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I Rode A Bike

November 1st 2010 1:13 am
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Zack and I like to hang out by the back door in the early morning and late at night. The door has a full glass window and we have a carpeted pet step there to lay on so we can look out and watch birds, lizards and bugs outside. No one uses this door, so we get to keep our step there all the time.

Tonite Mommy peeked down there and I wasn't on the step with Zack, I was sitting on the seat of her LifeCycle (exercise bike). I looked like I belonged sitting up there. Mommy called Daddy so he could peek down at me too. I proceeded to climb up to the handle bars . I am small and very good at balancing. I would make a great tightrope walker. I am good at jumping also. You should see me walk the top of the pet gates!

I want to wish all our Catster Friends a very happy month of November!

Miss Zoey


Social Butterfly

October 27th 2010 3:53 pm
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Eric and Paul came to visit us on Saturday and went back home to AZ today. Zack and I miss them!

When we first heard other voices in our house besides Mommy and Daddy on Saturday, we ran and hid under the chaise lounge in the landing. Really that is the only place we can hide and it is hard for someone to reach us. So that is our safe spot.

I was the first one to come down and check things out. I think I must have sort of remembered Eric and Paul because I was pretty social right away. I loved playing with them with my wands. They pet me and I even let Eric brush (bryoush!) me. I didn't mind being the only cat down there as I LOVED all the attention.

Zack showed up for meals and soon learned that it was safe to be down there and he was missing out by hiding. We loved to sit in front of Eric and Paul and stare at them. MOL! We would get a little scared when we heard a door open or close not knowing if more or the same people were there. We were feeling pretty comfortable though and showed off on how fast we chase each other and climb up our houses and jump from Mondo to Mondo. Eric and Paul were impressed and had some good laughs.

We sent them back to AZ with carpeted cat condos and bunk beds for their cats. Luckily they drove their mostly empty SUV (needed to carry their mountain bikes) so they had lots of room. We weren't using our bunk beds and Mommy & Paul thought Yoshi, Casper and Jasmine might love them. Mommy said our birthday present at the end of November will replace that. Paul also loved our sandboxes so Mommy ordered a couple of them for their cats too.

Eric fixed Mommy's broken computer. He is very handy at tech stuff. We were going to trash that laptop and he fixed it! Zack and I have been taking a long nap after they left. Having company is very tiring and fun!


Matching Rings

October 7th 2010 8:11 pm
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Today I got my first Catster Giftee Rings! Guess who they were from? My Catster Tortie Sister!

Thank you Leia!

First my sister sent over a beautiful Diamond Ring. I wanted her to have a matching one but I accidently sent her a Promise Ring. But that was ok, because I always promise to be a good sister! Then I sent her the matching Diamond Ring. Then she sent me a matching Promise Ring. So we both have 2 matching Sister Rings!

Love you Sis!

I want to also say THANK YOU! to Ember for the cool Halloween Giftees he put on all our pages.


Bunk Beds

October 5th 2010 1:06 am
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Mommy thought it would be cool for us to have bunk beds. She was looking all over for them. Guess who found these cool bunk beds online for us? Angel Auntie Mercy's Mommy! She always finds cool cat stuff. Mommy ordered them to be made for us. They are super cute and a purrfect size. They even came with a ladder. Mommy thought the ladder was for looks and we would never use it. I surprised her tonite and went up and down the ladder! Mommy was able to grab the camera and take some quick pictures.

Zack and I like both the top and bottom bunk and there is even room for both of us to sleep together on the same bunk.


Look Who Turns 18 Today!

October 1st 2010 10:03 am
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Our Uncle Tigger celebrates his 18th Birthday today! That is alot of Birthdays. We are so glad we are here to celebrate this very special one with him. And he gets to celebrate this one in his new house. We luv our Uncle Tigger!


And look who turns 8 today!




Pirate Tag Game!!

September 17th 2010 2:51 pm
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I have been tagged by Captain Kibbles Mc No Claws to play Pirate Tag!!

1. What is your Pirate Name? Pirate Princess Zoey

2. Do you have a Ship? If so what is the name of your
Ship? My Ship is called Molly

3. Do you have a Treasure Map? Yes

4. What is the Lost Treasure? A chest full of different colored bryoushes

5. Are you a Mean Pirate or a Kind Pirate? Kind and sweet

6. Have you ever made anyone walk the plank? No, I don't think I could do that

7. Do you have a Pirate Page? No, but come visit anyways

8. Do you have a Pirate Picture? Yes (thanks Pirate P!)

9. Do you know How to Talk Like a Pirate? Just a little bit

10. Are you ready for Talk Like A Pirate Day? Aye!

I am tagging these pretty Pirates to play the tag game:



Answer these questions and put in your diary. Tag two friends or foes. P-mail you friends than, Instruct them to copy the questions and answer them and repeat the process. Let’s see how many Pirates are out there………


Zyoum Gryoum

September 17th 2010 1:54 pm
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I'm so happy that Daddy is back home and I'm back to my regular bryoushing routine. My fur is super silky soft. Beepers commented in my last diary that he enjoyed being Zyoum Gryoumed. He and Ashlynne's fur look so shiny and soft in their pictures. We had a Zoom Groom when we were very little but were scared of it. Now that we are older, I think I would luv to be Zyoum Gryoumed! I went on and ordered a purple one. I sure can't wait for Daddy to try it out on me!

Hope everycat gets a good bryoushing or Zyoum Gryouming in today!


Daddy, I Knead My Bryoushes From You!

September 16th 2010 12:22 pm
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Zack and I both luv to get brushed. Mommy brushes us and Daddy brushes us. They say the word "brush" with a long "u" so it sounds like "br you sh". They heard that on the show 'Flipping Out' on Bravo and can't get it out of their heads. MOL! So over here we get bryoushed.

Daddy always brushed us before going to work, when coming home after work and before we went to bed. We miss his brushes because he has been gone this week in Palm Springs. Mommy has been on double brush duty. Daddy is on his way home and should be pulling into the garage any minute!

I know right when he comes in the door, he will want to brush us!!


I'm A Kneader!! (Plus 4)

September 7th 2010 2:49 pm
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I always get very excited when Mommy or Daddy are petting or brushing me. I can hardly lay still. And I get this look on my face that shows I'm so happy. And I purr so loud. I'm a little purring machine. I luv being brushed and petted!!

Today I started kneading while Mommy was petting me! I knead the blanket on the bed. Mommy was all excited and told me that I'm a Kneader and there is a Group I can join on Catster. So I just joined!

I Knead You

I know that Angel Rocky Ann and Angel Calvin are all excited too!!

Elise just joined the I Knead You Group too! And so did my Uncle Tigger! And Willow & Pumpkin are now Members too!


Eating Crow

September 6th 2010 11:39 am
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That is what I am imagining as I chatter away. Zack and I are watching these big black crows fly by. Some are sitting on the roof of the house next to ours. They are huge - alot bigger than us. Luckily I'm safe behind a window while pretending to kill and eat them. If I wasn't they could easily pick me up and take me away! Zack and I are having fun watching them.

Hope everycat is having a relaxing Labor Day.

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