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Daddy's Coming Home Tonite!

March 7th 2012 11:28 am
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Daddy went to Phoenix, AZ for a business seminar and has been gone since this past Saturday. The good thing is that he is coming back home tonite!

Because it was in Phoenix, Daddy was able to visit Eric and Paul and their doggies and kitties. Everyone was so happy to see him there. Mommy sent gifts of course. She didn't know it beforehand but it was Casper, Yoshi and Jasmine's Birthday that Saturday. So purrfect timing with the gifts. We got them each their own catnip mat from RuffAroundEdges Etsy Shop which was a total hit. We picked out Sweet Dreams, Happy Bugs and a blue that is no longer available. It is cool because you get to pick out the color of your fleece backing. They sent Mommy videos of the cats rolling all around them and sleeping on them. And also they each got a Birds of a Sweater from the threesassysisters Etsy Shop which they loved also. The doggies got Kyjen plush alligators and had lots of fun with those too. Casper, Yoshi and Jasmine were all really friendly with Daddy and luved getting rubs, brushes and attention from him (color me jealous!).

Yesterday I sat in front of Daddy's closed office door sniffing it. I looked up at Mommy with a sad face (she thinks). Mommy let us into the office but it just wasn't the same without Daddy so Zack and I left right away. Daddy is the one that gives me the brushes a couple of times a day in his office. We call it "shoes, chair, ottoman" as I am so excited I can't lay still. I start off by laying by Daddy's office-only slipper shoes, then jump onto the office chair and then on to the ottoman. I do that over and over again while getting brushed at each stop. Mommy has been brushing us everyday for Daddy but it isn't the same as "shoes, chair, ottoman"! Both Zack and I luved to be brushed and Daddy is our favorite brusher.

This is the first time Mommy or Daddy have been away from us so Mommy can't wait to see what we do when Daddy walks in the door tonite!


A Dreamette!

March 6th 2012 4:49 pm
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I got an invitation from Kaci Sunshine and Angel Pete to join the Dreamy Girlcats Group. They said that I had been invited because the Dreamgirls Group has chosen me as a Dreamgirl, Dreamette or Angel Dreamgirl!! Of course I joined. Then I ran over to Angel Pete's Diary to see the new list of Dreamgirls that came out today. Catgratulations to all the new Dreamy Girlcats.

Thank you very much to Pete and Alfie, Teddy Bearz, Milo & Ollie and all the boycats in the Dreamgirls group!

Thank you so much to my Uncle Tigger for the Dreamette Furever Crown to remember this day!

My Dreamette framed picture was just delivered by an anonymous Rose rosette. A big thank you to the guys from the group, Dreamgirls!


Honored As A Daily Diary Pick! (& Thank Yous)

March 5th 2012 12:31 am
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Mommy downloaded the 6 episodes of the 2nd Season of My Cat From Hell from iTunes and was watching show #2 when the email came in announcing that I was one of the Kitties honored today as a Daily Diary Pick! Right after that Nikka left me a comment, a Leprechaun Hat Rosette and a sweet message. Thanks Nikka for being the first to celebrate my DDP with me!

While Mommy was watching the show, I was busy running around after a little bug in the air. She has to listen to the shows with earbuds as she doesn't want the hissing from the tv cats to bother us. To me the bug was alot more fun than watching a show on the computer.

Catgratulations to the other Catsters being honored today too especially another Zoey who is Cat of the Day! Wishing you all a purrfect week :)

Catster HQ for the Honor
Nikka for the Lucky Leprechaun Hat Rosette & great comment
Monida for the great comment
Rory, Manytoes, Tundra & Lynzee for the wonderful DDP Memento & great pmail
Purrince Tao aka CBox Buddie for the wonderful DDP Memento, great comment & Cbox message
Tate for the Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Rosette and great comment
Sleeper, Samhain & Fearless for the Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Rosette and great comments
Angel Buddie & Family for the great pmail
Tabatha for the wonderful DDP Memento & pmail
Ollie & Crew for the Lucky 4 Leaf Clover and wonderful DDP Memento
DDP Angel Alfie for the great comment
Da Tabbies O Trout Towne for the great comment
Gunnarr T, Peekie & Angel Missy Mups for the Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Rosette
Monster for the great comments
Violet for the great comment
Ember, Kiki & Angel Sam for the Lucky Leprechaun Hat and great comment
Kovo aka my Handsome Leprechaun for the Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Rosette
Gump for the great comment and tunie juice toast
Story for the Pink DDP Ribbon Rosette
Calie for the great comment
Ginger for the Lucky Leprechaun Hat
Jezebel for the great comment


Happy Birthday to the Purrince!!

March 2nd 2012 4:09 pm
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Happy First Birthday to PURRINCE TAO of Bangladesh! We luv Tao!

Tao's Birthday Pawty - everycat is invited!


New Eating Schedule

February 27th 2012 10:26 am
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Since we were little kitties, we have been getting Mom up at 3am so she and us are very use to it. But she was thinking it would be nice if she didn't have to go all the way down the 2 stairs to feed us and have us get so playful at that time. So we have a change in schedule that we have been testing out and it is working well so far. We use to get some Evo Wild Craving Treats (which can also be given as regular cat food) right before bed. Now Mom brushes our teeth and gives us our CET chew around midnight. Then we play for awhile and go to bed. Then at 3am when we wake Mom up, she stays upstairs. She gives us our EVO treats - we get 4 a piece. And she pours a bottle of fresh water into our dish. This works well because there is a vitamin supplement Mom takes to keep her bones healthy and it can't be taken within 2 hours of any calcium foods so she takes it a 3am. (See there is a reason we wake her up at 3am!) Then we play for a little bit while Mom goes back to bed and then we go back to bed too. Then we wake Mom for breakfast at 5:30. So even though Mom still gets up at 3am it isn't a wide-awake getting up. She ordered us treat balls to try at that time in the morning to see if we like those. A blue one for Zack and a pink one for me!

This week my CBox Buddy - Purrince Tao celebrates his very First Birthday!! He is all the way in Bangladesh. Now he has a Birthday Countdown Clock and a Dhaka Clock on the right side of his Catster Page so his friends can tell what time it is by him. Cool and very helpful! Happy Birthday Week, Tao!!


Bugs In Jars!

February 24th 2012 1:25 pm
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We got a package delivered today from Enzo & Melody and Family. They sent us bugs! Pretty bugs in jars. They must have caught them in their backyard for us. I got a pretty pink butterfly and Zack got a cool blue firefly. We sure have fun watching them fly around in the jars. I try to grab them and Zack tries to bite them. We could sit for hours watching our new bugs.

Thank you Enzo & Melody. You sure have good taste in bugs!

A big CATGRATULATIONS to my Handsome Valentine Kovo for being honored as CAT OF THE DAY!!


Daily Diary Pick! Happy Mardi Gras!

February 21st 2012 12:56 am
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First of all thank you to all our friends for celebrating our 2nd Gotcha Day with us! You made our day extra special. Please save your zealies, you were already so generous to both of us. If you have time to leave a comment, I luv those :)

Zack and I had a wonderful Gotcha Day. We played lots with Mom during the day. Our favorite game is when Mom throws these toys (hopefully will be sold soon in one of your favorite Etsy Shops) and we chase them. Mom throws them down the stairs, up the stairs, into the master closet.... where ever she throws them we chase them. SO much fun! We ate our favorite foods. We had really good brush time with Daddy. Zoey and I cuddled and snuggled. I chased her and she chased me. At night just before going to bed we get some EVO Wild Cravings Treats. They are tasty and so cute because they are heart shaped. Mom throws them so we have to hunt them down. We only get 3 a piece but it is a lot of fun.

I think it is about time to turn in and get some ZZzz's after our fun celebration. Thanks again friends. And thanks to Catster HQ for honoring me today!

Good Morning and Happy Mardi Gras!!

Thank you so much to Tabatha from the "I Knead You" Group for the pretty DDP picture she made for me! Thank you to Purr-ince Tao for making a cool picture for Zack and I for our Gotcha Day! Both are up on my page. Thanks to Tao for keeping my chat box so active. I luv chatting with you too!

Thank you to our newest friend Story who sent me a Ball of Yarn Giftee for our 2nd Gotcha Day and my DDP celebration! Story is a little 3 month cute girl who just joined Catster on Feb 9. She is the fursister of Angel Apollo Cream. I luv making new friends!

Thanks friends for taking the time away from your Mardi Gras Partying to stop by and leave a comment, pmail or chat:

Ollie DIT #11, Tabatha, Buddie Always Loved & Family, Farrah J, Tate Bieber, Samhain, Skittles,Colleen, Daisy of Smelly Trout Towne, Tao, Miranda, Jezebel, Newman, Rose, Calie, Pixie, Handsome Kovo, Em, KiKi, Angel Sam

OMC! We just got cool Gotcha Day Gifts delivered to us from Hazel B and Farrah J. Zack wrote all about it in his diary. Thanks girls!!

And thank you to Ginger for the Pink Ribbon Rosette!


Z & Z Gotcha Day

February 20th 2012 12:23 am
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Today Zack and I celebrate our 2nd Gotcha Day with our Mommy and Daddy! I am so happy that I have a furbrother to celebrate this wonderful day with. We have shared so much together. Just think 2 years ago today we were sitting scared in a cage in Petsmart. We have come so far and are very lucky!

I have 2 loving Uncles - Uncle Bellzy and Uncle Tigger, a sweet Aunt - Auntie Angel Mercy, a handsome Valentine in Canada - Kovo, a tortie catster Sister in Canada - Leia, new Friends in Germany - sisters Hazel Basil & Farrah Jaqua, a friend who is a Purrince in Bangladesh - Tao and a very special Guardian Angel - Angel Rocky Ann. I am even now an Administrator of a Group for the first time - Pets for Obama. I have been honored as Diary of the Day, Cat of the Week, Daily Diary Pick 7 times, Calico & Tortie Darlings COTW and Darcy's FOTW. I am very proud to be a Catster! We put up our baby pictures as our background to remember how little we were.

We have more wonderful friends than we could ever have imagined. Thanks to our friends for celebrating this happy day with us. Thanks to all the Kitties at Calico Junction in Virginia for being the first to wish us a Happy Gotcha Day!

There is a Dood on Dogster that shares our Gotcha Day!

Thank You for the Gifts:
Annie & the Kitties at Calico Junction in Virginia for the Paw Rosette
Tate Bieber for the Heart Rosette
Hunter for the Red Ribbon Rosette
Auntie Mercy for the Adopt A Pet Rosette
Hilda for the Shrimp Rosette
Ollie, TB, Milo & Family for the Rose Rosette
Sleeper, Samhain & Fearless for the Mardi Gras Purple Mask Giftee
Angel Missy Mups, Gunnarr T & Peekie for the Pink Rosette
Calie, littleboy, booboo & Family for the Red Rosette
Handsome Kovo for the Heart Rosette
Angel Sam, KiKi & Em for the Pink Rosette
Beepers & Family for the Adopt A Pet Rosette
Ko, Taz, Jacob & Family for the Heart Rosette
Teebo, Callie & Rose for the Adopt A Pet Rosette
Skylar, Rusty, Skittles & Family for the Adopt a Pet Rosette
Ashley, Tony & Angel Callie for the Furever Heart of Gold
Hunter, Munky & Ozzy for the Cupcake Giftee
Unkie Bellzy for the Adopt A Pet Rosette
Milo, Mallee, Sam & Family for the Red Rosette
Violet for the Adopt A Pet Rosette
Ginger for the Shrimp Rosette
Murray, Willie, Pearl & Cindy Lou for the Adopt A Pet Rosette
Lil' Muppet & Family for the Champagne Glasses Giftee

Thank You for the Comments, Pmails & Chat Box Messages:
Jezebel, Colleen, Tate Bieber, Sleeper, Samhain, Fearless, Ollie, Platelicker, Da Tabbies O Trout Towne, Finney, Lacey & Angel Alex, Princess Tu Two & Family, Taz, KiKi, Ashlynne, Eva Layla & The Gang Of Furs and Monida.


Happy Valentines Day!

February 14th 2012 12:05 pm
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Wishing all our furriends a very Happy Valentines Day!! Daddy took the day off so the 4 of us could celebrate today together :)

I want to thank my handsome Valentine Kovo for being Mine!! He is so special to me. And thank you to Hazel Basil and Farrah Jaqua for all the wonderful Valentine gifts. We had so much fun with our new friends in Germany!

Thanks to my furriends for the Valentine giftees especially Ollie who sent me a Rose Rosette when they aren't even in our Catster Gift Store! Thanks to my Valentine for all the Luv he sent my way.

I hope everycat feels luved today and everyday!


The Valentine Duo Is Honored Again!!

February 2nd 2012 1:08 am
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OMC! I can't believe it. My Valentine Kovo and I are being honored again as Daily Diary Picks on the same day!! We also had the same honor together on January 24th. So fun. Catgratulations my handsome Kovo! And thank you HQ for giving us this double honor. Luv is fur sure in the air on Catster.

Zack and I get up at 3 in the morning to have breakfast with Mom. Well Mom doesn’t eat, she serves us our breakfast. We are on the 3rd floor of the house when it is time for breakfast. So when we wake her up and she asks "Are you hungry?" (our magic words) I get ready to run my agility course....

I run out of the bedroom, thru a Modern Cat Designs cradle, down the stairs, around a Molly Tree House, down more stairs, thru another Modern Cat Designs cradle, under a Molly Tree House, around and behind 2 sides of a sectional couch, run up tall carpeted pet steps and come on to the kitchen sink counter. While I am doing all that, Zack is waiting on the counter, watching for me to come from behind the couch. This is the same routine every single morning. It gives Mom a chuckle every single time. MOL! And I will be running my agility course in less than 2 hours from now. Maybe I will be able to get some Zz's before then.

Catgratulations Mine Valentine!

Thanks Friends for celebrating this honor with me!!

Thanks for the cute giftees:
Tate Bieber for the DDP Smooch
Hilda for the Pink DDP Ribbon
Hazel Basil (Zack's Valentine) & Farrah Jaqua for the Red DDP Ribbon
Angel Sam, KiKi & Em for the DDP Smooch
Handsome Valentine DDP Kovo for the Heart full of Luv
Ginger for the DDP Smooch
DDP Tiny Mighty Moe Moe for the Red DDP Ribbon

Thanks for the great comments, chat box messages & pmails:
Hunter, Kaci Sunshine, Buddie..Always Loved, Ollie DIT#11, Da Tabbies, Jezebel, Pharaoh Purrince Tao DIT#33, my brother Zack's Valentine, Hazel Basil, Ember, KiKi, DDP Tiny Mighty Moe Moe

Thank you to Patches of the Calico & Tortie Darlings Group for making the cute DDP picture of me!

I ran thru Zack's new tunnel twice this morning. Once fast and once with Zack and me both in it!

Zack and I would like to welcome Kaci Sunshine and Pharoah Purrince Tao to Irvine, California! They just arrived for a visit with LOTS of luggage. My Daddy is still carrying it all in. We are going to have FUN FUN FUN!

Thank you so much to my handsome Valentine Kovo for the Dozen Roses Giftee. They are beauuutiful!!

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