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A day in the Life of Milo

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For da LOVE o' Catster~!!

May 17th 2012 1:58 pm
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Howdy, furiends~!! Ya know it's been a grand 'n pawsome month, efen purrfect year~! I can't thank U all 'nuff fur da kindness 'n love shown~! Da support here is somethin' I can't describe~! Well I can only describe it da way I feel. 'N da way I feel haz to do wif Love. Strong werd, ya say?? Yesh, it iz.
Becoz dis is what it means to me:
Ya know when U get aroun' a fur 'n dey make U feel complete??? Dey make U feel cherished 'n treasured, like U r da only one?? 'n Dey make U a better furr jus' coz dey R 'round U~! U feel comfortable 'round 'em 'n all U want fur dem iz dere happiness~! I know. Coz I do. It's becoz o' Love. Dis iz what Catster meanz to me. It'z a feelin' o' happiness dat flows through ur entire body~It's purrpreciation 'n showin' Ur love unconditionally. Coz dis is what our kitties mean to all hoomanz too~! We all share diz one most important emotion. Our love fur one 'nother. Our concern, our thoughts, our sincere exceptance 'n reassurance. Big werds? Yeah. Big meaning? Efen more so. I'z treasured bein' a part o' dis community fur ofur two years now, haz made hundredz o' furiendz. I haz seen some go too, 'n I so sad 'bout dat. But, I'd like to take dis opportunity to thank U all. Here iz Love shown: da smile dat I get on me face when I come here. Beautifur furiends, efen more beautifur Angels. Gorgeous mom'z 'n dad'z 'n furfamilies o' all kindz~! Our love grows, it nefur stops. It's a continuous ongoin' flow o' natural feelin'z. Der can be tears o' happiness, tearz o' sadness, but da common denominator iz da fact dat we R "n We keep comin' back...dat is Love. Sharin' our world, our time'z, 'n our hardshipz, daily venturez 'n livez...What keeps us here?? Dat answer is simple. Love.
Mom sez dere r many many werdz dat can describe love: Trust, caring, heart, togetherness, furmily, furiend, affection, devotion, honesty, furefur, companionship, compassion, kindness, warmth, respect, fun, laughter, joy, givin', understandin', comfort 'n da list goez on....doez dis describe us?? O' course it does. Oh 'n Mommy sez don't furget...chocolate too~! MOL~!! But az I tryin' to keep diz a bit on da serious note, we haz come together, joined by pawz, to strengthen our bond as cat loverz. Fur dat, I am furry thankfur we haz Catsterland. From my heart to Urs, be well 'n continue to cherish Ur furs, coz dere iz NOTHIN' like us~!

Love alwayz,

Pee Ess: Life iz an open book o' experiencez. Enjoy 'em~!!

Purrz on 'n Be happy~!!!


Thank U so mush 'n Happy Mother'z Day!~ Coz if'n it weren't- fur MOM'z, we wouldn't be here~!

May 6th 2012 3:12 pm
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Hellooooo~! It'z been a furtabulous month o' May 'n April too~! Wow, I got DDP 'n MALLEE got DDP 'n her got Cat o' da Day too~! Her catebrated her happy 1st birfday 'n got sooo many kewl 'n spawcial prezzie'z~ Her iz dancin' still~! Ha, her iz so happy her don't know'z what to sez how lucky her iz~! Now dat'z funny, coz Mallee not know'z when to keep her mouf shut~! MOL~! I catebrated MY pawsome Gotcha Day too~! THANK U so mush fur all da wonnerfur giftiez 'n paw mailz 'n fun stuff~! WOW, da pix R jus' so spawcial~! THANK U THANK U~! U ALL R SO GRAND~! *Milo shouts out to him pawsome furiendz~!* I purrpreciate eash 'n efury ONE o' U~!
We catebrated our Gotcha Day in way kewl 'n pawsome TAO's Diary 'n my Diary too~! It WUZ a furtastic PAWTY~ Thankz efuryone fur comin'~! We danced 'n had sush a grand time~ Purrfect gurliez came 'n our Grandette Calie enjoy herself so mush~! Her iza fiesty one, dat gurly gurl!~ Thank U Platelicker, my furtastic furiend fur showin' us UR FINE 'n way kewl dance move'z good buddy~! Thankz to Zack 'n Zoey (shout out to Zack fur bringin' us so many wonnerfur flavours o' FF to enjoy~!), my totally purrfect furiends~! U bof rock~! Thankz to Tundra, Rory 'n furmiliez fur 'nother fine pix~! Thankz to DANTE fur da gorgeous Gotcha Day pix~ Dood U r too kewl~! Thank U to Big Harry 'n furmiliez fur 'nother purrfect pix~! Thanks to Anna, Jezebel, Gaga, Tabbies, sweet Harley, Pipo 'n Minko fur comin'~! (WeebeesSiamese, Thank U fur all da pix U make, I love dem so mush~!). Thank U Toki, Iz so nice to hear U be'z so social 'n fun lovin'~!! Thank U TINISTER, my pawsome twin look a like good buddy~! Thank U ZACH fur da great shout out 'bout my MEW NAME~ Mom sez it doez add a bit o' elegance to my kewlness 'n originality~! Gotcha Day'z r really important 'n we give so mush thankz fur when we got gotted~! U rock my furined~!
Shout out to TAO 'n lil Miss Calie~! U guyz rock 'n thank U so mush fur gettin' dese pawtie'z started 'n fur makin' way kewl 'n purrfect pix fur us too~! Our diariez were FULL o' fun Tunatini'z 'n dance'z 'n great foodage~ Added thankz to my fur cousin, Timmy fur makin' some o' da yummiest Tunatini'z 'round~ Ur one pawsome bartender~! Thankz to my fur cousin, Ziggy fur singin' his fun 'n entertainin' tunes~ Zig, U doez it well, dood~!
A big shout out to MOPPIE 'n BLADE fur comin' to our pawty~! WE catebrated MOPPIE'z Birfday too~! YAY~! MALLEE so mush enjoyed da spawcial dance wif MOPPIE~! I think her really got a crush on dis fine 'n hansome young man kit~!! PURRZ on, pal~! ^ PAWZ~! Her be'z so furefur thankfur o' da pawsome dance 'n spawcial nose kissie from U~!! HOW coot dey R together~! I hope I did not miss anyfur dat came to our pawty~! More came to TAO'z pawty, so thank U fur comin' to him pawty too~ U all rock~!
I can't think o' a more lovin' 'n spawcial purrlace fur us kittiez to come 'n purrlay 'n enjoy 'n jus' chat 'round 'n make new furiends, enjoy old furiendz 'n chill out~!! We've come to love Catster so mush~! Thank U fur makin' our lovin' Catster Home a purfect purrlace~! Thank U CATSTER!!!!~Our love continue'z~!

HAPPY MOTHER'Z DAY to all da fine 'n beautifur MOM'z efurywhere~! XOXOX

*MILO dance'z still 'n iz soooo greatfur dat him haz so many purrfect furiendz~*

Enjoy Ur Sunday nite 'n purrfect blessin'z to all~!

Love 'n happy head bonkz,

MILO BLINKERS (now izn't dat a way kewl name~??)


Happy Day'z 'n I did get gotted dis DAY~!

May 2nd 2012 3:46 am
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MEOWZER'z~! Wow, what a GRAND year dis haz been~!! I hope U all r doin' really good 'n happy 'n havin' lotza FUN outside 'n inside 'n lovin' all Ur sweet furmilies~! Ya know what? I wuz gotted dis day back in May o' 2009~! Dat mean'z mommy haz me fur 3 years now~ Mom sez it haz been da bestest most lovin' 3 years o' her life~! Ya know I wuz gotted on'y short time after my angel furbro Smokey Joe had to make him way to da bridge, so I not know him, but wished I had~ Coz I heard sooo many grand thang's 'bout dat dood~! Well dat iz him story, so back to mine. Mommy wuz so sad 'n her really missed havin' a feline buddy to love 'n take care o'~! I wuz in dat stoopid purrlace dey call a shelter~! Iz where kitties dat roam 'n got NO home'z r picked up 'n put into stoopid cages 'n left fur no tellin' how long~ Mom jus' happened to come lookin' da sunny day in May~! Her wuzn't really gonna 'get' a kitty 'n dat wuzn't on her mind to take one home, but dat wuz da day I got so furry lucky~!!! Her looked 'roun' at all da kitties dere. Lil baby kitties, lotza lil ones~ Her not wanted a baby, her wuz lookin' fur a wee bit older kitty. Dere wuz one black one, BIG kitty, older but him wuz like already 5 yrs 'n her sez maybe not him. So her looked more 'n WAY in da back cage, dere I wuz~!! Her seen me 'n I wuz really tryin' my best to skritch my way outta dat space~! Dey haz newspapers unner me 'n I wuz DIGGIN 'em up~!! MOL~! I wuz~! Well mommy got to lookin' 'n seen I wuz 'bout 11 months old at dat time~ No, not lil baby 'n her thought well dat'z a purrfect age fur her~! So her took me outta dat cage 'n so her could see how lovablez I wuz~! Well I wuz SOOO Lovable 'n jus' den I looked up at her~! My blue eyes went WIDE 'n I seen her SMILE~! It wuz love at 1st site~! I thought to meself, now DIS lady iz really swell~! Maybe...well jus' den her put me back. NOOOO!~ I want to come home wif U..PURRRLEASE~~?? Her walked up 'n down dem cages once 'gain. I seen her scritch her head...her wuz still thinkin' 'bout Smokey Joe, I knew her wuz, so I HAD to convince her to PURRLEASE COME BACK 'n TAKE ME OUTTA HERE~! I seen her went to talk to dem peeps up front. 'n den...her came back down to da end o' da cages where I wuz~! Dat man peeps halped her take me out 'gain. Her loved on me 'n I not make a sound at dat time. I not know'z how to purrz yet~ But...her looked back at me 'n looked at him 'n sez, wait fur it....I WANT HIM~! YESH~! Her wanted me~! YAY~! Well, da rest is history~! As her filled out alla da paper werk'z 'n got me in a box to take me out to her car. Well, I not like dat box 'n so bein' da cat lover mommy her wuz, took me OUT o' da box 'n I had free roam o' da car goin' home~ I wuz all ofur her blinkers 'n stuff 'n my name wuz almost BLINKERS~! MOL~! But, efen 'fore her could think more'z 'bout my name, her memmered dat movie her loved so mush called MILO & OTIS~! Well, my purrsonalities fit~ So here I am, called MILO~!
Efur since den, I haz been mommy'z spawcial Lover boy~! Well, gotta give'z ya a small hint here, Smokey Joe had lotz to do wif me gettin' gotted~! Him whispers in my earz 'n into mom'z earz too~! Him my Angel furbro 'n him gotz my BACK~! Mommy sometime'z really thinkz dat Smokey Joe came back as me~! I got so many o' him personalities now~ I earned dem, I learned dem~! I wuz not smart in da beginnin'~ But I grew~ 'n now I ride mom'z shoulders, I bat 'n chase ballies, I iz da bestest soccer player 'n I like my dry kibbles AN' my graviez, jus' like Smokey Joe did~!!! Isn't dat so kewl~? Ya know, We R all united together by paws o' love. If not fur Smokey Joe, I would no be'z here~! 'n if not fur Smokey Joe, I wouldn't be'z as smart as I am now~! Well dat's my story 'n how I am so Happy I wuz gotted~!

We haz fishies, beefies, spawcial treats 'n dancin' 'n foodages all lined up to enjoy~! We got cuppycakes 'n pies 'n pop tarts too~! Halps urself'z~! Iz here to enjoy~!
I love to share 'n I love my furiends~!

NOW LET'z get dis pawty started~! Today iz my grand furiend TAO's Gotcha day too 'n so him pawty already started~ HAPPY GOTCHA DAY TAO~!
Let's go ofur dere 'n pawty some too~! Him got dance floor, foodage, DJ, 'n lotza goodies too~! Iz gonna be'z a Grand Day 'n Catebration'z~! Whoo Hoo, we all so lucky we here together 'n can purrlay 'n haz fun~! ROCK ON CATSTER~! Coz We love U~! HAPPY DAY'z~!!!

Purrs o' love 'n lotza nudges,


SOME STORIES 'n We need purrz too, purrlease?

April 17th 2012 9:25 am
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Hellooo 'n Happy Dayz to all my pawsome 'n saweet furiends~! Time to shine 'n enjoy da most gorgeous weather...coz IT'S SPRING TIME my furiends~! Ya know what Spring time brings? Many fun activities 'n delights goin' on OUTSIDE~! WOW, da burds r really makin' happy noises 'n me 'n MALLEE loves to watch 'em (sorry Tabbies but we does~!). Da sunshine comin' through our windows make us SING too~! Mom laughs efur time her hear'z us make our own chirpin' soundz, o' course it's KITTY soundz 'n not stoopid burds sounds~! MOL~! Since mommy been unemployed, her been lettin' me go outside fur jus' a lil while, bein' efury day been so sunny 'n nice 'n in da 60's~! Dis mornin' welpers, I went outside 'n her watched me 'n I RUN up da stairs to purrlay wif my upstairs cousinz Timmy 'n Ziggy. Dey wuz bouncin' 'round 'n dis efenin' I will purrlay wif my grand brofur Sam when him mommy get's home from werkz 'n maybe we efen climb dat tree o' knowledge too~!! I hid in da bushes, oh it wuz so mush fun 'n den, well den, I chased bugs 'n butterflies too~! Our grasss iz so green 'n I love's to chomp on it~! Heheh, it's my furvurite thang goin' outside~!! So it wuz time fur me to come on inside 'n mom calls me 'n I come. I always come when her calls me, but dis time, I WUZ NOT ready to come inside~ Her said our brekkie wuz ready, full o' Fancy Feast 'n my spawcial part..da gravies~!! YUM~! But, nope, I not ready yet. I sailed up da stairs 'n wuz lookin' down at her from da third story floorz. Her jus' laughed. MOMMY, why U so lil down dere?? MOL~! Her 'bout MY size~! Hehehe~ Ok, so her sez lil while longer I could purrlay~! Iz been my routine since mom not werkin'. 'n Oh, I gotta tell ya too some other stories~!

Dis happeneded yesterday mornin'~! Mommy wuz sittin' on her 'puter jus' lookin' up jobs 'n stuff 'n knock on da door came. It wuz a lady neighbor lives same bldg only next breezeway ofur. Her had a problem 'n a black 'n white kitty wuz LOST in her house~!! Him wuz unner dere bed 'n him wuz SOOO upset, coz dey be'z shooin' him outta dere house. Him slipped in dere when dey had da front door open 'n deyz be'z on da second floor~!Mommy sez her could halps 'n her wuz a real true crazy cat lover~!! Boy iz she efur~! Dis kitty belonged to somefur in da bldg, we knew dat. Him had a collar. 'n Him wuz so purrfect too~! Mom got him 'n put him in da carrier 'n took him to da apt office. Dey knew whofur were his pawrents too~! YAY~! Mom did a GOOD thang 'n feels so pawsome 'bout it~ Her sez if her gonna be'z home doin' nothin', her should haz a purpose. Makes her feel good when her can do stuff fur others.

Next story: Mom been takin' care o' our goodest furiends, an elderly couple, mom haz known since her lived here, 'bout 6 yrs now. Olen haz cancer in him lungs 'n it went to him liver now. Him went to da hospital to begin chemo last week fur free dayz. Den him did get to come home. Well him wuz not haz to go back fur 'nother free weeks to begin 'gain therapies, but sad coz him had to be rushed to da ER from ambulance yesterday. Him blood pressure iz too low. Him wife, Mamie iz a really nice lady but her not can do mush, coz her disabled. HER 87~! Mom been halpin' take care o' her, well jus' yesterday, her AID dat her loves so mush finally came back from vaCATion. We love her 'n her really halps 'n we so happy now. Mom wuz really frustrated wif dem Social Security folks dat spose to come out to halpz, but didn't~!! Olen isn't doin' well, so if'n U purrlease purray fur him 'n send lotza POTP 'n good blessin' purrlease? Mommy really love'z dis couple dearly.

Well dat's been keepin' momkat fairly busy lately. Me 'n MALLEE r doin' well 'n happy. Also thank u all fur halpin' make my MAL MAL'z birfday susha purrfect one~! Turnin' One fur her will be'z unfurgettable~!!

Oh'n MAL MAL finally got her way kewl CAT IT Purrlay sensor circuit~! It came yesterday, a day early fur her Happy Birfday Prezzie~! Mom gettin' some pix o' us purrlayin' wif it 'n will put 'em up on our pages soon~! u should see MALLLE, her jus' goes cat crazy ofur it!~ It IZ sush a FUN toy 'n ZACK 'n ZOEY; U bof were right~!! WE LOVE IT~! Big SHOUT OUT 'n thanks fur da recommendashon'z~!! We hope to get da rest o' da purrlay circuit system soon~ But den, I'll let Mal Mal tell U how mush fun her haz wif it~!

Purrs 'n love 'n whisker nudges to all my pawsome furiendz,
Enjoy Ur Spring~!!

**MAL MAL waves all giggley behind me 'n throws kissies too~!*


This is Pure Love~!!

March 29th 2012 5:52 pm
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Hello 'n Meowzers to all my FINE 'n Gorgeous furiendz here on Catster~!! I jus' can't thank U all 'nuff fur all da wonnerfur gifts o' love 'n concats on my honorable Diary pick on March 7th~!! I jus' now gettin' to write in my diary..well coz mommy got'z MALLEE now 'n her think'z her always has to be'z first~! Iz dat true? Gurliez does haz to be'z first, well, coz dey be'z so cute 'n lovable~! Hehehe..but NOT alway'z!!! Anyfur, I haz felt da love 'n it's so pure, so true here~!! I wanna sez thank u once 'gain~! U all r too kind 'n so spawcial to me~! Mallee feels it too~! Her jus' told me how spawcial her felt what wif bein' named Devine Diva by Paris 'n Presley 'n den a Bono Babe by Mr Sonny (what a pawsome angel him is) 'n den her got named a really spawcial Dreamette by da group o' hansome man cats~!! 'n I gotta sez extra spawcial thanks goes out to Little Boy fur bein' da one who nominated her in da first place~!! Her is so thrilled 'n sends kisses 'n love to U our spawcial furiend, Little Boy 'n furmilies~!! My grand pal Tinister, Calie, Tiny Mighty MoeMoe, Alley Cat, Skids kitty, Booboo, 'n Momma Ivey too~!! We loves Ur furmilies so mush~!! Jus' so ya know'z, Mallee is sittin' right her beside me watchin' me write dis diary 'n her is smilin' so big 'n happy~! Sometimes I gotta halpz her 'n be'z a big brofur to her~!! Oh 'n did ya know's dis last weekend, her got to go outside fur da first time? ON a leash 'n her did ok..jus' ok. But mommy gonna get her a harness 'n matchin' leash dis weekend, so her can be'z outside 'n purrlay wif all o' us man kitties~! Ya know'z I gonna watch her 'n take goodest care o' her~!!
I've seen so many wonnerfur kits haz to travel to da bridge lately. Iz so sad, but da love dat's shown here on Catster really halps~! I seen it in action 'n I seen da LOVE dat is shown by so many furiends dat feel 'n unnerstand da situations. FIP is a horrible disease dat strikes kitties when dey least expect it~!! It got Smokey Joe 'n we hope dey find a cure or preventative soon~! We nefur know when it's our turn to venture to da bridge. So, mommy jus' think's dat we need to love our kits 'n enjoy eash 'n efury day as it comes 'n purrpreciate da time we haz. Is like today, when mom came home from work, first thang her does iz pick me 'n Mallee up 'n love's on us. First thang~! Den we get our lovin' 'n spawcial treats o' FF, our choice~ Yep, We get to pick out our own flavor we want~ Do U get to do dat? Mallee don't care but I like's da beef one best~! 'n still mom cyphers da gravies out spawcially fur me, coz her knows jus' how mush I loves it~!! Mom haz to werk's 'n so we come first when her gets home.
As most o' U know, Mommy's job has ended, well tomorrow is her last day. Da company merged 'n moved HQ to Colorado. Her entire Dept will be history. Is sad, but where one door closes, a new door opens. 'n It gives light to a new opportunity. Her is a lil skeered, so if U could send purrs 'n purrayers, I would really purrpreciate it.
I want to also sez thank U 'gain to all o' U whofur read our diaries 'n send prezzzies 'n notes 'n pmails 'n comments, coz dat makes me 'n mommy's day!~! Da LOVE, it's da LOVE!~ 'n We all haz ONE spawcial thang in common, our love fur eash other 'n our true pure love fur our spawcial furr families 'n furiends. Catster rocks. 'n U all make it happen. Efen though, we don't write a lot o' diaries, 'n sometimes we can't efen be on Catster, da love still flows. Iz Said. I love U.

Purrz 'n lotza love from dis semi hansome red headed baby boy,
Sincerely I do love U,

Pee Ess, So I got a lil mushy, iz ok once in a while~!! MOL~~ Enjoy Ur week 'n weekend~!!


Happy Sunshine Sunday~!!!

February 26th 2012 1:22 pm
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Helloooo 'n Happy Sunday!~ I thought I would write a bit today, because welpers, I am happy!~ Ya wanna know's why I iz so happy!?? Coz it's nice 'n sunny today!~ Oh, 'n coz I get to go outside~ I already went out twice today~! Mommy got up early dis mornin' but it wuz still a bit chilly out!! I loved it anyway'z~! 'n Yep, U guessed it, Sam wuz already outside~!! Him love's it too~!! We finally bof came back inside, jus' long 'nuff to eat some yummy nom nom'z~! Mommy made breakfast o' fried eggie'z, toast, bacon, hash browns 'n country gravy'z~!! Mmmmm YUMMY!~ Her'z a furtastic cook, well when HER COOK'Z~! MOL!~ Coz her not really cook a lot, but iz ok, on da weekend'z iz fine wif me~! Oh ya shoulda seen Miss Mallee, purrfect pant'z~! Ha!! Mommy gave me peices o' da good ol' bacon 'n Mallee had to wait~!!! Hehehehe~!! Ok, so most all da time, mommy feeds us same, we get fed at da same time, but listen...Mallee will eat her'z ALL up 'n gone gone 'n den I finish like 'n want to come back later to munch, but NOOOO....Mallee gotta eat mine 'n make it gone gone too!~ At least her on'y doe'z dat wif me'z wet foodage'z. Her love's MY Gravie'z~! Mommy does our wet foodage spawcial 'n I get most o' da gravie'z part!~ THANK'z MOMMY!~ Mommy on'y gave us few pieces o' bacon, course Mallee could haz eated LOADS more~
(*MILO 'n Sam whispers to their furiend Tao, dood she is skinney now, BUT she is gettin' a tad bit fatter, U jus' can't tell'z yet~!!! MOL!!~)
Now back to da outside matter'z~ Coz it DOE'Z matter 'n it's so nice 'n we all love dis weather so mush~ I know Spring is comin' soon, coz day time'z R jus' like Spring time now already~!! Oh, I guess I should tell ya, Mallee don't get to go outside yet. Mommy's 'still 'fraid her will run off. She jus' want'z to go out dere in wrestle her up some PIGEON's~! 'n NO I don't mean our Good Furiend, Pigeon either!!~ Dem stoopid burds got her goin' roun' 'n roun' inside as her sit'z in da window! 'n Mommy carries her outside in her arms, 'n her lil beady eyes go crazee when her look'z up top o' our 'partment bldg 'n her see's dem BURD'z~!! She makes crazee burd noise'z too~ MOL!~ I don't efen care 'bout dem stoopid burds, long as dey leave me ALONE~ I got bit by one in da Tree o' Knowledge one time 'n I vowed to get me a GANG o' Furs to get 'em all back!~! Stoopid burd'z~!

Back to da good part o' today, I jus' wanted to tell ya how happy I iz to see sush nice sunshiney day'z, it'z a bit windy, but I can handle dat~!! Ok, gotta run, I see Sam gettin' close to da Tree o' Knowledge, gotta BEAT him up dere first~!!! HA, KEWL, NO BURD"z~!!!!!

High Paws 'n lotza Head bonk'z,
'n SAM ofur her a wavin' big time too~!! ^ Paw'z~!!


Oh WOW!!~ KCK's Secret Admirer! Now Dis is FUN!~

February 6th 2012 6:13 pm
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Wow, all I can sez is diz is so WOW 'n So Kewl!~ What fun it is to share Secret Admirer'z durin' Valentine's month! Happy February!~ Ok, thankz go out to DANTE, Rex, Bugsy, 'n Pigeon fur all their halp'z in kickin' diz event off on February da 1st! Da kitties dat signed up, bof purr boys 'n purr gurlz were given name'z o' kitties to be their Secret Admirerz~ 'n also our name'z were given to other palz but we don't know whofur got our name'z!~ Ha, Mallee is in steetches tryin' to guess! She is definatley Smitten!! Well, let me tell ya 'bout MY Secret Admirer since it's MY turn now! Mallee a gurly, so her HAD to go first doin' her Diary! MOL! Yeah, my lil sisfur, U r first~! I love's ya! Ok, now back to da prezzie'z I got from my Secret Admirer! WOW, she must be HOT 'n so luscious! I got so many pawsome rosiez 'n giftz wif da sweetest werdz efur imagined!
First I got a heart 'n it sez 'This is gonna B fun!!' 'n a Rose dat sez 'Be Mine' 'n kissy lipz dat sez 'Will you be my Valentine, You are so awesome' 'n Lipz dat sez 'Sweet thing, from your Secret Pal' 'n den I got a football dat sez, 'Happy Game day, my sweet, Remember Animal Planet has the Puppy Bowl on with Kitty Half time on later this afternoon, Your Special Secret Admirer' 'n also I got a BIG Kitty Hugs 'n hearts dat sez, 'To the Hansome One! Happy Weekend'. *Milo's jaw drops in anticipation!!* I jus' can't guess whofur it iz, can U!???
I hope to get 'nother hint soon 'n Mallee is jus' waitin' patiently fur her extra hint!!~ We R so excited! We LOVE purrlayin' dis pawsome Valentine'z Event in Kewlest! What a kewl 'n pawsome group!! We r so happy to be a big part of it!
Oh 'n a bit 'bout MY gurly, da one name dat I got given to be's a Spacial Secret Admirer too, well, her is spawcial 'n furry purrty!!~ I can't sez any more'z!!! *Milo winks!!*

Purrs 'n Happy Valentine's Day to U all,
Nudges 'n Love,
Da Red Headed Blue Eyed Baby boy~


GIFT'S of LOVE~'n Many Thanks~!!!!

January 15th 2012 11:23 am
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Hiya'll~!!!! Hey would ya lookie!? Mommy finally got our new pix up o' our Christmas gifts from Hen 'n Jasmine 'n Mommy Teresa! Will ya look at 'em? Their mommy made us ornaments fur our chrissymas tree's! 'n Me 'n Mallee love's 'em so mush! We think's Mommy Teresa should get her own shop goin' on Etsy 'n make 'em fur other really nice kitties, don't U??! Her is really good at it!!~ Thank U so mush Hen, Jasmine, mommy 'n Furmilies! Oh 'n Hey PETE, I feel ur pain bein' ofur run by gurlies! I guess dey not too bad, at least sometime's dey know's how to cuddle! Does Jas bite U like Mallee bites me?? Did ya see how her tried to take ofur my Jasmine Blankee 'n her was nippin' my neck in da process too??! MOL! Dat silly gurly gurl!! We were really excited to get our package in da mail 'n we fought eash other to get it open! Thank U fur da grand 'n purrty Christmas card 'n beautiful pishure o' my sweet Hen 'n Mommy Teresa, I will treasure it always!

Doods, I guess I should add here, dat Sisfur's r somethin' else, but dey r spawcial somethin'z fur shur! I wouldn't trade Mallee fur da world 'n her is already a BIG part of me's life here wif mommy!~ I do love's her, I does! I still be furry glad when her surpasses dat BITIN' Stage! At least it's not ALL da time. 'n There r indeed, spawcial times 'n memories bein' made now, coz her is really lovable, mommy can vouch fur dat!!! *Milo nods his head*.

Ok so we also got prezzies from our Grand 'n Saweet furbro fureind, PIGEON!~ Him sent us gifties fur Thanksgivin' 'n more gifties fur Chrissymas too! We love all our Catnippy toys U sent to us! We purrpreciate da cards too, so mush! Ur da bestest furiend efur, PIGE~!!! OH 'n Thanks U so mush fur da Big Gold Heart U sent to me yesterday put on my page!!!! OH dood, U know's how spawcial U r in my heart 'n we share so many fun 'n pawsome memories 'n continue to do so. U r so thoughtfur, my bestest bud!!~

I also want to take dis time to thank all my grand 'n pawsome furiends fur da rosies 'n zealies sent fur Thanksgivin' 'n Chrissymas too! U r all so spawcial to us 'n Catster is our Home now!~ Mommy loves' to come here 'n we can share birfday's, annifursaries, Diary pickx 'n all da honors dat r bestowed upon our super pawsome furiends o' Catster fame 'n furmilies!!!

We also want to send out BIG hugs 'n Thanks to all da furs dat make sush Grand 'n pawsome creationz 'n pix fur spawcial Days 'n honors 'n bdays!
Alfie, Milo, Teddy Bearz, Ollie, Pipo, Minko, Tundra, Manytoes, 'n Furmilies, Pigeon, Big Harry, Dante, Bugsy, Kibbles 'n all their furmlies!! U guys take da TIME to make purrfect pix fur spawcial days 'n make efury kit feel so spawcial!! THANK U~!! WE ALL THANK U SO MUSH!~ U ROCK!~ 'n Dat is a large part o' what makes CATSTER so much fun to visit!!~

We all, as Catster furiends, Unite!~ There is one single Purrfect connections to us all here~! We all LOVE our Kits 'n woofie's!~ Da main word is "LOVE". Our Love. 'n Our Love fur one another. Dis is our True connection.

Thanks fur readin' my diary, mommy is startin' to tear up now, coz her feel's dat connections gettin' stronger.
U've heard it before, but u can nefur sez it 'nuff:
We r all connected by Love an' Paws. I belEVE~! Always!!~
Mommy sez: We are all connected by Love, and through that Love, We share our cat's lives, and beyond.
Mommy 'n ME also sez: CAT'S RULE! MOL! *Milo winks!!*
(Gotta get ya smilin'!!!~).

Enjoy Ur Sunday 'n love to U 'n ur furmilies always,

Momma's Blue Eyed Baby Boy


Dis Red Headed Blue Eyed Baby Boy is a LITTLE UPSET~!!!

January 7th 2012 8:46 am
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Hi, to all my wonnerfur furiends! I hope eash 'n efuryone o' U enjoyed bringin' in da New 2012 Year!!!~ It's been all pawties 'n catpagne 'n wine 'n candle lite dinner's 'n fun 'n excitement!! As it all calms down, we really love's to memmer all our wonnerfur time's we've shared wif our Furtabulous Furiends here on Catster. Thank's U..all!~
Ya know's how mush we love's U~!

Well, Mallee 'n I haz been at odds lately!!! Her sez her da baby 'n can do what her wants 'n get by's wif it all. Some, yesh. Some, I sez NOT! Her still haz a split personality 'n good at night, all full o' kissies 'n cuddles 'n purrs fur mommy 'n come's to her, get's in her lap 'n kisses up!!! Durin' da day time, her can be's mean 'n ofurbearin'!! ~ Me on da other hand, am not so 'wantin' 'n needing' as all o' dat! Last night, fur example, Her got all done wif her lovey dovey stuff on da bed wif mommy 'n went to purrlay in da den. Dat was my chance to come ofur to mommy 'n show her how mush I purrpreciate her 'n love's on her. I do it subtle though, 'n nudge her hand, climb half way into her lap, nuzzle chin~ Her reaches ofur to give's me's pets 'n cuddles 'n DEN..SHE is here! Whooaaaa, where did SHE come from???? I swear, she is EFURYWHERE! it's like, I can't haz any privacy wif mommy!! I really love's to come sit 'n lay down on da puter table in front o' da monitor when mommy is writin' fur me here on Catster. I haz MY spot, I am da Hansome Red Headed Baby Boy, am i not???? Is my purrlace, I was here FIRST! Mommy pats me 'n I lay down so her can see da screen, 'n I purrs, oh how I purrs so loud 'n so strong!! Coz iz MY purrlace! Is mine! Den, well I know's U were watin' fur HER come's! Her is efurywhere, I sez! Her den, got's dis 'angle' o' her dat her uses... her pretends to lick me, my head, my ears, my neck 'n den....BITE! I hate dat, Mallee!! 'n Gosh, her as BIG as me now!! 'n her runs me off dat way! Why does her does dat to da hansome Red headed blue eyed baby boy!??? Her sez her da baby, her da baby, her da sweeeeeet calico baby!! NOT!~ Sorry, I be's mad at her right now. Her jus' JUMPs on me 'n Pounces on me 'n BITE me hard! Fur no reason?? I tink her is insane sometimes!! MOL! SISFURS! I know her a kitten, a kitten as BIG as me now! WOW her grown! Don't worry's, I does fight back, I IZ NOT a whoos!!~ Jus' make's me so PO'd at her!
But ya know, Mommy sez I am a Hansome Red Headed Baby boy, MOMMY'S Hansome blue eyed red headed baby boy wif da most beautifur blue eyes her efur seen!! Now I know's my mommy wouldn't lie!! But, I tell ya, furiends..I jus' wanna know's, iz ALL gurly gurls acted dat way? Mommy sez her will grow's out of it. We'll see. Fur da time bein'... I am da baby too!!! Mommy always greets me wif "Hi, My baby boy, my hansome MILO!!~"

I guess, we bof babies! Mommy's BABIES! I guess I will continue to share, efen though I get my feelin's hurt severely!! By a GURLY, no doubt! Hmmmffffpt!~

Love U all 'n thanks fur readin' my diary! Ur all so spawcial to me's!!~=^.^=


Pee Ess, I did get my fair share o' cuddlin' unner da covers dis mornin' early as Mallee was sleepin' in 'tween mommy's legs. Dat is 'nother spawcial time we share. Tank goodness fur partial peacefur nite's!!! PAWS ON!~


Happy New Year 2012! 'n Wouldn't U like to know what 'Auld- Lang Syne' really means??

December 30th 2011 4:25 pm
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MEOW MROW, My Grand Furiends!
We all r familiar wif da Great New Beginnin's o' da New Year's! We all know it's a time to start something new U've always wanted to do, to give's us a chance to open new doors 'n make new furiends, 'n bring more happiness to our own world's. Da New Year represents dat new Door openin' up WIDE! We all catebrate January 1st o' any new year. We enjoy catebratin' fun times on December 31st, Pawsome love's 'n learnin' new things o' da year gone by~! Our 2011 has been great~! Catster is a part o' us 'n we a part of it~! Our furiends we've made, our time's we've shared r all in our hearts to stay! An' many more's to come in da New Year 2012~ May U all share our Love's 'n Wishes fur happiness in dis new comin' Year 2012, a new Beginnin'~! Happy New Year!! U've all been Great!
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>
Auld Lang Syne:
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We'll take a cup of kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

And surely you'll buy your pint cup!
And surely I'll buy mine!
And we'll take a cup o' kindness yet,
For auld lang syne.

We two have run about the slopes,
And picked the daisies fine.
But we've wandered many a weary foot,
Since auld lang syne.

We two have paddled in the stream,
From morning sun till dine.
But seas between us broad have roared
Since auld lang syne.

And there's a hand my trusty friend!
And give us a hand o' thine!
And we'll take a right good-will draught,
Aor auld lang syne.

Isn't it funny, how many time's we've all heard dis song 'n nefur really new da lyrics or what it efen means? Wouldn't it be's funny if it' meant 'Big Pink Elephants'??? MOL!It is indeed a Scottish song written in da 1700's. Da song got most recognition by Robert Burns, so da song is associated wif him.
A good translation o' 'Auld Lang Syne' is "Time's gone by" when we sing dis song, we r sayin' "We'll drink a cup o' kindness yet, for time's gone by.." Dis song sybolizes 'endin's 'n new beginnin's" U be's catebratin' ol' times gone by, time's long long ago, or days gone by, we all feel it in our hearts, those times we've shared wif furiends, furmilies 'n cherished loved ones. The ballad o' Old Lang Syne was printed in 1711 by James Watson. It is a furry contagious song fur shur! Da song sang on Hogmanay or New Year’s Eve quickly became a Scots custom dat soon spread like wildfire to other parts of da British Isles. As Scots, including English, Irish and Welsh immigrants, settled 'round da world dey took with dem dis old tradition. In America, da Canadian band leader Guy Lombardo in 1929 used it in his New Year’s Eve catebrations through his annual broadcasts on radio an' television. Da song soon became his trademark and da rest, as dey sez, is history. Dis song is heard all ofur da world in many languages now. It's kewl in Finland, da verse goes somethin' like dis: "Fureindship shall nefur end, but will last furefur, Great then is our joy, once we meet 'gain. Our road may separate, the memories will remain. So thank U fur efurthin' 'n bye farewell".
So to catebrate our long furiendship, we'll drink cattynip wine 'n catpagne, 'n relish memories o' long ago~ I love's U all 'n I am so happy Catster is here fur us in good times 'n sickness 'n in health, we cherish ALL our memories made here~! HERE HERE, CATSTER!~
Here's to U, our grand furiends we love's so mush- *Milo put's his paw way up high in da air* 'n to U, a Happy Healthy, most Prosperous New Year!!

Big Hugs 'n pawsome nudges,

Thank U fur readin' my diary!!~


Drink. Kiss. Be merry. Maybe make a resolution's or two or sefenty-five~!

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