Remembering "Smoke that Joe"

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Baby Boy Blue's Everlasting Memories

January 22nd 2011 10:59 am
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Meows 'n Friendly Purrs to all my Earth Furiends 'n Sweet Angel Furiends! I sang to mommy last night. She was sad. I know she will always remember me and all the happy, wonderful times we shared together. Now I would like to share my poem/song with all of you. Close you eyes mommy, for I am here. Always.

I pounced upon your bed last night
I came with one loving leap,
I could see that you’d been crying,
And found it hard to sleep.

I mewed to you quite softly,
Whispering loving words so true,
I miss you so much mommy,
But I am here, it’s your lovable Baby Boy Blue!

I watch you close,
Each day as it unfolds
As you carry on each hectic hour
With whatever life holds.

Just know I share your memories,
Peaceful within I want you to be
I’m so happy in Heaven now
Oh my! It’s Sadie, can you see?

Know I care about our memories
Our love is a strong bind,
Watch Sadie and me paw ‘n paw,
I’m in love and it’s so kind!

And when the time is right for you
To cross our Grand Divide,
I’ll be here to welcome you,
and we’ll be together, always, side by side!

I miss you mommy. I know you miss me. Keep those thoughts and memories alive and well. I will be here and always will.
I love you, my Sadie girl. I love you Catster furiends!
Happy Valentine's Day to you all! And have a most happy, loving, caring, sharing kind of a day!

Love 'n purrs 'n hugs from my Angel heart to yours,

Smokey Joe
Mommy's Baby Boy Blue


You may ask, What Happens in Kitty Heaven?

January 1st 2011 7:17 pm
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Greetings, my fine Catster Furiends!!!

I have some excellent news to share with you all tonight. Up here at the Rainbow Bridge, there are lots of activities which keep our memories alive. Here at Catster, our mommy's can share our past, present, and future. In keeping our memories alive, we are able to do things and share things that will live on forever. As you all know, I have been loving my Sadie girl for a long time; actually ever since mommy came on Catster in March of 2010. Both me and Sadie had been Angels for awhile, but met up in Heaven. We were furiends for a very long time, exploring the Vast Universe, the glorious gardens of Earth. We visited Countries, and oceans, and mountains and castles from around the world. Our adventures have been unique and glorious. All the celebrations, the birthdays, the Gotcha Days, the awards, all this makes up many grand memories for us kitties in Heaven.
As Sadie and I celebrated our days together; our souls became one. We are now united. You just don't know how pawsome it feels to be in love, and know that you are truely loved in return! Tonight....I went down upon my knees to ask my true love if she would be my wife. I was so nervous. I looked into her beautiful eyes and she could see my love for her. As always we've shared a purrfect bond. I took her paw into mine, and she smiled and said "YES, my love, yes!!". I can't even put into words how happy I am to know that we will be together, furefur flying upon endless dreams. My dream has come true. And I just wanted to share this moment with you all, my magnificient furiends of Catsterland. Sharing is the most pawsome part about Catster. Remembering is another. As we share our engagement, we want to wish all of you, the brightest Happiest New Year! Peace to you and many blessings. Thank you for reading my Diary this evening, and may your night be filled with everlasting dreams of contentment and love.

I LOVE YOU SADIE!!! My Fiancee, my love, my furefur world..

Love, and many hugs,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue


Meowy Christmas From the Bridge! And May the Glory of LIght- Shine on you all!

December 18th 2010 10:43 am
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Hello, all my wonderfur Catster furiends! It's that time of year, when we all are so thankfur fur our memories of love, 'n happy times. As today being my 'Gotcha Day', mommy is again remembering me with tear filled eyes. She remembers the happy moment when she found me in that caring Shelter Operation Kindess in Carrollton, Tx. I was a lil squirt, all of about 4 weeks, striving to fight to get that spawcial furefur home between my two furbro's one gray like me, the other black. All to cute and all got furefur homes! I was chosen first coz meowma says how much I loved her at first glance. I was sooo happy her got me and I grew to be her strong kitty man. I was there for her through the love, the loss of her mom, the loss of her marrage, and the loss of jobz 'n surgery. Efurynight I waited at the door, in anticipation of making sure I jumped quite galantly on her shoulders, purring so close, licking her cheek, riding there as she went about her evening doing chores. I was one lucky purrboy! Looking back, that December 2003 was a gift to both me and mommy, as she had just recently lost her patio purrgirl of 16 yrs in a devasting fire. Her lost most efurthing in her apt. I was a gift from God. I made sure her Christmas was a happy one, learned so much from her. We played fetch and I would bring that rolled up bally back to her, as she would throw it again and again, I would retrieve it. I would also ride her shoulders when we went in the car, and at that time, dad worked at Lowes. Well I went there all the time with mommy, and I became known as the Lowes mascot!!! I had my own cap with my name on it! Whooo! I made so many furiends there, and they talked to me like I was the furperson I am! So many memories flood mommy's mind today, as she shares my memories with all our wonderfur Catster furiends. I love you all, and hope this Christmas Season is the best and happiest one of all!
Thank you my dear furiends, and my adorable sweet 'n loving Sadie, for the nice gifts and comments in catebration of my Gotcha Day and my life. It was glorious and I am so pawpreciative that I got a chance to be loved, and cherished for those short 6 yrs. I will always watch over you all, as I am happy now, full of joy and my Christmas with all my purrific Angel Furiends is just so beautiful! In Heaven we glorify and love our Lord Jesus, and our Heavenly Father loves us unconditionally. As we bring the Christmas spirit to your spawcial homes, we will light up your life, share the blessings and share the massive united Love angel Dusties all sprinkled down on Earth to those furmilys who need love, warmth, and care. Merry Christmas efurFur 'n Happy Birthday Jesus!! Our love 'n thankfurness will be furEfur in our hearts, minds 'n memories. Here's to Memories today, and Spawcial memories in the making, and Grand Memories to come. May Scrooge never set foot close to your front door, and may the love of your furmily's 'n furiends be with you always.

Smokey Joe wants to sing you all a song:

Let there be peace on earth, as it is in Heaven,
And let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be.
With God as our father
Brothers all are we.
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With every step i take
Let this be my solemn vow.
To take each moment
And share each moment
With peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth, as it is in Heaven,
And let it begin with me.

May we all share PEACE ON EARTH,
Good Will twords Efury Living thing!

Love always,

Smokey Joe
"Baby Boy Blue"


Mommy wants to say something-
I miss you so much Smokey Joe, may you have a Wonderful Christmas up in Heaven with our Lord. I know he loves you and will keep you safe, until I return home again to be with you.
Love, Mommy Kathy


I'll be Home for Christmas~If only in Your Dreams

November 28th 2010 5:41 pm
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Meowello, my good furiends! I have had a wonderfur time with my Sadie girl here at the Bridge. I want to thank you all again for sharing with me my happy moments during my birthday celebration. I know that sometimes we all feel a bit sad. Tonight mommy is thinking about me, and I have come to her in a dreams to try and help her deal with my loss. It's been a year and a half now since I had to leave her. I know, she has Milo, and oh boy, is he a character! She still misses those days when we would play and dance, as I so purroud would perch on her shoulders. It is a very nice memory, but she get's so sad, and then she starts to cry. I guess I will have to come more often in dreams so she will understand I am ok. I am with our Lord and I am very happy here. I get to fly all over, and soon, my love Sadie and I, will be soaring off to the North Pole. We don't get cold up here at the Bridge mom, so you don't have to worry about me needing a sweater. I know you have worried about me, but I really am ok. I am remembered and that's all that matters now. You will always have me in your thoughts, and in your dreams, and memories. You must take care of that precious Milo, for he is with you now. Please don't be sad, rejoice in the memories, and hold them close to your heart. That way, I will never be gone. I miss you too, mom! Tonight, when you close your eyes, and Milo is snuggling with you under the covers, I will once again be in your heart and dreams. There, I will be home for Christmas. I will always be with you to celebrate all the happy Holidays which we hold so dear. Never will we part, mom. For I just am. And always will be.

Good night, and have a wonderful Holiday Season, all!

Thanks for reading my diary, mom knows you all understand.

Your baby boy blue,

Smokey Joe


Thank you for my Wonderful Birthday!

November 17th 2010 5:58 pm
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Oh wow, oh wow, oh WOW! This week has been so pawsome and magical. Just as Heaven is for all of us Bridge kitties each and everyday. But this week was my Birthday. I just can't begin to tell you how much this has made me and mommy so happy! With all your sweet presents, comments, and wishes, oh it still is so delightful. Thank you, oh Thank you!
Mommy, I was remembered. I was. Please don't cry anymore. I know you remember me. I know our furiends remember me. And we shared. I have Spawcial furiends here, mommy! I have wonderful furiends. I have furiends who really care. Are those happy tears too, mom? Yes always remember happy times. As long as you never forget, I will always be here. Thank you Angel furiends, all of you! Thank you Earth furiends, thank you Catster for being here for me. Mommy thanks you.
Thank you Sadie, my love, for the wonderful dinner pawty, dancing and fine wine. I will treasure this time always.
This will truly be a memorial event, because of you, my Catster furiends. I love each of you with all my Angel heart.

Smokey Joe
Mom's Baby Boy Blue


Watching Mommy and other stories~

November 6th 2010 5:56 pm
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Meowllooo from the Bridge! I hope you are all doing great, wonderful, having bright, sunshiney days! All is very well here in Fur Heaven. I'm still having a superlicious time with my Sadie girl. She is my dream forever. Time stands still here over the Rainbow Bridge, but tonight I am just having a time here chuckling at my mommy! Watching over her is my duty, you see. And, I just had to share something that would make you laugh for a change. Mommy is so funny sometimes, just a workin' on my page, trying to get it 'mmm just so so right'! MOL~! She was adding my sisfur Angel Baby's icon to my page, right? So, well she was having a difficult time, but at one point, I had a doggie named Emma on my page, as my Sisfur Angel Baby! MOL! MOL! Isn't that just too funny?! She makes me giggle sometimes, as she works so hard to keep up five kitties pages. Our backgrounds keep changing, and she can't make up her mind which ones look good with what color font, and which ones to keep on here. I got a very good chuckle out of watching her tonight. She even laughted at herself! I thought I would share that with you all, my furiends here in Heaven and my wonderful Earth furiends too. I love my mommy, but she is a card sometimes! She definately keeps me entertained from the other side. Just knowing that your babies up in Heaven are watching you and laughing so hard, should make you very happy & purroud. We watch. We are always on alert. We give whispers of love, sprinkle angel dusties when appropriate. We are the guiding light. And we are so purroud of you! Sharing is one of the greatest things here on Catster, above and beyond the memorials. Be true to youself, be nice to everyone, share your knowledge, but realize peeps are different sometimes. And they won't always agree with you. Furrs, do your best, love long, and Forever remember I care & my mommy cares.
Happy Holidays from the Bridge.

Love always,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue


2 Days in a row, who me?

October 21st 2010 4:00 pm
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OMC! This is pawmazing. Those Catster girls & guys are really sweet! May I mention once again, how us Angels over the Bridge are really happy here? How much we know our furmilies love us, and how much we love them, and watch over them. Keeping our memories alive and happy, makes our mom's happy to realize that we aren't really gone. We'll always be close by. And we will share our dreams and memories with our wonderful furiends on Catster. Catster brings us all together in so many wonderful ways, and maintains our recognized identities. You wouldn't believe how many happy tears were flowing today from mom. She knows we are very proud, very spawcial, and always do our best to watch over our little kitfurs on Earth. Spawcial thanks goes out to my sweet Sadie girl, and all the warm, furiendly, and loving Angels here with me. There's much comfort knowin' I will always be remembered. I am with you, mom, now and forever.

Mom, remember our 'happy dance' we used to do, circles around the living room, to our favorite songs? Espawcially, Buddy Holly's "Rock around the Clock"...oh did I tell you, mom he is with us up here, and he's STILL Rockin' so cool!

Happy purrs,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue


I Got Diary Pick! Yippppeee!

October 20th 2010 5:04 pm
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Meowlloooo, Happy furs! I am so happy today, I got chosen Diary Pick of the Day, along with several other beautiful kitties! ME! I never won anything before and I am so honored! I've been pawtying all day long with all my kewl Catster furiends at the Bridge and on Earth! Me and my Sadie girl have been having such a sweet time! Mom just cryed and cryed this morning before work. And is still so happy, crying tears of joy! Thank you world of Catster and to all my pals in Heaven and on Earth, *Smokey Joe bows for his lady, kisses her sweet paw, and brings up a 'toast' for his furiends*
Thank you all for being my wonderful furiends. Mom thanks you so much, from deep in her heart. I know she loves me so very much. Mommy, I will always be here for you.

Love, & aways remember our sweet cuddle time, and my shoulder dances,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue


Beyond the Bridge and other stories

October 16th 2010 8:42 am
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Meow, efurfur! Mom sez it'z time for me to write in my diary once again. Seems like peepz running low on time these days. What with life and all. I peacefully watch, always. Here at the Bridge there is no sense of time. Magical things happen all the time here. Did you know we can just snap our paws and get to anywhere we want? The Rainbow Bridge is just like that. We're happy here, all of us, all the Angels back home with our Lord. Oh, but it's been a very busy life for my furbro. Milo, Tate, Bugsy, Pigeon, Timmy Tomcat, Luke, Simon, Toki & Gump all went out last night for boyz nite out. It was Tate's birthday & I know he had a wonderful one! As usual, myself & Sweet Sadie were following. It was a splendid time for them, although I think they've learned their lesson now about drinking catniptni's far too much! Things happened they don't remember. But alas, me and my Sadie girl were right there, protecting them, guiding them for their safe trip back home. Mom says what would they do without OUR guidence? What would they do without our protection?! And mom knows, that I am always watching out for her. My mom, my furbulous mommy, the one that always took care of me, cuddled me, in times of stress. In those times, I was there for her, I was stong for her, I made her happy. She thinks about me often, and about Sadie, and all the other Angels which were once Earth bound, giving love & warmth to their fur homes & furmilies. I know we are remembered. I know we will always be in their hearts to stay. I still come to mommy in her dreams, and I softly purr to lighten her stress and anguish from day to day living. Oh the woes, the tears, the sadness! But...amoung that sadness, there is an ultimate glow of happiness. With each day, I know mommy grabs that happiness for all it's worth, and enjoys it, as life isn't a promise. Life is a gift. I was a gift to mommy. A shared, 'for a short time', gift. She treasured me. And I love her very much, and will always be in her memories. Memories..that is a gift also. For life is a tough road, no one said it would be easy, we do the best we can. Mom says Catster is the greatest gift. She can share with others who have so much in common. Mom shares my thoughts, so may I say, my life was great. My time was short. But, it was Grand! I want all my Catster furiends to put their worries aside, and give thanks for the time we shared, the good times, and the marvelous times to come. I love you my Sadie girl, and I'm so glad we met up here at the Bridge. I cherish you with all my heart. I am very fortunate, I have humans who loved me, as well as my Sadie girl. Sadie watches over my fursib's, Milo, Timmy, Ziggy & lil Angel Baby. I watch over her furmily as well, Simba, Bugsy, Max, Rex, Tutti, & Spice. Forever we will be here. For we once were, We will always be. We just are. Simple & Free.

Thank you for taking the time to read my diary,

Wishing you bright sunshine of love, sweet thoughts, and cherished memories...

I love you, mommy!

I love Catster & all my furiends, thank you for being a part of my memories,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue



September 3rd 2010 3:44 pm
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Hi, Catster Furiends & Furmilies!

I've been watching ALL the wonderful new Angels come aboard, you should see them all!~ They are so happy now, content, no more pain, no worries, because they are free now! Free to fly, with beautiful wings that are so gorgeous! Just imagine, birds on high limbs, happily chirping & boldly sounding out purrific songs! It's simply pawmazing! I've been learning a bunch up here from Buddy, Calvin & our Rock Star Sonny Bono! What great & wonderful Angels they are and I am so fortunate to have those great Angels by my side each and every Silvery moment. Oh my, there are so many of them, & I want to thank them all! But the list would be way to long. Recently we've welcomed Smoke & Midnight, two wonderfurl furiends. Miss QT was pinked out in all her Glory when she came on up. There are more; as the list keeps building. It's very sad for their hoomans, because cats all know when the Lord sayz it's time to come home. But, it takes hoomans a little longer to understand the truth. You see, we animals are only but on borrowed time. And hoomans really need to understand what little time we are with them, those times are precious & should be glorified. We are so blessed to have been given the chance to live with loving and considerate & caring people. Some of us do not have that opportunity. We grieve, just like our hooman companions. But we know our time is limited. For with all His glory, this limitation gives other kittens that needed opportunity to be born, and live by good standards with worthy hooman companions. It is the circle of life, you know? Ahh, and I'm so thankful fur my furiends here on Catster. I'm also in thanks for the safe return of my good furiend, PIGEON. May he stay safe from here on out. Sadie, my girl, we do have to keep an eye on THAT one! *Smokey Joe smiles at his love*.
Time moves on, and this, my furiends, keeps the Circle of Life & Love flowing smooth.

Thank you for reading my diary tonight, and may all your dreams come true.

Mom, I love you! I'll aways be watching over you and all who care about you and all furs & furmily's surrounding you. My Silvery Glow & Angel Dusties will keep you safe each and every day. I'll be coming tonight, mommy; again, while you sleep to whisper loving words in your ear. Just keep on remembering!

Your Baby Boy Blue For Ever & Ever,


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