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Tales of the Peekaboo Princess

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August 14th 2012 5:39 pm
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That is what Finney says I am; pooferlicious! I kinda like that. It is good that I like bein poofy cuz there is no way I can unpoof myself.

Gunnie and I are so diffrunt; he is panthery and sleek with furs like a seal, and I am well, pooferlicious! Mama can tell in the middle of the night when she reaches out to pet us who is who, even though Gunnie and I like to try and confuze mama by tradin places. Sumtimes I sleep in the blueberry bed, and Gunnie sleeps next to mama's pillow. Nuther times I sleep next to mama's pillow, and Gunnie sleeps in the blueberry bed.

Everbuddy is talkin bout it bein so hot. We are so, SO lucky that we gots a air condishuner. Our house is so nice, but it is cuz mama keeps the coolerin condishuner thingie on from before it gets too hot in the mornin until it cools off at night. If I get very hot, I flop on the floor and roll on my back and put a paw over my eyes like I am swoonin. This summer I have not even got to do that cuz our house is nice and cool all the time. Our campsterin trailer has air condishunin too, and Gunnie and I get to stay comfy while mama and daddy are goned on their day trips.

I catnot wait to go on vacashun and see the black rabbit. I am gonna make friends with him. Do you think mama and daddy will give me a carrot to feed the black rabbit?

It is so smokey here today. You can smell the forest burnin all to the south and west of our house. It smells like a giant campsterfire. I sure hope the forest is not burnin where the black rabbit lives across the mountins. That would be VERY bad, but mama sez we have a propensity (what's a propensity?) for goin where fires start up right after we get there. It has happened about three times now.


DDP and Nuther Stuff

August 13th 2012 7:14 pm
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Hey, Catster. Thank you for lettin me be a DDP yesterday. It was real nice of ya.

On a nuther subject, mama put my new picture on my page. She was thinkin lots bout how floofy I have gotten since the springtime. Then all of a sudden mama wondered if my Peekaboo pink harness would still fit me. See, we are goin on vacashun real soon, and mama is startin to get stuff ready. She sez it is quite a production gettin me and Gunnie and all our stuff gathered up and loaded into our campster trailer.

Mama decidered to try our harnesses on me and Gunnie to make sure they both fit cuz we only wear em when we are travelerin, and we have not goned nowhere since last summer.

Mama tricked me! She unhooked the leashy from my harness. Then she put it behind her back and came in where I was napsterin on Mr. Big Bed. She petted me real sweet like, and then she grabbed me and put my harness on against my wills! It was terbl. Well, OK, so it was not so terbl, but do not tell mama I said so. I kinda like bein the drama queen of our family. I did not have to wear my harness very long cuz I can only wear it when I am stupid, er, ummmmmm, "supervised" because I like to get under the bed and in what daddy calls hidey-holes, and mama is afraid I will get my tags hung up on somethin.

After mama let me go, she tricked Gunnie too. He tried to hide underneath a chair, but mama grabbed him and put his harness on. I giggled cuz Gunnie's harness barely fits him anymore. The tail part that is left over is pretty short. Gunnie sez it is shrinkin, but I do not beleeve him. Gunnie did not have to wear his harness very long neether, and then we took a nap together.

When we go on vacashun we are stayin at the Black Rabbit RV Park. Gunnie and I catnot wait to see the black rabbit. We will be watcherin out the windows when we drive in, and if we do not see the black rabbit then, we will hafta take some stroller rides round the campsterground until we find him.

Thanks to everykitty for leavin comments on my new pictures and for the prezunts I got for my DDP!


What Am I?

August 12th 2012 3:42 pm
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OK, so I know I am Peekaboo, and I know I am a kitty. I am just not sure what kinda kitty I am. When I was just a kitten here at Catster, all the Wegian Forest kitties and all the Maine Coon kitties were fightin for me to come join them. All the Coons thought I should be a Coon, and all the Weegies thought I should be a Weegie.

It was after my second birthday and this past spring that I finally started growerin my big girl coat. When mama first saw my picture when I was tiny, I was pretty floofy. By the time I dopted mama and Gunnie, I was not so floofy. Then I got kinda floofy. Then I got not so floofy. This spring I did not just get floofy, I got floofiest! You can see from my new picture that I got enough furs for a coupla kitties at least. Mama sez when I sit like I am sittin in my new picture, I look HUGE.

I got a huge ruff and a huge bib. I got floofy ears. Mama sez I got a real long body and short stubby leggies. My paws are hugerest, and I got toe floofies more than an inch long. They sprout out from my toes and go every whichaway. My tail is hugerest too. Mama sez it looks like a big ostrich plume, and it is real poofy. When I trot through the house, I carry my tail straight up, and it waves back and forth like a giant feather.

So, whadda you all think? Am I Maine Coony or a Wegian Forest kitty?

P.S. Please scuze my messy ruff and bib in the front. Mama does not beleeve me, but sumtimes Gunnie spits in my ruff!



August 4th 2012 2:46 pm
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Ooh, ooh. We got new coats! Gunnie and I each got a brand new coat for fall. I had a pretty little pink coat, but the key word here is "little." Now that I am a big girl, my pretty little coat was too tight around the tummy. It pulled, and mama sed I looked like a stuffed sausage. Well!

Mama went to the farmer's market to buy goat's milk soap, and she found some nice ladies that were sewin what they thought were dawg coats. Mama set em straight; they are kitty coats. ;)

Mama measured us and went back and buyed me and Gunnie each a new coat. I guess kitties are not easy to measure cuz mama said I looked like I was ex-plodin outta my new coat. Today she tooked the coat back and traded it for a bigger one. Then she comed home and tried it on me. Then she tried it on Guns to see if it would fit him better than his old one. Mama sed Guns could wear eether size coat cuz his fur is real sleek, but I needed the bigger one becuz I am a big girl now, and I am FLOOFY. My new coat does not make my furs stick straight out all over, and it is more comfy. The nice lady exchanged my coat and did not even ask mama for more $$ for the larger size.

They had Gunnie's coat in a bigger size in the same terial, septin the linin was pink, so mama decidered Guns could keep his smaller coat.

The very best thing is my coat is Peekaboo pink with little brown flowers all over, and it has a pale Peekaboo pink ribbon and button on the back. It is real comfy, and I have beened breakin it in. Mama put it on the bed, and I have been napsterin on it. See, I know which coat is mine. Ok, so I did napster on Guns' coat but only for a little while.

Now Guns and I are all set for fall stroller rides.


Let Em Eat Cake!

August 3rd 2012 6:44 pm
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Hey, everbuddy; we have not been around much for the past few days, but I THINK there mighta beened a cake exploshun. There is cake everywhere! Gunnie and Missy and I discovered the cake while mama was not lookin, and we ate and ate and ate cake until we got tummyaches.

We are sorry we were not around to give other kitties cake, but THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH to all our dear friends who gave us yummy cake so we can get real fat. Ooh, my tummy is so full it feels like it might bust! Gunnie is moanin somethin bout his tummy hurtin, and Missy Mups says she catnot even fly. Her angel wings flap and flap, but her tummy is soooooo full of cake she catnot get off her cloud.

Once again, for my entire family, let me say THANK YOU for the yummy cake. It was the best Catster cake we have ever over-eatened!


Geez, It is Just a Teensy One...

July 24th 2012 9:24 pm
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Mama is all upsettered cuz I got the very first matt in my fur. I am 2 1/2 years old, and I have never had any matts in my floofy furs until now. Mama was so proud to tell peeples I never have matts in my furs. Now mama sez we are gonna get it out tomorrow mornin. I love bein brushed, and we are not sure how the teensy matt happened, but all of a sudden last spring I startd growin furs like crazy. I never sheddened; I just growed more and more furs. Mama sez I am super floofy, and I look HUGE! Huge is good cuz it will intimmerdate my bruther, Gunnie, and maybee I can win some resslin matches.


Ooh; I'm Naughty!

July 18th 2012 2:46 pm
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This mornin mama and daddy finished breakfust, and mama was cleanin in the kitchen. Daddy started to walk into the livin room, and there was a big loud thump. Then mama heard daddy say "Peekaboo!!" Mama comed around the corner to see what was happenin. I was kinda hiderin behind a chair, and daddy was lookin at me real stern like. Daddy told mama I jumped off the top of the armoire! Mama said "No, she NEVER gets up there." Daddy told mama he akshly seed me up on the top right behind mama's spensive Roseville vase, and then when I seed daddy I leaped off the top clear to the floor. Daddy builded the armoire for our tel-bishun and all the quipments, and it is taller than mama, more than 5 feets tall. Mama was kinda horror-fied that I was up there, and she is worried I might break somethin or hurt myself.

Mama always sez she has to stay awake at night tryin to outsmart me and Gunnie, but she already had a plan cuz Guns used ta jump up on the armoire when he was just a kitten. Mama tooked a piece of carderboard and laid strips of big sticky silver tape on every single inch of the carderboard. Then she put it on top of the little anteek phone table. Now if I try to jump up, I will get all stucked up in the tape. Mama told daddy not to be sprised if I runned through the house with the carderboard stucked to my behind cuz I got a real floofy tail, floofy bloomers, and real hairy toes on my fat paws. I think it is gettin pretty close to Peekaboo abuse, but mama sez if I am not bad, it will never happen. Well, I am NOT bad; I am just real kurius bout things. Besides, Gunnie told me I should go up and check it out cuz the view is real cool. Hmmmmm... Do you think my bruther cat is tryin to get revenj on me for tellin bout him bonkin his head tryin to jump in the window when the curtins were closed?


DDP and a Story Bout my Bruther Cat

July 14th 2012 11:02 am
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Hey, Catster. Thank you for givin me a DDP today. It was a real sprize cuz I have not writed in my diary for awhile.

Now I gotta tell an em-barrassin story bout my bruther cat, Gunnie. It has beened real hot here, like in the mid to upper 90's. Usually that does not happen until August. It has been so hot that mama has been runnin the air condishunner all day long. I got lotsa fur, and I get too hot real easy. Mama has also been keepin the curtin thingies closed to keep the sun from comin in and makin our house even hotter.

I guess most kitties know that Guns and I got a birdie watchin window in the dinin room. It is a bay window. The middle does not open, but both sides do, and mama usually opens the windows so Guns and I can get a breeze and hear the birdies and stuff while we are watchin out the window.

The dinin room is on the west, so the sun beats in through our birdie watchin window. Mama has pretty curtins on the window that go all the way to the floor. To keep the hot sun out, mama closed the curtins. Guns and I were kinda sprized to find the curtins closed, but I stood on my hinder leggies and kinda pushed the curtin outta the way. Then I had to hop bout three times cuz it was straight up into the window, but I made it.

Sometime after I jumped out of the window, Guns wanted up. I guess he forgot bout the anteek leaded glass window thingie that hangs in the middler of our birdie watchin window. Guns did not push the curtain outta the way; he just tried to jump into the window. THUNK! Guns hit the anteek hangin thingie and bounced off back onto the floor. Bruthers can be such dufuses!

Guns did get one thing outta his window crashin. Mama ran and scooped him up and made a big fuss over him and cuddled him and stuff. Then mama pulled the curtin back from the edge of the birdie watchin window and lifted Guns up into the window. Then mama showed him how to jumpster down.

So, I hafta ask...Does that mean I am smarter than my bruther cat?



July 6th 2012 8:32 pm
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Ooh, ooh! Mama ordered some giant terry batters today, one for me and one for Guns. Mama sed they are so cute she could not resist. There was a lion, mouse, bunny, and catty-piller. Mama ordered a bunny and a lion. I think I want the bunny all for my own, and Guns can have the lion. Ooh, ooh; I catnot wait to beat the stuffin outta my new bunny. We do not have no high tech toys cept our laser light, but mama does get us new toys sumtimes because we play with our toys lots.

Did I ever tell ya how I play with our toys? Well, there is a little plastic basket by the dinin room. It is full of lots and lotsa toys. When I want a toy, first I start scootin the toy basket around the kitchen floor. Then when that does not help, I tipper the basket over and spill all the toys out on the floor. That makes it easier to find the toy I want, and I always need to play with a speshl toy. Mama sez I am very, very good at gettin the toys out but not so good at puttin em back in the basket. Well, a course; that is no fun at all, mama!

Oh, no! What if Gunnie wants the bunny? That would be terbl cuz a Peekaboo Princess catnot play with lion toys. No, no, never...


A New Big Sky Kitty!

July 6th 2012 1:18 pm
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Woohoo! Our dear little kitty friend, Monida, is gonna be a Big Sky kitty. She and her mama are movin to Montana cuz her mama gotted a new job. We will prakticly be neighbors.

Don't worry bout bears or fires, Monida. It is just eksiterin, and it is not very skary at all. I think the fireyworks boomies were skarier than bears. I guess Gunnie and I are not skared of fires neether cuz a coupla nights ago we gotted our own little fire engine in the driverway. It was from the Sand Coulee Volunteer Fire Departmunt. Hey, Sand Coulee firemen, THANKS from me and Gunnie for savin our little butts from the big bad grass fire. Didja see us wavin our little paws out the window as you left?

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