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The Floof Report

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DDP thanks

November 22nd 2010 6:02 pm
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Okay, momma's on a roll thanking everyone. She'll have to do it again tomorrow for Lacey's gotcha day today!

Luke, Tully, Sammy & Natasha - turkey
Tyson - pilgrim hat
Tilly - heart
Ollie - pie
The family of Redford , Cooper , Tundra , Manytoes and more! - giant paw

And all those who sent me concats in my diary! Thanks everyone! We love you lots! I'm gonna go pawty with Lacey now.


Oh my momma! She's so weird!

November 19th 2010 3:57 pm
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Well you guys are going to laugh your furry bottoms off about this. When my mommy went to the holistic pet store today to get us some food, she got us some cute little balls that Lacey mentioned in her diary (which we flipped over). BUT (and get this), she bought some Tropiclean natural dog shampoo...FOR HER!!! MOL MOL MOL! I thought she was nuts. But her friend who works there told her she has a couple of women who go there and buy that shampoo to use on their own hair. They said because there's no chemicals in it at all, their hair looks and feels fantastic.

SO! My crazy momma said, "hmmm, really? okay. I'm gonna try it". Okay mommy but if you come out of the shower barking like a big doggy, we're outta here! But she didn't bark, she didn't meow, she came out of the shower saying how clean and silky her hair felt and she smelled really good. Like coconuts! Do I like coconuts? I don't know but she smelled good anyways. She said she's never in her life had hair that felt this clean, soft and silky. EVER. It's soap free and has no gross stuff in it at all. She said now she has a huge secret and not to tell anyone.

But HA HA! I'm spilling the beanos right now! You gotta share momma! Isn't that what you always tell me and Wacey Wooby? "Okay" she says, you're right Finney, you can tell them." So here's the poop...if any of you crazy kitty mommas want to give it a try,'s the kind she used. Tropiclean shampoo.

This is NOT a joke, I repeat. This is NOT a joke! (although it sounds like one, doesn't it?) OH! And if you wanna see something really cute and's a video that someone sent momma from youtube. It's not any of us obviously but this kitty is super funny. Watch it all the way to the end, you'll laugh your furry butt of AGAIN!
kitty loves boxes


Catster fleabeeweebees

November 15th 2010 6:25 pm
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I would like to first thank everyone for my DDP honors, gifts and well wishes! People are just now writing me and saying they didn't see it in my diary! And do you know why that is? HMMMMM????

Well I'll tell you why that is!!! Because of this new discombobulated hulabaloo business on our community homepage where we have to see everybody's history of diary comments! Not only is it screwing up the order of the diaries being seen but it's also making it so some of the members who are very active here and are truly loved and friends to just about everyone, well their postings are taking up the whole entire page so I don't see who else has added anything to their pages at all!

I'm not complaining at all about those terrific catster members because they are bestest friends of ours and we love them deeply. We love hearing from them all the time and know we can count on them to visit our pages just like we want to visit theirs. But jeez! Do I have to see every single place they left a comment because that's too darn much! Come on! This isn't working and we're all tired of weeding through it.

Oh why am I bothering! Getting my fur in a scruff for nothing. It just bugs us that we have to go looking to see what the latest entries are because most of the time the entries that show up on our homepage are old ones and out of order! I don't know what's so darned important about being like Facebook. If it were me, I'd want to be unique and not like anyone!

Oh and also! We have the neatest new friends. This kitties name is...wait for it...Alex Finnegan/Finney!!!! Hi name used to be Alex! What a coincidink huh??? Well, we saw that and said no way could we miss out on being buds with this kitty and his family! AND on top of that, we're even called the same nicknames. Finney Finn Finn, Finney McGee, his momma calls him Finnalyn and mine calls me Finnamin! MAN! What are the chances of that!? We were meant to be buds, I guarantee it!

Anyways, thank you all for my DDP day and I hope my furriends all see this!!! We love you all dearly! Purrrrrrrrrrr

Luv Finney


I'm a DDP!

November 13th 2010 7:58 am
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Hello Catster furriends! I guess I'm a DDP today. Boy my family is very lucky on this site! Whoo hoo! I hope people even see this diary though. All those comment thingys back again and NOBODY is happy including us. Alex wrote in her diary thanking everybody for all their wonderful gifts and well wishes for being COTD. I wonder if anyone even saw that? Sheesh!

Well, thanks again everybody. It's a beautiful day here in the northeast, gonna be 65 degrees! We got the windows open, the birds are playing and eating in the yard and momma's going for a scenic walk today.

Hope you all have a wonderful Caturday!

Luv Finney


Message from Boxie Brown

November 10th 2010 2:18 pm
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Boxie Brown pawmailed us this morning and asked us to pass along a message to everyone. That's he's doing okay. He's staying in the hospital with the doctor for awhile, he's eating, he's getting fluids and he's stable. He also said he's being his usual hissy self so that's a good sign! But he said to say thank you to everyone for the well wishes and not to worry, he's in good hands right now. This message is FOR REAL now and straight from Boxie's paws! Not like what happened with Kaci Sunshine last night, LOL. This is good news and we promised to pass it along so there ya go!

Luv Finney


My momma and me

November 8th 2010 1:59 pm
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Well, momma's pretty happy today. Last night she didn't feel too good and I haven't been very sociable the last couple of days so she was bummed out. Ever since she bought us those cubies to play in, all I do is hibernate in them. It's cold darn it! Anyways, she thought because she wrote about my luv buggerness in my diary that she jinxed it. Well! I'm here to tell ya that's not true!

This morning she HAD to go and get her boobies checked (NOT fun AT ALL but very, very necessary)! It all checked out fine so that's out of the way now. Then she came home and found out that Alex was a DDP which make her VERY happy because Alex never, ever got picked for anything on Catster before. And let's face it; me and Lacey do alot to try and help kitties but Alex works twice as hard and she's not even visible!! So hurray to our guardian angel Alex. We love you big sis! Ooh we'll have to make her a little picture thingy like we have.

THEN, and this is the cherry on top of the catnip cake, me and Lacey actually went and took a short nap together snuggled up against each other AND up against momma on the bed this afternoon. We haven't done that in over a year! She thought for sure we never would again. We were both purring up a storm, which is the good kind of storm. We were having a bad storm outside and it's nasty out. So this was the purrrrfect day for cuddling.

It made my momma very happy and she told us so a couple of times already. Now we're sleeping on our tower and momma has to go because she's burning her dinner while sitting here writing in my diary! LOL

Luv Finney


Falling in love

November 6th 2010 12:36 pm
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I think I'm falling in love with my momma. I really do. I never used to be like this, I was always so independent. But everyday for the last month, I go up to her and nudge her towards the boudoir. Then I get her to lie down next to me, we snuggle and she gives me kisses galore all over my back and my head. She rubs my paws and I give her a nice soothing sandpaper bath. I purr really loud and then I give her a microdermabrasion treatment on her face with my tongue. She says it's better than a facial scrub! I also give her tiny little nibbles on her face with my teeth, just a little bit, not enough to hurt or anything, they're just love bites.

Well, I am addicted to this now. I want to do it everyday. I greet my mommy at the door, I rub my cheeks all over her and give her kisses on the arm. Whoooey! I'm turning into a real romeo and luv bug with momma. She loves it, she says it's about time. The only thing she wishes we would do is to both snuggle on the bed with her. We used to do that, I wonder why we don't anymore? Me and Lacey don't even snuggle together when we sleep anymore. What's up with that? We still love each other big time, we just don't do that stuff very often anymore. I guess we really are married huh! LOL!

Lacey does this funny thing where she gets on the bed when momma's under the covers and she walks up and down all over momma's body and gives her a massage. Mommy loves it! It's funny cause Lacey slips all over the place but still kneads mommy's legs and back. Ah the life of a cat! So many good times.

The thing that I don't like is that we can't play in the hallway anymore at night. She used to let us go and run up and down the stairs every night. She says I blow it all the time because I am always trying to destroy something. My latest thing is that I stand on my hind legs and try to turn the doorknob to get into grammy and grampy's house. They're sleeping and mommy doesn't want me disturbing them. But I meow down there and bang on the knob. I just want to go and visit, what's so bad about that? So what if it's 1:00 in the morning! There's plenty of time to sleep the rest of the day darn it. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. I am what I am and that's all that I am!


Furry upset!

October 30th 2010 2:39 pm
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We don't even know if anyone will see this because all the fleas on the Catster community homepage is so confusing it's giving my momma a headache! But we are furry upset at all these changes because #1, we don't need to see where every single one of our hundreds of friends has commented. It's completely unnecessary and we can't even see if they made a recent diary entry, put a new photo or what!

AND, to top it all off, our really good friend Sugar went to the bridge and we had to find that out on Kaci's diary and she doesn't even know Sugar. It's only because SHE got confused too and thought it was Sassy! Jeez! We would have felt really bad if we hadn't even known Sugar was gone and would have been wondering how she was, knowing she was very sick!

This isn't right and is making my momma very stressed and upset enough to have leaky eyes. We love our friends here and don't want to miss out on their good times and to be there for them in the bad times. So if we've missed anything recently, please accept our apologies, we're not really sure how much we'll be able to keep weeding through all that junk to find out stuff. It's too much! Stop the madness!!!

We love you all and hope you all know that if anyone needs us or to talk, we're still here. Just a little dazed and confoosed!

Luv Finney and family


RIP Nigel!

October 22nd 2010 5:36 pm
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Oh no! We just heard that our friend Nigel has crossed over! Oh we've lost a lot of friends this week, my goodness. Me and Lacey are still celebrating her DOTD but we just wanted to say how sorry we are to Nigel's family! It's good to have friends to pawty with, it helps take away the pain of losing furfriends. We'll have some catnip in Nigel's honor tonight.

Our other friend Sylvester passed this week too!

Gosh, I gotta go blow boogies out of my nose. I'm a little teary eyed.


We're blowing away!!

October 15th 2010 11:16 am
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Wowee! It's windy here today and brrrr cold. 45 degrees! Funny we were just complaining of how hot it was not too long ago. That's New England for ya! The house is blowing all over the place and the storm is making me and Lacey play like nuts!

We're so happy for our friend Kaci Sunshine who's a DDP! Congrats little sunshiny girl! Glad to hear you're eating again, that's furtastic news!

You know, I don't think anyone likes our new pages! Maybe they're too spooky and creepy for some people? It's Halloweeny for gosh sakes! It's all about spooky wookies! Oh well. Mom will change them again eventually anyways.

Please say continued prayers for our friend Purrcy. He's really not a well little boy and we're getting more and more concerned for him by the day. Triaditis is a horrible, horrible set of diseases and he's in the fight of his life! If you guys can, stop by his diary and the thread Lacey started for him in the get well soon section called "prayers for Purrcy" and let him know you're thinking of him. He'll appreciate it and so will his momma who is beside herself and exhausted. We luv you Purrc! We're here for you both, no matter what happens.

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