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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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He Looks Like Me!

June 26th 2011 6:34 pm
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Ooh, I am so eksitered. Mama left me and Gunnie home alone and went to summer celebrashun in Ft. Benton to be with daddy. Mama shopstered at Art on the Levee.

Then when the show closed, mama and daddy picked up their roast chickie and tato salad at the store and went back to daddy's big rendezvous tent and had dinner. They had cake too, and mama said it looked like enough cake for three peoples. They did not have very many dishes, so they were sharing the cake out of the box it comed in. Hmmmmm...Somehow all the cake disappeared with just mama and daddy eating it.

After dinner mama and daddy went for a walk around town like they always do. They found two more abandoned houses and an old church they wish they had monies to buy and fix all up. Mama said they were in terbl shape, but it is fun to pretend how they could look if peoples would fix them.

As soon as it got dark, they started setting off the big fireworks on the old bridge. Mama said the coolest one looked like a silver waterfall coming off the bridge deck. It lasted for minutes! After that, there was so much smoke, the nuther fireworks had to go way up high in the sky so the peoples could see them. Mama and daddy laughed and said the urban deer probly scampered out of town when the fireworks started, and the gunsmoke from the fireworks made all the skeeters go away.

When mama got home this morning Gunnie was being a wuss. He was crying and clingy and wanted mama to hold him like a baby. I was happy to see mama, but I am more independent. Gunnie is needy. So much for all the "I'm a tough guy boy cat" stuff...

Mama had something speshl in a bag when she camed in the house. It is a kitty birdyhouse! The kitty is kinda smiling and laying on his back with his paws up in the air. His tail sorta sticks out. He has a hole in the side of his tummy. Mama says that is how the birdies get inside his tummy to make their nest. Gunnie and I thought he was a cool kitty. We sniffied him up real good. The best part is he looks kinda like me only I am prettier of course. He is gray with black stripes. Mama said there weren't any kitty birdyhouses that looked like Gunnie. One was black, but mama was afraid the birdies might get too hot inside it.

Daddy will be here soon, and he is gonna help mama hang the birdyhouse up where we can see it from our deck. Mama says it is kinda late to be putting up a birdyhouse, but you just never know. Maybe there are some birdies that wanna live there. Will we have birdies with babies in our new kitty birdyhouse this summer? I catnot wait to see what happens.


Company is Coming!

June 22nd 2011 8:43 pm
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Ooh, ooh; our auntie is coming. We have lots of peoples we call auntie and unkl, but this is mama's sister, so she is our real auntie. She is coming from far, far away to see us. Gunnie and I can't wait to meet her. She has two kitties of her own, so we know she will like us lots.

Auntie is gonna stay with grampster, so mama has been helping grampster fix up his guest room. Grampster gets tired kind of easy, so mama has been shopstering for stuff for grampster's guest room.

Today Gunnie and I had to stay home alone all day because mama was out shopstering all over town. When mama came home she was all eksitered because she found everything on grampster's list in one trip, and she found a nice floor lamp marked down 55%. Grampster thinks mama is a real good shopper, and daddy calls mama the Amazing Shopstering Mama because she is so good at finding deals.

We are finally getting summer in Big Sky Country, so Gunnie and I got to be cool kitties with the air condishuner on. I like to stretch out on the floor where the cool air blows and let it fluff my fur. My silly brother fell asleep in the bay window in the hot sun this afternoon. He was probably too tired from sitting in the living room and wailering for mama while she was shopstering.


I'm Clean Enough!

June 19th 2011 12:54 pm
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This morning Gunnie decided I needed a bath. I catnot figure out why because I am SO much cleaner and fluffier than him. Anyway, when Gunnie started to wash my ruff, I started squirming and trying to get away. My brother, the bully, stuck his paw right in the middle of my beautiful forehead "M" so I could not get away. I decided it wasn't so bad after all, so I let Gunnie wear out his tongue giving me a good wash. He can have the hairball too...

P.S. If Monida's forehead "M" stands for "Monida," what does mine stand for?



June 15th 2011 3:33 pm
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Ooh, oooooh; the most terriblest thing happened to me and Gunnie today. Mostly everything was normal until this afternoon. Then mama got our stroller out of the office and put it in the bedroom. Then she got our food, water, and potty and put it in the bedroom too. Gunnie and I were napstering on the bed. We watched mama and wondered why she was bringing all our stuff right to us. As soon as we had all our stuff, she shut the door and locked us in!

It was nice in the bedroom. Even the window was open so we had a nice cool breeze, but we did not want to be there! Locked in! Ooh, it was SO terrible. Mama left us locked up for hours and hours and hours.

Finally mama opened the door and let us out. Her excuse for putting me and Gunnie in jail was that Unkl Mike, the computer guy, was coming to reinstall our printer wirelessly, and mama was worried that Gunnie might get underfoot or stick his nosy nose where it did not belong.

Ummmmm; so why did I have to go to jail too?


Happy Father's Day to My Daddy

June 13th 2011 7:00 pm
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Happy Father's Day, daddy. I wish you could be here with us on your speshal day. Gunnie and I know how lucky we are to have a daddy who loves kitties so much.

I am very shy, but I love my daddy SO much. I love for him to scoop me up and cuddle me, and he gives the very best head skritches. Your little princess loves you lots, daddy.


I'm A Winner!

June 12th 2011 12:14 pm
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Ooh, ooh; it does not matter that it is raining kitties and pups outside here today, and Gunnie and I catnot go for a stroller ride.

Mama and I just found out that I am the winner of the monthly photo contest at the Cat and Dog Plaza group! The theme was "pose," and I guess I must be a pretty good poser. Gunnie is jealous because mama entered a picture of him too, but I won.

Thanks to the administrators of Cat and Dog Plaza for choosing my picture. It was real nice of you, and it makes me feel real speshl.


I Was Doing So Well...

June 10th 2011 11:23 am
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I was doing a great job of being well until mama and Unkl Dr. quit giving me my prednisone. It was just a teensy bit; 0.1 ml every other day, but as soon as mama stopped giving me any, my bads started to come back. Mama thinks MAYBE it started when I went from 0.2 to 0.1 ml every other day. Anyway, mama was horror-fied when she saw one of those awful rodent lesions starting on my mouth. I had to go see Unkl, and now I am taking more prednisone until the rodent lesion heals and the bads on my leg go away. Then we will try less medsins. Unkl says I have not been on my cyclosporin long enough to know if it will work for me.

Mama felt SO bad that I am sick again, but guess what? I never even know I am sick. I trill and purr and scamper and play and eat like a pony mama says. I feel so lucky to have my forever home and a mama and daddy and brother who love me so much. Mama says she finds her very best "assertiveness" when she is fighting to keep me and Gunnie happy and healthy. My daddy would do anything for me and Gunnie too. I love my daddy so much. Mama said I had a very sad look on my face when daddy left this morning.

Akshually, the worsterest thing that happened to me and Gunnie today was when mama locked us in jail so she could put the new computer back together. I just don't understand why she would not want me and Gunnie having a wrestling match under her feet while she was trying to move the big tower and plug all the thingies into the back. Some mamas are kinda ungrateful, I guess.


Fur on the Tongue

May 28th 2011 1:09 pm
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Today we are stuck inside because it has been raining for almost two weeks. Mostly every creek and river in central Montana is flooding. Roads are washed out, and all the campstergrounds in the Lewis and Clark National Forest are closed. Gunnie and I catnot even go for a stroller ride. We are bummed.

This morning Gunnie was chasering me and chasering me and chasering me. I don't know what else to do but run when he chasers me. I am very passive, so I do what Gunnie wants. Finally mama heard me squeaking and came to investergate. She caught Gunnie trying to swallow a mouthful of my byootiful furs. Gunnie got scolded, but then mama got the laser toy.

I started to play right away. I love my laser toy, Gunnie not so much. I will chase the dot until I can't go anymore. Gunnie just laid there like a lump of cat fur. When I got kinda tired, mama got the feather kitty teaser with the bells on it. Gunnie went wild and started leaping in the air and bumping me out of the way, so I quit playing. My brother the maniac played until he was soooo tired. He was just laying on the carpet exhaustered. Now maybe he will be nice for awhile, at least until after our afternoon nap.


My Brother, the Wuss

May 26th 2011 12:29 pm
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I have been pouting because mama has not let me write in my diary for awhile, and I have stuff to tell!

Daddy was here for my last doctor pointment, so he went with us. Gunnie had to go for his "soshulizashun" practice. As soon as Gunnie saw the door to Best Friends, he backed up in his carrier and made it tip up in the front.

We went to a room, and mama got me out, and daddy got Gunnie out of his carrier. We both had our harnesses on, and mama snapped leashes on us so we could explore the room. I checked it out a little bit, but daddy was wearing his puffer vest, and I discovered I could jump up on the bench next to daddy and go behind him and hide underneath his vest. I made daddy laugh a couple of times because I tickled him when I turned around while I was hiding in his vest.

Gunnie did not like his soshulization. He went and sat in the corner. He was trying to act brave, but mama could see Gunnie's head shaking just a teensy bit. Mama picked Gunnie up and held him. Then a funny thing happened. Gunnie wanted down, and mama let him jump down. Gunnie smelled something in the room. He started sniffering really serious. Then something even funnier happened. Gunnie got a big smile on his face, and he rolled over on his back and started acting silly. Mama said they must have sprayed Feliway in the room to calm down some nuther kitty. It worked real good on Gunnie. He was acting all goofy and rolling around on the floor like he was at home.

When Unkl Dr. Mike finished checking me out, mama asked if she could put Gunnie up on the exam table. Gunnie did not like that a bit. Unkl Dr. tried to feed Gunnie a treat, and all Gunnie would do was back up and act like a wuss.

Unkl Dr. said the treat looked like kitty poop, and it was true. It didn't smell so good either. I hope it did not hurt Unkl Dr.'s feelings too much.

What can I say? My brother is a wimpy wuss, and I am a big brave girl.


The Smiling Kitty Face

May 15th 2011 6:56 pm
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We have a smiling cat at our house. I do not like him. I THINK I'm sposed to step on him when I get in and out of the potty, but he has these little stickery things sticking up, and they feel icky on my feet. I go around him to get in the potty. Then when I am finished, I get ready and then I leap real high over him while I shake my paws real hard. Usually I hear a pingy, pingy sound. Mama says it is the sound of kitty litter bouncing off things in the bathroom; the toilet, the tub, the shower doors, the walls. I think even if I walked all over him, that smiling kitty face would just keep on smiling at me. I think he is a bad cat...

Why is mama always in the bathroom using the sucky machine? Doesn't she like walking in kitty litter? I don't mind; I just don't like that smiling kitty face.

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