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Long time Remembered

November 7th 2012 9:33 am
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Hello all my gorgeous and pawsome furiends!~ It's been awhile since I wrote in my diary/journal here. Myself and all the Bridge Angels have been keeping very busy. My happy birthday is coming up and I want all my furiends as well as Angel furiends to start pawtyin' now~!! We so enjoyed pawtyin' with Angel Sonny Bono when his birthday was here not so long ago. We Angels have lots of responsibilities up here in Heaven. We rock this world, completely!~ Among our welcoming committee is Angel Calvin 'n sweet Angel Buddie who always are so kind and loving to new furs who come here. So many more sweet Angels are here with me too.

So I would have been 9 on November 15th this year, 2012!~ But I traveled to the Bridge before my 6th birthday. That nasty FIV got the best of me, BUT I live on!~ I am in the heart of my mommy, and my furiends here!~ Our Catster furiends mean so much to us~!

My sweet girl, Angel Sadie is always by my side and we keep each other company, as well as so many other angel furiends who mean the world to us both~! Bridge pawties are the greatest!~ Come join us 'n catebrate our fun 'n shared days of happiness together~!! For sure it will be rocking 'n no doubt we'll all be dancing as well down at the Angel Inn~! I hope Sweet Raincloud makes some of her pawsome angel cream cheese frosting!~ It's sooo yummy!~
I live on Cloud # 9, so come on by and let's do some boogyin' 'n maybe have a catweiser or two!!~

I also want to thank you my Catster furiends whofur have always been here for me. The feeling is mutual and the love is furry strong~!

Ok time to PAWTY ON!~ 'n stay Kewl too~!

Love 'n lots of Angel hugs,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue, Cloud # 9


What a Spawcial Honor to be August Blue of the Month~!!

August 13th 2012 9:58 am
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Hello, and I hope you're all having a good summer~! Mom just realized she really needed to help me write a diary and thank so many furtastic furs from the Russian Blues Lounge~! I made August Blue of the Month 'n I'm on the FRONT PAGE~! I am honored and thrilled and really having a great time at the Lounge~! It's a really fun purrlace to hang out 'n they have really fun games~! Check it out~!!
Russian Blues Lounge
This is a fun and loving, caring group of furs that are really talented too~! Thank you, to my grand furiend BUGSY for all his hard work on pawsome pix and time spent to entertain us all~! It's for Blue/partially blue/grey kitties, so Milo nor Mallee are not there, BUT, I talk about them all the time~! Heheheee~! Cause I am a purroud Angel kit 'n watch over them constantly~! I love the scrabble game, the food game and others~ They have trips each week and Blues travel around the world~!!!! It's a total Blast!!~We also have pawties in General Chat and have been going to pool pawties at Tate's house, the last few weekends!! What a handsome man cat he is~! So much fun and we all look so handsome on our floaties by the pool~! Catweisers here we come!! SUMMER ROCKS~!!
I am just way overly excited about being on the front page! And the pix, oh my the pix~! They are so wonderful~! Thanks go out to Dante and Mac, as they are the other Purrfectly Pawsome Admins in the group~!! Thanks to all the members too, what a sweet and thoughtful group!
As usual, I've been watching over all our furiends and sprinkling Angel Dusties over them all~! That's what we do, that's whofur we are. And always will be. Cause we are furever~!!

Love and many Angel purrs and hugs,
Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue
Cloud # 9


Our Grand Furiend, Big Harry came to the Bridge today~!

June 29th 2012 3:03 pm
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With Love 'n spawcial thoughts today, we are so sad to realize this upsetting 'n sad news. Our pawsome furiend Big Harry has ventured to the bridge now, just today he was so sick in the hospital and we purrayed so much he would be ok~! But, our Lord decided it was time for him to come on home. Now he is with me and my dear furiend
Sonny Bono who has also written in his diary about our dear furiend, Harry. Purrlease go send his furmilies some love and cares and warm hugs, thank you. I can't write much more, as my momma is crying too hard now. I know how much she misses me, and it's so sad when one of our treasured furiends crosses over. With love we purray. Lord, for the furmily, for the love so deep, for all the good times, we remember, and we thank you. Amen.

That is all I can write now. *Smokey Joe reaches over to hug Big Harry 'n welcome him home*
Sonny my furiend, we shall welcome Big Harry home and make sure he feels the love he truly deserves....All our Angel furiends gather round...we must make Harry welcome.

Furefur all my love,
Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue, Cloud# 9


Issues at Paw~!!

June 10th 2012 2:48 pm
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Hello efuryone~! You all know I basically stay silent as I watch ofur you all 'n also make sure my brofur MILO 'n my sisfur MALLEE r taken care of~! Well today, mom has had some real troubles here at the home front of Catster. When trying to post new pix, there is a huge problem~! Not sure why, I have several new pix mom wanted to post on my page, but no go~! Can't even put the newest one in the top 10~!!! I wonder what is wrong? We've even gone as far as to delete some of the older ones I have had on there. Anyway, I just wondered if any of you have had the same problems???
Also, I wanted to say how sad we all are about losing our dear furiends, TABBIES of TROUT TOWN~!! We already miss them so much~! We did not find out until early this morning that they had left yesterday. I got a post on my picture where we could find them at their blog site. Here is the web page if you need it:
Not really knowing why they had left, we did some digging. Several furiends posted diaries about them leaving. Now we know why. Seems there was an article on Catster's Magazine about some stoopid dood that made a spectacle out of his deceased cat. And something else about a cats skull. Well you can read it for yourselves if you are able. My stomach turned and mom cried so I made her turn it off. I think Catster is trying to keep up with trends and latest news. But maybe some things should stay off Catster. Other folks are just a little too weird for us. Mom says when a loving member of the family passes on to the Rainbow Bridge, they should be given a loving and most honorable burial. Family is not just tossed away like that. That is how and why us Rainbow Bridge kitties are kept alive and in memory. We were loved and still are~!!!! For goodness sake, we share their lives each and efury day~! Mom has my collar, she has my paw print, she has a lovely gray kitty angel pin from a furiend. She knows I will be remembered and loved always. I am not going to preach, you have your own ideas, your own thoughts. But sometimes life gets ridiculous. If we want weird news, we can go find it on the internet. I'm done.

Purrlease take care 'n I hope I won't be one to be banished for this diary.
I only know we DO still have freedom of speech ~!!!!

Peace out 'n Love always,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue, Cloud # 9


I love my Furiends so much~!!

April 8th 2012 1:17 pm
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Hello and Greetings from the Bridge. First off, I want to say Happy Easter to you all~!
It's been a pawsome weekend here at the bridge, as my Rainbow Bridge Day was Friday and all of us angels got together and had a blast arouend my Cloud 9!~ I just can't find the words to Thank you all so much for the gifties, pmails, and pictures for my Third year anniversary here at the Bridge. Mommy says it really doesn't seem that long, but then MILO will be 4 years old on May 30th, so time does fly. MILO was almost a year old when mom found him. I sent mommy to that shelter that day. She really wasn't interested in taking a new kit home, but I insisted. She needed MILO and he is so good for her~! That is what we angel kits do. We make sure that when we leave the real world and God takes us back home, that our moms know where to find another kit who is in need of a good home and furmily to love. And it's amazing that Mallee found her way also to my mom. And believe it or not, she will be turning 1 year old on April 15th~!! What a fun 'n happy kitty she is~!! Now mom has two kits to purrlay with and watch grow up and love on. Purrs 'n kudo's to those fursibs of mine~! Mommy is so happy she has them both~!
Friday, as my Rainbow Bridge day came, mom could always remember the fun we had, the moments of peace, the purrlaying, and how talented I was. She said I was one in a million. Thanks mommy, cause I really enjoyed our fun times, riding your shoulders, Batting the ballie 'n bringing it back to you. Riding in the car. Going inside Lowes and all the people just ooo'd 'n aww'd me and petted me and I loved it. I was Lowe's mascot kitty~! I loved peeps. And I was always there for mommy in good times and bad. This is how I know that Mom will always remember me. And I will always look out for her, as I will always look out for you too~!
Ya know, us kitties don't really ever die, we just take a mew form. Mom says I was reincarnated in MILO. Well, I do sneak him lotsa hints 'n whispers in his ears~! MOL~!Well he really needs help and I am glad to be there for him. He's done well, and I am purroud of him too. And I am purroud of all my furiends here on Catster.
Thank you all again, for your wishes and purrs. That made mommy's day. Even though she's been on vacation, she made time to venture on Catster, because Catster is furry important to her. My furiends are furry important.

May your Easter Sunday be full of joy, happiness and lots of love.

Purrs 'n Big Angel hugs,
Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue


You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine~!!

March 21st 2012 5:51 pm
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Hello~!! It's been a while since I wrote in my diary and I need to catch up a bit~!! Oh, everything's ok 'n Heaven is just as sweet as it's always been. I just wanted to share my pawsome honors I've had in a pawsome group called Russian Blues Lounge~!! It's no secret that Russian Blues are beautiful cats. I know so many of them that are furtastic furiends, pawsome dudes, spawcial girls and they all love to have fun~!! That is the kewl thing about this Grand group~!! If you haven't visited and you are a Russian Blue, gray kitty or part Russian Blue, you should really check out this group~! Russian Blues Lounge I was chosen as CAT OF THE WEEK this week and I am truly honored!!! ~ Thank you my sweet furiend BUGSY and DANTE YOU BOYS ROCK~! What spawcial 'n pawsome pix they make fur all of us in RBL~!! Thank you~!! This week, purrty JASMINEguessed what country we are going to visit in Russian Blues Lounge Travels the World~!! We're going to SPAIN~!! WOW~ How pawsome 'n YAY 'n she brought ME with her~!! Along with Dante, Jasmyne, 'n Bella~!! We have so many wonderful pictures made by Bugsy 'n Dante, what way kewl furiends they are~!

Now, I have to tell you about my title of this Diary entry. Mom changed up my music machine and made my first choice a dear song that brings back so many loving memories of her son~!! Yes, my Human brofur, Ronnie. He was very young when he learned this song, You are my Sunshine, it was his furvurite song~ He was only 2 when he sang it for the first time~!! Mommy has it on tape and she loves to listen to it coz it makes her smile so big~! Ronnie had a birthday yesterday and he turned 35!!!~ Wow how time flies when you are having fun~!! Mom says the years flew by~!! But it's those grand memories that make us who we are. And it's so nice to remember them~! Happy Birthday my lil Human brofur, you've grown up to be a fine young man~!! Mom is so thankful for memories so sweet, as she always remembers me.

Thank you for reading my dairy. Mommy thanks you. We have so many wonderful furiends here and Catster rocks~!!

Good night, 'n many Angel winged hugs of love,
Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue

Always sharing the love....


Thank you for Honoring an Angel to be Dreamboat, DOTD 'n- Diary pick again!~

January 18th 2012 4:45 pm
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Oh, You must know how mommy feels!~ She is crying all over again! Such happy tears that an Angel would be chosen for Dreamboat! And then, Diary of the Day, AND then, another Diary pick on my same diary! Mom couldn't believe her eyes when she got home from work today!! This is so furtastic! Thank you diary lady, you just don't know how much I purrpreciate this so much!! Bless you!! fur making my mommy so happy!~I LOVE you too!!~

Ahh, my wings are flapping so fast, 'n I know how much fun all of us Angel buddy's will have catebrating with me down at the Angel Inn tonight! MORE Celebrating, dear Alfie!! 'n thank you so much for my TWO WONDERFUL pictures you made for me!!~ Thank you so much for my furtabulous picture, Big Harry! I love it so much!
Sonny Bono, Louis, Cleo, Buddie 'n Hazel Lucy, 'n my sweet Sadie 'n Miss Mittens, Oh come one Angel, come all of you!!~ We'll have some catnippy cigars, dance 'n pawty the night away! Time to ROCK that Bridge!!~

Thank you all so much for your wishes 'n happiness on my DOTD, Being an Honorary Samoa's Dreamboat, 'n DDP today~! What a sweet Catster Family I have here!!~ Thank you ALL fur all the gifts 'n rosie's 'n LOVE shown to me!!! 'n Buddie, thank you so much for your pmail!~ I know Sam 'n Ziggy also purrpreciate your pmail's to them concatulating them fur being chosen Dreamboats in Training!! Samoa is so pawsome!!!~

Ok, here come's my thank you list fur sweet rosies 'n gifties, mommy hopes she get's 'em all right. She is just so giddey right now!! MOL!
Thank you...
and...ANYFUR I MIGHT HAVE MISSED, BECAUSE YOU KNOW I L-O-V-E YOU ALL!!~ Oh PIX, I forgot all my wonderful PIX, thank you, ALFIE 'n furmilies, PIGEON, PIPO 'n MINKO, TUNDRA 'n furmilies, BIG HARRY 'n Furmilies, oh wow, I hope I didn't furget Anyfur!!~? Purrlease forgive me if I did!! Mommy is so frazzled!! MOL! It's a GOOD frazzle though!!~
Whew, mommy had a long day at work and it didn't go well, so this, my Grand Furiends, has really picked her up 'n made her do a Happy River kitty dance!! We all know how River can dance!!! MOL!!~

You are always in my heart, and I am just so happy to be remembered. That is what counts, isn't it, my fur Angel furiends??? Get your game on, cause we got some pawtyin' to do, on Earth 'n here at the Bridge! Sonny Bono, make sure you bring your Cuban's 'n Catwieser's, not sure if I can find any, dude! MOL!

Let's Swing it!!~

LOVE 'n Many Angel purrs of happiness,
Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue


Keeping Watch!!~

January 8th 2012 10:00 am
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Hello, Grand Furiends!~ It's been a little while since I wrote in my diary, so I thought I would write a few words. Possibly of wisdom, possibly of humor, but always the truth.
Here come's a little pep talk: As expected, I have been called to keep further WATCH over mine 'n Milo's lil rowdy sisfur, Mallee. Isn't she the cutest? All frisky in her kewl calico colours!? Seems she has been sometimes showin' Milo a really hard time 'n lately he's been a bit confused, 'n a bit angered. Although, I have been constantly explaining to him: SHE is JUST a kitten! Dood, I know! I know it's rough. MOL! But I so much enjoy watching her have so much fun, especially since she discovered that toy on the bathroom door! Ya know, the mousie that squeaks 'n bounces all around!? She is magical when she has it just in her mouth and thinks she is queen SHEBA when it jumps right out of her mouth, and she wonders why she can't ever catch it!! MOL!! That's wild, Milo! You used to do that same thing! I know, furbro, I know, but just remember WE were ALL kittens once and we did those exact same things! Our mom loves us ALL unconditionally, bro!~
So, purrlease, just give Mallee a fighting chance. I know you love her, and I've seen you lick her 'n nudge her and she licks your head and YOU love it!~ So I know you two will live long happy lives together, playing and enjoying LIVING with our pawsome mommy!! Remember, I always keep watch, always. You two are the most wonderful siblings a russian blue dood could ask for! Ya know, Milo, YOU did and do deserve your name "Baby Boy" for my namesake, as well. Handsome Red Headed blue eyed baby boy! MOL! Sounds 'n looks good on ya, kid!!
You came along when I could no longer keep mommy happy. I didn't want to leave her, oh no, I miss her like crazy!!!~ And I know she misses me. But, dood, YOU have her now, and I know you purrpreciate her and so does Mallee. Mallee is good for you, dood, she is fun 'n exciting 'n she PURRS louder than you do, bro!! MOL! I know, I shouldn't be so judge-mental, but I state truth. You dood, are a joy to mom, I just wanted you to know that. I am so glad you are with her, as you keep the light shining in her turmoil-ed world. I love you bro and I love Mallee too. So keep the peace, dood. Always remember, I am here. For you all.
Mom, I will always be here for you too. Always.

Love from the Bridge,

Smokey Joe
Baby Boy Blue


My Gotcha Day 'n Sweet Memories!!~

December 18th 2011 9:46 am
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Meow 'n Purrs from the Rainbow Bridge!!~ Mommy was thinking back on the happier days, the days when I was so little I fit in the palm of her hand!! Back in 2003, right before Christmas when I was gotted!! I was her tiny ball of fur Christmas Prezzie!!!~ Doods, I was small!!
At four weeks old, all purr kits are really amazingly lil! But I was really scrawny 'n not in very good health, coming from a No Kill Shelter. My two lil fur bro's, Daryl 'n my other brother Daryl (MOL!!) were healthier than I was. But, mommy wanted ME!~ I came to her in that large cage 'n pawed at her, asking PLEASE take me home?? Ha, She fell for it! The next several weeks, turning into months, I had to be hand fed, home cooked fed, bottle fed. YAY! Home cookin' is the best! That was when mommy wasn't working and it was all good, because I became a furry handsome Russian Blue survivor!!! Mom said there were many sad days when she thought I was not going to make it. But I did! At least for several more good happy years!! I am so happy I did get to spend those extra loving years with mommy, because we fought tooth 'n nail through so many hard, difficult 'n trying times! I was there, I was always there, to cuddle with her, get under the covers, nuzzle her neck, lick her face. Well you all know how talented I was when I would ride her shoulders 'n then she would dance 'n I would just be there, perched around her neck like a fake fur jacket!!! MOL! I did that a lot, even inside Pet stores, everyone would laugh 'n love on me, because they thought it was so kewl cause I would ride atop mom's shoulder's 'n stay there! Ya know I was safe. I knew 'n trusted my mommy 'n she trusted me. We gained that spawcial bond that only true soul mates have! After mommy's separation from my dad in 2006, we became quite closer. The bond grew even bigger 'n closer! We had so much fun together, 'n I also knew how to fetch a ballie, bring it back, play baseball 'n I could run fast!~ Mommy remembers it so well. I remember it too, that's why I am awaiting our reunion when our Lord finally brings us together once again. I have my ways of showing mommy I am with her. We all have out ways.

So on this day, My Gotcha Day, I am purroud that I am among all my Catster Pals, both Bridge kits 'n Earth kits!~ I am so happy mommy helps me share our lives, our memories and our love. We stand strong together here, and you know, THIS really helps mommy through these sad/happy/ painful/ bittersweet memories! Because we all were loved, are loved, will furever be loved.

THANK YOU so furry MUCH fur my Gotcha Day Gifties 'n sweet words!!!~ You can't imagine how happy you have made my mom!~ We love you and thank you for being here for us!!! Your kindness, sweetness, thoughtfulness 'n Love are purrpreciated in so many ways!~ 'n We love YOU all right back!~

Angel hugs 'n Baby Boy Blue purrs,
Smokey Joe


I'll Be Home For Christmas!~ Merry Christmas! Thank you!- BUDDIE 'n Furmilies!!~

December 15th 2011 1:00 pm
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Hello, my Dear furiends!~ Yes, I said, I will be home for Christmas, well, because you know how us High Flying Angels get around!!? We'll be efurywhere sprinkling Sparkles 'n Spawcial dusties upon all Good Kitties 'n their Families this year. Mom knows she will see me in her dreams, it happens more and more, I come to her 'n whisper purrfect purrs in her ear in the dark...But a hint of wind, a strange sound, a brush of your leg, a twinkle in your light bulb, ALL could be any of us Angels flying in with Angel Love!!!! So be on the LOOKOUT!~ Because it's Christmas and Magical things happen this time of year!!
Christmas time is a wonderfur, light hearted, beautiful Season packed with Love and Warmth and Greetings from Friends 'n Love ones. Our hope 'n wish is that all, 'n we mean ALL the homeless find shelter and food this year. There are so many helpless folks 'n furs who desperately need God's Work to done. If ya see a stray or human on the streets, give a hand, give a paw, give a bit of love from your heart. You will feel it inside and it will grow and flourish throughout our somewhat nervous 'n cruel world. With that being said, Our Wish is for all of YOU to enjoy memories with your famililies, furiends and say Hello, Merry Christmas when you walk down the street! Mom says just a Smile will make someone's day more happy, more cheerful, just because you were shining!! I have a smart mommy sometimes!
We all are joined by Paws 'n Hearts. Merry Christmas 'n Happy New Year!~

Another really wonderful magic moment of Christmas happened to my family. My Hansome 'n most Gracious furiend, Buddie, gave us a a New Subscription to Catster Plus fur Christmas! Oh 'n they are so pawsome!~You ALL should know what Buddie, McKenna, Mookie, Ricki, Angel, Victor 'n Jason Cash do fur ALL o' Catster. Buddie sends spawcial rosies 'n gifts to all the New Angels going to Heaven, the sad, sick, 'n troubled furs here!! Thank U BUDDIE 'n Families, YOU are the kindest and most Generous furiends fur opening your hearts and sharing rosie 'n gifts to all in need!~
Please visit Buddie's page, what a dude! He makes the Heavens feel so loved! 'n A wonderful Thank you also go's out to Hazel Lucy for her kindness 'n loving ways of caring so much here on Catster!!~ Buddie 'n Hazel spend most of their time here in Heaven thinking of others!!~
Purrlease send Buddie 'n his furmilies some sweet Thank you's 'n Happy Blessing's this Christmas!!~ Happy New Year too, pawsome pal~!

BUDDIE - Our Pawsome Furiend!~

We may be Angels, 'n I've heard some folks don't BelEVE in us, but ya know what? We are. We will always be. As long as the world turns and there is our Lord in Heaven, we're real~! Mom says our hearts are real, therefore we ARE!!~

Loving Angel Hugs 'n always watchin' over...I belEVE!~

Baby Boy Blue
Smokey Joe

Thanks fur reading my diary, I hope your hearts are truly Blessed this Season~!

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