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The Scoop by Miss Peekaboo - Day One

August 19th 2011 4:27 pm
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This is Miss Peekie with the scoop.

This morning mama and daddy and Gunnie and I set off on our adventure. Mama gave our housesitters their instructions, and daddy strapped our carriers into his big noisy truck. I wasn't too nerveless cuz mama gave me some Bach's Rescue Remedy before we left. Nobuddy can call me Miss Howling Woof anymore. MAYBE Miss Mewing Kitty. I only made a few feeble little mews in four whole hours.

We got to go through some highway struction, and we got in a big line of cars and trucks and had to go real slow. We stopped in Lincoln, Montana, at their park. Mama let me and Gunnie out of our carriers and fed us lunch. We were too eksitered to eat, but we did check out our potty. I checked out Gunnie's carrier. Akshly it is usually my carrier, but daddy said to let me have the big carrier with the real thick mattress to see if I would cry less. Mama doesn't mind my howling much, but I think it bothers daddy when he thinks I am so unhappy. I like Gunnie's carrier better, and he really doesn't care. He almost goes to sleep while we are ridering in the truck anyway, so I guess I get to keep the real squishy bed.

Our spot at the KOA is nice and shady, and we are not even runnin the air condishunering. Gunnie and I got to watch smellervision out the screen door most of the afternoon except when mama and daddy finished lunch. They decidered to explore the campsterground so they would know where everything is and where to take me and Gunnie on our stroller ride after dinner.

Mama and daddy were gone bout half an hour. When they came back, I was resting on the couch which was made down into a bed so I couldn't get behind and get stuck again. Gunnie usually greets when anybuddy comes to the door, but he was nowhere to be found. Mama said to daddy, “Where's Gunnarr?” Daddy said, Well he has to be here somkewhere.” Then they started looking round the bed, in the bathroom, under the table. No Gunnie. Mama and daddy looked at each nuther. Then they took the front panel off the couchie thing, and Gunnie's head popped out. He looked at mama and daddy like “What took you so long to get me out of here?”

Mama and daddy have been plotting against us ever since. I heard mama ask daddy if they could take the sleepstering bag out from underneath the bed and stuff it where Gunnie and I have been going down behind the couch. You would think it is their job to spoil all our fun.

We are getting a stroller ride after dinner, and I hope we see something REAL eksitering.

This is Peekie signing off.


Gettin Ready

August 17th 2011 10:24 am
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Daddy is coming today, and we are gettin ready for our trip. This morning mama brought in our kitty carriers. I get the smallerish old one cuz I feel safer in a small place when we are travelering. My carrier has a nice squishy bed with a foam mattress and a blankie on top that I can dig in and get under if I get nerveless while we are on the road.

Gunnie gets the bigger carrier, but it doesn't have a very nice bed, so mama decided to make it nicer. She found a piece of foam and tried it for a mattress. It was too wide, so mama took a knife and cut it smaller. It looked messy, but it doesn't matter because Gunnie loves to eat stuff he's not sposed to, so mama wrapped it up in a giant pillowcase. Then she took a new blankie that she washed to get the "new" smell off and put it inside. Gunnie sniffied it, but he did not go inside. Mama got some kitty treats, and Gunnie followed her all the way through the house to his kitty carrier. Mama tried to give him a treat, but he would not eat it. Mama asked him to sit up and take it. No! Mama put it on the rug for Gunnie to eat. No! Then mama started putting the treats inside the carrier. No! He would not go in and get his treats.

Mama went off to do nuther things, and when she came back all she could see was my precious fluffy booty just inside the door to Gunnie's carrier. Then she saw me shaking. Yeppers, I was chewin up those fishies, eatin Gunnie's treatskers right up. Now poor Gunnie doesn't have any treats, and I am resting in HIS new bed. *Giggles...*



August 15th 2011 12:35 pm
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How many days has it been since the "upgrade" at Catster? Mama just uploaded a cool new photo to my page, and all we got for our trubble was a dumb red X. That's not cool at all! Ummmm, where is the flea spray?


Ooh, Eksitement!

August 15th 2011 11:27 am
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Woohoo! Auntie helped us fix our pages, AND we are getting ready to go on vacashun with mama and daddy. Some friends are watchering our house while we go to Missoula, Montana, in our campster trailer. It is about 150 miles up over the mountains. While mama and daddy take day trips, Gunnie and I get to stay all alone in the campster trailer. We will have air condishuning and music all day long, and nobuddy will be home to see if we do naughty things! We will have our toys, beds, and even water from home, along with lots and lots of kitty chow. When mama and daddy come home in the evenings and while they are getting ready to leave in the morning, Gunnie and I will get to watch what daddy calls "smellervision." Daddy asks mama if Gunnie and I wanna watch kitty televishun. Then he opens the door, and we get to sit inside the screen door and watch and smell and listen to everything going on in the campsterground. After dinner if the weather is nice, we will get a stroller ride every single night.

Gunnie and I will try to report anything inneresting that happens while we are away. Mama and daddy take the laptop so we can come to Catster maybeeeee if we have some extra time. Mama says she can't wait until her "job" is having fun. We have been way too bizzy this summer with a visit from our auntie, grampster frakshuring his back, and an upcoming visit from our human cousin. Gunnie and I have never met her, but mama says she is kinda cool. She even has a kitty of her own. His name is Milo, and I am hearing he is a pretty naughty boy.

I sure hope we can check in while we are vacashuning. Meanwhile, Catster, please spray for fleas, OK?

P.S. Today is our friend, Mouse's, 17th birthday. Happy Birthday, Mouse! Gunnie and I hope you have many, many more birthdays.


Gone Again

August 2nd 2011 4:00 pm
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Daddy left again this morning. He went to West Jellystone, Montana, for another rendezvous. It lasts 10 whole days. Boo! Gunnie and I were sad when daddy left without us and mama, but daddy said next time he comes we all get to go on vacashun together!

We are travelering to Missoula, Montana, and we get to stay five whole nights at the KOA in our campster. If the weather is nice and not too hot, Gunnie and I will get a stroller ride every evening after dinner. Mama promised.

While daddy was here, he and mama worked so hard they were not around much. Daddy spended a whole day building shelf thingies in the new storage shed. He even made mama a potting bench where she can play with plants if the weather is cold or rainy. Now mama has what she calls a "to-do" list. While daddy is goned, mama has to take everything out of the little old shed and make it nice and organerized in the new one plus she has to cut the hedge. It will probably take mama all day to do each one, so Gunnie and I will make our vacashun plans and take long naps cuz it is kinda hot here anyway. While we nap we will be dreaming of long stroller rides, maybe under the lights.


Too Hot!

July 20th 2011 11:35 am
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For the last two days it has been TOO HOT here! Monday it was 99 degrees, and Tuesday mama told us it was 96. That is too hot. It is hard to stay cool in my fluffy bloomers when it is that hot. Daddy came home on Sunday, and he and mama spent two hours working on our air conditioner. Daddy worked SO hard to make sure Gunnie and I could stay cool. Daddy did the very best job because our house stayed cool on Monday even though it was so very, very hot. There was a real nice breeze coming down the hall, so Gunnie laid on the foot of the bed, and I napped on mama's little antique chair by the bedroom door.

Summer is daddy's bizzy season, and he keeps coming and going all the time. It is a wonderful surprise when daddy comes up the driverway in his big noisy truck, but it makes me and Gunnie and mama sad when daddy has to leave again. Sometimes daddy comes and goes so much it makes me dizzy!

If anykitty could spare some purrs for our grampster, Gunnie and mama and I would really preshiate it. Grampster fell and hurt his back. So far, he is doing pretty good for such an old guy, but his back hurts a lot right now, and it makes our mama sad.


Summertime, and the Livin is Easy

July 12th 2011 12:24 pm
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It is finally summertime here in Big Sky Country. The sky is blue, the sun is shinering, and there is a nice breeze. Every morning mama gets up and opens the bay window in the dining room for me and Gunnie. Daddy calls it "smellervision" because we can watch, hear, and smell all the wonderful smells from outside. This is a yellow clover year, and the air is perfumed with the scent of sweet clover. The birdies are singing, and they like to sit on the fence. Sometimes I think they are teasering me. They just sit there and fluff their feathers and chirp. I think they are saying "Catch us if you can, Peekie." Then I do my little birdie cry. Mama says it is a sad, pathetic sound, but I am just talking to the birdies and saying "I wanna eat you, birdie!" After I say that, they usually fly away.

Mama has a new craft that she is trying. Auntie taught mama how to make paper beads. It is a cheap hobby (mama says that is inexpensive) because you mostly only need a bunch of paper and some glue. I like it because there are cool little scraps of paper all over in the craft room, AND mama gets all interested in what she is doing and forgets about me and Gunnie. Sometimes we can have lots of fun doing stuff mama would not like because she is working too hard on her paper beads.

I think I LOVE summertime!


A Movie Star?

July 9th 2011 8:44 am
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While my auntie was here, the whole family cept for me and Gunnie went to Ryan Dam. It is on the Great Falls of the Missouri. Lewis and Clark camed here way back in the olden days. They thought they could paddle canoes up the river until they found the falls. Oops! Mama says what they did is called "portaging." Then they were so tired they stayed for almost three weeks only a mile from where we live.

Even with the dam, the falls are BIG. This year the water is real high, and the falls were amazing even to mama and daddy and auntie and grampster who have seen them so many times. Auntie decided to try out the little video thingie on her new camera. Later when everbuddy watched the video, they said "WOW! This is way cool! You can even hear the water."

Later mama wondered about the video setting on her camera. Mama knew the camera could take movies, but she was always too bizzy taking pictures of things that do not move. Mama was studying bout the camera a coupla nights ago, and she decided to see how hard it was to make movies. Eeeeeezzzzeeee as pie.

Guess who got to star in mama's very first movie? That's right; ME!!!!! the Peekaboo Princess. The movie is not very good, but that is mama's fault. I was perfect in my very first role. I laid on the bed and watched mama with my beautiful green eyes and twitched just the end of my tail back and forth. See, I did not know what mama was doing. Next time I will do something real cool for the movie. Gunnie got to be in a movie too, but as soon as mama started recording, he quit moving and just sat there. I guess mama has us trained for snapping still pictures.

I hope mama gets bizzy and writes me a new script. Wouldn't it be cool if I became a Hollywood Star?


I'm Just Not Sure

July 7th 2011 4:51 pm
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My auntie came to visit for a week from Nevader. I think she was nice, but I could not make up my mind if I should let her hold me. She could pet me most times, and she sounded like mama, but I was just not quite sure if I REALLY liked her a lot.

Gunnie liked auntie, but he is braver than me. Maybe he is just more reckless than me. He let auntie pick him up and carry him around the house and pet him anytime she wanted.

Mama and daddy were goned a lot when auntie first got here. Then daddy left for Pinedale, Wyoming, and mama and auntie stayed home more doing what they called "projects." Auntie is doing our family history; well, mama's, not mine and Gunnie's. Anyway, they had all these real old pictures. They were looking at the pictures and reading old letters and getting real eksitered bout stuff. They stuck some of the things inside a black thingie on mama's desk and pushed some buttons. Then they took the things out and put them back. They said they were scanning photos. I think maybe they were just pretending.

On Independence Day auntie taught mama how to make paper beads. They were messy; there was fun stuff scattered all over mama's craft table. Gunnie and I were all ready to explore the beads, but mama and auntie shut the door up tight when they were finished.

On Tuesday when auntie left, mama and grampster took her to the airport. Mama saw Gunnie and thought she knew where I was, so she shutted the office door up tight when she left. Then she and auntie and grampster went to town. After auntie was ready to get inside a giant birdie to go home, mama and grampster went to some stores and shopstered. When mama camed home, Gunnie greeted her at the door, but she did not see me. Mama called me, but I still did not come. Mama was pretty surprised when she opened the office door. I was standing there waiting to come out. I was pretty good while I was locked in the office without any food, water, or a potty. I only knocked a coupla things off the desk. I tried to tell mama I thought if I got on the desk maybe I could open the up tight door, but she did not believe me.

Mama tried to lecture me bout being a sneak, but I just purred and trilled because it did not even scare me. Mama was kinda disserpointed because she hoped I learned a lesson. Not even, mama...


He Looks Like Me!

June 26th 2011 6:34 pm
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Ooh, I am so eksitered. Mama left me and Gunnie home alone and went to summer celebrashun in Ft. Benton to be with daddy. Mama shopstered at Art on the Levee.

Then when the show closed, mama and daddy picked up their roast chickie and tato salad at the store and went back to daddy's big rendezvous tent and had dinner. They had cake too, and mama said it looked like enough cake for three peoples. They did not have very many dishes, so they were sharing the cake out of the box it comed in. Hmmmmm...Somehow all the cake disappeared with just mama and daddy eating it.

After dinner mama and daddy went for a walk around town like they always do. They found two more abandoned houses and an old church they wish they had monies to buy and fix all up. Mama said they were in terbl shape, but it is fun to pretend how they could look if peoples would fix them.

As soon as it got dark, they started setting off the big fireworks on the old bridge. Mama said the coolest one looked like a silver waterfall coming off the bridge deck. It lasted for minutes! After that, there was so much smoke, the nuther fireworks had to go way up high in the sky so the peoples could see them. Mama and daddy laughed and said the urban deer probly scampered out of town when the fireworks started, and the gunsmoke from the fireworks made all the skeeters go away.

When mama got home this morning Gunnie was being a wuss. He was crying and clingy and wanted mama to hold him like a baby. I was happy to see mama, but I am more independent. Gunnie is needy. So much for all the "I'm a tough guy boy cat" stuff...

Mama had something speshl in a bag when she camed in the house. It is a kitty birdyhouse! The kitty is kinda smiling and laying on his back with his paws up in the air. His tail sorta sticks out. He has a hole in the side of his tummy. Mama says that is how the birdies get inside his tummy to make their nest. Gunnie and I thought he was a cool kitty. We sniffied him up real good. The best part is he looks kinda like me only I am prettier of course. He is gray with black stripes. Mama said there weren't any kitty birdyhouses that looked like Gunnie. One was black, but mama was afraid the birdies might get too hot inside it.

Daddy will be here soon, and he is gonna help mama hang the birdyhouse up where we can see it from our deck. Mama says it is kinda late to be putting up a birdyhouse, but you just never know. Maybe there are some birdies that wanna live there. Will we have birdies with babies in our new kitty birdyhouse this summer? I catnot wait to see what happens.

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