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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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New Year's Day Movies

January 5th 2012 3:44 pm
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On New Year's Day, mama and daddy watched movies. They hardly ever watch movies. Mama had a movie (Pearl Harbor) that she had never even watched. Mama and daddy brought the kitty couches in so Gunnie and I could watch the movie too. There was lotsa booms and guns goin off, and I got kinda skared. Gunnie told me to go to the conceshun stand and get some poppercorns with mouse butter. I went and standed in line for a little while. Then when I asked for the poppercorns with mouse butter, they did not have no mouse butter. They asked if I would like to wait while they catched some more mousies and made the butter. I said yes cuz I thought Gunnie might get mad if I came back without the mouse butter. I waited and waited and waited, but they could not catch no more mousies to make the mouse butter. After hours and hours of waitin, I gave up and went back to my kitty couch. Gunnie was sound asleep on his couch, and the movie was over. I missed almost the whole movie waitin for mouse butter for our poppercorns. Next time I am gonna make Gunnie stand in line to get the poppercorns, or maybee we should just bring our own mouse butter?


Good Mews

January 5th 2012 12:24 pm
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For the very, very first time I tried to run and get in what daddy calls my hidey-hole under Mr. Big Bed when mama tried to put me in my carrier. I had been napsterin in the carrier most of the day, but mama started actin suspishus-like, so I tried to hide. It did not werk. Mama shut the beddyroom door. I ran under the oak parlor table in the livin room, but mama got down on her tummy and pulled me out. How embarrasin...for her!

We had to wait cuz Unkl Dr. Mike was "squeezin us in," but it was not so bad. I stayed in my carrier UNDER my blankie AND my bed until auntie Serena camed in and weighed me. I am 11 pounds now, almost as heavy as Gunnie! After that I got to go back in my carrier until the doktor camed in.

Unkl Dr. Mike says I have allergees besides my nuther sickiness, and the weather has been so warm here and the wind blowin so much that all the animals in town with allergees have been comin in to see the dockor.

The good news is I am stayin on my cyclo cuz it keeps the bad thingies from comin back on my legs. Now I am gettin "ack-ack" medsins (prednisone) to make the bad things on my mouth go way. I only have to take it for a little while. I probly will need it sumtimes whenever those bad things come back, but not all the time.

Tabbies, I sure wish my medsins were trouts, but they are regular medsins. We might have some "trouty" treets around here somewhere, though.


Darn It!

January 4th 2012 12:14 pm
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Just when mama thought everthing was goin good, my sickiness is comin back. Yesterday daddy asked mama if my mouth looked funny. Mama glanced at one side of my mouth and told daddy I was fine. Then today when mama went to give me my medsins, she noticed the right side of my mouth is all red and sore lookin, and on the nuther side it is not quite as red, but I got a patch of fur missin.

Mama called my Dr. Unkl Mike's office right away. One of our favorite peeples there, Dawn, said they will "squeeze us in" at 4:30 clocks today. I hope they do not squeeze me too hard.

Mama is not sayin much, but I think I will be takin new medsins. I have had it before, and I do not mind it. It is also less spensive than the cyclo. Mama feels kinda sad cuz she was just sure the medsins I was takin would work as long as I got medsins every day.

Now it is back to the drawin board...

The good news is I never feel sick at all. I eat and run and jump and play all the time. I am happy I don't hafta worry bout my sickiness or my medsins cuz mama and Dr. Unkl Mike will do it for me. :)


DDP and Some Reflections for 2011

December 26th 2011 12:56 pm
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Thank you, Catster, for makin me a DDP today. I have had an eksiterin past few days. First it was my birthday, and I am TWOS now; all growned up. Then Kissymouse came. Gunnie and I got a cool new bed and new toys, and we are startin to eat our Tasty Wild Stuff kitty food cuz it is better for us. Now Catster is lettin me have a DDP honor. Life is good!

I have been thinkin since I got all growned up, thinkin bout how lucky I am to have my mama and daddy and bruther, Gunnie. Mama could have gone and picked out a free baby kitten stead of payin lotsa monies for me and Gunnarr. The rescue group, Pet Paw-See, does not make no monies on their doptions, but they do ask for some monies. It is probly partly so people will really think bout if they can love and take care of the kitties they dopt. Anyway, my mama picked me and Gunnie both from a whole buncha kitties who needed homes. Somehow mama could see that we were both speshl. All kitties are speshl in their ownest way, but mama saw somethin in both me and Gunnie that made her want to bring us home and be with her always.

I got picked at first cuz I looked like my big sister, Missy Mups, when she was a kitten, but mama always knew I was not Missy; I was my ownest little self. At first I did not like mama very much. I was skittish and skared. I tried to get away from mama when she held me. I just wanted to run away and hide. Mama would not give up on me, and pretty soon I decidered she was pretty nice. I did not meet my daddy for awhile, but when I did, I worried that he liked Gunnie better cuz he is a boy and daddy met Gunnie first. Then I learned just how big my daddy's heart is. He can love a bazillion kitties all at the same time and still have room in his heart for every single one. I am real shy, but I love my daddy THIS much! I love and trust both my mama and daddy. Mama and daddy would never let nobuddy hurt me or Gunnie; they would fight like tigers to keep us safe.

I beened thinkin bout all this for awhile now. Those of us who have our forever homes should always remember the kitties who are cold and hungry and skared, and we should love our parents even more because we are the lucky ones.


The Tabby M

December 23rd 2011 11:15 am
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If you have not read our sister, Missy Mups', latest diary entry, you might like the legend of the Tabby M. It is a Kissmouse story. Missy Mups' dear friend, Louis LeBeau, was the first kitty we know of to have told the story on Catster, but we think maybe not every kitty has heard it. If you have that beautiful "M" on your forehead like me and my brother, Gunnarr T, don't miss the story.


The Hideaway Bed

December 20th 2011 6:59 pm
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Mama ordered me and Gunnie a speshl bed. When it came, we did not like it, and that made mama sad. I think Gunnie maybee said it before, but our mama is stubborn, and she does not give up very often. Mama decidered the bed was too poofy, so she took some of the stuffins out of it. Then she decidered the cover was too stiff, and it probly did not smell good to me and Guns, so she washed it. Then she put the bed back together and rubbed it with her sockies from the laundry hampster. Then she got a bunch of our toys. She rubbed nip all over em and put em in the bed. Then she took dried nip leafs and rubbed the nip all over the inside of the bed. Mama waited for awhile, and Guns and I did not go in the bed, so she put me in the bed. I jumped out and runned away. Later mama found me and Guns all nipped out from sniffin all round the bed, but we were still not in it.

Just when mama thought maybe she would have to donate the nice new bed to the Pet Paw-See rescue, she camed into the beddyroom and found me sound asleep under the blankie in the new bed. I have been sleepin in the new bed, and it is mine now! I guess that's why Guns decidered it should be his bed. Mama camed into the beddyroom today and found Guns snuggled under the blankie in the bed. Mama thought maybee Guns would like some companies, so she put me in the bed with him. He just looked disgustered and got out of the bed and runned away.

Too bad, so sad; now the bed is mine again, Guns, and I am not lettin you in it next time.


Becomin a Model

December 12th 2011 3:56 pm
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Yesterday mama was sposed to be cleanerin house, but she needed to get out some things just in case Gunnie and I would let her take Kissmouse pictures.

Our big sister, Missy Mups, had FOUR BOXES of stuff for picture takin. Some of the things she never got to wear cuz she got sick, and mama would not make her pose anymore. Some things mama even forgottened she had. Mama kept takin things out of the box and wonderin if I would wear them.

At first I thought I should run away, but then I jumped up on the bed and stayed there. I tried on Missy's little pink cape with the white fur collar and pearls and a pink jewel. Then I tried on Missy's Santa suit and hat. It was kinda big, and mama didn't member how she fixed it for Missy until after she tooked it off me. I tried on a black cowgirl hat with a feather, a wizard hat (really cool; maybe I can make Gunnie diss-pear), a little headband with flowers and streamer ribbons, and the best one, Missy's Miss Liberty tiara. The tiara comed from Party America, and mama thinks it costed 97 cents, but it helped make Missy famous after the trade towers fell.

I even wore one of Missy's special Mardi Gras masks. I only had it on for a minute or two, and I fussed a little bit, but as long as I could see out the eye holes, it wasn't too bad.

Gunnie tried on some hats; the cowboy hat, the wizard hat, the Santa hat, and a little cop hat sumbuddy gave mama. Gunnie does not like the hats very much, and he yowled at mama while she tried to look at him wearin the hats. She kept kissin him and tellin him what a good boy he was, but it did not impress him much.

The bad part is my good behavior made mama think that Gunnie and I will pose for Kissmouse pictures next weekend when daddy is here to help. Missy always posed in front of the Kissmouse tree, but mama says Gunnie and I are way too wild to even have a Kissmouse tree. Mama was out of ideas until she remembered the Santa throw daddy uses for one of his holiday craft shows. Now mama and daddy are plottin gainst me and Gunnie. Daddy says he is bringin the Santa throw. I sure hope he has some treats too. Gunnie says he is gonna contact the Kitty Kat Union and maybe get a contract mama and daddy have to sign before they can make us work so hard.


Mad Bomber

December 6th 2011 5:57 pm
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I have not seened much of the leather and bunny fur trapster hat that mama got for her birthday. After I tried to kill it, mama put it in the no-no room. She said it was for "safety." Whose safety; the hat's or mine?

Today it was real cold and windy out, and mama was gonna go out and help daddy get his wood and put it in the truck. Gunnie and I saw mama go in the no-no room and get her hat. We were both followin her and tryin to sniffy the hat, but mama put it on her head, and we could not reach it! She looked funny, but she was not laughin. Gunnie and I watched mama out the window while she was outside in the cold wind. When mama comed back inside, she said she is a "mad bomber." I do not know what that means; I just think mama looks funny. That hat would look better if Gunnie and I could fix it.


I Didn't Mean to be Bad

November 28th 2011 6:30 pm
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Saturday was mama's birthday. Daddy was cookin breakfast when mama finished gettin all fixed up and came out to the dinin room. There was a birthday card and a box wrapped in pretty pink paper on the dinin room table. Mama opened the card and got all mushy with daddy. It was yucky. Then she opened the present.

It was the most wonderful present in the world. It was a black leather Mad Bomber trapper hat with real bunny fur on it. At least that is what mama called it. I was on mama's chair, and to me it looked like a super giant rat that I should kill. Gunnie was standin on his hinder legs tryin to sniffy the hat, but I was closer. I was bein real polite, so mama let me get close to her new rat, errrrrr, I mean "hat." I started pawin at the bunny fur, and then before mama could stop me, I started to take a bite of bunny fur. Everbuddy jumped when mama screamed real loud and pulled the rat, errrrr, "hat" away.

Both Gunnie and I followed mama, but she diss-peared into the no-no room, and when she came back out, the rat, errrrr, "hat" was goned. I wonder where it went?



November 22nd 2011 8:23 pm
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Mama says Thanksgiving is comin, and we should wish all our Catster friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mama and daddy are cookin this year, and our grampster will be invitered too. We are havin brie and basil stuffed turkey breast, mashed taters and gravy, black olives, cranberries, sausage dressin, fruit salad, and turtle pie for dessert. At least I THOUGHT that was what "we" were havin, but Gunnie sez we do not get none. I don't unnersstand. If Thanksgiving is all bout food and family and bein thankful, why don't Gunnie and I get to have turkey and pie for dinner?

MEEEEEEEE-ow. This is not fair. I was gonna write and complain to Santa Claws, but Gunnie sez Santa is not in charge of Thanksgiving. I'm so confused...

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