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October 20th 2012 3:15 pm
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Hey everyone! Here's this weeks' new blog entry:
When A Pet Parent Crashes

Hope you're all having a great weekend! It was 73 and gorgeous here today. It's still furry warm out even now. Whoo hoo! Me and Lacey have been birdie watching all day.

Luv Finney



October 12th 2012 9:10 am
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That's what mommy said to me this morning. She woke up to the smell of poop in the kitchen. I don't know what the fuss is about, I was only leaving her a present. sheesh! That's gratitude for ya. I pooped some big logs in the corner of the kitchen, I thought it would add a nice freshness to the air. MOL. Mommy didn't think so. She gagged when she went to pick it up and clean it. There was no reason for me to do that. Just because...that's all. I don't do this often but if I feel like I have some hair stuck in my pooper sometimes I don't go in the box. Mommy that will teach you to close the baffroom door at night! See if she leaves it open, I poop in the bafftub. Just like to I guess. So as long as she closes that door at night I usually go in my box. Not this time! BBWWAHAHAHA. Well, that's my excitement for today. Gotta go cause mommy is getting ready to bring out the vacuum monster.
Luv Finney


Thank mew for my DDP!

October 10th 2012 10:57 am
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Thanks everyone for my DDP honors and prezzies the other day! You're all so pawsome. And thanks for letting me vent lately about the house and stuff. As the days go by and there are more and more people getting sick and dying from those tainted injections, mom is so glad and relieved she didn't get it. It's so scary, nothing is safe anymore!!

It's been rainy, cold and blah here in NH lately and it feels more like Nov. than Oct. Not a good sign for winter I'm guessing! Last year was warm and we hardly had any snow at all. I hope we don't get walloped this year. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks and we love you all. You help us get through these stressful moments in life and we appreciate it so much. Let's have some niptinis and salmon samiches today!


That could have been my mom!!!

October 5th 2012 7:14 pm
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Those steroid injections that killed 5 people and are making everyone sick with fungal of them could have been my mom. My mom's last epidural was in February of this year but in July she was thinking of getting another one. She didn't though, she fought the pain and started walking again and stretching even though it was hard. Now she's so thankful that she did that!!! She could be one of the ones that got sick or worse!!! If some of you don't know, there is a lab in Massachusetts that compounds methylprednisone for spinal injections and other pain management. They are the cause of a fungal meningitis outbreak that is now expanding outside of New England. Mom is freaked out!!! We know a few people that live in Massachusetts and in New England that also go for these injections and we purring that they are okay!!! Please purr for all of these people! This is serious stuff. Mom is so thankful she's okay and so are we.


The heat is on

September 29th 2012 9:23 am
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I can't believe it, mommy had to turn the heat on last night, she finally gave in and did it. It was FREEZING. At least that's what she said. I was fine, my kind of weather actually. Makes me and Lacey go cuckoo and get the zoomies. It rained all day yesterday and never got any higher than 52 degrees. Today is cloudy and same thing only 54, wow! Heatwave! MOL. We didn't take out the a/c's yet because meowmy knows the minute she does, we'll get just one more 90 degree day and we'll be sweltering. This wasn't the best summer here. Thanks to our icky neighbors playing basketball every single day and night and throwing it in our yard, mommy couldn't do her veggie garden in the backyard. It depressed her really bad, she lives for her gardening in the summer. She felt really pushed out and mad! They don't care, all they ever care about is themselves. They still refuse to stop parking in the front of the house, every single day and grammy and grampy have a hard time seeing when they back out of the driveway. Hope they never have an accident. Again, these people don't care. Mommy has asked they said "it's a public street and we'll park there if we want. if you make trouble for us, we'll make trouble for you". Nice huh? They've stayed a lot longer than all of us on this street were hoping for. Doesn't seem like they are going away anytime soon. I wish they would!



Thank you and sorry

September 21st 2012 1:19 pm
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Thank you for all the pirate day flags! We furry appreciate it. Sorry we didn't send any, my mom was really busy running around all day and helping some kitties with their IBD. It's really been nice weather this week too and mom has been going for walks. Trying to get some exercise and just enjoy the weather. Her allergies are through the roof though. That's a funny place for them...through the roof, MOL. Not much to talk about but we wanted to say thanks for all the flags and thanks for being our friends! We love you all. Just felt like saying that. Snoozles and whisker kisses.
Luv Finney


Please purr for Colorado!

September 17th 2012 3:33 pm
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Please purr for our good friend Colorado. He is going to the vet tomorrow because he cannot stop throwing up and now he's puking yellow bile and also pooping it out with diarrhea. He's had blood work which came out normal so mom and I think it could be very bad IBD. He's got to get an ultrasound to see what's going on in there and we know it was previously scheduled for this Thursday. But we're hoping they do it tomorrow as an emergency. He's thin, puking constantly and is getting to the point where he doesn't always eat. His thyroid was tested and it's normal. His liver numbers should have gone up if he has any liver issues but puking and pooping bile is not good! Please purr for him, we've had way too many friends sick lately. His mom is so worried and so are we.
Luv Finney


Whoa - this is weird!!!!

September 16th 2012 12:43 pm
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Last night we realized our plus membership finally lapsed. So most of our pictures are gone. It's a decision we made to go back to regular membership because of all the fleas, it's not worth the money. But I have to admit, it's tough seeing all of our wonderful and fun comments gone along with all those pictures. sigh. So if you wonder where all of our pictures went and why we don't answer anything in the Plus forum anymore, that's why. We can't access it anymore. Oh well! We'll get used to it.

Hope you're all having the nice weather we are, it's GLORIOUS. Mom has been going for walks more now that it's cooled off. Before it was too darned hot! She really needs to start going back to the gym, truth be told. She's out of shape. her allergies are bad right now though, sneezing up a storm! AAAAACHHOOOOEEYYYY! Poor meowmy, it's something called hay fever. She doesn't feel warm to me, I wonder why they call it that? And there isn't any hay in the house.

Well gotta run, I need a nap from all of this doing nothing. That's exhausting! MOL


Oh Finney you're so fine!!!

September 11th 2012 8:37 pm
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Oh Finney you're so fine, you're fine you blow my mind! Hey Finney! Hey Finney! That's what mommy sings to me now. I thought she made this song up but she says it's really supposed to be Hey Mickey. I don't know who Mickey is but he is not as fine as me I can tell you that!!! MOL!

This morning was rough, I horked up all my breakfast because I ate way to fast and had a giant blonde/orange hairball stuck in my craw. I spewed a couple of times and didn't feel too good for a bit but I got back to my old self in no time and even cuddled my mommy on her bed for awhile. Oooh speaking of...last night was chilly!!! Mommy put an extra blanket on her bed and me and Lacey just loved it. We slept on the bed with mommy all night, took it over really. She practically fell off the bed! MOL. It was great! The minute she brought that blanky out we were on it and cuddling wiff her big time. Fall is PAWSOME!!!

Oh the repair guy had to come back and fix our fridge again. This time he put in a new motor and it's fixed for good! Mom had just gone grocery shopping too and the fridge and freezer were FULL of food. She almost lost it all, but didn't. She was happy about that! Cousin Midnight has been having a rough time of it lately. Mom had to syringe feed her for a couple of days and hopefully she's feeling better but you never know. She's 16 or 17, maybe even 18, we're not sure. So if you all could purr for her that would be great. She's so up and down and when she's down, she's very down. Cross your paws for her to continue eating and feeling better!

That's all for now in the floof report!
Fine Finney signing off


No more bees! AND THANK MEW!

August 28th 2012 11:03 am
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Thank mew to all you pawsome furriends for helping me celebrate my gotcha day last week. It was SOOOOOO much fun! Mommy doesn't have time to fart around with Catsters's sssllloowww pages to do thank yous to everyone individually but we wanted to say thank you so much for all the prezzies, pawmails and for stopping by to help us celebrate and enjoy the day.

Oh and guess what! The bees are GONE! (knock on wood). Hopefully they stay gone now. That was scary. Hope you're all having a good day and please purr for some of our friends who are having a hard time. Kaci, Bella, Colleen and Tigger, who don't feel well, and for all of our friends in New Orleans during this bad storm.

Oh and we wanted to mention that if anyone wants to follow my mom's blog you can do so by either email or RSS feed to the right of the first blog.

Thanks every fur! Luv you guys!
Finney McFloofster

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