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July 19th 2011 10:01 am
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Ugh, this is revolting and sickening. For days now, pictures aren't showing up, posts are taking 10 minutes (literally) to be submitted. Everyone is having their posts triple and quadruple posted, even diary entries! Come on already Catster! We have friends on here that are going through hard times and some that are very sick and need us badly! Kill these fleas already!

How are we supposed to be here for anyone? How are we supposed to have our usual fun and laughter times? This is not acceptable. Please, please, please kill the fleas now! As I am typing this, (or should I say my secretary is), one of my posts is still not submitted after yes, almost 10 minutes! GGGRRRRRR.

MEOW MEOW MEOW RRRRREEEOOOWWWWRRR, and even a big fat MMMMMRRRAAATTTT!!! Sorry Simone, I know it's a girl thing but I had to do it! I hope that's okay. It just felt right.


Me? Again?

July 12th 2011 8:10 am
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Wow! What's with all the DDP's. Lacey says she's gonna have to get busy and write a diary about poop or mooning or something. She hasn't even gotten one in a long time! OMG plus we are ddps today with our good friends Hunter, Rose, Panda's babies! whoo hoo! And our pawsome friend Bella who's been so sick lately is COTD today. She deserves it poor girl. Concats to all of our friends! How pawsome to have us all celebrating together. Funny, me and Hunter seem to be DDPs together all the time. Maybe it's cause we're both trouble, MOL.

It's been pretty darned hot here. Mom is gonna mostly stick by the computer today, waiting to hear how Zach & Zoe's grammy does in surgery. We purring for her!!! We lost our internet all day yesterday and mom was so furry mad. We were worried about several kitties. Pharaoh Loki who has a high fever (I hope he's doing better today), Artie who became a tripod yesterday (I hear he's doing well, thank goodness).

Well, this is going to be short cause mom has some catching up to do now with the website and emails and stuff. Pawsome to see you all getting honors!!! We love you!!!

This ones' for you Zach!



Thank mew and concats to all our friends!

July 6th 2011 11:23 am
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Thank you to everyone for all the great pawmails, concats, prezzies, and just plain love for my TWO DDP's this last week. How very fun! We love you all and although we don't have time to thank each one of you, we look at every one of them and feel the love. And like a true Catster we hope we return that love to you as you all so deserve it!

NOW! How cool is this. Blizzard was COTD this week and now he's DOTD. Tink was also COTD which was so great to see. I think Panda, Hunter and some other friends were fellow DDPs this week too. Sorry we can't remember who else. It's 90 degrees and our brains are melting.

Mom just made an appointment for her to take a tour at a brand new vet for us on the 16th. I don't like the sound of this but she says she has to do it in order for us to get insurance. They have to test for all those yucky diseases, mainly FIV and FELV before they can approve our application. Mom said the vet place looks really nice and they went out of their way to give her a tour on that day. Very good sign!

We're getting the little orange flashy thing on our weather widget telling us we'll be getting bad thunderstorms tonight. Right now, it's sunny as heck and 90! Hope you're all having a good week so far. It's nice to see so much good news here on Catster and with our friends. We LOVE seeing our friends celebrating and having fun. Here's a little something, something to help you all out.

We're gonna have a celebration


Wheeeeee!! I'm a DDPPPPPPPP!!! AGAIN!

July 4th 2011 7:10 am
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OMC! WOW, 2 DDPs in one week. We haven't been anything for awhile now, this is furry pawsome. And you want to know the BEST thing? We woke up to find our bestest furriend in the whole world Blizzard is cat of the day! He is such a pawsome guy and so deserves this. What a terrific 4th of July gift for him.

Concats to the other DDPs including our pal Hunter!!! I have to say that we feel really bad because we don't keep up so much anymore with the DDPs, awards, sending out personal thank yous and everything. I hope we aren't being bad friends and I hope you all know how much we appurciate and love you! Mom has been so exhausted lately, she thinks it's one of her stupid medications for her health conditions doing this. It drains her so much it's not funny.

Plus she's trying hard to get out walking again even though she's always pooped. And so much other stuff to do. Anyways, we're sorry we're not keeping up. Mom's had a huge jolt with those 2 family losses recently and feels she needs to enjoy other things right now. Hope you all understand.

I hope you all are having a fun holiday weekend! Stupid boom booms and giant bangs right over our house last night. We don't mind the normal fireworks but the ones that make that huge bang that shakes the house, made even mom nervous! Stupid neighborhood! Mom could not believe nothing caught on fire with all the trees around here. And we'll have to go through it again tonight. She called the police and guess what happened? The dispatch lady said "yeah yeah, we'll add it to the list" and hung up! GASP, the nerve! Didn't do anything about it but mom figures there's a shortage of cops out there since the city budget just gave pink slips to some of them AND the fire department. Hard to believe there's nothing else they can cut instead of our personal safety.

Well, we're off for a bit! We'll be checking in throughout the day. Hope everyone has a pawsome day and thank you again! Thanks for the prezzies I'm already getting...again. MOL. Jeez I feel so lucky to have such catacular furriends.

Luv Finney Winnegan McFloofy pants!


Wheeeeee!! I'm a DDPPPPPPPP!!!

July 2nd 2011 11:44 am
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Whoo hoo! Boy, you never can tell how active this place will be. So weird that on a holiday weekend it's super busy on here. Sometimes you expect to see everyone on certain nights or days and...nothing. Then other times, everyone's here!

Well, thank you so much Catster and everybody for my DDP honors and all the prezzies I'm getting! This certainly has been a great summer for me, Lacey and Alex so far! (Alex is enjoying endless summers at the bridge). I don't know about you guys but it's HOT here! We'll take it though. Mom went out yesterday and bought another a/c for her room. Poor mommy has been dying cause the big one we had in the kitchen broke and she's so pawsome she put the one from her bedroom in the kitchen for me and Lacey. She says we're more important. But her room gets AWFUL at night cause it's on the west side of the house where the direct sun hits it full strength during the day. So she was counting down the days until she could go and get it. Ahhhh, now it's paradise!

OMC before I forget concats to our gorgeous friend Tundra for being COTD!!! Whoo hoo Tundra, way to go sweetie! We love you!!!

Okay mommy is cutting me off cause she just got back from going to Petsmart and she's already given us a snack but is gonna pass out if she doesn't eat. We don't want that cause I can't type with my big paws. MOL!

Love all you guys and gals!!!
Finney and family


Thanks to everyone for the pawty and prezzies!

June 29th 2011 9:17 am
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We're glad you all had fun at our pawty this past Saturday. Thank you all so much from me, Lacey and Alex for all of our birthday prezzies and also for your prezzies and comments of love, affection, support and friendship. It means so much to us.

I know we've been kind of MIA since then. Mom has been spending more time with grammy and grampy, been working in the garden, getting back to working on her site and most of all spending time and playing with US!!! Whoo hoo! She's been taking about a half hour twice daily to play wiff us and we've been giving her LOADS of cuddles, kisses and lovies. She's extra lovey dovey these days. Since losing those 2 people in her life she's been feeling like she better do and say what she needs to because you never know!

Rick came over on Sunday night and he and mommy sat on the front porch, having a couple of beers, talking and shedding some tears together over his daddy and her uncle. Rick knew uncle Donald too as did EVERYONE in this whole area, even farther actually. They both kept looking over at his house and that night they happened to see her aunt and their daughters sitting on the porch swings so it was nice to see that swing moving again. It's just so quiet here now and still doesn't feel real to them.

Poor Rick was working in his dad's garage on Saturday and finally broke down. It was a tough day for him, so he needed to let it out. The funeral home gave Rick a copy of that pawsome dvd of his dad with all the happy and fun pictures of him so we're gonna make copies for everyone in the family and mom's getting one too.

Anyways, Friday mom is going to get a new a/c for her bedroom because she's been dying in there every night. Since our big one died she put her's in the kitchen for us cause she says we're more important. She'll live, (although she's having a very hard time sleeping). It's our special friend Kitty Pryde's gotcha day today! Please go and help her and her momma celebrate. They are both doing okay but still missing Indiana.

Please check out ALL 3 of our new pages and scroll down and watch and listen to our songs we picked for the 4th of July! We also added some new pictures to our albums hope you like them! Mom got some pictures of me this morning playing with Ashlynne & Beepers toy they sent us. Can you believe it? Lacey, who is not scared of anything, is scared of this toy. MOL! What a ding-a-ling. It's me who loves it. She's curious though so I'm sure she'll come around and see it's fun. More for me!! MOL!

Gotta go, mom wants to go for a walk since it's furry nice outside! She's taking a lot of pictures of her gorgeous flowers too and we'll let you all know when she puts them up for viewing.

Luv, purrs and headbonks!
Finney Winnegan


Let's moonwalk and pawty!!!

June 25th 2011 3:32 pm
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Hi everyone, don't know who's around right now. Sorry I'm late, all of a sudden we had like 10 flies buzzing around the house. We have no idea how they got in, no doors are ever left open and our windows have double screens. Mommy got them all anyways! At least we think she did.

Anyways, welcome to the MJ tribute/Finney's/Mietzi's/Gypsy's/Oreo/Ingen's mom Jen's/Missy's/Oreo's/I don't know who else's birfdays! Way too many now to remember. Sorry if I didn't mention you but welcome everyone!

I got a truck full of trout...(er, cabbage, sssshhhh), at the side door if someone wants to help me unload it. We got some sushi, mackerel, salmon, sardines, anchovies, all kinds of stuff! Oh and Fancy Feast up the whazooey!

Mom will get the music ready and going in a few minutes. Come on in!


Pawty is GROWING!!!

June 24th 2011 10:14 am
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Wow, this pawty is growing and growing! So mush fun it will be! Originally this pawty was only a Michael Jackson pawty, which it still is. But then we were adding my birfday cause we postponed it. Then we forgot we promised Gypsy we'd add her birthday (which is Sunday) to our pawty (sorry Gypsy, mom isn't thinking clearly). AND NOW we are including our good friend Mietzi who's birfday was YESTERDAY, she's a young 10 years old AND Ingen's mommy who's birfday is TODAY! Phew! I'm getting confused, MOL. This is gonna be some pawty!

And get this one! Mom just got a thank you letter in the mail from the local shelter where she adopted Lacey and always brings food. There's a picture of two kitties that just got adopted. Know what their names are? Michael Jackson & Blondie!!! TOO FUNNY!!! They're cute too, one black boy and one creamy girl. MOL.

Anyways, mom can't start the party as early as she did for Lacey's birfday. She's been extremely tired lately and has been taking time for herself and getting stuff done around the house. So she doesn't want to sit here all day like that last one. It was fun though but way too long for us. So we're starting it at around 6 pm eastern time. Anyone in other countries and time zones that can't make it feel free to come in and pawty or leave comments at any point in time. Wish we could do like last time but it was too much for mommy and frankly me and Lacey wanted some play time and got purrty irritated wiff her. MOL.

But there will be plenty of MJ and even Janet Jackson music for dancing and lots of food. I know a certain group of kitties already stashing a truck of something for the bash. Feel free to bring your own foodies and toys! Don't forget to stay off your feet for awhile earlier in the day cause you's gonna burn them up on the dance floor all night!

Hope to see everyfur there! Love you guys!
Finney Winnegan McFloofin' Poofin'


I can't believe this, not again! Not another one! Another- death!

June 17th 2011 8:23 am
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Guys, I cannot believe this is happening and I'm just beyond devastated right now. My uncle died. Well, he's my dad's cousin but we're related and he and his family and kids have lived 2 houses up from us my whole life. I was best friends with 2 of his daughters all my childhood. He lived in the house my grandmother grew up in, the first house ever built in this part of town. I cannot get over this.

I went downstairs to give Midnight her pill and my dad said "Lisa, brace yourself". I'm like "WHAT NOW"? And then he said, "Donald died last night". Oh my god! I don't know what's happening here. I'm freaking out, things happen in 3's and I told my parents they better not leave me!

My aunt and her kids are all outside on the porch crying. I can't have any party for Finney tomorrow, I'm sorry I just can't. I'm stunned beyond capacity right now and now I have TWO funerals to go to. My uncle Donald was one of my favorite people. He ALWAYS stopped over here to yack with my dad, he teased me relentless and I always gave it back to him. It was our thing! He was a good man, a hard working family man who loved his family more than anything. He was FUN and he was always my buddy. Every night when I'm out watering my flowers, he'd be outside rocking on his porch swing with his wife and waving to me. Asking me to come and water his plants, LOL.

He'd had a heart attack about 10 years ago but was FINE. He just went in for knee surgery and he passed away in the middle of the night. Maybe a blood clot. I am honest to god scared now that something else will happen. I can't believe this. I loved him, he was a wonderful man!

What a nightmare this whole week is. God please, enough now. Don't take anymore okay? Please? Rick is even going to be upset. He's lived here across the street for 10 years and knows them too. Ugh. I have to go and tell one of my neighbors. They'll be devastated.

Thanks for being here for us, I'm sorry about the party and I don't know what to say right now. I'm in shock.

Love you all


Many thanks! I'm a furry lucky kitty.

June 13th 2011 2:03 pm
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It's gonna be furry hard to say thanks to everyone for all the wonderful prezzies but mostly for the sweet and loving messages that came with them. Gosh I feel so lucky to have such a great life! I have my Lacey here with me to always play and kissy. I have a great mom (even though she's a ding a ling sometimes), My grammy and grampy love me, I'm happy and healthy, I have the most PAWSOME friends EVER and life turned out better than I could have hoped for.

And don't worry, I made sure to give mom a couple of great prezzies from me this morning, just to even the score. A nice big stinky one in the corner of the kitchen and another one in the bathtub that I did right in front of her. Yup! I decided to make her clean up after me and smell my greatness after the mistake she made this weekend. Which really doesn't matter anyways, as long as we had a great time with all our friends, WHICH WE DID, it's all furry funny at this point.

So let's try and get to the thank yous. I'm not gonna say who gave what cause it'll take too long but here's a great big furry headbonk and sandpaper kisses to:

Tabbies O Trout Towne, our really good buddy Sterling and his family, Simone & River, Colette & family, Spot cat & family, Skylar & family, Ashley & family, Purrcy, Bugsy & family (I always want to call him Bugsy Malone, MOL), Ashlynne & Beepers, Big Harry & family, Sadie & family, Colorado & Napoleon, Rose & family, Shadow & Wilson, Monster (who told me to spit the watermelon seeds out at mom, which I think is furry funny), Charley Bleau Eyes & family, Kally Kat, Nadia & Gump, Sylvester & family, Nala Sue & family, Kaci Sunshine & family, Tulley & family, Chiefy & family, Teddy Bearz & family, Macy & family, Samhain & family, Jezebel, Blizzard & family, Mr. D & family, Pumpkin & family, Kibbles & family, Tasha & family, Honeybear & family, Zeeke & family,

Hold on...I gotta take a breather! Okay, phew! Lady & family, Simon, Tony & family, Hazel Lucy, Bella & family, Mietzi Katze & family, Annabelle & family, Sally Maria, Milo & family, Hunter, Toffy & family, Tate, Toki, Tink, Zach & Zoe, Norman, Kitty Pryde, Natasha & family & FINALLY Greyson & family! MOL! WOW! I hope I didn't leave anyone out, I think I got everyone. Please forgive me if I did.

See why I feel so lucky? Jeez! We feel so loved and not because of all the prezzies (although that's always fun), but because you cared enough to come and wish me happy birthday. Thanks everyone! I'm off to take a nap, this was hard work and I'm out of breath.

Luv and headbonks,
Finney Winnegan

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