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April 15th 2012 12:32 pm
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OMC, me and mommy are crying so much right now. I don't know how this happened but we just found out our friend Bumpurr went to the bridge on Friday. I am so broken up. We know he had HCM which scares mommy because it can happen a lot with Maine Coons, which I am one. Oh Bump, I am so sorry you had to leave. I will miss you so much. You were so crazy and so cuckoo sometimes but I loved ya buddy.

We are also furry worried about Timo & Mietzi. We emailed them last night to make sure they were okay, they live in Iowa. But have not heard a word. They had BAD BAD BAD tornado damage there last night. Oh guys and mommy Sonja, please be okay. We couldn't take anymore loss after this.

Luv all of you guys so furry furry much.
Finney and family


IBD Kitties is on Facebook!

April 11th 2012 3:06 pm
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Hi everyone! I know Facebook can be a yuckery place and believe me, we plan on watching every single little post on there. But people and kitties have been asking us to put our website on there for a long, long time and we need to get the word out and help more kitties so we decided to go for it. We cannot believe the huge volume of kitties sick with IBD and the other tummy diseases lately! It's incredible! So we just gotta do somethin'!

Here's our page: IBDKitties on Facebook

Thank you to the ones who posted there within a split second of our email. MOL, too funny! Mom is getting emails galore saying "YAYYYY FINALLY!". MOL MOL MOL.

In the meantime, I have been super funny and super cute with mom lately! She's so in love wiff me now, I got her right in the palm of my paw. mmmwwwaaaahahahaha.

And Lacey says thank you to everyone for her DDP!!!!


Fungshooey!!!!! god bless me, MOL. & Catsterversary

April 5th 2012 4:18 pm
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Mommy has been talking about this stuff lately called Fungshooey. I keep saying God bless you momma and she says "thank you Finney but mommy isn't sneezing, it's something to do to make our house more positive and push the negative stuff away. And it's Feng Shui." K, whatever momma I still think you're sneezing, in fact I've heard you sneeze many, many times lately!

Anyhoo mommy has been moving stuff around and trying to bring us extra luck with this fungshooey thingy. Kinda works a little bit but it's hard with this house because in Fungshooey everything is supposed to be in circles and round corners and edges, very open, light and airy. This house is nothing like that at all. So it's hard. But mom is trying and we kind of like her moving stuff, we're having a blast rediscovering where stuff is and it makes us want to play. It's cold here again and no windows open, POOH! I don't like it.

Hey happy birthday to our good friend Skittles and concats to Hamlet for his DOTD on the homepage! Whoo hoo! Plus Kaci Sunshine is COTW and her brofur Pete was COTD the other day. WOWZERS! That's pawsome! They've been on Catster a furry long time too.

OMC!!! I just remembered! Today is our Catsterversary! 2 YEARS!!! Whoo hoo again!!! We're so excited now that we remembered! MOL. Mom's been working on her website all day so her brain is fried. She says the puper drains her. I don't like the puper, it's a vampire and takes her away from us. so good reason to get off the darned thing mommy. She hasn't been home much the last couple of days so she was working a lot today on the site. Well, that's about it in the new department.

Uh oh! I gotta sneeze! Look out! AH...AH...AHHHHHHH FUNGSHOOEY!



March 29th 2012 1:28 pm
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No not Pigeon from Catster, MOL. This morning grammy told mom to go to the window and see what was going on in the backyard. So mommy ran over to the window and let out a big GRROOOOOOSSSSSS!!! We had to go and see what she was looking at of course. A big red tailed hawk was just sitting there on the ground munching on a juicy pigeon he just caught here in our yard. Yowza that bird was big! I think I like to stay inside now, me no want to go out there. We're in the city for crying out loud but hawks and Peregrine Falcons are all over the place now. Grammy thought it was an eagle, soooo funny! Mom was like "eagles don't come into a residential backyard in the city". We do have eagles here but they stay over by the river and the damns. Anyway, there are feathers allll over the yard now and they are pigeon feathers! That's what those hogs get for pickin' at the bird seed on the ground all day. lazy bones! I have to say that looked pawsome though watching that thing just swoop down and grab it! Mom thinks I'm mean and gross but I'm a cat! HELLLOOOOOOO! Did she not know this? She's got some major surprises coming if she didn't, MOL.

Oh I just came over and poked mommy in the shoulder while she's typing and she called me her puffy orange creamsicle. MOL, yet another nick name but I love this one. she's been cutting a lot of knots off me lately! Leave some hair will ya? This is what the ladies like about me Ma! I had a big knot right under my chin. Stupid hair under there gets all oily when I eat. I try to clean it with my Gene Simmons tongue, MOL. Anyway, her friend came over and held me while mommy cut my nails and cut that chin knot off. Now I still have more on my bum. Every time she things she's got them all, nope. Not much else happening except last week at this time it was almost 90 and it's now barely 35 and very cold! Yesterday the sun was out while it was snowing. I think Mother Nature needs to lay off the organic wine.

So that's about it! Mom's on a good eating kick now and a lot of mom's have been sending her really good recipes! OH! Yesterday she tried this food called Quinoa (not to be confused with Samoa). She said it's just bird seed!!! Why would my mom be eating bird seed? If she turns into a pigeon, then look what happens to you! She better stop eating that stuff. I don't want a pigeon for a mom. I might want to chomp on her. MOL.


Sorry we haven't been around much

March 21st 2012 3:28 pm
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Hi everyone, just wanted to check in and let you know we are still here but not around much. Mom is so stressed out it's not funny. We have a lot going on and she's trying hard not to let it affect me and Lacey but it's tough. Gramps is always yelling at mom, he's really not the nicest man to honest with you. He's always treated mom like she doesn't matter and has always said hurtful things to her.

On top of that our neighbors that moved in right before winter are the WORST! They are such jerks and mom asked the guy nicely to please park in front of his own house and not only does he completely refuse but he's running over mom's flowers that are there so now she's going to have to dig them all up and replant them somewhere else. He also told mom off, said that he didn't care what she wants it's a public street and blah blah blah. Even though mom tried to tell him that our company doesn't have anyplace to park and it's just common courtesy but nope. Absolutely no way.

Mom has not been feeling well at all these days. Stress is taking a toll on her and she's very depressed. She feels like nothing is ever going right and that she's a failure. Mom did meet a really nice neighbor on the opposite street from us yesterday. He lives in the apartment complex in back of us and mom went over to talk to him about fixing the fence in back of our garage because it's on their property but it's really broken bad and the kids in that apartment are throwing trash and playing in back there. They could get hurt and then it would be on us because it's our property. So anyway, mom was all prepared to have somebody else tell her off but instead ended up staying there talking for like 2 hours and laughing a lot and stuff. She needed that.

We miss Rick living across the street, we have no one to help us with stuff like this anymore and mom feels really alone. She has gone back to the gym a few times but is very low on energy and can hardly get herself to care about much lately. Sorry to dump all this stuff on you guys. We just wish things were different here at home. Plus so many of our friends here are going to the bridge, it's really sad. So anyway, sorry if we aren't around much or participating much. Mom uses what little energy she has to do work on the website and to get stuff done around here.

We love you guys!
Finney, Lacey, angel Alex and mom


whatta great week!

February 23rd 2012 3:39 pm
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Whoo hoo! I'm having a great week. First I want to say thanks to Samoa for making me the last dreamboat of the year! I truly thought I would never see that day. But here I am! Dreamboat extraordinaire. And now I want to thank my buddy Blizzard for making me a part of his new Catfather crew. Me, Zach, Orange Ruffy and some others. I think he picked me because of my golden touch. I'm a lover not a fighter BUT I take care of my own, ya know what I mean!!?? I won't let you down Blizz! As the Tabbies would say "I bee trewwwllyyyy honered!"

It's been nice here this week, lots of stuupppiddd burds coming back in the yard so me and Lacey are refreshing our birdwatching slurping sounds. Mom got her 2nd steroid injection in her back today and she says she's had a numb bum since she got home, MOL. It went MUCH faster this time, in & out of there! Since it's staying light out longer, me and Lacey have had the early spring zoomies. We've also been sneezing already and so has mom. And the weather guy dood said it's not our imagination, things are already getting ready to sprout.

Check out my new page I made for St. Patty's Day. MOL, it's one of our favorites! We all have St. Patty's Day pages but I really love mine. Did you see our buddy Yolo already sent a new kitty to his brofur Guido! We don't have the links right now, but you all know them. His name is Grazie and he looks like once he gets comfy he's going to keep Guido on his toes.

Okay gotta run cause mom is not supposed to sit here all night.


Mommy found the rabbit hole!

February 18th 2012 3:42 pm
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For a long, long time our toys have disappeared and mommy could not find them no matter how hard she looked. She thought she'd looked everywhere and moved all the furniture but I guess not. The other day she vacuumed the heck out of this place and when she moved her desk, WOW!!! It was a gold mine! TOYS TOYS TOYS! How did they get there since the hole is in back, which is pushed up against the wall? Hmmmm? Very curious. I think Alex is secretly stealing them to drive mom crazy, MOL. So that answered that question. Course the ones that once smelled like catnip have long lost their scent. Didn't even get to enjoy them. I swear it's not my fault!

So mom was pretty aggravated this morning. She joined another forum cause she saw all kinds of entries that kitties had pancreatitis, IBD, etc. and they needed help badly! So she joined and when they asked if anyone had any good links for sites with info, well of course we're going to give the link to our site. Why the heck wouldn't we? That's just stupid that we can't put ONE link on there to a page for pancreatitis when clearly this kitty is in trouble and his mom wants to learn more about it! Nope! Mom got the boot! Not kidding and the moderator was very nasty about it! Second time that's happened now. There's a couple of other ones that we joined where they are MUCH nicer than that and are super eager to learn about kitty health and all this stuff. So we're very grateful. But it made us realize once again how very lucky we are that Catster welcomed us when we came here and let us do what we had to do to help other kitties and their parents. That's all we were trying to do and now mom is upset that at least 10 people from what she could see, can't talk with her about IBD and the other stuff. I hope they at least find out site and write to mom. It's too bad, it really is. I know rules are rules but when a kitty and their parent need help and right away, there should be some exceptions. If someone else had put that page link there, it would be different. But because it's our own site, it's not allowed. Even though it's an informational site. Very frustrating!

Mom has been watching Fuse music channel today and hearing Whitney Houston songs she never heard before. That happened after MJ died too. Now mom is like "whoa! These are great songs!" I'm sure we'll be learning a whole bunch of new songs soon. Very sad about that lady, she was an AMAZING singer. Mom always loved her big time since she was younger. We like that it wasn't called a funeral but a "home going celebration". LOVE that! Still can't believe it though, it's weird. So many talented people that are my mom's age passing away!

Anyway mom put up a bunch of goofy new pictures of me! Hope they make you laugh! Catster & Catster furriends, you are still the best! Thanks for always helping us, TO HELP OTHERS!!! That's the way it should be isn't it? YES!


OH MY!!!!

February 2nd 2012 4:04 pm
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My goodness. Someone named anonymouse just sent me some lips wanting to be my valentine. Phew! I'm all flustered and blushing. Whoever you are sweet girl, I'm so sorry. Simone and I just now became valentines. But thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's so sweet of you. And yes, I am a big flirt, MOL. Would you have me any other way?

You should see me lately lovin' on my mommy! Wowzers! that collar did something to my love bug button. At night when I'm on the bed with her, I snoozle and snoozle her and I have to be touching her all the time now. I didn't do that before! She said that collar is magic. And guess what? The lady that made it, just made something else to help with Lacey's incessant blabbering and pounding on mommy's door every night. It's a sachet that hangs on the doorknob. She's already sent it and it should be here Saturday I think. Hope it works. Mom is getting so sick of not having a good night's sleep. Sheesh Lacey, give it a rest!

Mommy wishes now she'd gotten a bigger bed. Me and Lacey hog the bed and poor mommy is hanging off the side. She says we're better than an electric blanky. She doesn't need one with us around, we're hot!

After Midnight's disappearing act yesterday she's doing great today. In fact, since mommy changed her anti-vomiting medication from Reglan to Zofran, she's doing excellent! MUCH better! That Reglan stuff gave her the twitches, which is actually a bad side effect of that stuff if you use it long term. And she was still throwing up so hopefully this stuff works even better. I think she's having a ball laughing at everyone because of her hiding escapade yesterday.

So that's the news for today. I am king of the bellies and I have a valentine to prove it!


Thank you anony mouse! YOU are the heart of gold

January 21st 2012 12:25 pm
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Thank you everyone for the many POTPs you're sending and to anony mouse for the hearts of gold and the beautiful messages. You all are the ones with the hearts of gold. Grammy, grampy, mommy and her sister are all having a beer right now! MOL. They said the heck with hit. Plus now everyone is very concerned for the repairman's son who just totaled his car in this snowstorm. The house is a big giant pain in the floofy pants but it's a house (demon house, MOL). That's his son, a life. So we're waiting to hear back from him and hoping he's okay. If you guys could direct some of that wonderful, spectacular, purrs you have their way, that would be pawsome. sigh. Mom read on the internet and saw on tv that we're having a very big and wild solar storm. I wonder if that can cause all these kinds of things?

I know it seems like everything is always going wrong here but that's not true. It's just happening all at once right now. This year is certainly not starting off great. But we've had good things going on too. Mom's nephew that was in the Army Rangers and was in Iraq awhile back, he's home now and living back here. He was hit by 2 roadside bombs (separate times) but he's doing better now. I am mommy's giant floofy luv bug now. I can't wait to snoozle with her on the bed every night and I like to sleep there practically all night. I take up a lot of room, MOL. Lacey is the one who can't sit still. But she plays with us every day and snoozles us constantly. So that's much better! Lots of stuff, she just can't think straight right now.

So anyway, thank you to all you furs who are so pawsomely wonderful. We appreciate each and every purr, whisker kiss, hearts, POTP, all of it. We'll let you know as soon as we hear anything from the repairman about his son. I hope he's not hurt. Our neighbor that had that heart attack and fell down the stairs? We found out he broke two vertebrae when he fell so they came and moved him out. There's no way he can come back to that apartment and climb the stairs. Hope he's doing better, we don't know.

We'll keep you posted
Luv and poofy, floofy snoozles!


New Year, new friends, new adventures

January 1st 2012 10:42 am
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Hello my dear and wonderful Catster furriends! Finally 2011 is GONE! Whoo hoo! I wish everyone the best year they've ever had in their entire lives in 2012. Lots of love, happiness, laughter, fun, great health, great wealth inside and out and an enriched and exciting life!

BTW, did you see I am Darcy's Furriend of the week? Little cutie! Thank you again Darcy! You should look at the pictures of him and his doggie sisfur Chloe. they are the cutest thing ever! So adorable and sweet.

So guess what? We're now offering a 10% discount for calming collars or any other of the collars they offer, on our website! Just come to the Gift Shops and check out my pictures and story and you'll see the discount code. Isn't that cool? Can you believe IBDKitties is THREE years old? Mom never thought it'd be this big or have so much work to do with it but she just keeps finding more reasons to talk about kitty health and prevention. Seems companies just don't care until the pet parent causes a big to-do! So that's what we'll do...cause a big TO-DO!

For anyone that's not familiar with our site and our mission, it all started because of how mom lost Alex. Now we not only help kitties with IBD but with all kinds of things and we focus big time on prevention and education! We have a great newsletter that always has new info and we have a large section of products that we recommend because mom has researched them completely and they are SAFE. So sign up for the mewsletter if you'd like and browse the site anytime. Lots of educational info too about kitty health.

Okay, gotta run because I'm burning a hole through mom's head with my staring for food. MOL. Love you guys! Thanks for being our furriends!

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