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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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January 20th 2011 10:21 am
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Wowser! I am a daily diary pick. Thank you, Catster, and congratulations to all the other DDPs and the DOTD for today.

Thank you to everykitty who has sent me presents or commented on my diary.

Today we are waiting for the computer man to come back. Our printer is not working now, and mama is what she calls "bummed." I think that means she is sad. She was so happy last Friday when the man left. Some of you may remember Gunnie liked the man, but I did not trust him.

After the computer man leaves, mama is going to town to find a case for the camera that got "lost" off the dining room table. Mama thinks that will protect the camera, but if mama leaves the little camera out again, Gunnie and I have nothing better to do all night than figure out how to get it off the table.

Last night we worked very hard. "We" managed to knock a small rhinocerus sculpture off a table in the living room and a vase with some fake stuff in it off the same table. Mama heard something, but she thought it was a book we threw off the table.

Mama, when oh when will you ever learn to:
A. Put things away.
B. Pay more attention when things go bump in the night.


The "Lost" Camera

January 16th 2011 12:43 pm
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Mama was very excited because she ordered a new little camera that would fit in daddy's pocket when they are wearing costumes so nobuddy will know they have a camera when they are dressed old fashioned. The camera came yesterday. It is purple; mama calls it the little purple people eater. Anyway, mama got everything out of the box and was playing with the camera. Mama put some things inside the camera box just in case she had to send the camera back. Then mama started taking pictures. When we went to bed, mama left the camera and the box it came in on the dining room table.

This morning mama got up, gave me my medsins, and went to the kitchen to give me and Gunnie breakfast. She looked on the table, and the purple people eater camera was not there. Hmmmmmm... Wonder where that camera went. Did it grow legs and walk off? After mama gave us breakfast, she started looking for the camera. She found it underneath the dining room table on the floor. The box was on the floor next to the table.

Mama suspects Gunnie because he likes to pick things up in his mouth and take them places. Me; well, I am not meowering a word. It will be mine and Gunnie's little secret what happened in the long, dark night.



January 15th 2011 10:51 am
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Gunnie is tattlering on me again. He said I ran and hid under the bed when the computer man came. That is true, but the man was VERY scary. Besides, from my hidering spot I could watch our for mama and Gunnie. If they had needed helps, I could have come running and saved them.

Gunnie also thinks mama saved monies on getting the printer installed because he is so cute. Geez, if the man had seen how cute I am, it would have been free!


I Am Not!

January 13th 2011 4:21 pm
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A little birdie told me Gunnie said I am a toy hog. I am not! I am just a very, very playful little princess. When the toys come out, Gunnie just sits there. The toys are so wonderful, specially the laser light, that I catnot just sit there and do nothing. I start to play. I chase things and leap on things and bat at things. Sometimes Gunnie gets in the way of my playing, and I guess I MIGHT have run into or over him once or twice, but it was an accer-dent. So, Gunnie, if you can beat me to the toy next time, you can play with it, but I would not hold my breath if I were you.


The Fly

January 11th 2011 12:51 pm
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Oh, my; we've got a fly (in the house); almost as fun as a mouse. Watch Peekie chase; she makes it a race. Oops! He's right in her face. Gotta go; the fly's flyin low. Wow! He tastes better than "reg-lar" chow!


Tea Party

January 10th 2011 9:30 am
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Daddy was here over the weekend, and mama asked him to help get a big box out of the closet in what mama calls the "no-no" room. The door is always closed, and Gunnie and I are not allowed in. We both got a good look while daddy was wrestling the box out of the closet. There are lots of wonderful hats with feathers and beaded shawls. They are all mama's things for her old-fashioned outfits. There is a pretty dolly in an antique white wicker dolly carriage, and mama brought that out into the living room. Then mama found Missy Mups' little pink baby dress hanging in the closet. Mama said she always hoped that someday I would wear the baby dress and be a model like Missy.

Mama and daddy decided it was time for me to have my first photo shoot. Mama got out a bunch of old curtains to drape the chair. Gunnie and I were wondering what mama and daddy were up to. Then mama grabbed me and put the little pink dress on me. Mama expected me to run, but I just looked down at the dress and then looked around. Hey, this dressing up is kinda cool. I think I like it. Mama put me in the chair and started taking pictures while daddy made noises and moved his hands around to make me look.

After awhile mama looked around and saw the dolly hat. Just for fun, she put it on me. I just sat there, so mama started taking more pictures. I do not know why it is such a big deal. Don't all little girl kitties wear dresses and hats?

I guess this means I will be wearing a lot more clothes in the future. I know there is a complete Santa suit packed away. That was Missy's too. There are tiaras, a little St. Paddy's Day hat and green arm garter, and even a little police cap that somebuddy gave mama before Missy crossed the bridge. There is even an outfit for Gunnie. It is a wizard hat, and daddy made a little wizard wand with a crystal in it.

Mama says it remains to be seen if Gunnie will wear any clothes, even hats, but mama says she is excited bout all the posser-bilitees.


The Snow is Moving

January 5th 2011 10:36 am
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Yesterday I had my pointment with Dr. Unkl Mike. Mama took me in our new truck. Her name is Sapphire, and she is a Honda Ridgeline. Neener, neener; I got to ride in Sapphire before Gunnie. Gunnie didn't get to go because he was so naughty the last time. Now he only gets to go if it is his pointment. Don't tell my brother, but he has to get some shotters in February.

I was wearing my Peekaboo pink harness with my pink and silver Home Again tag and my silver paw charm with the precious stones. Unkl was very impressed with my bling. He said he had never seen a kitty wearing diamonds and sapphires before. I like my bling too, but it is SO heavy on my harness, I kind of slink around. My bling slows me down. That is not good when you are trying to run!

The bad news is my disease is flaring up again, but the good news is I am on medsins for it, and Gunnie and I will start eating scripshun kitty chow in hopes my disease is caused by a food allergy. My itchiness and inflammation (what's inflammation?) should start to go away soon. Then after the medsins are gone, I will eat my scripshun kitty food and hope the disease does not come back. If that does not work, mama said something bout "crossing bridges," but I do not know what that means.

It was very dark when mama and I started home. On the way to town, mama said the road was kinda slimey. When we started home, the wind was blowing the snow all around. In places mama could not see the road very well, and in other places mama said there were fingers of snow drifting onto the road. Sapphire brought us home safe even though it took longer because we went slow. I like Sapphire. She is real quiet and doesn't shake like daddy's big diesel.

Sapphire plowed up our drifty driverway, and when mama and I got out we had to walk through deep snow. I was glad when mama got the door open. It was warm and cozy in our house! Mama let me out of my carrier and took off my harness and bling. Then she put the new bag of scripshun kitty chow on the washering machine. Mama went back out to put Sapphire in the garage. When mama came back a few minutes later, the bag of kitty chow had a bunch of tooth marks all over it and a tear on the side. Hint: I did not do it...


I've Been Stood Up!

January 3rd 2011 3:00 pm
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Jeepers, the new year is just starting, and already I've been stood up. I had a pointment with Dr. Unkl Mike this afternoon, and Robin from Best Friends Animal Hospital called and said Dr. Unkl has "meetings" this afternoon and catnot see me. I do not understand how "meetings" could be more important than a date with Precious Princess Peekie.

I pouted for awhile, but it didn't help any, so I decided to take a nap in our stroller while mama is doing some things in the office. Now mama says I have to go tomorrow. At least I get to ride in the new truck before Gunnie, AND I get to wear my Peekaboo pink harness with my new paw charm with the diamonds and sapphires.


I'm One!

December 23rd 2010 4:50 pm
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Woohoo! I am one year old today! I am a big girl! Oooh, ooooh; I am so excited. I got presents from my friends and speshul snuggle time with mama. Even Gunnie was "sorta" speshul nice to me today.

Do I need a middle name? Gunnie has one. His middle name is Tiger. He only uses T because Gunnarr Tiger does not sound cool enough. Mama thought about giving me a middle name when I was first dopted. Daddy was not that keen on the name mama came up with, so I never got my middle name.

Today while mama was having a speshul snuggle with me on my first birthday, she did lots of thinking, thinking bout how important loving with your whole heart is even if you might get hurt. Mama's eyes started to leak when she thought bout how much she loves me. Mama thinks I am very beautiful. I have a perfect tabby M on my forehead. Then mama started thinking about the legend of the Tabby M. Missy Mups first heard the legend of the tabby M from the great Louis LeBeau. If you have not heard the story, it is about the tabby cat who was blessed by Mary because the little cat comforted baby Jesus when he was crying. Mary blessed the tabby with an M on its forehead. Mama's favorite candidate for my middle name was "Marie." Mama thought Peekaboo Marie would be a very good name to yell at me when I was being naughty. Naughty; me? Mama thought about the tabby M, and it suddenly struck her that Marie is the French equivalent of Mary.

So what does everykitty think? Should I be Peekaboo Marie?



December 22nd 2010 4:34 pm
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I know if I do not write bout this stuff, Gunnie will tattle on me, so I might as well confess.

The other day I was trying to get the potty just right. I am kind of particular bout the potty. I catnot go if it is not perfect. Mama was washing her face, and she could hear me scratching real serious in the potty. Just as mama turned around to look, I got my right front paw in the litter just right and fired a double handful of kitty litter straight out the end. See, mama bought a fancy potty for me and Gunnie. It is shaped like a Victorian slipper tub. It has rounded corners (the better for daddy not to catch his toe on cause our bathroom is small), and it is higher at one end and not very high at the other end. Mama thought it would be good for baby kitties like me. Ha! I did not need a baby kitty potty. From the very beginning I could leap into the potty without help. Anyway, I didn't mean to aim for the lowest part when I flung the litter. It just happened. Mama screamed when she saw how much litter went all over the bathroom floor. The screaming didn't bother me much because I finally had the potty just the way I wanted it, and I really had to go.

Yesterday mama went to town. She came home with two black furry cat toys. Later mama was sitting at the table, and I saw the cat toys under the table. They had these cool zippers with little black furry ball thingies hanging off of them. I started batting at the balls. Then I pulled on them. They moved a little bit like they were trying to get away from me, so I started biting at the big part. I didn't notice him at first, but Gunnie was lounging on his couch, and he was laughing behind his paw. He couldn't even hide his laughing when mama yelled at me, "Peekie, those are my new slippers, NOT kitty playthings!" I was so embarrassed; I had no idea they weren't new Kissmouse toys, and they were VERY fun to play with.

This morning mama straightened up the house, and she took the new cat toys, errrrrrrr, slippers and put them in a corner in the bedroom. This afternoon mama could see "something" lying in the middle of the hall. When she got closer, she could see it was one of the new cat toys, errrrrrrr, slippers. Mama looked in the bedroom, and the other cat toy, errrrrrrr, slipper was also not where she left it. Busted again! I tried to tell her Gunnie did it, but she would not believe me. My punishment was to be picked up and held and cuddled and kissed while mama laughed at me for my mistake. Gunnie, you could have warned me...

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