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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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Robins, Gophers, and Medsins

March 15th 2011 6:00 pm
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Mama says spring may be coming soon after all. Gunnie and I did not get to see the robin, but it came to Grampster's birdie feeder a few days ago. Mama saw a squishy gopher on the road too. Mama says that is a sure sign of spring. Gunnie and I did not get to see him neether. I have never seened a gopher at all.

Our snows are going away, and Gunnie and I like to get in our birdie watchering window because the maggypies are flying all over now. Even Gunnie does the birdie cry sometimes, but mostly it is me. I tremble and make a funny little crying sound when I want the maggypie, which is any time I see one.

I had to go see Unkl Dr. Mike today. He says I am doing really good. My "bads" are all gone, so mama gets to reduce my medsins. What's reduce? I get reduced medsins, and then in two weeks mama will take me back to see Unkl Dr. Mike. If I am still doing OK on the reduced medsins, maybe I can start my cyclosporine instead of steroids. If it works, then after awhile I will only need it every few days.

I guess I am kinda strange. Most kitties HATE their medsins, but I do not mind mine at all. In fact, I think it is a treat. Every morning when mama shakes the bottle of medsins to mix it up, I run to the bathroom and cry to get my medsins. Mama just puts the syringe in my mouth, and I yum my medsins right down. Unkl Dr. says my new medsins can be a suspension so I can take it by drinking. Mama thinks I will be a very good girl because Unkl Dr. says they put the cyclosporine in corn oil.

The best news of all is cuz I do not have a food allergy, I can have treats again!

P.S. Mama took a picture of me with Unkl Dr. Mike, but it did not turn out so good. Better luck next time, mama...



March 3rd 2011 11:43 am
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Darn! It is on to plan B with my nasty deeseeze. Gunnie and I finally got completely switched over to the scripshun kitty food. Unkl Dr. Mike was hoping my problem was a food allergy, and if I ate the low allergen scripshun food, my "bads" would not come back. Even when all I was getting was the scripshun food, as soon as mama weaned me from my prednisone, the "bads" started to come back, and I even had a new one starting in my armpit. BOO!!!

Back we went to see Unkl. Now that they know I do not have a food allergy, mama and Unkl had to come up with a plan to control my deeseeze. Surgery did not help; the first "bad" came back, and others tried to join the party. Radiashun is not an option. I could probably be controlled on prednisone, but that is kinda bad for you long term.

Unkl told mama about a drug called Atopica. It is a cyclosporine. Unkl said it is spensive, but if I respond to it Unkl can probably get mama lots at a time, and that will bring down the cost. Later if it controls my "bads" and keeps em from coming back, I might only need medsins every 2-3 days.

Mama feels very bad that I am sick and it is not sickness that will go away. Me, I'm just glad I got my mama instead of somebuddy who might say "She's sick; I don't want her anymore." That would make me VERY sad.

For now mama is sad for me but happy that there might be something that will give me what she calls "quality of life" so I can be a normal little kitty princess. We are both hoping that will happen for a long, long time.


Why Can't Mama Sleep?

February 24th 2011 10:11 am
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Why can't my mama sleep? We help her every night. Before mama falls asleep, Gunnie goes into the bathroom and opens the shower doors and jumps into the tub. "THUMP!" Then Gunnie starts to sing. His song sounds like this: "Mrrrt, Mrrrrrrt, mrrrrrowwwwwwww. Mrrrrrrrrowwww, mrrrr, mrrrt. Meeeeeeowww!" When he is done singing, we hear Gunnie jump up on the toilet tank. "Rattle!" Then he jumps down onto the floor. "THUMP."

I curl up to sleep by mama's pillow on her left side. Gunnie sleeps at the foot of the bed on the same side. In the middle of the night, mama hears "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh." It is Gunnie next to mama's pillow on the other side, trying to get under the covers. Mama lifts up the covers, and Gunnie goes under the covers. Then he curls up right next to mama and purrs. He falls asleep for awhile, but then he crawls out from underneath the covers and sits and looks out the window. Sometimes he sees deers going up the driverway.

Later but when it is still dark, Gunnie gets up and starts rattling the closet doors. Mama yells at him, and he stops for about 30 seconds. Then he does it again. When Gunnie gets tired of rattling the closet doors, he jumps up on the bed. The bed shakes, and it feels like an earthquake. Then Gunnie stalks up to where I am sleeping and starts wrestling with me right next to mama's head. Sometimes we tumble and wrestle all over the bed. Then Gunnie jumps down and gallops down the hall. Pretty soon we hear him coming back, pounding up the hall like a racing horsie. He leaps onto mama's little velvet chair and thumps it against the wall, leaps in the middle of mama, takes off from mama's middle, leaps down onto the floor, and starts running again. Gunnie keeps running loops and jumping on mama until he gets tired. Then when Gunnie thinks he will nap, I get up, walk over, and swat him, and we wrestle some more.

I think mama sleeps more than she says because this morning when she went into the living room, the pink fringie lamp was tipped over. It did not fall all the way down because it wedged against the wall. I am not the sponsible party; Gunnie did it! Or...maybe it was when we were wrestling in the night.

Why didn't mama hear that?



February 17th 2011 12:50 pm
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I just wanna thank all the wonderful kitties who sent me Valentine's Day presents. My page looks gorgeous with all those hearts and flowers!



February 15th 2011 8:15 pm
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That is how much I weighed today when I went to see Unkl Dr. Mike! Mama says she does not know why I don't kick Gunnie's butt when we wrestle. Well, I could, but I am a princess, and it is not very princessy to kick anykitty's butt. Besides, mostly you have to let the boys THINK they are winning.

I got a good report today, and I got to wear my blingy diamond and sapphire paw charm, AND mama got me and Gunnie more Forti-Flora. YAY! We love our dirt.

Daddy was here over the weekend, and on Monday afternoon he and mama got out a bunch of kitty "outfits," hats and stuff and made me and Gunnie try each one of them on. Uh-oh...I think there may be some upcoming photo shoots. I gotta say I looked pretty cute in Missy Mups' Miss Liberty tiara, and I even wored the Mardi Gras masks that belonged to Missy. Gunnie didn't do such a good job. Mama called him a "wiggle worm." What's a wiggle worm?


DDP Today

February 3rd 2011 1:39 pm
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Jeepers! I am a DDP today. I do not know if it is my stylish outfit, my purrsonality, or my great writering that gets me these Catster honors. Maybe, just maybe it is my subject matter lately. Anyway, thanks Catster, and thank you to my kitty friends who have commented and sent me presents. It is much appreciated and makes my page so much prettier. Congratulations to all the other daily diary picks!



February 1st 2011 10:25 am
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This morning it was 20 degrees below zero here. In Havre where my daddy lives when he is not here with us, it was, depending on who you listened to, anywhere from 36 degrees below zero to 41 degrees below zero, and that is without any wind. BRRRRRRR...

Gunnie and I get to visit Unkl Dr. Mike today. I hope it warms up, but at least I went potty late last night, and it was not so bad, so mama is hoping I won't have to go again until after we get home. That means I probably will not need another bath, so I won't have to go outside with damp furs.

Mama promised she will get some yummy Forti-Flora from Unkl Dr. Mike for us. It is delishus stuff that helps your good tummy bugs. I catnot wait!

Gunnie gets to wear the Pendleton coat because he does not have as much furs as me, and he just sits in his carrier. I burrow down under the covers in my carrier, I have more furs than Gunnie, and mama says I am getting pretty "stout." Does that mean I am extra fluffy?



January 31st 2011 7:16 pm
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Jeepers, what's all the fuss about? Just because my poo is icky and gets all over when I go is no reason to soak me down and wash me with smelly shampoo!

Now I run as soon as I finish, and I run from mama if she tries to catch me. I guess she didn't realize what a smart kitty I am. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I have had two baths, and I am not planning any more.

Today it was only 0 degrees for a high. Where daddy lives (when he is not here with us) it was -20 for a high. Daddy lives in Havre, Montana. They say Havre is not the end of the earth, but you can see it from there. ;)

Anyway, mama is worried I will need a bath tomorrow and won't have time to dry before we visit Unkl Dr. Mike. I hope she is not getting any ideas about using that hair dryer thingie on my furs, because that is not gonna happen! No way, no how, not EVEN! I think I would rather have frozen furs. Then I could look like a stripey popsicle.


I've Been Tagged!

January 28th 2011 12:29 pm
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Thank you, Genny, for tagging me.

Name the 5 most annoying things your humans do, then tag 5 friends.
1. Checking my butt after I go potty.
2. Measuring our new scription food. I am a hungry girl!
3. Yelling at me when I sneak on the living room furniture to nap.
4. Yelling even louder when I get caught dancing on the dining room table.
5. Taking Gunnie along when I have a doctor pointment. This is MY time to get all the attention.

It looks like most kitties I know have already been tagged, so feel free to play if you haven't!


A Terribler-est Day

January 23rd 2011 1:33 pm
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Ooh, yesterday was a terribler-est day for me. Gunnie and I are eating scription food now, and it makes your, ahh, how shall I say this, ummm, poo presents for mom "different." Mama went outside for awhile and then came in and told us it was stinky in the bathroom. Somehow mama knew it was me who had just gone potty. She snatched me up and checked my butt. I had one teensy little piece of soft poo on the underside of my tail. I would have taken care of it myself, but mama tried to wipe it off. That only smeared the teensy bit of poo so it was WAY pooey-er.

The next part is the terrible part. Mama wouldn't let me go. She closed the bathroom door, opened the cabinet, and got out some special kitty shampoo she got from Unkl Dr. Mike. Mama turned on the water and tested to make sure it was not hot. Then mama tried to hold my tail in the water and wet it down. Well, I didn't like that much. I protested, but mama ignored me. Then mama took some shampoo and put it on my fur. I really did not like that. She started rubbing the shampoo into my fur, and I threw a hissy fit. I was screaming and thrashing around and trying to get away. Mama kept telling me she couldn't let me go until we had the shampoo rinsed out of my tail. It was a rodeo with me and the water going every which way but loose.

When we were finally finished, mama looked like she might cry. I was mad as a, well, wet CAT. I was too tired from fighting to do much but yowl, but I made some truly horrible noises. Mama wrapped me in a fluffy towel and cuddled me until we both calmed down. Then mama started towel drying my furs. That felt better. My tail was still pretty bedraggly looking, but I wanted down, so mama let me go. Mama was soaking wet. Her knees were wet, and she had to change her shirt because it was completely soaked on the right side. I was kinda thinking if I was all wet, mama should have to be all wet too.

I disappeared to regroom my wet furs, and mama changed her clothes. Mama was worried because she says I am kind of a strange child; I am almost feral sometimes. Mama was afraid our bond of trust might be broken. HA! Never. In spite of mama torturing me, I still love her AND the food she gives me. Mama and I are snuggle partners again, though I don't think I want to play in that nasty tub anymore, specially with mama.

I got my revenge on mama when I decided to use the clean sheets that were not folded yet to help dry my dampish fur. I laid down on the nice clean flannel sheets and groomed my soggy tail. Then I fell asleep and left terrible wrinkles...

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