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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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Double DDPs!

November 4th 2013 2:40 pm
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Jeepers, Guns and I are BOTH daily diary picks today. Does anykitty know if that has ever happened before? Maybee, just maybee Guns and I made Catster history today. Wouldn't that be kool?

Thanks for all the prezunts and good wishies that have been comin my way.

Ummmmm, I wish I had somethin more eksiterin to say along with my thanks, but today has been quiet cept for mama plottin gainst me with auntie Dawn bout my famotidine medsins. They both think I could not hear, but I was hiderin and listenin to mama talk on the telfone.

Oh, and Guns and I got some really kool treets last night. They were chickie pill pockets for kitties and some smoked beef dawg pill pockets. The beef ones were black, and mama thought they looked gross, but Guns would do ANYTHING for one, and after Guns liked em, I decidered I did too. YUM!!


New Toys!

November 2nd 2013 12:21 pm
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Gunnie and I got new toys yesterday. That is the good news. The bad news is that mama tooked em out to the shed today.

Mama was goned almost all day in town doin somethin she called "errands." She stopped at the newsypaper and picked up my sertificat so we can get our prize for the Pet Idol contest.

When mama comed home, there were two boxers on the back step. Mama got real eksitered cuz inside the boxers was stuff for craftin. Mama is gonna start makin some embossed metal jewelries, and she already does papercraftin, mostly makin paper greetin cards. Anywhoo, mama opened the packages, and one of the boxers had crinkly paper inside. The box was not really big enough, but Guns and I each managed to get inside the box but not at the same time. When ya settled down into the box, it was all snuggly, and the paper made a cool crinkly noise. The nuther box had packin peanuts inside, and Guns tried to steal one, so mama put that box away.

Mama picked up her beautiful cross stitch kitties from the frame shop yesterday. It is a special present from an extra special friend who sended the cowboy kitties from across the United States far away. Anyway, the kitties were wrapped in lotsa brown paper. Mama left the paper in the middler of the livin room floor, and Guns and I pawed at it and jumped on it and crawled underneath. It was real fun, and we could make noise playin in the paper.

Last night when we went to bed, mama put the paper away cuz she was afraid we might make skary noises while she was sleepin. This mornin mama let us play with the paper and the box for awhile, but then she tooked it all away. Boo, hiss!


I Winned, I Winned!

October 30th 2013 3:14 pm
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It was not zactly what mama was hopesterin for, but we got a call from the Pet Idol peeplz this afternoon. I winned a $50 gift certificate to Big R. It is like a farmer store place, and they sell kitty and dawg food. Mama left a messag for auntie Leslie from the Pet Paw-See wonderin how to get the prize thingie so they can use it to buy kitty food for all the foster kitties.

Neener, neener, Guns. I winned, and you did not! I will scamper round all evenin reminderin Gunnie that I am a winner. Yay, ME!!


Still Waitin For Our 15 Minutes of Fame

October 30th 2013 12:25 pm
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Guns and I are still waitin to see if we won anything in the Pet Idol contest. Mama wasn't sure at first if we should enter cuz the winners will be picked by "random draw," whatever that meens. Anywho, mama sez it is like a lottery; you pay and then hope they pull your name out of a hat. Silly peeplz. We did get our pictures in the newsypaper yesterday, but we really wanna win a year's worth of kitty food to donate to the Pet Paw-See.

It makes mama cry when she looks at me and Gunnie and thinks bout how if the Pet Paw-See had not reskued our mamas, Guns and I probly would not be alive now.

We just wanna help the peeplz who took cares of us when we were babies until we dopted mama; that's all. So many sweet kitties who deserve furever homes never get em; even two of my bruther cats still live as fosters, and they are almost 4 years old. Guns and I feel real lucky to have our home and our mama and daddy. We are super spoiled, and we think that's how it should be for everykitty.



October 26th 2013 4:33 pm
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Hey, everbuddy. I got new medsins, and they are booberry. Oh, mama sez it is "blueberry." Anyway, I am not sure I like it. It is kinda purple and sticky if I get it on my bib, but mama is makin me take it anyway. She is hopin I will get used ta takin the blueberry medsins and quit makin a fuss.

Last weekend Gunnie and I got to go for a stroller ride. Daddy was pushin, so we went fast with mama kinda trottin along behinder tryin to keep up. It was a real nice day, but somethin skared me, and I climbed underneath the mattress. Guns does not like it when I do that cuz then he catnot sit up front cuz it is all kinda bulgey from me makin a lump, so he has ta sit in the back. Mama kept sayin to Guns, "Just sit on her Gunnie." I do not think that was very nice.

Winter is comin to Big Sky Country. We will be gettin our first snow, maybee 6 inchers. That is not much in the wintertime, but it is kinda much for the very first snow. Mama sez the weather always goes to heck just before Howlween so it is too cold to trick-or-treat without no coat. I could go out in costoom as a long-haired kitty and stay nice and warm. I am not sure what Guns would do cuz he has real wimpy furs. Anywhoo, mama does not let us go out ever except in a carrier or our stroller, so we probly will not get no candy or even kitty treats. Maybee we can watch somethin skary on the telbishun. Ya think?

I am poutin that Guns keeps gettin DDP's. What's wrong, diary girl, are ya stucked on my bruther cat?


Woe is...Mama

October 10th 2013 3:54 pm
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Not me, that's for sure. Mama gived me the replacermunt medsins this morning. I did not like em. I gagged and drooled a little on my bib. Then I runned off. This is the second medsins I have had for my tummy. I am real good bout takin medsins from a syringe unless it tastes nasty. This meens that mama has ta figger out anuther plan. She is hopin she can take the nasty stuff back to Unkl, and he can take out teensy drops and try some diffrunt flavors until they find one that hides the nasty medsins and tastes good to me. I might have a favrit flavor, but I will never tell mama and unkl. They have to guess.

Guess what? I got a Cleocatra costoom for Howlween. It has a collar with jewels on it and a head thingie with a snake head on it. Mama sez it is a cobra. The head thingie is kinda wrinklered, and mama needs to steam it or somethin. I am gonna pertend that it is OK UNTIL mama akshly tries to take my picture. Then I am gonna jump down and run away REAL fast. If I am lucky, nobuddy will be able to catch me before I run under the bed. Uh-oh; what if mama and daddy remember to close the door to the beddyroom and I catnot get in? Then I will just have ta dodge and bunnyhop around the house until they get too tired. Then maybee they will give up.

Ummmmm...did I tell ya what Guns did while we were at Virgelle? Mama was real sick, and she had ta go outside in the nighttime. When she comed back and opened the door, Guns strolled out onto the porch. It is a good thing that cabin gots lights cuz it gets real dark out there. There are coyotes and bad kitties who run in gangs there. I am glad mama scooped Guns right up and comed inside with him or I might of lost my bruther cat. Then who would give me a bath or ressel with me in the mornins?


New Medsins

October 8th 2013 2:04 pm
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Well, we have been away from Catsterland again, mostly cuz of Gunnie, but that is a nuther story.

I have been grindin my teefs more and more. I have doned it since I was just a kitten, but it is gettin worse all the time. Mama tooked me to see Unkl Dr. Mike. He said mostly kitties who grind do not have teef problems. Instead it is usually reflux. I do not know what that is, but mama sez it is bad. Unkl made me some medsins. He crushed some famotidine pills and mixed the powder in some brown stuff. Unkl gave me the first medsin, and I threw a hissy fit. Mama thot it was just cuz Unkl gave it to me, but the next day when mama gave it to me, I throwed anuther fit. I stood up like a meerkat and gagged and made faces and flinged my head around. Mama tried a few more times, but I was startin not to like my regular medsins neether, so we gave up on that medsin. Mama called Best Friends, and they ordered more medsins from a big pet pharmacy. They put the medsins in corn oil cuz I like that, but when mama tried to give it to me, I threw anuther fit. Then mama noticed the medsin part was all down at the bottom of the bottle, and it would not mix up. She shaked and shaked and shaked it, but it just stayed like it was. Mama tooked the medsins to Best Friends, and they took the top out and stirred it all up nice and gave it back to mama. They told her it would be fine. Mama was not happy when it was just like before when she got home. Mama did the shakey, shakey, shakey thing again, and it did not work. She tasted it, and the corn oil tasted kinda funny, sorta like stale. Finally she tooked the bottle back to Best Friends and told the nice peeples that the medsins was useless, and she thot somethin was wronged with it. Who woulda knowed that mama was so smart? When the nice peeples at Best Friends called the pet pharmacy, they said it was the wrong formalashun; it was an old formalashun that they do not use no more. The pet pharmacy peeples sed they would replace my medsins at no charge, and mama is gonna go get it tomorrow. If I do not like it now, mama sez it is time for Plan C. I wonder how many plans there can be?



August 17th 2013 1:42 pm
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Jeepers, I got so much furs that I look extra pooferlishus. I try groomin my bib, but the furs are too long, and I get my tongue stucked, and then I catnot raise my head up any further, and the furs will not let go of my tongue. Sumtimes mama helps me get unstucked, and then my bib is kinda dampish.

It has beened real hot outside, so mama has been keepin the house cool for me and Guns. Yesterday it broked a record at 101. Mama sed the breeze feeled like standin in front of a vent when the furnace is runnin. When it is hot out, I like to sleep where it is dark and cool, mostly underneath Mr. Big Bed. It is also hard for mama to get me out if I do not wanna come out. Mama sez Guns is more soshul, whatever that meens, cuz I diss-pear for hours at a time every single day. I am just comfy with my own self, and I do not need peeples or even Guns cept sumtimes.

P.S. Know how Guns was talkin bout the leather roses in his diary? I found the rangement, but I am not gonna tells Guns cuz he will get in trubl and make mama yell. I catnot even say here in my diary where it is cuz Guns is a snoop.



August 14th 2013 10:00 pm
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I am not a happy kitty. Mama has givened me a new nickername, and I do not like it. I get called all kinda names like Peekie, Peekster, Peekabooster, Peeka, Peeka Weeka, Monkey Woo, Miss Howling Woof, and even some nuther things. Now mama is callin me Boo. Then she says somethin bout "me and you and a CAT named Boo..."

I do not like it. A princess catnot have a nickername like Boo.


Catster Hiatus

August 1st 2013 3:14 pm
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Well, we didn't mean to be away from Catster for so long. It is all mama's fault. Mama sez this has beened a crazy summer. Gunnie and mama and daddy and I all wented on a REAL short vacashun cuz everything went wronged from the very beginnin. Mama sez she has never gone on such a terbl trip.

Since we got back, daddy had to go back to workin at his bizzyness, and mama has beened tryin to catch up with all the stuff at home. She has beened testin the air condishunner in the new campsterer, gardenin for hours and hours, mowin the lawn for hours and hours, and now today she is catchin up on puter stuff. Mama had bout 300 e-mailers to check through, and she felt ashamed cuz she was not keepin up with e-mailerin her sister and some friends.

Our house is messy too, mostly cuz mama and daddy had to take all our stuff outta the new campsterer real fast, and it still is not puttened away. Every day mama makes what she calls a "to do" list. It makes her happy to cross stuff off her list. Guns and I do not care bout gardens or even if the house is messy. We just wanna play and eat and sleep and get tenshuns from mama.

Later this month our auntie is comin. Mama sez that will be real innerestin cuz I am a fuss budget bout strangers. Auntie doesn't look like mama, but she and mama sound alike when they talk. Can auntie fool me? Hmmmmm...I don't think so.

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