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Surprise cocktail hour, come on by!

May 13th 2011 12:05 pm
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Anyone around? It's been so dead around here lately. I'm all stuffed up and could use a couple of nippy cocktails! Instead of just a cocktail hour, we could do a cocktail evening. Doesn't have to be long, just stop by, have a few nips, some shrimp and trout (cause I guarantee the Tabbies will bring some), chips and salsa, catnip crab cakes, all kinds of stuff. Bring some appetizers if you'd like. Doors are opening right now. Stop in and put your feet up!

Mommy just came back from bringing a bunch of food and toys to the local rescue league and she said it looked like a pollen snowstorm out there! Her car is covered with big white and yellow poofies! Oh man, this is gonna be a tough season.

Okay, so we'll see if anyone ends up coming. I know this is last minute but sometimes those turn out to be fun. Come on over everyone!!!

Luv Finney & Lacey



May 11th 2011 1:56 pm
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CHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Excuse me, my abbergies are reawwy bad. Here's a little poem I just wrote about it.

Poofies, poofies everywhere
And I’m not just talking about the ones in my hair

They’re flying around all over the place
They come through the window and right into my face

What are these big puffballs that make me sneeze
Will somebody tell me, somebody PLEASE

They make my eyes itchy, they make them all red
I feel all yucky with my big, stuffy head

I love spring and summer but I hate this yellow stuff
Oh no, I just saw one, here comes another puff!

I think I’ll go blow my nosey, I can't really breathe
My mommy says just wait until fall, when there’s something called ragweed!

I know what would help, it always does without fail
A giant cupcake and a nippy cocktail!

Anybody want to join me?



May 1st 2011 10:37 pm
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For every single life that's been lost, for every life that's been destroyed or altered, For every single family that has cried a million tears, for every moment of suffering that's been endured...we send our thanks and everlasting gratitude. We know those emotions personally.

For every life that was horrifically ended on 9/11, for every family that has been scarred forever by that tragic day...we send you our love and prayers of comfort and hope you can finally find some closure and peace. We know the pain will always be there...may your loved ones rest in peace.

For every innocent person killed in war, for every person the victim of hate, ignorance and violence, for every soul betrayed by the injustice and ugliness this world can bring...we send you understanding, hope and the knowledge that there is in fact love out there strong enough to battle those demons.

For everyone who's ever felt this world can be such a horrible, violent, demeaning and useless place to live...we send you the brightest light to fill your heart with joy and hope you will someday look at the world in a new way with fresh eyes of clarity.



Following Simone's lead! Please sign this petition!!!

April 27th 2011 4:58 pm
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In "Dog Wars" (by Kage Games, LLC), an app for Android smartphones, you can feed, water, train and fight dogs. This app makes a game out of dog fighting -- celebrating cruelty against animals and contributing to the attitude that there's nothing wrong with using animals in bloodsports. This type of media fuels animal abuse and breed specific legislation, which costs innocent dogs their lives. The company attacks people who are offended by this app by saying "It is just a video game."

This is the first paragraph of a petition that only needs 587 more signatures to reach the 15,000 needed! Please go to this link: Change to sign the petition and get this disgusting App removed!


I LOVE the squirts!

April 22nd 2011 3:53 pm
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NO! I'm not talking about THOSE kinda squirts. I know I usually talk about poop. Today that honor goes back to Newman for his diary on that fabulous singing toilet that cost a bazillion dollars! What I'm talking about is the water squirt bottle.

Last night mom caught me going back over to the curtains and behind the TV trying to chew on the wires and rip the curtains down. She thought I was long over that phase but not so much. I have begun anew! So she decided to come over and give me a little tap on the bum. If you read my last diary, you know I LOVE that. So that didn't work. It made me do it more.

Than she figured she'd try the squirt bottle again. Well Lacey ran for the hills but I absolutely LOVED it and was playing "catch the water in my mouf" like a doggy. She'd aim it at me, squirt me in the rear and I loved it and thought it was so funny. I kept coming back and when I did, she'd squirt me again, I'd stop and lick my back and run over to her and go "DO IT AGAIN, DO IT AGAIN, DO IT AGAIN!" MOL!

She thought it was pretty funny so she kept playing and squirting me and said, well at least you're getting a baff. She kept spraying me and I kept running right towards it and trying to catch the water streams right in my mouf. She couldn't believe it! She said "Finney you are a NUT".

She ended up wetting the floor pretty good and had to stop so she could wipe it all down. Then she stopped playing! Pooh! Maybe tonight I'll really bug her endlessly and she'll get me soaked! I know, I AM a nut. So what! I say, "live and let squirt!" MOL.


HALP! Mommy wants to kiss my bewwy!

April 20th 2011 11:52 pm
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Momma keeps looking at me like I'm a big stuffed furry cute animal, and she wants to squeesh me hard! Oh wait...I AM! MOL! Well I have to admit that when I'm sleeping in my wittle beddy I am awfully cute. If I do say so myself. She keeps looking at me and staring and smirking. And she says "Finney I can hardly stand it, I want so bad to come over there and kiss your whole belly, you're so darned cute!!!"

AAAAARRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOOOO! Not my bewwy! You can kiss my toes mommy, I love that furry much. You can kiss my head, my ears, even my eyes and nose, I love that furry much too. And I espeshially love when you kiss my bum. MOL. NO! GROSS everyone who's thinking yuckery thoughts (Zach!). The top of my bum where my back is. MOL.

But NOT my BEWWY!!! Oh no, she says she's going to sneak up on me and do it anyways, when I least expect it! Why momma? Why would you torture me like that? I've been a good boy haven't I? Well okay, not really. I've already put several lovely pulls in her new curtains. I'm also going back to biting on the wires behind the television (I'm a joy to be around folks!). Mom has baby-poofed this house furry well but not well enough. Heh heh heh (as River would say).

So this is my punishment! I guess I'll have to accept it and deal with it. But it's not going to be easy. I can't guarantee I won't meow at you, punch you in the nose with my big tiger paw, sneeze in your face, burp, fart or squirm so furry hard I leap out of my bed in mid kissy and accidentally scratch you! Then I'll just give you the look of death for the rest of the day.

But if you insist on doing this, it's your choice. You've been warned mommy! You've been warned.


I like it like that!

April 19th 2011 3:12 pm
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Okay, Alex just flew down here and said she bummed everyone out, MOL. So she asked me to lighten the mood, said I'm the comic relief around here. I wasn't aware of that but I'll try to live up to the title.

I'll tell you something right now! I LOVE fessy squeezes. Do you know what a fessy is? It's a fanny, my grammy calls them fesses. Don't know why but I kinda like that word. I can be quite the little stinker sometimes but the reason I do that is because I know that if mom has to chase me, I can run and TRY to hide under our S shaped scratcher. I say try because I can't fit under there anymore. Jeez, pretty soon I won't fit into anything!

Anyways, I do something to tick mommy off, she comes after me, I run and TRY to hide under the scratcher and I stick my fanny (I mean fessy) way up in the air. Mom grabs a hold of it, gives it a little shakin' a little squeezin' a little love tappin'. I have no idea why I love this so much but I do! I can't get enough fessy squeezing. I even love it when she chases me and tickles me on the tail! Weird huh? I can't help it, I'm addicted to it. The minute mom walks away, I start all over again and hope she comes and gives me MORE squishin'.

Lacey also loves fessy squeezin' but her favorite is fessy tappin'. She LOVES that! She gets on the tower with the hole in the middle of it, hangs her head in the hole so her fessy is sticking up in the air, she grabs her tail from underneath and puts her ears back. Mom starts giving her really fast little fessy love taps and she's off and running! She loves it, loves it, loves it. It makes her nuts.

Thank goodness we don't let one go right then and there while she's doing that! MOL! I have belched in her face though but that's not the same thing at all. Does anybody else love fessy squishing? If not, you're really missin' out! Go ahead, try it! You'll like it! I know that "I Like it Like That"!


Full moon zoomies!!!!

April 15th 2011 1:05 am
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It's 4 AM and my mommy can't sleep. Wanna know why? HUH? Cause me and Lacey have the biggest case of the zoomies we've had in ages! We are tearing up the house all night long. Grammy and grampy usually can't hear very much when they're sleeping downstairs, they're knocked out cold. But I wonder if that's the case tonight? We sure are trying hard, MOL.

We cuddled with mom earlier and gave her kisses and stuff and watched this cute cartoon movie called "Tangled". It was really good! Then, out of nowhere, I got my brat on and started yanking on mom's mattress. Then I went over and yanked on her brand new curtains and, you guessed it, put a couple of pulls and a tear in it. Then Lacey jumped on the kitchen table, got that look in her eyes and WHAM! jumped on my head. Well that was it! We've spent the last 2 hours catapulting off the towers, running on top of the bed and mommy's head too. Jumping up on the desk and almost knocking the computer off. I'm running around doing my little trilling, brrrrrwewwww. MOL. Mom thinks it's funny even though she's mad about the curtains.

She thinks I'm hysterical when I run because I put my big bushy tail straight up and kind of skip off, tra la la la la. Mom asked what the heck was going on tonight and she looked outside and saw the ALMOST full moon. Not full until Monday but heck, why wait? We're starting early!

BTW, thank you all for the purrs, pawmails and POTP's your sending my meowmy and cousin Midnight. We know that POTP really works and mom already feels much lighter and calmer. Which is good for us since we're smashing into furniture and flinging furballs all over the place.

Also, I cannot forget this funny question that Kaci Sunshine asked in her last diary. She mentioned how she gets the zoomies after doing a poopy and asked if anybody else does. Of COURSE I answered that question. So I ask you all the same question! Do you Zoomie when you poopy? Because I do! I don't even cover it up, I let Lacey do it. MOL. I like to leave my scent-a-la-Finnegan for everyone to experience. It's the least I can do.

Well, gotta run! I mean zoomie. I'm not done yet, got more zoomies in me. I just need a 5 minute zoom break. Off to destroy more of the house.

Come on and zoom zoom zooma zoom! Zooma zooma zooma zoom!


Thank Mew!!!

April 6th 2011 9:54 am
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Hello everybody! What a fun day and night we had yesterday. Did not plan on having a pawty but it turned out fun. So sorry some of you missed it, I know it was very spur of the moment. I'm SURE there will be more, in fact you can count on it. I wish there was a better way to get the east coast and west coast kitties to be able to party together. It stinks!

I'm going to thank everyone for all three of our gifts here in this diary so mom doesn't have to write 3 of them. She got nothing done yesterday, MOL, oh well. So she's got some catching up to do today.

First and foremost again we want thank each and every fur for being our most wonderful friends ever! We have so much fun and we love that you all make us laugh so much and give us this place to escape the daily grind.

Thanks from me to:
Thanks to the Canadian Crew, Wally & family for my balloons!!! Very colorful and I keep trying to play with them but I don't want to pop them. I like the ribbons on it though, gotta play with those!

Katie Tulip and family for my YUMMY YUMMY cake!!! (he said licking chops).

Zach and family for the mouse (I've already chased him a zillion times).

Colette and family for the beautiful spring flowers! We love all the spring colors on our pages now. Hurray for spring!

The beautiful and always loved Hazel Lucy for our spring flowers also.

Our new friends Vita & family for the yummy shrimp (thank god the Tabbies didn't eat that, they ate everything in site! MOL).

Apollo & family for the big red heart (we love you too buddy)

Our other new friend Dixie for the ladybug (she's a cutie pie)

Milo you little devil for the rainbow star (he's a pawsome friend to have kids).

That takes care of mine. This is from Lacey:

Thank you to Colette & family for my beautiful spring flowers.

Aragorn & family for my red heart

Milo and family for the rainbow star

I'm adding in Gumpy & Nadia who just gave me some beautiful flowers! Thanks you two!

Thank you furry much everyone. Your friendship and love is the bestest prezzies of all!!

From Alex: to Colette & family for my flowers (we love you guys!)

Vita & family for the shrimp

Beautiful Athena and family for the heart

The family of Scooter angel for the pretty flowers

Smokey Joe (my buddy at the bridge) and his family for the star

I think that covers it everyone but we also want to say thank you for coming to our parties and enjoying yourselves! That's super duper important to us to be able to share FUN AND GOOD occasions with you as well as all the sad ones. We honestly would not be so addicted to this darned place if it wasn't for all of you, so it's kinda all your fault! MOL!

Also thank you for all the pawmails and concats we got. We especially want to thank Lucy, Charlie, Leo, Sally Angel and Sophie for giving us the wonderful gift last summer of the plus membership. This enabled us to reach out to so many more kitties both for their illnesses but to also get so many new wonderful friends and have such great times together. That was a pawsome, pawsome gift and we'll never forget that. Gump & Nadia also about a month ago gave us a gift of some zealies because we ran out. As much as we love getting prezzies, we LOVE giving them! You are all so generous and we feel that generosity you give to every kitty here, every single day.

We love you all furry furry much and yesterday was a celebration of ALL of our friends, not just our special day. It wouldn't have been special at all with all of you!

Luv and purrs
Finney, Lacey, Alex and mommy Lisa


Our 1 year Catsterversary!

April 5th 2011 9:30 am
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Today is our 1 year Catsterversary. Can you believe it? Time flew by that's for sure, except this winter which just dragged on and on and on! Mom originally joined Catster just to help other sick kitties. She had no intention of playing games, writing diaries, talking endlessly about POOP! MOL! But look where that got us, POOP CENTRAL. MOL.

Well with all the sick and passing kitties mom deals with day in and day out we quickly realized that this place was our refuse, our solace, comfort zone. We could come here, let our fur down, say and do all kinds of crazy kooky things and instead of kitties thinking we were weird, we made MORE friends. MOL!

We've enjoyed having our times in the spotlight like so many other kitties on the homepage, we've had fun doing neat stuff with our pages, and met some wonderful kitties from all over the world. Mom can't believe her luck too with meeting so many kitties that help us out with our website and helping other sick kitties. You've all helped the site grow in a huge way and most importantly have been doing your parts to help other kitties with these horrible diseases. Thank you so much for that.

There was a point last summer when we wanted to join the Plus membership but didn't have the money. One of terrific Catster friends bought it for us. I don't know if it would be okay to mention who it was or not so let's just say they are pretty well known and loved here and these kitties and mommy have a special place in our hearts for many reasons. The gift was only one of them, they are wonderful and caring kitties. We're so lucky to have them as furriends. Later on in the late fall they wrote us a nice pawmail telling us it was a great investment because we've become an important part of the community. TEARS!!! That was just so pawsome and meant the world to us.

Our birfdays are coming up in June along with Nadia and Gumpy's and I think we're all going to do something fun here so keep your ears up and listen for announcements in the future. We try to keep up with birfdays, anniversaries, DDPs, bridge days etc. it's getting to be quite a chore and mom has been neglecting working on the site and doing other things so please forgive us if we are not as good at this stuff for awhile. Mom will be out in her garden, out walking, TRYING to catch up on work on the site, and other stuff. But we'll always be here, we're hooked. Mom can't go one day without checking this place at least 100 times! MOL! It's impossible.

Mom doesn't want to join all kinds of other sites because we have a hard enough time keeping up here. This is the place we feel at home, you are all the kitties we love and think of as furmily. Thank you all for the love, support, encouragement, friendship and sometimes even forgiveness (we put our paw in our moufs sometimes, like any other kitty) you've given us in this short time we've been here.

We love you all dearly and look forward to many more years of fun pawties, incredible diaries and more poop talk (and don't forget about the flowjectiles, MOL). Have some cuppycakes on us today and drink some NON-ALCOHOLIC nippy. Don't worry kids, it's safe, no real nip in it. Those are saved for our birfdays in June.

Luv, purrs, headbonks, sandpaper kisses, and chasing tails
Finnegan, Lacey, angel Alex and momma Lisa

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