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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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A Fluffy What?

June 29th 2012 9:32 pm
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Mama says I have a fluffy bottom! Well, akshly I am pretty fluffy and floofy everywhere. When mama first gotted me I was pretty fluffy. Then when I got a little older, I was not so fluffy. Then I was fluffy again and then not so fluffy.

Now mama catnot figure out what is goin on with me cuz it is summer, and all of a sudden I have so much floof and fluffies that mama says I look huge! It is true, just when I should be sheddin, my furs are fluffier and floofier than ever.

Mama thinks I am part Maine Coon, so maybee I am just gettin finished growin my fluffies? I do not know, but I do know that Mr. Air Condishunner is my friend

P.S. My bruther is meen. He is callin me Fluffy Butt. I think he is just jellus cuz he is sleek like a seal, and I am gorgeeeusly fluffy.



June 28th 2012 12:01 pm
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Guns and I got a little rat with a pocket in his tummy for catnipshun. We love Mr. Rat cuz he smells nice, and he also gots a skweeker inside. If we pounce on him, he will go SKWEEK!!!!

I beened playin with Mr. Rat lots lately on Mr. Big Bed. I like to toss him around and pounce on him. Then sometimes I pretend he is my baby and give him a bath.

Anyway, last night mama got reddy for bed. When she comed in she did not turn on the light. Poor Mr. Rat was on the floor right next to Mr. Big Bed, and mama steppered right on him. He went SKWEEK!!!!! and almost skared mama to deaths. Guns and I tried not to giggle cuz it skared mama so bad, but it was kinda funny.


Fires and Fireyworks

June 27th 2012 5:06 pm
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Now bears are not the top story round here. We got fires goin all over the place. It is almost too skary for me to even think bout, peeples and kitties and even dawgs havin to leave and stay at things they call "shelters" (are they like kitty and dawg shelters?) and then maybee not havin a home anymore.

The wind has been horbl for the past coupla days, and mama sez if a fire started, they could not stop it. Mama let me and Guns watch the news, but it was too skary. Lotsa smoke and flames and helika-flopters droppin huge thingies of water on the fire, but it did not seem to help much. It is onliest the beginnin of fire season here in Big Sky Country and a long time before the snow flies again to put out the forest fires. Lotsa fires will be surrounded, but then they will burn inside what mama calls "containment" lines until it snows.

Now it is fireyworks season. Guns and I did not mind much last year, but this year the boomies are makin us run to see what is makin the noise, and we are not sure we like it. Mama acts like nothin is happenin, but I think she is just tryin not to skare us. Guns and I sure hope peeples use some sense when they shoot off their fireyworks and do not start no grass fires.

I asked mama bout the booms, and she said they will not hurt us. Then I asked how long they will keep goin boom, and mama sed a long time. Maybee Guns and I can go to the spa where we catnot hear the fireyworks?


Gunnie Did It!

June 24th 2012 8:25 pm
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Yesterday mama went to Summer Celebrashun in Ft. Benton to spend time with daddy and shop! Mama got up real early. First she did reg-lur stuff like doin her hair and takin cares of me and Gunnie. Then she packed a buncha stuff and left! Gunnie and I waited all day for mama to come home, but it got real dark and real late, and she never camed.

Early this mornin Sapphire pulled into the driverway, and mama got out. I was all eksitered bout mama bein home, but it did not last long.

When mama went out in the kitchen, she saw what Gunnie did. See, Gunnie was hungry. We tried to get the lid off the kitty chow can, but we were not stronged enough. Gunnie said he would jump up on the counter and get us some Paula Deen blueberry coffeecake. I said "No, we will get in trubls cuz mama will know we ate the coffeecake." Gunnie said he did not care; he is a guy cat, and he can eat the coffeecake if he wants. His plan was good, but he did not count on the coffeecake thingie not comin open when it dived off the counter. See, Gunnie was tryin to get the thingie open, but it would not budge, so he thought maybee if he shoved it off the counter, it would pop open when it falled onliest it did not, so we had to wait for grampster to bring us dinner.

Mama was mad when she sawed the coffeecake thingie upside down on the floor. She asked who did it, and I got skared and runned away, but then I peeked around the corner and covered my giggle with a paw while I watched Gunnie gettin in trubl. Gunnie stayed there and tried to bluff his way outta trubl, but mama knowed he did it. I onlieest think mama did not stay mad cuz the coffeecake was OK.

The onliest funny thing was grampster did not even notis the coffeecake thingie turned over on the floor when he gave us our snak this mornin.

So, the score is mama 1, coffeecake 1, and Gunnie 0.



June 18th 2012 2:20 pm
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Jeepers, if I hafta hear the big suckin machine come on one more time, I am gonna screameow! Mama spended all day yesterday cleanerin, and today she is still at it. She is noisy, and the glass cleanin stuff is stinky, and Guns and I just wish she would stop the madness! Mama sez our house looks real nice now in the super cleanerish parts, but Guns and I catnot tell no diffrunce. We do not care if the coffee tabler doesn't got no kitty paw prints no more or if the counters in the kitchen don't got no more sawdust on em or if the glass on the pitchers on the wall is sparklin or even if there is not no kitty litter on the floor in the bathyroom. We just want mama to finish with her post-new floor cleanerin and play with us. Who knewed gettin a new floor would make mama do spring cleanerin? Please, mama, are you almost doned?


Gettin Our House Back!

June 17th 2012 9:40 pm
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Billy and Brian finished our new floor on Friday afternoon. By the time they left, mama was too tired to start cleanerin. Then Saturday mama mowed the lawn cuz it is sposed to storm here for the next few days. After doin the whole lawn, mama was, you guessed it, too tired to clean!

Today mama sed gettin our house back was her "mission," so after we all readened the Sunday newsypaper, mama started cleanerin. Everything was all dusty, and lotsa things were put away, so mama had to put em all back. There was lotsa dusterin, washin, and polishin goin on. Gunnie irritated mama by whinin for more foodies all day long, but I helped with the cleanerin. Every time mama saw me, I was layin on the new floor cleanerin it with my fluffy furs and big bushy tail. I wonder why she did not tell me what a good job I was doin.

Anyway, our house almost looks brand new cuz everything in the dinin room, kitchen, and livin room sparkles. Now mama sez we may have to move so our house stays perfect. Hey, Guns, where are we movin to?


The Adventure Continues...

June 15th 2012 9:42 am
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This mornin the floor peeples are here again, Billy and Brian. Guns and I decidered to stay home today. We were real good in the campster yesterday, but it was gettin a little warm by the time we leftened last night. It was a real long day for everbuddy; mama, Guns and me, and Billy and Brian. They leftened our house last night bout 7:30. Mama made four trips gettin me and Guns and all our stuff back to the big house. Then she had to close all the campster windows and unhook the tricity. Before they left, Brian and Billy helped mama put the stove and frigerator back (they were in the dinin room) and helped mama with the two huge curio cabinets that were layin down in the middler of our livin room. Now today all the stuffs gotta be moved again so the baserboards can go on.

Our new floor is pretty cool. Guns and I tried it out last night after we got home. We had ta sniffy everythin and go in the tility closet and check it out and stuff. The floor smells like fresh pine but only a little bit. Billy and Brian are workin away so mama can reclaim our house. There is lotsa dust and stuff, but mama catnot start cleanerin and puttin stuff back until it is all finished. She says her fingers are itchin.

As for Guns and me, we are restin in the beddyroom on Mr. Big Bed. We got our potty and food and water, and mama brought us some nip this mornin. She gave us each a juicy leaf, and then she rubbed the rest of the nip on some of our toys. It smelled pretty innerestin.

Mama says the floor is gor-jus; she just wants it finished and to get started puttin our house back together the way it belongs. I do not think dinin room chairs should be layin down in the middler of our livin room. I think there is gonna be lotsa cleanerin goin on this weekend.


Happy/Not Happy Campsterers

June 14th 2012 10:45 am
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Well, Gunnie and I are happy campsterers, but mama is not. Early this mornin mama took me and Guns down to the campster. She brought all our cool stuff; beds, toys, foodies, and water. We got a speshl potty called the travelerin potty that stays in the campster. It even gots a lid! Mama opened the blinds so we could see out one of the windows, and she turned on our fav-rit radio station so we could have music.

A coupla hours later the guys comed to put in our new floor in the kitchen and entryway. After they gotted the stove and frigerator moved into the dinin room, Billy the floor guy started checkin the "materials" they ordered for him. The baserboard is not tall enuff to cover up where the old baserboard was, so they told mama they will put in "quarter round" to make the baserboard higher. That was OK with mama, but then Billy founded out there was not enough "transition" pieces for where the new floor meets our rug. Everything seems to be goin wronged, and Billy has been on the phone for a very long time tryin to solve the problems. Billy says he is stucked on Monday, even though it is Thursday. Poor Billy; he did not make the mistakes, but he is the one who has to pollergize to the customers when things are not right. Mama says that is not fair. Our whole dinin room kitchen, livin room, and office are all "wrong" cuz there is stuff layin everywhere on the floor, and our house is terbl messy, and there are things Guns and I catnot get into cuz they could break or we could get hurt. Mama is not happy bout stuff not gettin done today cuz they said it would only take one day.

Guns and I do not know how it will turn out, but we are happy we are campsterin far away from mama's temper. Maybee we will not hire these people to do our bathyroom floor after all...


Play Maniac

June 12th 2012 10:36 am
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Hey, who needs a playmate? Not me... My bruther, Gunnie, likes to ressel and stuff, but he does not play so much with our toys. I say the toys are mine, ALL mine! I was jellus last night when Gunnie was playerin with the Skinneez skwirl. Mama founded him under the bed and brought him out in the livin room (the skwirl, not Gunnie).

When I am in a playerin mood, and that is mostly every mornin, I go to the dinin room. Our little basket of kitty toys tips over real easy, so I help it tip over so the toys will spill out all over the floor. That makes it easy for me to find the purrfect toy for playerin. My newerest fav-rits are the little foam balls. They bounce and roll real easy, and they do not hurt the walls or furnitures cuz they bounce right off. They also do not hurt mama's feets if she steppers on em. I like to chase and bat the little foam balls all over the house. Mama finds em everywhere; in the dinin room, in the livin room, in the hall, and under the big bed. I make mama laff when she throws one of the balls for me cuz I watch it go while I am croucherin and butt wigglerin. Then I take off like a rocket and run as fast as I can after the ball.

Shoes! I love shoes! When I get tired of playerin with the kitty toys, I attack mama's shoes by the back door. I jump on the shoes and grab onto em and knock em over. Sumtimes I hold em to my tummy and bunny kick em. Then I play with the laces. Sumtimes I even drag the shoes part way down the hall.

Rugs! I love rugs! When I get tired of playerin with the shoes, I skrinkl the little throw rug all up. I run at it and dive into it and push it into a heap. It is so fun. I play and play and play sumtimes until I am so very, very tired I have to nap all afternoon.

So...why do ya spose mama calls me the play maniac? :)


Punkin Eater -- NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

June 2nd 2012 11:57 am
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Eeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww! I am NOT a punkin eater! Punkin is yucky and stinky and orange, and I do not like it.

See, it is all Gunnie's fault. Mama thot Gunnie and I needed more fiber cuz our Tasty Wild Stuff (Taste of the Wild) onliest has half as much fiber as our old foodies. Mama looked and looked until she findered the plain old canned punkin. The silly peeples at the store do not even know where to keep the regular punkins. They put it next to the pie fillerin and bakerin stuff. Anyway, mama brought me and Gunnie Libby's 100% pure punkin. The can is HUGEST! Ooh, it is just so horbl.

Mama comed home and opened this hugest can of yucky orange stinky stuff, and then she putted some in Gunnie's dishy and some in mine. I took one sniffy and runned far, far away. When I comed back into the kitchen, Gunnie had eatered all the punkins, his and mine too. Thank you, bruther cat!

The next mornin when Gunnie and I were real hungry cuz we did not have our breakerfast yet, mama put more punkin in my dishy and put me in the bathyroom. Then she closed the door and left me inside with that nasty stinky punkin. After years of bein locked in with the punkin, mama comed in. Yeppers, the punkin was still in the dishy, and I was so hungry I was cryin for breakerfast.

Now mama puts the punkin in both dishies, but I just wait for Gunnie to eat his and mine too. It is two whole teaspoons full. Then after the punkins diss-pear, we get our yummy breakerfast.

I gotta tell ya; I am REAL happy my bruther cat likes punkin!

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