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Pretty Card!

January 30th 2012 9:07 pm
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Today I got the cutest card in the mail from My Handsome Valentine. He says I am SUPER SWEET, TOTALLY COOL, FABULOUS and FUN!! My very first Valentine Card! Thank you Kovo for being handsome AND sweet. I luv it!


Catster Chat Box Directory

January 28th 2012 9:49 am
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These Catsters have Chat Boxes:

Farrah Jaqua
Hazel Basil
Kaci Sunshine
Ollie - D.I.T.#11
Pharaoh Purrince Tao DIT#33
Tiny Mighty MoeMoe

Get Your Chat Box Here

If you get a chat box let me know so I can add you to the directory!


Let's Chat!

January 27th 2012 11:22 am
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If you come around my page and I am not around, please feel free to leave a message on my chat box. I will get back to you as soon as I can!

I was having fun leaving messages on my handsome Kovo's chat box. Then Zack's Valentine, Hazel Basil, and Da Tabbie's Valentine, Farrah Jaqua, got chat boxes too. So Zack and I decided to have fun and add chat boxes on our page also.

Do you have a chat box on your page? Mommy use to on Angel RA's page a long time ago. Fun to put them up again.

Thinking of my little man, Kovo, at the groomers today. Purrrzzzz.

Chat with you later!


Shhhh......Don't Tell Zack

January 26th 2012 2:28 pm
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I am laying in warm towels from the dryer and Zack is not. I have them all to myself! I am all stretched out enjoying every bit of Zack-free space.

We both love warm towels from the dryer. I was upstairs in the bedroom on top of our purrrniture and Zack was downstairs laying in the sun in the livingroom. Mommy took the towels out of the dryer (same floor as the bedroom) and brought them over by me and spread them on the floor into a nice nest. She didn't call Zack. I got down off the house and made myself all comfy in there. Sooooo nice. And I am dreaming about my furry handsome Valentine who might not be so furry tomorrow but just as handsome! I think Zack was busy dreaming about his pretty Valentine and did not miss the warm towels at all.

Speaking of warm, it is hot here. We are back to having summer weather. Nice to have the windows open to be able to hear the birdies better.


Daily Diary Pick!!

January 24th 2012 3:22 am
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What a week this is starting off to be! First being honored as Darcy's Friend Of The Week and now today as a Daily Diary Pick. The best thing of all is that my handsome Valentine KOVO is also being honored as a Daily Diary Pick today! Look how cute we are together. Catgratulations Kovo!!

Thank you to Tao for being the first to CONCATZ me!

I want to also thank:

Tate Bieber for the Red DDP Ribbon
MILO & Family for the Pink DDP Ribbon
KiKi, Em & Angel Sam for the Lovely Heart
Samhain, Sleeper & Fearless for the Pretty MI Snowflake
Farrah Jaqua for the Lucky Adoption Ribbon
Monster for the Sweet Heart
My very own Dreamboat Kovo, also a DDP, for the Romantic Heart
Ginger for the Unmeltable Indoor Snowman

Patches of the Calico & Tortie Darlings Group for the beautiful DDP Picture of me.

Angel Buddie & Family, MILO, Ember, DDP Kit, Samhain, DDP Hunter D.I.T. #12, Ollie D.I.T. #11, brother Zack D.I.T. #13, Da Tabbies, Pixie, Jezebel, Nadia for stopping by with sweet & funny comments and pmails.

Luv you cats!


Honored To Be Darcy's FOTW!!

January 23rd 2012 9:28 pm
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OMC! I am so excited! I have been named Darcy's Friend Of The Week!! What an honor that is.

I am in very good company as there have been 5 Darcy FOTW's before me and they include Teddy Bearz, my brother Zack, Finnegan, Zachery Kolohe' Rider and Jezebel. I am FOTW #6!

Thank you so much Darcy for this honor and the pretty picture for my page. I want to wish Darcy a very Happy 6 Month Birthday today!!


Luv Is In The Air

January 21st 2012 8:51 pm
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It is less than a month till Valentines Day!

I am so happy that handsome Kovo and I are Valentines. My brother Zack has a Valentine too ... the very pretty Hazel Basil. I very much approve as she is a really good friend of mine too.

Do you have a Valentine yet? Hazel B's new fursister Farrah Jaqua is looking for a Valentine!

I feel Luv in the Catster air!


Adopt A Shelter - Free

January 20th 2012 3:45 pm
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Do you like to shop online? I do! And I just found out about a site where you can adopt a shelter and help your furry friends everytime you shop. And it doesn't cost you a cent.

Adopt A Shelter

It is easy, free and fast!

How It Works

Remember this for next time you go shopping!


Would You Be My Valentine?

January 15th 2012 11:31 am
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That is the question I got in a Heart Rosette this morning! A very handsome Dreamboat in Canada asked me to be his Valentine. He just got his official full Dreamboat status yesterday. Of course I said "YES!". My Valentine is KOVO aka DB42. I am so excited to be celebrating my second Valentines Day as Kovo's Valentine. He is SO cute!!


Two Cats In A Tub

January 8th 2012 9:35 pm
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Rub-a-dub-dub ... two cats in a tub.

Zack and I have a new favorite game we play in the big master bathtub. This is our Mommy's bathroom and the tub has never been used as she is a shower person. So the tub is ours now that we are allowed back in the bathroom and closet.

For the game we use Felt Rollers from the Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop. Mommy has 6 of them in the tub for us. Sometimes one of us will play by ourselves but most fun when we both play together. We bat the felt rollers around in the tub and then out of the tub. That is our goal to get them all out. But we like to take our time. Early this morning we were playing and we got 5 out. When 1 of us is in the tub and we want the other to play we call out out really loud. Well, Zack does, I squeak loudly. Then the other comes running. They are also fun to bat around the whole bathroom.

The felt rollers are very fun for playing in other rooms too. We luv to bat them around the carpet and have them thrown in the air so we can bat them in the air. They are very light and soft. Plus easy toys to carry around in our mouths. The Moderncat Studio Etsy Shop has a lot of fun toys and this is our most favorite.

Do you like to play in the bathtub and do you have any favorite games you like to play?

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