how loved he was.

In a way that was okay with them. Mom didn't think she could stand to cry anymore (she did anyways) and it was a different service altogether. But they wanted to say goodbye. They came home and mom was in her garden when she heard the church bells, she started to cry again. Her and grampy sat on the porch and just stared at his porch swing. They're having a lot of trouble wrapping their heads around it all.

She spent most of today cleaning the house like a mad woman. Anything to keep busy. Exhausted herself so much she fell on the bed and slept for 2 hours this afternoon. Of course I comforted her. Mom wants you all to know she will be okay. She really will. She loves from the core of her heart and can't understand why such good people are taken from this world. We know, there's no answer. Just can't help but wonder still.

We are definitely having Finney's party with the MJ party this Saturday in his diary! We need to get back to living and we need to be with our friends and have fun, making new and wonderful memories. Finney will write a diary tomorrow with the details. In the meantime, check out our pages, all of them. We've been doing Michael Jackson pages and me and Finney even uploaded some videos of us that mom had put together awhile back. They're both set to different MJ songs. Hope they bring you lots of smiles and laughter!

When we get some time, we'll be sure to thank all of you for your wonderful birthday prezzies and prezzies of love and support, all your kind words and checking in on us and mom has meant the world to us. We love you all so much! We're furry, furry lucky.

Luv and kissies
Lacey & family


Finney's party date moved and thank you again

June 18th 2011 10:21 am
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Hello all you wonderful friends! As most of you already know there will be no party for Finney tonight due to my mom's recent loss of 2 relatives. One on Wednesday and another on Thursday. Quite a shock and everyone is still reeling. We wanted to let you know that we've rescheduled Finney's party for next Saturday the 25th which is also our Michael Jackson party. It'll be twice the fun this way! We'll be playing all kinds of MJ songs and also a lot of Janet Jackson too (cause she's pawsome). Believe me we'll need to party and have fun after this week and the coming week.

Mom has 2 funerals to go to now. If they were more like the ones the Tabbies have (an Irish wake and celebration of life), it wouldn't be so bad at all. Mom says she's been to a few really beautiful and uplifting funerals and a couple of ones that were parties. She says THAT'S the way to send someone off! Anyways, save that date and please, please, please try to make it because by then we will REALLY need some friends to help us party and have a good time, which we intend to do. Thank you all for the prezzies and special thoughts of prayers and kindness to all of us, myself, Finney and Alex. Later this week when everything is over, we'll say our special thank yous to everyone. Just know that we are receiving them and reading them and they mean so furry much to us. Okay mommy wants to talk now.

Hello everyone, thank you again for everything. Barring anything else happening (god help us), the party will go on next Saturday along with the MJ party! I promise it will be a great, great time. We'll all need it by then for sure. I also want to let you all know I'm doing okay. I know that some of you are terribly, terribly worried about me and I know it's mostly my fault because I'm an emotional person. But trust me, this is far from the first time I've lost someone and I am going through the normal grieving process. I'm not hysterical and making myself sick, I'm eating okay and getting rest. I know because of my health problems many of you are concerned about that and you don't know how much that means to me.

So I want to you know I'm okay, please don't worry. I'm very, very sad, but okay. I'm going to work in my garden today, go to the shelter to drop off some food, and just chill. It was just Wednesday that one passing happened and Thursday for the other, so it's still extremely fresh and I have to go through this process. You are all WONDERFUL and LOVING and I don't know what I would do without any of you and I hope I never have to find out. Please know that from the bottom of my heart you are all not just "virtual friends" to me, you are my lifeline. Friends that not only need me, but will be there for me if I need them. That's the best feeling in the world.

The saying is true, you can measure a person's life by the number of true friends they have. Both of those people in my life had MANY friends and we are devastated for ourselves because we don't get to share in their laughter anymore. But we are so much more full in our lives for having known them. And I feel the same about all of you. I'm on the poor side financially, but friend wise and love wise, I'm as rich as they come! This song resonates with me right now so I thought I'd play it for you all:

100 years to live



June 16th 2011 9:55 pm
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Today is my birthday, we're gonna have a good time! Today is MY birthday for REAL. MOL! Thank you all for the absolutely wonderful and giant arms of support you gave my mom today (er, yesterday, it's 12:51 am). Well, we're gonna do some pawtying these next couple of days cause...TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Whoo hoo!

And Saturday is Finney's pawty cause we screwed up last week, MOL. who cares! We just love to pawty and have all our wonderful, fun, loving, crazy kitty and parents friends with us. You all make life so pawsome!

This is what we think of all of you!

You're simply the best!


thank mew!

June 16th 2011 9:50 am
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Thank mew everyone! I'm a DDP, how cool! Purrrfect timing. We need a little pick me up, fun, celebration today. Please read Alex's diary for details.

Can't stay on here long right now. Mom has to the funeral parlor. Thanks again everyone. We'll talk in a bit!

Luv you all
Lacey Wacey Bug


And so it begins

June 13th 2011 7:01 pm
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Oh lord. Here we go! There's one thing about the state of NH that's both terrific and terrible! POLITICS. Right now there are a zillion news crews, protestors, supporters, and most of all politicians (BLECH) literally 5 minutes from our house having their first debate. Now mind you, when mom was a restaurant manager and a writer for the local newspaper, she kinda liked it cause she made a TON of money from them holding rallies and meetings at her restaurant. She also got invited to all kinds of stuff and met a lot of people.

So this is just the beginning and for the next year and a half we'll be clobbered here in Manchester with this stuff and that's all we'll see on our local tv. NH and especially Manchester is a HUGE political place since we hold the primaries here. Oooohhhh, the same commercials over and over and over a bazillion times until we want to throw up! The yelling, the screaming, the fighting. I think we're gonna have to watch a lot of Scooby Doo, Tom & Jerry, Loony Tunes, our favorites. At least they won't have those things on (I HOPE).

I want to say thanks also for the prezzies I got for my party that wasn't my birthday yet, MOL! Thanks to: my Gumpy Goo of course, to Mr. D, Kaci Sunshine & family, Sleeper & Samhain (two really fun partiers I might add), Teebo, Callie & Rose, Annabelle & family, Keisha & family, and Tasha. Please if you've already come to the party and got me prezzies, don't spend anymore zealies Friday when it really IS my birthday! You already did enough okay? Just come to Finney's party and that will make me happy. Of course if you WANT to I can't stop you, MOL! *giggles*. Just kidding, I only want you all there with us having a good time.

Anyways, thanks again for the pawsome party cause boy oh boy was it fun!!! We loved that a lot of our new friends came. You guys really know how to shake it!!! MEOW!!! Love you all!

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