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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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I am Four!

December 23rd 2013 10:07 am
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Today is my birfday; I am 4. Now I am as growned up as my bruther cat, Guns. I thought I was all growned up last year, but Guns says 4 is growned up.

My birfday didn't start so great. First I stepped in some nasty poo in the potty after I went, and I had to get my foot pet wipered. Then I throwed up a HUGE hairyball before I even had breakerfust.

I feel better now, though. Daddy gaved me loves and skritchies before he lefted for his nuther house this mornin, and Mama gave me speshl loves too. Breakerfust was pretty speshl cuz Guns and I got Fortiflora on our chow.

Thanks to everykitty who has gived me prezunts. I think now mama is gonna let me help thank everbuddy.


Got My Bruther Cat Back

December 19th 2013 4:44 pm
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Guns got to come home last night! I was kinda skared and confused yesterday cuz I did not know where Guns went. It was still light out when mama left, but it was pretty dark when she and Guns comed home. Guns said mama was driverin real careful cuz mama catnot see real good in the dark, and there are lotsa deers on the way home, and the road is right by the river. Just last week mama and daddy were comin home from town, and right by our house they seed a deer that was hurted. He was gimpin on three leggies, and mama and daddy think he got hit by a car.

Today mama called Best Friends for more Fortiflora. Then later she went in the bafroom and finded some bad poop. She thinks I did it, so she called and asked if I could have the same new medsins as Guns got. It is antbites only diffrunt antbites than the first ones. We gotta kill those bad tummy bugs and get some good tummy bugs started cuz the antbites kill ALL the tummy bugs, even the good ones. I am sure glad I don't hafta go see Unkl again. I let Guns do it for both of us.

Daddy is comin tomorrow, and he and mama are plannin Kissmouse dinner on Saturday cuz daddy will not be here for the real Kissmouse Day. I can't wait to see my daddy again.


Please Purr for my Bruther Cat

December 18th 2013 11:29 am
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Guns is sick, and he had to go stay with Dr. Unkl Mike at Best Friends Animal Hospital. He has been barfin off and on for awhile now. This mornin after we had breakerfust, he throwed up ALL his food on the livin room carpet.

I look up to my big bruther cat, and I am skared cuz he is not here. I sure hope Dr. Unkl Mike can fix him up cuz I do not know what I would do without him. He cuddles with me and teaches me stuff and even gives me baffs. If you got any extra purrs, couldja send some to Guns?



December 11th 2013 10:55 am
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Oh, my goodiness. Gunnie and I are both sicky. We gots somethin called stress cole-itus. Mama noticed Sunday that we were both poopin puddles. UGH! That is just awful. My tummy would start gettin funny, and then I would fly down the hall and leap into the potty. What comed out was embarrasin.

Mama didn't sleep much on Sunday night. She put me and Guns in the bathroom with our kitty beds. Every time she heard sumbuddy in the potty, she got up and comed in to check on us and clean the potty.

Monday mornin mama got up real early and called Dr. Unkl Mike as soon as his offis opened. They said we could be "drop-offs." Mama sed that is not her faverit cuz she likes to be there, but it was the best we could hope for, and mama wanted us to get helps right away.

It was cold and the wind was blowin bout 30 miles per hour. Mama's truck had not been drived for more than a week while it was 30 below zero outside. Mama had to go to the shed and get our carriers. They were real cold, so mama got em warmed up. She took our blankies out of the cold closet and put em in front of a heat vent, so they were nice and warm. Mama finally got us loaded up and drived us to see Dr. Unkl Mike. Auntie Serena told mama not to worry; they would fix us.

The streets were so yucky that mama sed it tooked her a half hour just to drive across town. She got some medsins at the pharmacy and then drived home. When mama got home, she had a message that we were reddy to come home, so mama got back in our truck and drived back to Best Friends.

Gunnie and I were real happy to see mama cuz we had beened x-aminned and got ant-bite shotters, and Dr. Unkl Mike looked at Gunnie's poop under a microscope. He said it had yucky stuff in it.

Everbuddy was real happy to get home and stay here where it is safe and warm. Gunnie and I are takin our medsins like good kitties. Mama thinks we do not know there is medsins in the chickie pill pockets. Really mama. Do ya think we were just borned yesterday?


I'm the Spokes Kitty!

December 3rd 2013 12:34 pm
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Hey, everkitty. Mama sez I get to tell everbuddy thanks SO MUCH for the pretty Thanksgiving prezunts. I like the way they keep changin one way and then back. Maybee they catnot make up their minds? It was real nice of ya to think bout us for Thanksgivin.

I had a real nice day; Gunnie not so much...

Thanks again for those horn thingies! They make our pajs look real good.

Oh, I almost forgot. Ya know what mama did with my prize munnies? She buyed sizzers and a comber thingie to trim my bloomers. Does that seem fair to ya?


Room of Horrors!

November 18th 2013 1:02 pm
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Oh, boy. I gotta tell ya all the terbl thing that happened to me a coupla days ago. Mama was still in bed, and I was sittin next to her pillow. She rolled over to pet me, and I started to leave. That was when mama sawed there was poo stuck in my bloomers. I get my bloomers trimmed, but somehow the poo still stuck. It was even worse cuz I had sittened down, and it was squished into my furs.

Mama leaped outta bed and catched me and tooked me in the bafroom. She got the poo off and then used three pet wipers tryin to clean my fur and make me smell better. It did not work! Mama sed I still stinked REALLY bad.

Mama let me go for a few minutes, so I did not know she was plottin gainst me. I did not know she was lookin for the speshl kitty shampoo and puttin some warm water in the baftub. Mama came and got me and took me to the bafroom. I figured somethin bad was gonna happen when she shut the door.

Mama was talkin real sweet when she picked me up and put me in the baftub. She knowed I was gonna throw a hissy fit, but she still was not ready. I flipped over on my back and got all of me wet stead of just my booty. I was screamin and fightin, and mama was worried I might bash my head on the side of the tub. I kept screamin "Guns! Mama is tryin to drown me!" Guns was outside the door yellin back "I'm tryin to save you, Peekie, but I catnot get in!" Oh, it was so horbl...

Finally I got kinda tired, so I couldn't fight so much, and mama quick scrubbed my booty and rinsed the kitty shampoo out. By then I was only moanin like I was dyin, and mama was so upset and skared that she had somehow hurtened me.

Once I was rinsed, mama got a towel round me, and we sat on the potty with her holdin me real tight. We were both pretty tired, so we just sat there until we calmed down. That was when mama looked down and sawed the water not drippin but runnin off the end of my tail onto the bafroom floor. Once we were calm, mama got anuther towel and tried to dry me, but I had nuther ideas. I wanted down, and I wanted out of the bafroom NOW!

Mama let me go and opened the door, and I runned up the hall and sat down and started tryin to fluff my drowned furs. I looked real insultered at mama, and she kept pollergizin to me bout the baf. She did say I smelled divine. What's divine?

When the baf was all over, mama went into the beddyroom and smelled the sheets. She made a face and took all the sheets off Mr. Big Bed and washered em. I wonder why?

Now whenever I go in the bafroom to use our potty, I am real spishus, and I try not to stay very long.


Chickie Treets!

November 6th 2013 9:00 pm
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Yum! Every mornin and every evenin I get a chickie treet. This mornin Gunnie was laffin behind his paw. When I asked him what was so funny, he said mama was hiderin medsins inside the treet and I was clueless. Well, OK, I did not know there was medsin in the treet, but it was yummy, so why would I care? If I get two treets every day, and my tummy feels better, I am not gonna complain. The onliest thing is Gunnie gets some chickie treet too even though he does not need medsins.


Double DDPs!

November 4th 2013 2:40 pm
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Jeepers, Guns and I are BOTH daily diary picks today. Does anykitty know if that has ever happened before? Maybee, just maybee Guns and I made Catster history today. Wouldn't that be kool?

Thanks for all the prezunts and good wishies that have been comin my way.

Ummmmm, I wish I had somethin more eksiterin to say along with my thanks, but today has been quiet cept for mama plottin gainst me with auntie Dawn bout my famotidine medsins. They both think I could not hear, but I was hiderin and listenin to mama talk on the telfone.

Oh, and Guns and I got some really kool treets last night. They were chickie pill pockets for kitties and some smoked beef dawg pill pockets. The beef ones were black, and mama thought they looked gross, but Guns would do ANYTHING for one, and after Guns liked em, I decidered I did too. YUM!!


New Toys!

November 2nd 2013 12:21 pm
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Gunnie and I got new toys yesterday. That is the good news. The bad news is that mama tooked em out to the shed today.

Mama was goned almost all day in town doin somethin she called "errands." She stopped at the newsypaper and picked up my sertificat so we can get our prize for the Pet Idol contest.

When mama comed home, there were two boxers on the back step. Mama got real eksitered cuz inside the boxers was stuff for craftin. Mama is gonna start makin some embossed metal jewelries, and she already does papercraftin, mostly makin paper greetin cards. Anywhoo, mama opened the packages, and one of the boxers had crinkly paper inside. The box was not really big enough, but Guns and I each managed to get inside the box but not at the same time. When ya settled down into the box, it was all snuggly, and the paper made a cool crinkly noise. The nuther box had packin peanuts inside, and Guns tried to steal one, so mama put that box away.

Mama picked up her beautiful cross stitch kitties from the frame shop yesterday. It is a special present from an extra special friend who sended the cowboy kitties from across the United States far away. Anyway, the kitties were wrapped in lotsa brown paper. Mama left the paper in the middler of the livin room floor, and Guns and I pawed at it and jumped on it and crawled underneath. It was real fun, and we could make noise playin in the paper.

Last night when we went to bed, mama put the paper away cuz she was afraid we might make skary noises while she was sleepin. This mornin mama let us play with the paper and the box for awhile, but then she tooked it all away. Boo, hiss!


I Winned, I Winned!

October 30th 2013 3:14 pm
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It was not zactly what mama was hopesterin for, but we got a call from the Pet Idol peeplz this afternoon. I winned a $50 gift certificate to Big R. It is like a farmer store place, and they sell kitty and dawg food. Mama left a messag for auntie Leslie from the Pet Paw-See wonderin how to get the prize thingie so they can use it to buy kitty food for all the foster kitties.

Neener, neener, Guns. I winned, and you did not! I will scamper round all evenin reminderin Gunnie that I am a winner. Yay, ME!!

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