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New game! Crazy misheard song lyrics

February 20th 2011 6:37 pm
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Okay everyfur! Siggy just game me a great idea without even know it! MOL! Have you ever heard a song and could not figure out certain words to it so you just made up your own? I'm sure you have. We do it all the time. This is the crazy misheard song lyrics game (I just made it up).

Tell us a song and the lyrics you heard that were NOT the real lyrics but were funny instead. I'll start:

Destiny's Child, Bootylicious - "I don't think you're ready for spaghetti, I don't think you're ready for spaghetti, I don't think you're ready for this, is my body too bootylicious for ya babe".

BTW, Siggy was singing about my tail being floofalicious, I like it! I'm Floofalicious, Sploofalicious!

Okay your turn!



February 18th 2011 11:53 am
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Hello every fur and furette! I have some wonderful news in my floof forecast! It's 60 degrees here in the northeast and stuff is melting like crazy. But that's not the best part. Momma spent 2 hours outside chopping ice and shoveling it (still not the best part) and she said 3 of her trees are covered in buds!!! Yup, and so is the neighbor's 2 giant maple trees across the street. And we know for a fact they're budding and throwing off some pollen because for the last 3 days momma's been walking around going "ACHOOO ACHOOOOOOO AAAAAACCCCHHOOOOOOOOO!!!" MOL. She only does that when spring is just around the corner and she is getting pollen up her nose. She doesn't have a cold, she knows the difference believe me.

Plus momma is a super duper fantabulous gardener and KNOWS her stuff so if our trees and shrubs are already budding way up here in NH, then you can bet your bippy spring is forcing it's beautiful face through the ugly winter! Whoo hoo!! We have the windows open right now, mommy is pooped and very sore though. Which means Lacey better get her massaging feeties ready. Mommy's going to need it for the next couple of days. Mom says she's getting in shape to be ready for digging up the back yard for her veggies as soon as the ground is thawed. She says no fooling around this year! I'm getting right on it and we're gonna be ready.

Oh and we got the best prezzie today. One of our friends Maggie, who is the first kitty on our Living with IBD section of our website, sent us this way cool bed that her momma made by hand! It's so neat. Mom's taking pictures of it but it's very cool. So today has been a good day so far. Lots of fresh, warm air, birdies in the yard, a nice new prezzie to play and sleep in. Except poor Maggie is not feeling so good. She has to go to the vet today, she might have asthma. Her momma is really nervous and scared. So any extra purrs for our beautiful Abyssinian friend Maggie would be much appreciated. Here's the link, if you scroll down you'll see her pictures: Thanks everyone! Have a furtastic day and weekend!

Luv Finney the extra floofy butterscotch floofinator


Tate For President!

February 16th 2011 6:16 pm
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Hello everyone, we interrupt the Floof Report to make this furry special announcement. Due to the garbage and constant caca coming out of our government's mouths and especially now since they're going to be cutting funding to a lot of assistance programs for those that need it (LIKE US!!!) I am not putting up with it anymore and I'm asking you all to throw those bums outta there and vote for Tate for President!

All this cutting of funding for stuff needed like heating our house is upsetting because 1) I need my heat on! I will not sleep in a cold house, NO I WON'T! And 2) It will make everyone in my house pay more for stuff like heat, food, electricity, etc. which means there's no money left to buy ME stuff! I WILL NOT stand for this (or sit down for it, or even lay down for it). Nope! I say VIVA LA REVOLUTION!

What makes Tate such a great candidate? He's already promised to rename the White House, the Cuppycake House. He's promised to have free catnip dinners for every poor kitty in the world, lots of warm blankies and heated beds to snuggle on, plenty of food, activities, snacks and leisure. Everything a fur could want! Now I say you have GOT to love that. We can scratch all the furniture we want, come and go as we please, and be the boss of our pawents!

Plus he's already got the advantage. There are two shows on tv already about cuppycakes. One is DC Cupcakes on the Discovery channel (I think) and the other is on Food Network called Cupcake Wars (I don't like that name since it has war in it). Maybe we could rename that one Cuppycake food fight. I like that better and it sounds super fun and dewicious. Nom nom nom!

So what do you say all of my furriends!? Are ya with me? Let's get Tate in the Cuppycake house and start ruling this gosh darned country like WE kitties want to! Lots of laying around, licking ourselves and each other, catching mice, bugs, birds, etc. Now we need a good slogan. Somebody think of a good one that goes with Tate and cuppycakes. I can't do everything for gosh sakes. MOL!

This has been a special Floof Report, now back to your regular programming schedule


My special valentine

February 11th 2011 6:57 pm
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It's a good thing that me and Lacey gots an open relationship, MOL! I was kinda jealous about her picking a valentine but when I realized it was our good friend Gumpy, all my jealousy turned to happiness. Because he's such a terrific furriend and I know he and Lacey have a special bond that's different from the one her and I have. We like to kiss and beat each other up. Lacey and Gumpy just like to kiss over the internet! MOL! So concats to you both! So glad you're feeling better Gumpy! Keep it up!

Now for MY valentine pick. You all know her darned well. She's made quite the impact in a very short amount of time here on Catster. She's sweet as the dickens, VERY beautiful (she reminds us of our Alex), and she's just one of the bestest furriends we all can have here on Catster! PLUS, her momma and my momma like to talk about cool stuff like science and history. So after seeing Lacey get up the nerve to ask Gumpy to be her valentine, I thought, hmmmm. I really have been thinking about this cute furry girl and she's been flirtin' with me an awful lot lately (and I love it).

So after she called me "drool worthy" and her hunka hunka burnin' butterscotch love, I couldn't take it anymore and HAD to have her as my valentine! My heart was just pounding and I kept telling mommy she better pawmail her before I burst with love!

I don't even have to put a link to her page because you all know her name and who she is. She's a good furriend to everyone. Tink you gorgeous girl! I'm so happy you said yes. Let me fly you to the moon and we can chase moon mice together.

Now all we need is for our angel Alex to pick a valentine and I think I know who she's gonna ask! Stay tuned everyone!

Okay, off to bed to dream of me and Tink chasing butterflies and mousies through the fields of buttercup flowers!


Roof is leaking! Never a dull moment

February 5th 2011 4:42 pm
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So mom is sitting here talking with other Catsters, chillaxin' after putting a salad together and putting all the meat and fish she bought at the grocery store in da freezer. Then grampy yells upstairs that there is water coming in through his puper room downstairs all the way to the basement! Ugh. Mom races to get out of her sweats, calls her friend across the street and her neighbor next door. Everyone comes over, and they come running up the stairs with this big axe, open the window in OUR room and start pounding on something momma calls ice jams.

Stupid grampy, who has fallen and broken his leg TWICE as an old man and forgets that he was in the hospital and rehab for 4 months, puts on his sneakers and tries to go outside with his cane. AS IF! Mom went out there with her boots on and the ice is like butter, she slid down the stairs and lucky for her, caught herself before she hit the ground. She's yelling at grampy to get his "you know what" in the house and of course that stubborn old coot won't listen!

He makes mommy a nervous wreck. He's 83 years old and has titanium in his leg from the last darned time! Mom was SOOOOO mad! She went downstairs and yelled at her sister to get her clothes on and help her get that "bleeping pain in the butt" in the house before he falls again. MOL! Mom was really ticked! Grampy was like "stop yelling at me!" Mom said "stop acting like a bratty kid and making us all nervous and worried!" Sheesh! Talk about not listening to reason.

At least me and Lacey know to get when the gettin's good! So then mom had to run to every entrance and start putting ice melt everywhere, her sister (Midnight & Mouffey's mom) is outside grabbing grampy's arm and telling him also to get inside. Her friend Rick from across the street is also getting mad at Grampy because he's ALWAYS over here helping him with something and he has enough to worry about with his own family right now.

PHEW! Mom is sticking her head out the window here in our room saying over and over "I hate winter, I hate winter, I hate winter!!!!" So now I'm hiding and Lacey's on the desk trying to give momma luvies (which is working by the way) to calm her down. The ceiling almost came down in the rooms downstairs and oh lordy! I can tell you from experience that this would have been bad.

Momma says to tell any of you that love old houses for fixin' up that you can have this one! It's 90 years old and she's sick of it. "But where are we gonna go then momma? Momma? Hellooooo?" Pfffft! I'm a scared now. MOL.


Squishy poops!

February 4th 2011 1:31 pm
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That'll teach me to hold a poopapalooza in my diary! I had a squishy poop this morning and some of it stayed half in my poop shoot and half out. So of course I started to scootch everywhere. Mom was trying to leave to do groceries and I picked right then and there to go on top of her bedspread and scootch. Yup, I did the naughty right there! She was so mad. She had to bring her spread down to the basement and do laundry. She kept trying to leave and at the same time clean me off which I would NOT let her do. I growled at her big time and of course all she was trying to do was clean me and help me. But I wouldn't have any of it.

I managed to go back in the box and finish my jobby but my butt was still stinky! So she tried to take a wet kitty wipe and wipe it and once again "grrrrrrrrr, meow!!!!!!" Then she went downstairs to put the blanky in the dryer and almost fell down the stairs. Then she went and did groceries and came home and almost slipped on all the ice in the driveway. Boy oh boy! Not a good day for either one of us.

I think from now on, I'll leave the poopapalooza stuff to Hazel Lucy! It worked great for her. "Hazel, it's alllll your's."

My typist needs a nap now, so Finney McStinky butt signing off for awhile!



February 2nd 2011 2:00 pm
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Okay, this isn't about me just so ya know. But there are a lot of kitties on here that are having real poopy problems. Hazel Lucy can't poop no matter what she does, Ozzy can't poop and some others with megacolon and IBD. Others can't stop pooping!

So I figured we could have a poopapalooza. We'll purr for some kitties to poop and others to stop pooping. How does that sound? This isn't a joke, no poop! I mean it! MOL!

Oh and we can tell Mother Nature that if she doesn't stop with the snow, we're all going to have a poopapalooza at her house and NOT in litter boxes either! Zachy, how do you like my horns now? MOL!


Mother Nature is a poophead!

February 1st 2011 12:17 pm
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Whoever this Mother Nature person is, we don't like her anymore. We don't know who's momma she is but she's not a nice lady at all. It won't stop snowing, it's super duper cold and we can't see out the window to look at the birdies eating at the feeder. Good thing my momma bought us a new tower. We don't even bother going on the old one now. She doesn't know what she's going to do with it, it wobbles a lot! 47 days until spring! 47 days until spring! Hurry up and come quick!

Okay, time for alllll the thank yous I have to do for the spectacular week I had. What an honor that was and we made so many wonderful and cool new friends. We can't thank Catster enough for that and all of you as well. So here goes, we'll try to get this right:

Sadie, Fidget & family - Emerald
Pursseus - rainbow star
Apollo - crown
Quincy - star
Chai Latte & family - star
Nadia & Gump - crown
Aedan - crown
Hunter - crown
The family of Alfie & Wally - crown
Da Tabbies - star
Zachary & family - forever diamond
Lucy, Leo & family - crown
Muppet (cool name BTW) - crwon
Gimli - crown
Kaci Sunshine & family - Emerald
Joy - crown
Kally Kat - lips
Tasha - Shrimp
Miss Minerva Lucille - rose
Anonymous - blue ribbon (tell us who you are so we can thank you!)
The family of Sammi, Kiki & Ember - rose
Tink the cat - snowflake
Nala Sue & family - lips
Monida - blue ribbon
Pepper & family - blue ribbon
Jezebel - rose
Karma Kitty & family - rose & lips
Tilly - TWO blue ribbons
Natasha - rose
Casey & family - shrimp
Raza - snowflake
Queen Tallulah & family - blue ribbon
Tiger Lilly Blossom - lips & kitty hugger
Sweet angel Molly gave us a heart to thank us for our support after her awful passing. thank you Molly!
Tyson - rose
Hamlet - blue ribbon
Rusty - lips (that sounds funny doesn't it? rusty lips? MOL)
Sky - heart
Mugsy - lips
Charlie - shrimp
Fidget - snowflake (and sorry, I know you tagged me, I was tagged so many times I quit playin', MOL)
Clive - shrimp
Keisha - blue ribbon
Annabelle & family - the kitty hugger & balloons!
Mouse - gold trophy
I did not even have to look to see who gave me the cuppy cake (TATE). BTW, vote for Tate as president. It'll be an cuppy cake house instead of a white house.
The family of kitty pryde - kitty hugger
Milo - gold trophy
Tommy, Buster & family - gold trophy
Simone - dozen rosies
Family of Luke, Tulley, Sammy & Natasha - dosen rosies
The family of Nellie & Alexis - kitty card with hearts

All the kitties that wrote concats to me in my diaries, pawmails, threads etc. We made a ton of new friends and it was a blast! Wow that was A LOT! Tee hee! Annabelle just pawmailed our Alex to say she was anxious to read my diary because it's usually full of floofy goodness. I like that Annabelley! Sounds like I'm a butterscotch candy bar. Mommy says she loves butterscotch. Oh boy I hope she's not going to bite me. She's gonna get a mouth full of floof anyways if she tries that. She's been kissing me an awful lot this week. She says she has to weigh me again cause she's sure I've grown. She calls me handsome every single day more than once at a time. I love my momma! She's so good to us. And we love the catster mommas here too. You're all wonderful and take such great care of your fur babies.

Thank you all again and we'll be putting up some video of our new tower just as soon as mommy eats something. She's got low sugar and starts to fade if she doesn't eat so if there are any typos in here, or we forgot anyone, we're sorry, it's for two reasons. She's getting sleepy and hungry and she's got a big bandaid on her fingy and it's making her type weird. MOL

Catch ya all later! Stay warm and cozy and we're sending you all big floofy kissies and hugs

Luv Finnegan (the butterscotch king)


I have a secret

January 28th 2011 10:09 am
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I am NOT supposed to know this but I heard momma talking on the phone yesterday so I'm gonna have to whisper this news. WE'RE GETTING A NEW TOWER TOMORROW!!!! Oops! That wasn't really a whisper was it, Tee hee. I'm just so darned excited. Of course momma is gonna have to use her money from somewhere and I'm supposed to feel bad about that so I'm gonna try and do my best Oscar winning performance. But I don't really feel bad at all. In the words of James Brown "I feel good, danananana!"

Here's another one "I'm so excited! And I just can't hide it. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!" Okay enough of that. I'm just beside myself. So I think momma's gonna go to the store to get a few regular things and then come home and clean the floors because they're yucky and not just from us. She takes her boots and shoes off in the hall but still manages to drag stuff in. Shame on you momma!

Then I think she's going to take the tower we have in this room now and move it into the living room so we'll spend more time with her in there. Then she's gonna put the other one in here because it's the same one that River & Simone have and it has ramps and stuff. Tower

She really wanted one with like Tiger stripes or leopard print or something but couldn't find one. Oh well! We're just gonna rip it to shreds anyways mom. So I had to tell everyone but keep it quiet for now cause this is supposed to be a surprise for us. I'm a cat, I have excellent hearing and I'm super nosy so there is no such thing as secrets around me. MOL.

We'll take pictures when it's done for sure!


So many new friends

January 25th 2011 10:17 am
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Hi everyone! As I continue my fun week I want to say thank you all for the wonderful prezzies yesterday and all the well wishes. And I'm thrilled that my family and I are making so many new great friends! Some of you are new to Catster so I want to say "welcome" and I promise you will love it here! We are a fun and loving bunch of kitties who support each other and make each other very, very happy.

Before I talk about my zoomies last night, I would like to mention this poor kitty Molly. Molly got very badly beaten up by a dog and she's paralyzed now and can't even talk. It's so tragic and she's not going to make it I'm afraid. So please go to her and offer some love and support to her family. They all need it badly. It's just horrible.

NOW! When my typist finally got finished with all of my fan mail last night me and Lacey were bugging her for some serious playtime. So she broke out the string and I got a serious case of the zoomies and pounces. Usually it's Lacey who does that and I mostly sit there and watch. Not this time, I was all juiced from my busy Catster day. So I ran around pouncing on that string, beating up my toys and when I wasn't doing that, I was chewing on Lacey. I was being bad actually, taking chomps on her bum. I can't help myself! I get so full of my own fluff! Don't worry, she can give as good as she gets, if not better sometimes. She sneaks up on me when I'm sleeping on the top of the tower and POWEE! She's got a great right hook.

Then we cuddled with momma on her bed for awhile. This morning mommy went to change our litter and right after she took the bag out and was putting it in the garbage, I snuck into the empty litter box and did a big pipee! Mom was like "Finney! what are you doin! I didn't put the litter in yet." SO! Out I came dripping and mom had to scrub out my box before putting the litter in. She should be lucky I didn't go in the tub like I used to. I did drop a big poopie ball way on the other side of the room too. Just an added bonus mom! The poopie cherry on top of the litter cake. MOL! That one's for you Newman.

It's still cold here, 15 degrees. The windows are still frozen and we STILL can't see out of them. No sun at all, getting more snow tomorrow. Good thing we'll be busy here on Catster because yes, we are going bananas! And not in the fun kitty bonkers kind of way either.

Momma still wants to try and get us a new tower, I don't know if she should, she's so broke and can't afford anything for herself. But we would love a new toy to amuse us the rest of this long winter and we could put our old tower in another room so we'd have two. We're taking over this place mom, face it. You can't fight us, just give in (she does anyways). I think that's it for now. I hope you all have a wonderful day and we're still working on some fun new games and a new riddle too.

This has been the Tuesday Floof report
Purrs & headbonks to you all!
Luv Finney

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