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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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Mama's Little Helper

December 10th 2012 9:28 am
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Last night mama started workin again on her Kissmouse cards. She measured and cutted things. She cutted piecers with fancy edgey sissers. She traced shapes and cut em with the sissers. Guns came in and climbed in the Muppet-Gunnarr-Peekie chair and went to sleep. I napped in the stroller for awhile, but then I decidered to run in and out of the room. I would jump out of the stroller, run to the door, hook the edge with my paw, rip it wide open, and run out. Mama would close the door but not tight. Then bout three minutes later I would leap at the door and made it open wide again and run back into the room. I did it a buncha times before mama finally tooked somethin heavy and used it to block the door. I did not like that a bit. When I was in, I wanted out, but when I was out, I wanted in REAL bad.

This mornin I checked out the wasterbasket with all the teensy piecers of paper from all mama's cuttin. I am thinkin bout tipsterin it over later so I can play with all the papers inside.

Today is stampin day with stamps and ink pads and embossin powder and lights and heat guns. I catnot wait. I think I will run in and outta the room, tip over the wasterbasket, get embossin powder in my furs, and run under mama's feet when she is tryin to do stuff cuz I am pretty sure that will make mama's cards way better.

Hmmmmmm...Maybe I need a teensy nap in the stroller first.


Kissmousey Cards

December 8th 2012 3:24 pm
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Today mama went to Shutterfly and made me and Gunnie a card of our very ownest to send to our Catster pals. We got a few addresses for sendin cards, but if you would like to have one of our Kissmouse cards, feel free to p-mail us with your mailin address.


Cling Ons and the Hungries

December 5th 2012 6:31 pm
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Well, we will see if talkin bout poop still gets DDPs.

Yesterday was a terbl day. I was actin kinda strange yesterday mornin, runnin up and down the hall like a crazy cat. Mama wondered what in the world was makin me do that. See, a bad old poop ball was chasin me all over the house, and it would not let go. I kept tryin to get away from it, but I could not run fast enuff. Finally mama figgered it out. I love my mama, but sumtimes she is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Anyway, mama caught me as I runned by and inspectored my bloomers. She made a face, and we went straight to the bathyroom. I do not really love the pet wipers, but they are better than a butt bath in the giant tub. After a coupla pet wipers, my bloomers were soaky wet, but I didn't smell bad anymore, and the bad poop ball was all goned. I tried to just go out in the hall and dry my furs, but noooooooo; mama had to comb my furs out. I think I did a better job after she let me go...

This mornin I was real hungry, and I eated too fast, and all of a sudden my tummy said NO!!! Before I even knew what happened, some of my kitty chow camed up and landed on the floor. Mama made another face. What is with all the drama anyway? Kitties get cling-ons stuck to their booties, and sometimes our food does not stay in our tummies. Get over it, mama.

At least I got more tensions than Guns cuz mama decidered to stay with me while I finished my breakfast. She petted me and distractered me so I would not eat so fast, and it worked. All my kitty chow stayed in my tummy after that first time.


Ooh, Ooh, Got Our Music Back!

December 5th 2012 6:23 pm
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Woohoo! Guns and Missy and I all got our music back. Mama does not like the players as much, but thanks to Tessa from Pawsome Pages, mama was able to figger out how to get the embed code for the Podsnack players. Mostly we got the same kinda music we had before, just cuz mama is a huge Loreena McKennitt fan. We hope everbuddy will enjoy the music on our pages. Ya just gotta click the button to make it go.

P.S. Guns has a second player for when he is bad. ;)


No Music

November 30th 2012 4:50 pm
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Our beautiful music is goned. Mixpod...goned. Mama looked at that podsnack place, but after she made the player, they wanted monies for her put it on Catster. At least, mama could not figger out how to get it on Catster. We loved our music so much.

On anuther subject, we had a nice Thanksgivin, but then our fun time got derailed when mama got real sick, and she sent daddy home so he would not be bored and then probly get sick too. Gunnie and I got no Kissmouse dekrashuns to get into, and we never got to wear our new Kissmouse outfits for pictures or nuthin.

Now mama is wonderin how she will ever get stuff done. I am gonna tell mama Guns and I can put up Kissmouse dekrashuns. If she will just open the boxes, we can grab stuff in our teefs and run with it, and the whole house can be dekrated in just a few minutes. We can help make the Kissmouse cards too. I bet I would be REAL good with a gluestick, and Guns can use his teefs and claws to punch fancy holes in the cards.

Jeepers, what would mama do without us?


Catster Fleas and Nuther Stuff

November 14th 2012 8:51 pm
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Jeepers, today I got a DDP, and mama tooked pictures of me practisin wearin my new hollerday dress. We were scampsterin round Catster for awhile. Then mama had nuther stuff to do, so we logged off. Later when I wanted to rite in my diary. we could not come back. Mama told us Catster musta had anuther flea attack, so I could not thank my friends for their good wishies, and mama could not put any new pictures on my page. Tonight we are usin our Kindle Fire, so maybee tomorrow...

P.S. Mama is gettin better at typsterin on the little fake keyboard with one finger.

P.S.S. She catnot use her thumbs.


Kissmouse Dress

November 12th 2012 7:47 pm
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Today mama went to town for the first time in almost two weeks. She was goned for hours and hours. When mama finally comed home, Guns and I were starvin, so mama gave us a snack. While we were snacksterin, mama had somethin red on a teensy hanger. After we finished our snack mama showed me the most beauterfullest dress I have ever seened, and it is mine, all mine. It is red plush with a white furry collar and a silver sparkly design on it. Mama put it on me, and I felt like one of Santa's little elves, the prettiest one of course. Guns thinks he's so sperior, but I am gettin two new dresses for the hollerday season. Hah!

Mama sez that is what she gets for walkin into Petco "just to look around."


Glad He's Gone

November 11th 2012 2:51 pm
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Hey, everbuddy! We are sure glad that guy named Brutus left town. Now he must be makin somebuddy else's life miserbl.

We got over 15 inchers of snow. It was mostly just a nuisance, but a few things happened that did not make mama very happy. First of all, our back door lock freezed so we could not get out the back door. That made mama nervus just in case of a mergency. The front door would open, and the storm door would open part way, but then the snow was too heavy, so it got stucked.

After most of the snow falled, mama went out and walked through snow that was deeper than her boots are tall. First of all, she had to dig round in the closets to find somethin called gators. Oh, wait a minute. Mama sez it is "gaiters," and they do not bite. Anyway, mama shoveled and shoveled. Then mama tried to knock down the snow that was hangin off the roof by the back door. It falled down, hit the porch light, and then the light would not work. Then after mama was almost freezed herself, she had to go to grampster's and get his heat gun and a stenshun cord to get the back door lock unfreezed. It worked, but then a coupla hours later it was freezed again. Mama got the heat gun and unfreezed it. Then she put a plastic bag over the doorknob hopin it would keep the water out, but that did not work neether, and it freezed again.

The next mornin, grampster came over and helped mama with the door. They put some stuff in it that is sposed to unstick stuff. Then the door was OK even though it got down below zero last night. Mama got a ladder, and she and grampster knocked big piecers of snow off the roof. Some of it went right on mama's head. ;) Then grampster and mama changed the bulb in the porch light, and it worked again.

Finally Brutus is goned, but he left us lotsa snow on everything. Mama stayed home cuz we did not hafta go to town for anything, and mama sez peeples forget how to drive on snow and ice, so she gave em a few days for practisin. Now the snows will either blow all around and make big skary drifts, or it will get all melty and messy.

Guns and I guess the stroller rides are over until next spring, but we got our birdie watchin window, and it is all full of sunbeams today.


Tiger the First

November 3rd 2012 1:27 pm
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Last night mama told me and Gunnie a beddytime story. We both love stories, so we curled up on the big bed with mama and listened. We listened so hard I think our ears got bigger.

Mama started our story with "Once upon a time..." In the story, which mama said is true, she was four years old. Our grampster was buildin a new house for his family, so grammie and mama and her new little sister who was just borned were livin with great grammie and great grampster in Wyoming. Mama was a good little girl, but she missed her daddy, and she was kinda confused bout what was goin on with the new baby and the new house and stuff.

Right before grampster was to come and get his family, somebuddy dropped a litter of baby kitties off on the corner at great grammie and great grampster's house. Grammie found the kitties first, and she told great grammie bout the kitties. All but one was wild, but the one tiger striped kitty was real sweet. Great grammie said to be sure that mama did not see the kitties cuz she would want one. Well, grammie thought maybe that was the perfect thing to make mama happy and start their new life in Big Sky Country in the new house. Against great grammie's wishes, grammie made sure that mama saw the kitties. Course, when mama and grammie went outside all of the kitties runned away, all but one, the tiger stripey one. Grammie helped mama pick the baby kitty up and cuddle him. Mama's eyes were shinin, and she asked if she could keep the kitty. Grammie said yes, even though she knew great grammie and great grampster did not want the baby kitty around.

Just a few days later grampster came in an old flatbed truck to take his family to the new house. The new baby kitty was comin too. Mama had named him Tiger. There was not much room in the front of the truck, so grammie and grampster made Tiger a nice bed in a big cardboard box and packed it with the nuther boxes on the flatbed.

The trip was bout 400 miles, and they could not go very fast in the old truck. Only bout 25 miles from where they started, it started rainin. Now grammie and grampster knew that Tiger's box would get real wet, and maybe Tiger would get real wet too. Grampster found a place to stop, and he and grammie got Tiger outta his box. Then they brought him to mama. Tiger rode almost 400 miles curled up in mama's lap. He never yelled or tried to get away or anything; he was a perfect gentleman.

That Tiger kitty was the first of several Tigers that mama had. He was a special kitty. He was real big and fluffy. He loved everbuddy, and he hardly ever even put his claws out. If he snagged one of his claws, he would sit and wait for somebuddy to get him unsnagged. It was a happily ever after story. Tiger lived many happy years in Big Sky Country with mama and her family.

The End

P.S. In case ya did not know, Gunnie's T stands for Tiger cuz mama wanted him to have a connekshun with all the good tiger kitties who came before him.


Howlween Photo Shoot

October 29th 2012 5:27 pm
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Saturday was the Petco Howlween photo shoot. Mama and daddy wanted to take me and Guns cuz the monies were goin to the Pet Paw-See, and that is the rescue that saved me and Guns when we were just babies. See, the peeples where we were borned did not want us. Guns was probly a stink bug, but I do not know how anybuddy could resist me. Anyway, Guns and I dopted mama with the help of the nice peeples at the Pet Paw-See, speshly auntie Leslie.

Thursday night after Guns and I had been practisin wearin our costooms, mama got out the steamer and steamed my little sparkly pink dress so it would be perfect. She put it on the teensy hanger thingie. Then she packed treats and a comb and brushy and Gunnie's skull tie and Howlween collar.

Saturday morning it was cold and snowin, but mama and daddy packed us into mama's truck, and away we went for Petco. Gunnie had to go first, and mama and daddy turned my carrier so I could watch and see what was gonna happen.

After Guns was done with his pictures, mama got me out and put my dress and wimple on. Guns would not sit on the bench all alone, so mama knew I would not do it neether. I learn lotsa stuff from watchin Guns, and then sumtimes I copy what he does, speshly the bad stuff.

Guess what? I found out scarecrows are nice! The scarecrow let me sit on her lap, and she put her arms round me so I would not be so skared. I do hafta say mostly I wanted to jump down and run away, but mama makes me and Guns do stuff that is kinda skary sumtimes, and then we get to come home and everything is the same. Then the next time we are not so skared. I did try to push the scarecrow away with my hinder leggies, but she held on tight.

Then all of a sudden mama came and got me. She asked where my aunt Debi was cuz she was my foster mama with the Pet Paw-See. We walked round and round Petco lookin for aunt Debi. Mama said I was the very best girl cuz I just looked at everything over her shoulder while she walked and jigglered me like a baby. The peeples who saw us were all smilin. I think maybe they never saw a kitty princess before.

I went right in my carrier as soon as mama took my princessy dress off. Then Guns and I and daddy all had to wait while mama checked our pictures and got our CD and paid the monies for it.

When we got home, Guns and I had lunch, and then we took a long, long nap. We talked bout how mama wants us to be worldly. Yep, we get skared, but it does not last very long, and then everything is just like before. I think we can do that...

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