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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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December 9th 2010 12:27 pm
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This morning Gunnie was pawing and gnawing at the new brown couch bed. Mama yelled at him to stop, so he climbed in and snuggled down all comfy. I strolled over and threw myself down next to the bed. I tried to tease Gunnie into a wrestling match, but it was very disappointing. All he did was reach out and kiss me on the lips! No wrestling match.

I wandered off and decided to nap on my beautiful seafoam green couch bed. I got in, but then I could see the very end of Gunnie's wiggler wand string thingie sticking out from under my couch. I stood up and started pawing at the edge trying to get the string thingie out. I got ahold of it with my teeth, but then when I pawed at it again, I lost the end of the string thingie, and it went back under my couch. Mama was watching me the whole time. She says I almost stood on my head trying to paw up the edge and get the string thingie out. Finally I got it with my teeth again and pulled most of the long string thingie out onto the couch bed. I played with it for about five seconds, but then I was bored because it was too easy. I trilled and then scampered off to play with something else for awhile.

Meanwhile, Gunnie was sleeping in his brown couch bed. Boooorrrrring...


A Cool New Toy

December 8th 2010 7:14 pm
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Saturday mama and daddy left us alone for most of the day while they went to some Kissmouse celebrations in Virgelle and Ft. Benton, Montana. I guess they felt guilty about leaving me and Gunnie home alone all day because when they got home, they had presents!

There was a cool brown "couch" bed. Gunnie said it was his because I already have a beautiful seafoam green one that matches my eyes. I never believe what my big brother tells me, so while he was sniffing around the new couch, I jumped in and curled up. Gunnie started pouting and told me the new bed was his. I just looked at him and stayed in the new couch.

Awhile later I heard a clicking sound and ran to daddy. Daddy started laughing because it was the clicker on the laser light toy. This one was even better than the one with the dead batteries; it had special thingies on it to make the light a tree, snowman, bell, or snowflake. Daddy tried every single one, and Gunnie and I loved them all. Daddy thought it was funny that I knew he was getting out the laser toy before I even saw it.

We played for a long time with daddy, and then he put the light away in a tray in the kitchen. The next morning mama got up and walked out into the living room. She made daddy come and look. Right in the middle of the floor was the laser light toy.

Me? No, ummmmm; I have no idea how it got there. Nope, absolutely no idea whatsoever.


Dirty Brothers

December 2nd 2010 3:29 pm
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Any princess who has dirty brothers or even just one dirty brother knows they need a good bath now and then. This afternoon Gunnie was sleeping on the bed. Mama was walking down the hall when she heard me trill. I guess I had to say something because I had just discovered how dirty my brother was. I walked over and started washing him. Gunnie woke up and tried to leave, so I had to put my arm over him and hold him down while I gave his face a good wash. Then I noticed the insides of his ears. YUCK! Grammie would have said you could plant taters in his ears. I started washing the insides of Gunnie's ears, but he had other ideas. He wanted to wrestle, but I said "No, Gunnie T; you are getting your ears washed!" He let me sort of finish, but then he started trying to wash me. I laid down next to him, well partly on him, and we washed each other's faces REALLY good. Then Gunnie thought my ears were dirty. Perish the thought! Princesses do NOT have dirty ears. Gunnie washed my ears anyway, and I let him just so his feelings wouldn't get hurt. We laid there for awhile washing and keeping our arms around each other. Mama just stood there and enjoyed watching everything we did. She called it "interacting," but she was wrong. We were just taking a bath together. Once we got clean, there was a wrestling match. I am just about Gunnie's size now, but I am froofy and he is all muscle, so he is stronger. Most times I could get away, but I usually let him win. He gives up when I just lay there and look bored. Then when he is not on high alert, I escape, and the chase is on. We could do that all day with a few naps in between. I guess having a dirty brother is pretty fun after all.


Thank You!

December 1st 2010 5:10 pm
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Wowee, I just found out I am diary of the day today! Mama had a pointment today that lasted five hours, so Gunnie and I just got to come to Catsterland for our daily scamper.

Mama was already happy because we are getting a brand new truck! Mama has not had a new car for many, many years, and our little Honda Accord drags her tummy in the snow sometimes. We will not have to hitch a ride to town with grampster when the weather is bad. Mama says she will take me and Gunnie four-wheelering when she gets our new Honda Ridgeline. Gunnie and I have never been in a new truck before. We hope it is not noisy like daddy's, but mama promised it will be just like riding in our car. Gunnie is all excited to run snow drifts in the truck.

Thank you, diary robot, for picking my diary today. I am glad I wrote a good entry, at least I think it was a good one, tattling on Gunnie.

Thanks to all my friends who commented on my diary and gave me presents. Thank you also for the friend requests. Thank you, Unkl Buddie, for flying down to read me a bedtime story and also for the ice creams you always bring.


Drop and Shop

November 30th 2010 11:58 am
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Most peoples probably know that last Friday was black Friday, but it was also mama's birthday. I had a doctor pointment with my Unkl Dr. Mike, so mama and daddy and Gunnie and I all got up early and headed for town in daddy's big noisy truck. I never even howled! We got to Best Friends, and the nice people said Unkl Dr. Mike was out of town, and they had rescheduled my pointment from 9:45 to 2:15. They called mama, but she thought it was just their regular reminder message, so she never listened to the end.

The people at Best Friends offered to let me and Gunnie stay there until my pointment time so mama and daddy could do their errands and shopstering. Mama laughed and called it "drop and shop." Gunnie and I got adjoining apartments in the back, and we even got to keep our own blankets.

Mama and daddy shopped and shopped. Then mama called to see if Unkl Dr. Mike had gotten back to town. Nope, he was still not there. Mama told them she and daddy would be at Best Friends at my pointment time. Mama and daddy were 15 minutes late, but Unkl Dr. Mike was STILL not there. Another nice doctor lady said she would look at my leg so mama and daddy could take me and Gunnie home. Mama and daddy were waiting out front when one of the vet techs came out. She asked mama if she could come and get me out of my apartment so they did not have to "use gloves." Mama was perplexed because I am a very gentle kitty.

When mama and daddy came into the back, I was already in my carrier. It was Gunnie who was being naughty. He was in the back of his apartment all puffed up and hissing. In fact, mama said he was throwing a HISSY fit! Mama put her hand in the apartment, and Gunnie sniffed it and still hissed. Mama told him to "knock it off right now, young man." Then she picked Gunnie up and cuddled him. He kept hissing at mama, so she gave him to daddy because Gunnie and daddy are special together. Later daddy told mama Gunnie tried to bite him! Finally we were both in our carriers and on our way home.

When we got home, Gunnie was still kind of mad and out of sorts. He was not hissing anymore, but he told me he got REAL scared, and he never wants to do drop and shop again. Geez; it was not THAT bad.


It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Kissmouse

November 23rd 2010 12:03 pm
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Wowie wow! Everything outside is all white. White things are coming out of the sky. I can't see the road going past our house or the grass in our yard. There are hardly any birdies to watch. Mama says the white stuff is called snow, and the birdies are all hiding in the evergreen trees next door trying to stay warm. Right now it is about -5 degrees here in Big Sky Country, and the wind chill is about -25 degrees. Tonight it may get to -20 or -25, and then the wind chill will be about -40 degrees. I am not sure exactly what that means, but when mama opens the back door, outside is not a place I want to go. Brrrrrrrrrr. Even with my beautiful long furs it is too cold. Mama says the weather was probably like this when I was born, but I don't remember it. I was a Kissmouse kitten; my birthday is December 23.

I catnot wait to be all grown up like my brother, Gunnie.
I think I can already whip him in wrestling, but I usually let him win because he is nice when I nudge him out of the way at our food dishes. Mama says I am like Goldi-locks. I like to try one dish, then the other one, and then usually back to the first one. I just have to make sure they are both the same. If they aren't I want the GOOD food, and Gunnie can have the other dishy.

Because it is almost Thanksgiving, I want to say I am grateful for my forever home with my mama and daddy. I am thankful for my brother, Gunnie, because he is mostly nice to me. I am grateful that I have enough good food to eat and a warm place to sleep. Mostly I am grateful because I am loved, and I know it. Every kitty in the world deserves these things, but so many never have them. I was born unwanted, but now I am a loved precious princess. I am blessed...


Gunnie Taught Me!

November 18th 2010 2:10 pm
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Mama and daddy think it is very cute because Gunnie likes to sharpen his claws on the heat vents. He doesn't like our scratchy post, so he uses the heat vents, and it sounds like he is playing music; tinky, tinka-tink, tinkety tink, tink, tink. Mama and daddy always laugh and talk about how Gunnie can play tunes.

A few mornings ago mama was washing her face, and she heard a really cool tune. When she turned around to watch, it was ME! Mama was very proud of me. She says I am pretty smart to watch and learn from Gunnie, and she also said that my tune was just as good as Gunnie's even though I have not practiced as much.


I'm a DDP!

November 11th 2010 10:32 am
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Jeepers, I am one of today's daily diary picks, and I never even mentioned poo! What's up with that? Is the new password "staples?" I've mentioned that word lots lately. Those STAPLES look look yucky, and they make your leg bumpy and itchy, but they are not so bad after all, specially now that they are goned!

Unkl Dr. Mike said my furs are growing back at "an alarming rate." It is not alarming to me at all. Who wants a cold bare little leg through a Big Sky winter? Besides, my bloomers look lopsided.

Thanks to the kitties who have sent me presents. Mama is trying to keep up with the personal thank yous, and in a few days we will add a thank you list to my diary.


Staples All Gone!

November 10th 2010 9:05 am
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I was just minding my own busyness yesterday when mama scooped me up and put me in my carrier. Then we were headed to see Dr. Unkl Mike at Best Friends Animal Hospital. The nice ladies there said Unkl was running late. Mama got a shocked look on her face and said "No; that's impossible!" Unkl is always running late. Mama says Unkl moves at warp speed all day long, but he is very gentle and takes his time with all the pets.

When we got into the room, mama got me out of the carrier and started fluffing my fur. That helped keep my mind off any scary things, and I looked purrfect when Unkl came in the room.

Unkl got some kind of tool to take my staples out. It didn't even hurt. I just laid on the table while mama petted me, and Unkl held my leg and got those nasty staples out. It didn't take long because almost half of the staples had mysteriously disappeared from my leg. Gunnie and I aren't talking...

Before I knew it, we were finished. I guess I should have been more difficult; nobuddy even offered me a treat.

Mama is starting to get the hang of this retirement thing. This morning after breakfast she played games with me and Gunnie. We have some little squishy foam balls, and she was throwing them so we could chase. Mama says we remind her of dawgs the way we will chase a ball, so we have to make sure we never bring it back like dawgs. This reminds mama that we are CATS, and it also makes mama exercise right along with me and Gunnie by retrieving the balls.

Poor Gunnie. Mama threw the ball down the hall. Gunnie was in the living room, and he started running, but he miscalculated or maybe he is just a klutz, and he ran sideways into the Chinese chair. Mama saw it all, and it scared her. Gunnie even moved the chair a couple of inches. Mama hopes it just knocked the wind out of him. Me too because even though Gunnie can be a pain sometimes, I really love my brother. He seems OK; mama will keep an eye on him today just in case.


Little Helpers

November 8th 2010 7:37 pm
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Gunnie and I helped mama today. We helped her talk on the phone to the insurance lady, we helped her eat her lunch, and we helped her clean the house. She said we were so much help it only took her twice as long to do everything.

Don't tell Gunnie I tattled on him, but when mama goes into a room and closes the door, Gunnie wails like a banshee. If that doesn't work, he whines like a girl trying to make mama let him in. If that doesn't work, he starts pawing at the door and mama hears "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh," which she usually ignores. Finally Gunnie goes off somewhere to pout for awhile. I am little miss independent. I just go find a nice napster spot and sleep until I hear mama out and about again.

Tomorrow I get the staples out of my leg. Mama says my leg is healing up perfectly, and it is time to get the staples out because there are already about three missing. She found one on a chair seat, and it was not even twisted or pulled apart. Mama wonders how Gunnie and/or I managed that, but we will never tell.

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