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The Floof Report

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I saved mommy today on my gotcha day!

August 24th 2012 9:45 am
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Mommy is especially happy she gotted both me and Lacey (although she was gotted later on). We have old bead board on our walls in the kitchen on the bottom underneath our furnace, don't ask me why it's like that, this house is made nuts! But me and Lacey kept laying forward and watching something near this little space in the bead boards next to the kitchen windows. Well mom found out why! We know there are wasps that can get underneath the siding outside and one was trying to sneak in through that little peep hole. He kept poking his head and antenny in and me and Lacey kept slapping him and saying NO!!! YOU CANNOT COME IN HERE! Mom saw that and had to get some joint compound and a Q tip cause it's really not that big a hole but there are many of those holes. sigh. Stupid old house. Mom sprays in that spot of the siding outside all the time but we cannot fill in all the holes in this house, there are TONS of places they can hide. That's the only thing mom likes about winter, NO BUGS!

So anywho we had a couple of them sneak in over the last week and mom couldn't figure out where they were coming from. So me and Lacey showed her and we stopped the wretched intruders! How dare they try and come in here and sting my mommy! I'll kill ya, I WILL!! I don't care bout no stinger thingy. I'm brave!!

Anyway, that's how I spent my morning so far on my gotcha day. Saving my mommy! Mommy gave me a big hug and kiss, jeez mom take it easy! MOL. Just kiddin, I loved it. I can't fool her. Hey thanks everyone for celebrating wiff me today. I really love you guys and please help yourself to some refreshments and food. There's plenty!

Luv Finney McFloofster (thanks Tully, Luke, Sammy & Natasha for that name)


Just so you know

August 20th 2012 7:24 am
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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you all know that next month on the 15th our Plus Subscription runs out. Mom is not going to renew it. I have not been able to upload pictures to my page in over 5 months and Even Alex had problems putting in one stupid picture last week! The fleas here are just too much and never get fixed. It's not worth $20 to us! So if you see some of our pictures disappearing you'll know why. Our background will go back to plain and we won't be able to participate in certain forums anymore. As I remember you also won't be able to comment on the pictures we will have up either.

Besides, hardly anyone is here anymore and barely anyone reads our diaries. We can't afford to waste the money frankly. We're NOT leaving, just downgrading. So if you want to see any of our pictures you have one month to do it. It's really a shame it's come to this but things have changed. So anyway, hope you all understand!

Remember my new word, FWAP!!!! MOL. The sound my ears make when mom tickles them and I shake my head. I'm FWAPPING right now. MOL.

Luv you all


I coulda been a star!!!

August 16th 2012 7:45 pm
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I missed my chance everyone. Hollywood was here in NH just 30 minutes away from us and I missed my chance to be a star. Apparently some big stars were here filming in the middle of the night at an amusement park. Somebody named Kate Winslet and a dood named Josh Brolin. Mom says that's the girl that played in that LOOOONNNGGGG movie, Titanic. And mom remembers the dood from when he played in something called Goonies a long time ago. Sounds like a fun movie...Goonies. I think I'm a Goonie! MOL.

So here they were, I don't know if they were looking for a kitty cat at all but I think I could have made the movie even better. What do you think? Do I have movie star looks? I think I'm pretty funny sometimes, that's good right? Sigh, well it's too late anywho. They are gone. They snuck in overnight to film and they were gone before anyone even knew they were here.

OOH! I made up a new word! FWAP! Guess what FWAP means? Go on, guess! No, it's not a drink, MOL. It's the sound my ears make when I shake my head!!! MOL. FWAP!

Well I gotta go and practice my lines in case Hollywood comes calling again! Never can tell!


Suggestions needed

August 1st 2012 4:15 pm
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Anybody know how to clip a kitty's nails when you have no help from another person? Btw, this is Finney's mommy, he'd have a fit if he knew I was writing this in his diary.


MOMMY: Tough! I am getting stabbed constantly and don't have anyone to help me. I need suggestions on how to do this by myself. Anyone have any?

FINNEY: I'm gonna throw some cake in mommy's face and run! MOL. Run away everyone! Run away!

MOMMY: Help needed from other meowmies please! they are getting stuck everywhere!


Thank mew for my birfday too!

June 21st 2012 10:04 am
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Sorry it's so late, we're gonna try and say our individual thanks now. it's hot and meowmy can't think too clear so hopefully we won't forget anyone.

Smithwick & furmily - gold heart
Jezebel & Charlie - baseball
Tyson - ladybug
Mietzi & Timo - bluebird
Luke & furmily - baseball
Tristan - shrimp
Greystone & furmily - bunnywabbit
Mr. Sam & furmily - bunnywabbit
Sonny Bono & furmily - bluebird
Biggles & furmily - heart
Gleek & furmily - baseball
Shadow & Wilson - blue ribbon
Miss Muppet & furmily - shrimp
Tasha & TT - shrimp
Ashlynne & Beepers - ladybug
Big Harry & furmily - shrimp
Sigmund & furmily - bluebird
Hamlet & furmily - bluebird
Kally Kat - heart
Teebo & furmily - shrimp
Tigger & furmily - heart
Sleeper & furmily - heart
Skylar & furmily - cuppycake
Greyson - hat
Blizz & furmily - cake
Purincess Miranda & furmily - fishy
Sally Maria & furmily - hat
Harley - hat
Artie & furmily - cuppycake
Norman & furmily - pinwheel
Milo & furmily - hat
BonnieBell - hat
Henry - cuppycake
Meep & Bibi - cuppycake
Kitty P. - hat
Ingen & furmily - hat
Alexander - mouse
Monster - cuppycake
Monida - mouse
Tilly Mint & furmily - cuppycake
Tink & Snow - pinwheel
Jasper & furmily - a ball of yarn
And Keisha & furmily - cuppycake (and a kissy from Keisha, mmmwwwaaa)

Thanks everyone! My birfday and pawty was pooptacular! Love you all


STOOPID BURDS & thank mews

June 15th 2012 2:53 pm
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You know what happened yesterday? A stoopid burd flew into a transformer on our street and BBQed itself. Don't know why it would want to do that but then again, as the Tabbies would say, it's a STOOPID BURD. It knocked out our power for an hour and a half. Ding a ling burd is in STOOPID BURD heaven now. sheesh!

I wanted to say thank you so much to everyone who helped me celebrate my birfday on Tuesday and for all the wonderful comments and prezzies. Thank you to every individual who took the time to pmail and come and have cake and stuff. It was so much fun! I forgot how great it is to have our friends pawtying with us. Guess what? We get to do it all over again on Sunday for Lacey's birthday. MOL. It's gonna be a beautiful weekend so we understand if no one is around.

So that's it, short but sweet. Hope you all have a pawsome weekend and thank mew again! We love you!
Luv Finney



June 12th 2012 8:34 am
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Do you know that meowmy forgot?!!! I'll have to punish her for that, I need to think of which terrible thing I'll do. MOL. Nah, I'll cut her some slack, THIS TIME! I can't believe all the prezzies I already have and I feel bad because we are hardly here anymore. I know we haven't been furry good friends lately and miss so many birfdays, annifursaries, bridge days, etc. We're sorry about that. It's kind of hard to be here with all the yucky stuff going on but today is not for yuckery stuff. It's for MMMMEEEEEEE!!! Finney Winnegan! I'm four years old today. Oh I'm getting old. Momma doesn't like it. She likes that we don't tear the place apart anymore but doesn't like that we don't get nuts and go running around so much anymore.

I've been a really good boy and I love my mommy so so so much I can't get enough kisses, cuddles and snoozles from her. she has been furry depressed these days. Her car can't be driven because of a big leak in the antifreezer and she can't afford to fix it. So she's stuck taking grammy and grampy's car when they aren't using it. Our neighbors still stink like rotten fish and mom feels trapped. Grampy yells a lot and his blood pressure still goes up. So it's been kind of tough. But we do our best to kiss her and cheer her up. We play music and mommy dances around with us and sings.

We still can't believe the Tabbies deleted their pages! That makes us furry mad and very, very sad. So many funny things now gone forever. I wish they'd at least left the pages. Now it's like they were never here! sigh. We just don't understand how Catster doesn't seem to care about everyone leaving. We'll be letting our Plus subscription go when it runs out. The last 2 years it was a gift but we don't think Say Media deserves any money from us or anyone else at this point. Don't worry, we are not leaving and our pages are staying!

Well I am getting a lot of cuppycakes and birfday cakes and stuff so everyone pull up a seat and enjoy the food and yummy catnip champagne! We love you all and miss you dearly.

Luv Finnegan, Finney Winnegan



May 26th 2012 12:23 pm
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OMC! I am used to eating my own hair but lately I'm eating a lot of my mommy's hair. It's lonnnngggg and thick and it's all over the place. She cleans constantly but sometimes they blow over to our food area. well I just had a little snack and then went up on my mom's bed to snoozle her. I had a tiny piece of hair sticking out of my mouth and when mom went to pull it out it just kept coming and coming and coming and coming. BLECH! Get it out! Get it out! I don't want know human hair in my mouf!!! Gross gross gross! blech! paattooooeeeyyyy! Have you ever had that happen to you before?


Whoo what a breeze back there!

May 23rd 2012 1:13 pm
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So mommy furminated us the other day and she cut my floofy pants off. Yes you heard me right. I was upset at first, I didn't know what she was doing. But I have to admit, the breeze back there feels FINE! I've been running around with my tail way up there in the air and letting the my fanny cool off, feels great!! I think I like being floofless in the pantaloons. I'm not bald mind you, I still have plenty of floof but now my poopies don't stick, she doesn't have to keep raking my bottom with the brush all the time and I'm nice and cool now. I just keep sliding and running and whooo hooo! airy floofy pants are fun! MOL. Try it, you might like it.

That's my big mews for the now! That's it! Nothing else, furry boring lately. MOL. We're hoping to get some thunderstorms soon but I don't know if it'll happen. Me and Lacey like boom booms! Gotta go, I gotta run across the kitchen now. VVVVVRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM.


POW! The fridgadator shot me!!!!

April 29th 2012 3:01 pm
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OMC! Our fridgadator makes the weirdest noises. POW, POP, POW, PING, POW. MOL. It sounds like it's shooting me. It works fine, it's just not the bestest fridgadator but it works okay. Just likes to shoot me is all. Hey so it's furry cold here, what is the deal with Mother Nature? Has she gone completely loonies cause we had ta puts our a/c's in the windows and now it's FAREEEEEZING. Even during the day. The wind is so nuts here all da time now that mommy says "we should be the windy city". Supposed to warm up again next week, I hope so. sheesh!

Oh my, purrty Mallee wrote some stuff about my "big wet kiss" picshure. Maybe I should have a kissing boof and give out some kissies! I am a lover, not a fighter after all. Catster sure needs some action lately, kind of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. MOL. Where is everyone? My mom has been busy, doing all the stuffs she gots to do. Gramps is doing good, he just took his blood preshure and it's 139!!! Hurrayyyy! Last week it was 219 and his head almost popped! That would hurt I think. He said it did hurt and I believe him.

Me and Lacey been going downstairs to visit them, they love it. They call me such a floofy poofy handsome boy I's as big as a doggy! Mommy weighed me and I'm around 15 1/2 lbs. I think River might be right about Lacey being part Maine Coon too. She's 10 1/2 lbs and she's not fat at all. How lucky is that?!! Only thing is she has a mush bigger mouf than I do. Jeez she's a pain, never shuts up! I have a rather cute, tiny meeeeuuuuuuuu. I like to come up to mom as she's working on the puper and poke her wiff my fingers and touch her cheek. Cute huh? I am such a momma's boy now I could just wuv her all day and all night. MMMMMMWWWWWAAHHHHH mommy! Does that make me unattractive cause I'm a momma's boy or does that make me more attractive cause I am a lover? Hmmmmmm. I'll leave that up to the ladies.

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