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A day in the Life of Milo

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Twas the Night Berfore Thanksgiving....

November 23rd 2011 4:36 pm
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Howdy, my fine 'n pawsome furiends!!!

I've been on vaCATion fur awhile 'n I iz back, 'n I so happy to be back! I missed U all so mush! Me 'n Mallee missed a lot we know. We pawpologize if we missed birfday's or catebrations 'n honors! Mom took off couple days from werk's last week 'n my Paw came to stay fur 9 whole days! Mommy really needed a nice, relaxin' time to be wif my Paw. If ya not know's already, I call my mom's boyfuriend my Paw, coz him love's me lots 'n treat's me really spawcial. Him really love's me mommy too 'n makes her feel jus' like a purrincess! Him did all her grocery shoppin' 'n laundry 'n took her to dinner many times last week! Dey got to go out on da town 'n efen did some travelin' too. Mallee got to meet Paw, finally! Her purred 'n I nefur seen a kitty kiss up so much in my life!! MOL! Well, Paw really took a likin' to Mallee too! I am so purroud of my Paw! But we found out dat Paw will have to have surgery next week, Doc's found a piece o' tumor growth in his bladder. Dey gonna get it all to come out! Pawlease purray fur my Paw, as mommy is worried 'bout him.
Ahh, It's so furry nice to know dat mommy haz da next 4 days off. Her got off a lil early today from werk's 'n I know efur lil bit halps when peeps need time to rest. Coz, Mommy got da croupy crud once again. Her head was full 'n eyes waterin' 'n coughin' 'n stuff. Her not has taste bud's so her can't taste 'n dont' eat mush. I am tryin' to make her eat more's. But I know it's hard when u don't taste anythin'. I nefur has dat problem 'n I know Mallee don't! Geez! But, ya know, mommy 'n Paw got us some really spawcial canned/wet foodage's turkey dinners fur tomorrow. Mommy knew Paw couldn't be wif us, coz him havin' Turkey Day at home wif his two daughter's 'n their husband's. Dem girl's can cook! Ham, Turkey, dressin', cranberry fixin''s, pumpkin pies, pecan pies, rolls, mashed tators, sweet tator pie's 'n more's! YUMMY, we so glad they will haz a nice dinner wif furmilies. It's a wonnerful time to spend wif furmilies 'n furiends. Christmas time, Paw is comin' up to our house, so we'll all be together then 'n they will go to mom's brother's house for Christmas time catebration's 'n Feast! I know mommy get's sad dis time o' year too. Mommy's mom 'n dad went to da bridge 'round dis time o' year so it brings bitter sweet memories.
Me 'n Mallee wish u all a furry magical Thankgivin' tomorrow, 'n may u enjoy lovin' memories o' furmilies, 'n furiends!! A toast to U my Furefur Catster furiends! HERE HERE! U make Catster what it is today! U make it fun, make it wild, make it true and enjoyable. FUN is what it's all 'bout! Efen when we are not here, we hope u all know, our hearts are wif u~! We have made some o' da most pawsome furiends 'n carin' mommy's 'n daddy's here on Catster.
THANK U fur bein' so spawcial!~

HAVE A MOST BLESSED THANKSGIVING!!~ Our furiends mean da WORLD to us!~

Mush Love 'n many warm hugs 'n nudges,

Oh...Mallee's behind me WAVIN' to all!~ Purrin' like her does, always!!~

I gotta go 'n make mommy some warm beef broth now, make her throat feel mush better.

Thank u fur readin' my diary, I am truely Blessed!!


We Love Catster, but it's Time.....

November 11th 2011 7:03 pm
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..For a Break! It is time!~ Mommy needs a much needed relaxed vaCATtion 'n it beginz tomorrow when my Grand Paw come's to visit in da late afternoon! We live's up in Cow Town/Fort Worth 'n him lives down in South San Antone. Well, it really only takes him 'bout 4 hours to get here, ON a GOOD day!~ Traffic can get purrty wild sometime's, so I worry 'bout him. Ya nefur know's what peeps 'll do on da streets! Mom seen some craziness lately! OMC! Anyway, I tol' Mallee to get ready 'n get her nicest ACT on, coz she need's lotza halp's in da niceness area! I got really upset at her today when she went into my bafroom 'n chewed up all da toilet paper!! Eeek! I nefur did dat! She chews on all boxes 'n she still bites my BUTT! Lately, I been gettin' her back! Well, she is fun to chase, but she really outrun's me by a long shot! Must be dem LONG legs, ya think?
Paw is bringin' some really fun toys 'n some extra spawcial kitty treats fur me 'n Mallee. I think Mallee listened when I tol' her to be on her best behaviour! So, we gonna enjoy some fun time's 'n Paw 'n Mommy gonna go on a road trip, maybe. Mommy's been really sick, so I hope her feel's better to travel. Paw will be here for 9 WHOLE days, so dat give's mommy 'nuff time to be able to get better 'n maybe get out an' about. She REALLY need's dis bad! Her sez her got's claustrafobia..not shur what it is, but I think it's like what I get, when I can't go outside!! I'll miss you all. If I miss any honors or birfday's or anything, I sorry in advance.

I love Catster!! Be well 'n enjoy ur weekend!!

Love 'n many head nudges,



November 9th 2011 9:45 am
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Meowloooo!~ 'n Howdy 'n Hey ya'll!~ Dis Southern Gentle man cat wanna give Thanks 'n Blessin's to all his kewl 'n pawsome furiends out there! Thanks fur da pawsome gift's 'n pawmail's 'n happy concats 'n stuff when I was honored here! Thank u fur jus' bein' my Grand 'n Furtastic furiends! U r so Kewl!~ My thanks to Catster 'n da dairy gal whofur pix da diaries 'n honors 'n stuff's! U make SOOO many kits HAPPY!~ U know, my heart fills up wif love 'n happiness when I think's how far we've all come! Our pawty's 'n pawsome time's spent together 'n mommy is jus' ravin' 'bout all da Catster Mommy's 'n how dey r jus' so FINE 'n SPAWCIAL! U mommy's 'n Daddy's r what makes Catster a fun 'n adventurous place to call our home! Our furmilies! Jus' where can we all go 'n haz da super fun time's 'n furtastic adventures dat we enjoy here?? I love Catster, U love Catster, we all love Catster, coz we ALL make it pawsome!
Now dat I got my thank U's done. Mallee, oh Mallee, her is a most rambunctious 'n ofur bearin' kit I' ve efur seen! But, ya know's her can be's pawsome! Our lives haz gotten richer 'n more fullfillin' since her came into our home. I guess I does lubbs her. Coz her sometime's really get a notion to licks me 'n her purrs 'n makes me feel happy! I guess we gonna fight 'n chase 'n get pee o'd at eash other, but isn't dat what furbro's 'n sisfur's does?
I also wanted to say HAPPY THANKSGIVIN' to all my gorgeous furiends! Dat time is upon us 'n I am so thankfur fur many things! Most o' all da Thanksgivin' TURKEY!!! Oh yeah, I lubbs it!~ I not think mommy gonna cook one fur us dis year, coz mommy jus' don't really cook anymore's! So can I come to ur house dis year fur Thanksgivin?

Thank u fur readin' my diary 'n purrs on,


Pee Ess, I lubbs u all so mush! 'n Mallee does too!!


Scoopin' Dat Poopin'

October 27th 2011 10:42 am
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Hehehehe, well mom isn't hazin' a fun time these dayz. Her sez havin' two kitties is LOTZ more werk's den her thought! Ok, so we haz our own poop boxes, but mom sez her NEFUR seen so mush poopy in her life's! Yeah, we eat really good, 'n Mallee is off wet foodage so mush now. Thank goodness, coz her really STUNK! Her was on kitten wet food, but now her eat's mine. Well she was always eatin' MINE anyfur! She STILL eat's a lot fur her size! 'n Her gonna grow more's!?? Our litter boxes r designed fur eash o' us, 'n her's is smaller den mine, so...ya know what dat means? Her uses BOF o' 'em!~ Mom know's her gotta get Mallee a bigger box, maybe bigger den mine, cause her is so LONG!~ Our poopies r not da same. Well, guess no two poopies alike? Mine's r stiff 'n I always cover up my dangleboppers. Mallee on da other hand, she makes Mountains da look like da 'Leanin' tower o' Pisa'!! 'n I must halp's her cover 'em up!!! Now, Let me ask u, did I ask fur dis job?? MOL! 'n Manners, I still wonner where she went to etiquette school?? I guess no where!!~
Da first couple days, I was really jealous 'n dropped a couple big ol' Texan's in her lil box! I was jus' breakin' it in.. 'n it needed some o' my pawsome smells added!! But I does my doobs 'n I cover cover cover!! Mallee trys, but always screetches da liner 'n claws it up, nefur really takin' care to hide her grand poo bah's furry well!~
But her is really saweet to me's most o' da time 'n mommy really likes her sweet dispostion. Her is definately a lap kitty, which I nefur really was one. Is ok, I still jump up in front o' da monitor 'n rest comfortably while mommy types fur me. I am da # 1 furbro 'n I guess Mallee looks up to me. Well her better learn's fast, coz she can really get on nerves!~ As for our poopie's..we go at da same time usually! HA. Mommy will go 'n we jus' follow! Iz dat whatcha call a joint venture??

Lubbs u all 'n thank u fur readin' my diary today!!



Da MEWS is out!~ I gotta New Sisfur~!!! 'N Happy River- Catnip Company Catnip Toys!~

October 21st 2011 5:18 pm
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Ok so it wasn't furry hard to guess, really, huh? Yeps, her came to stay as a foster kitty two weeks 'go Sunday! Guess dat would make her Gotcha Day be's October 2nd. But her came to stay fur a bit first on da 29th o' September but went home jus' to come back 'n stay's!~ I must admit, I was skeptical at first, I felt so insecure! I not sleep wif Mommy anymore's 'n course had to entertain HER all nite long! MOL! It was fun gettin' to know her! Don't worry, we bof sleep wif momm now! We got our OWN food bowls 'n own water bowls, welp I still drinks from da faucet, so Mallee drinks from da floor!! Oh 'n her name is MALLEE!~ It derived from Allee, dat what Timmy 'n Ziggy's mommy name her furst! Well, since her come to stay's wif us, mommy sez we should haz correspondin' "M" names, huh, mommy dat's so kewl! Yeah! We purrlay lots, but her is a rough one! Her bite's me's neck lots 'n mom sez her is teethin' too! Golly dat girlie IZ FEISTY! 'n She eats ALL da time! Well ya memmer when I not really like's wet foodage mush? Well WE share now! Mommy feeds da Mallee half can o' FF 'n I get a half too in da mornin's! Course I not eat it all! 'n Mommy was lettin' her finish mine off! But, wait! Mommy sez her already need's ta go on a diet! Her almost big as me! 4-5 months old 'n almost as tall as me now! Sigh. Mommy still got's me's Purina One in my bowl, as I still am free fed 'n Mallee got's her own bowl wif kitten Purina One. So her can eat's ALL her wants all day too, but her on'y get's 3/4 cup, me think's dat's da right amount per day??

I know, I iz a lil short dood. But I stocky! MOL! Ya know, she is rowdy, but when her get's tired, she oh so cute 'n purrs 'n cuddles 'n does lotza kneady paw purrs!! I was really jealous, but I am better now. I may haz to share mommy, but I KNOW I am still # 1 man cat in dis household, mommy told me so!! Mallee will haz her own page sometime's dis weekend. Mom's really tired tonight, looooong week at werks!

Jus' a sneak peak o' my sisfur, Mallee:

My Sisfur Mallee~!

Ain't She Cute??! She haz LONG legs too!~

We also GOT our NEW Catnip Toys from River 'n Simone's Saweet Mommy, dey came yesterday's! Oh how I lubb's 'em so mush 'n so does Mallee! We'll haz pishures o' 'em on our page's soon! Here is a really cute one o' Mallee takin' ofur MY new kitty catnip Bed!~ MOL! I share! I LOVE Happy River Dances Catnip Company!!

Mallee lovin' her New Happy River Dances Catnip Company Bed!~

I lubbs my Halloween BONE 'n my new Halloween Table runner too!

So if'n ya hasn't yet visited Happy River Dances Catnip Company on ETSY, u gotta stop by! Simone 'n River's mommy is so KEWL 'n makes da funnest most pawsome kitty toys efur! Thank U so mush RIVER!!~

More to come 'n soon!!

Big purrs 'n many happy Milo Dances 'n nudges,



Happy Halloween!!~ KCK Grand Trip 'n I gotta Secret!~

October 20th 2011 7:33 pm
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Good Evenin' all my Kewl 'n pawsome furiends!
What a grand time o' year it is 'n so mush fun comin' here to Catster 'n visitin' wif all my furtastic furiends! U all r so wonnerful 'n I want to thank u fur bein' here! Catster is a furtastic p'ace to hang out!~ U all make dat happen! U all rock! So...I haz a secret! But..afore I tell ya, maybe U might wanna guess? I am so happy 'n havin' a purrific time these days! Somethin' new! Mommy is gettin' ready to halp's me 'nounce it soon! Her need's a bit more time though. It must be purrfect! 'n it is!

While I'm here, I wanted to share wif u all 'bout our pawsome group called Kewlest Catster Kitties.
KCK web site

If ya hasn't been there yet, ya gotta come! Purrlease come check us out, we r a fun 'n lovin' bunch of furs, just like our motto sez, We're Like One Big Happy furmily!~ Dis month we r catebratin' Halloween in a fun 'n kewl KCK Grand Trips & Adventures style, hosting our Trip will be our Kewl Kitty o' da Month, PERRY Perry's page We'll bof be hostin' our Halloween Trick or Treat 'n haunted house Event on Caturday, October 29th at 3PM Catster time. Pawlease come 'n enjoy 'n RSVP in our Grand Trips & Adventures thread: KCK's Grand Trips & Adventures Thread
Also, we're Havin' a way kewl Halloween Pawty Event on Monday, all day long Halloween Day/Night, October 31st!! It's gonna rock out! We'll has mush fun, music, foodage 'n lotza pawtyin' coz KCK know's how to Rock out!
Halloween Pawty Thread
It's a rockin' fun October Month 'n stay tuned, coz I will tell my secret soon! Does U know what's happenin' in MY household!?? Hehehehe!!

Love ya so mush, 'n enjoy ur nite!~



THUNDERBOOMERS! I Got Caught up in it~!!!

September 16th 2011 6:19 pm
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BOOM! I not hear it da first time. I was inside. But den, mommy didn’t know’s it was raining outside already. Sam had been out there playin’ fur awhile afore I came on out. I ran out as fast as I could, coz I really needed to eat some grass! It was sprinklin’ then. Sam was huddled up ‘gainst his front door, I saw him wantin’ to go inside, but I kept on purrlayin’ out ‘n I got unner Auntie Sandy’s vehicle to keep dry. In a moment, I ran to get close to da green shrubbs ‘n stay dry but it started rainin’ a bit harder by then. I ran back unner some vehicles, mom watched me and coaxed me back inside. I wasn’t ready!! Mom then walked Out to be’s unner da tree o’ knowledge coz Auntie Sandy ‘n a good friend were out there. Mom was only gone fur a few minutes. I came out there, but I wouldn’t come unner dat tree, coz it was RAININ’! Golly, what were dey thinking??!?? I am NOT dat stooped! MOL! Ok, so it began to rain efen harder, so mommy finally decided to say her goodbyes ‘n stuff. Finally! Her came back to find me out there in da rain, harder den efur now! Mommy called me, screemed fur me, ‘n ran out to finded me! Her got soaked ‘n founded me! I was unner da vehicle, coz geez Mom I is no stooped!! Mom left da door wide open fur me! Whew! By dis time it was Boomin’ LOUD! I was so skeered! ‘n den we realized SAM! OMC! Where was SAM!!?? Auntie Lisa came out jus’ as mommy was walkin’ up to our door! OMC! She was in tears! Coz mom tol’ her Sam was jus’ here ‘n huddled up to her door wantin’ INSIDE! He was gone. I hurried ‘n ran up da stairs to find him! OMC! He was up on da third floor all skeered ‘n by da time I founded him, He Scurried so fast back downstairs, I nefur seen him move so fast in ma life!!! I came inside, him came inside ‘n we were nefur so happy to be INSIDE in all our life’s!
Sigh, I am happily inside now ‘n I was so purrin’ at mom! Her petted me ‘n loved on me ‘n efen kissed me ‘n I let her! MOL! It was nice. Her efen gived me my furvurite treats too! I lubbs Whisker Lickin’ tender moments! Her breaks ‘em up in tiny pieces ‘n I eat ‘em all! PURRS mommy thank u so mush!
I am one furry lucky ‘n happy kitty kat!!

Purrs to all my Grand Friends ‘n enjoy ur night!!!


Pee Ess - Thank U Heavens fur makin’ it rain, we shur did need it now here in Texas!!!
Purrs ‘n thank u fur reading my diary, I lubbs U all!!~


Yuk! My Furry 1st Hairball Upchunk

August 29th 2011 8:59 am
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Hey Ya'll~!! My grand Pal's o' Caster Land!!~

Well, ya memmer when I sez dat I nefur had thrown up a hairball??? Dat time is ofur! 'N I think's today I made up fur it!~ OMC! Mom woke up dis mornin' to step on a BIG, HUGE 'n most hairy, most gross upchunk possible! Well, she looked at me 'n sez "MILO, I guess my boy U haz been savin' it up fur me, huh?" YEPPERS, MOMMY! Isn't it grand!?? Well I don't wanna get too detailed but it was long 'n mostly moist wif LOTZA furr in it!~ I like eatin' grass 'n jus' maybe I come across'd somethin' other than grass?
OH yeah, 'n after dat upchunk, I got da ZOOOMIES really bad 'n went like a super jet plane, buzzin' round 'n round da apartment, up 'n down da couch 'n tables 'n chairs! I feel great! Here I sing:
"I feel good, da da da da da humf, da da da da humf, I knew dat I wud, yeah, da da da da da, humf da da da da da, yeah, I feel nice humf humf So nice humf humf, I got YOU! dump de dump dump, de dump!!" (Thank u, thank u) MOL! Oh yeah, so ok, now it's time to go 'n take a nice, long dump! Hehehehe! Keep smilin', coz dey always wonner what U been up to!~

See ya later,

Big hugs 'n lotza nudges,

Pee Ess,
It rained dis mornin' here! Hey, did I sez dat? WE got rain!!? YESH! But it didn't stick 'round. Probably be back into da hunnerd's 'gin today.


Purring 'n Purrayin' fur all those affected by Irene's- Influence~!!!

August 27th 2011 10:28 am
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Meow, ok, I know's I only jus' a kitty, BUT, I am always concerned 'bout my grand furiends here on CATSTER! We seen da devastashon comin'~! We know's da circumstances 'n what could happen! OMC! Pawlease be safe 'n HIDE NOW! HUR is not NICE! HUR is rabid! Our concerns iz for Ur well bein' 'n care! My THOUGHTS 'n PURRS r wif U NOW!~

As we think 'bout all da destrucshon 'n power behind Irene, our hearts r full of Love fur our furiends, ALL ofur da world. Mother Nature isn't fair! But it's nice to know dat she is there 'n full of bright blessings fur us too! Where there is devastation, there is also HOPE~! Where there is Hope, there is Light 'n Life! Where there is Life, there is Love~! U all r so spawcial!
May da gift of light 'n love follow u always~!

Thanks to all whofur r writin' 'n their diaries of concern 'n halps fur da victims!
Thanks to all who care 'n show it~!

May da Light of love always be wif U...

Purrs 'n pawsome nudges,



I Got Fixed

August 23rd 2011 9:03 am
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Hi all, well actually 'I' Didn't get fixed, coz I wasn't broken. Well mommy sez I AM fixed coz I did get neutered 'n all dat. Yukky don't efen want to go there!
Ok, so we been havin' mush trouble in organizin' 'n rearrangin' my pishures on me's page fur several weeks now. So, after mush contact wif da Catster Watch Cat 'n da Techno Cat, dey had finally come up wif a reason WHY I could not change da arrangement of my pix. It was coz I had TOO many pix on my page. Well dat is what dey sez, no fur else was havin' trouble but it happens when kits have lots of pix posted on their pages. So I got rid of 83 of my pix. Sad though, I tol' 'em coz we're suppose to be able to post up to 200 pix now. Dat was a bunch of pix mom had to delete! So many memories went bye bye. She sez dey r saved somewhere on her hard drive 'puter though. Anyfur, I did some arrangin' but then now, Mommy gots a problem wif her digital camera 'n da cord to plug to da 'puter is broke, so her can't add more pishures of me right now. Sigh. So U'll jus' haz to make do wif my already hansome pix I haz. MOL, mom sez dat! Her got lotza pix of me 'n I not likely change in my looks now coz I be's all grown up 'n a man kitty now.

Ok, dat's all da news for today. Mommy sick 'n I must take care of her today. Her lost her voice but I not know's where it went? Shrugs. Anyfur doc sez laringitis (SP?) but I tol' her I would to try to find it if'n it's lost! Her got's lil fever 'n needs to be in bed. I gotta run 'n make her some beef broth, her lubbs dat!!

Take care 'n haz a Grand 'n Pawsome day,

Purrs 'n mush love,

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