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A day in the Life of Milo

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CAKES~! Yummy Cakes 'n Thank U Saweet Furiends fur- Sharin'~!!

August 3rd 2012 5:17 am
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Hiya efuryone~! OMC~!! Dem cakes went ofurflowin' ina momz email box from SOO MANY PURRFECT FURIENDS~!! It wuz sooo full 'n we nefur seen so MANY notices 'fore~! Thank U so mush alla our grand furiends fur sendin' delicious Cakes to us~!! We got to send a few back too, but it was fur a short time 'n mom did no haz mush time~! Me thinks dere iza way to send more den one at a time, but we not knowz how to doez dat~!!So if'n we missed U don't mean we don't LOVE U~!!! We purrin' so many happy dances 'n our pages look so SWEET 'n YUMMY~!!!
Thank U Catster fur havin' a Share BIG Cakes Free Day~!! Dis is what Catster iz all ABOUT~! Love 'n kindness 'n sharin'~!! What sez we all haza GREAT BIG PAWTY Catebration 'n enjoy Cake fur efuryone??? Come on ofur 'n let's ROCK~ *MILO 'n MALLEE do happy dances 'n putz dere pawz ina air 'n shoutz HOORAY 'n WE LOVE U* Thank U also from Sam, Smokey Joe, Timmy 'n Ziggy too~! Alla their pages r fulla cakes 'n love too~!! So nice, so wonnerfur, so Grand to share da happiness 'n pawsomeness here on Catster~!!

Purrz, Love 'n many many happy Nudgez,



KCK 2nd Annual Catebration~!

July 10th 2012 9:52 am
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Whoo Hoo 'n Goo' day me fine pawsome 'n furtastic furiendz~! Iz a happy day here in Texas~! Fine weather, although it'z a bit hoomid 'n sticky but all in all, a furry cloudy but good day here~! I got to go outside dis mornin' 'n it wuz fun~! Mallee too 'n ona her harness, her does SOOO good~! We walk 'n mom follows ME~! Den Mallee iza in front 'n I catch up from behind~! I am dere leader ya know?? MOL~!

So, now what my diary all 'bout isa I want to let U ALL know we at KCK R havin' our 2nd pawsome Annifurrsary comin' up on July 28th~!! KEWLEST CATSTER KITTIES Oh wow, it'z been a furtastic two yearz, I might say dey been some o' da most wonnerfur timez I've shared wif good furiends, long time furiends 'n meetin' NEW furiends too~! Dese furrs r top o' da line, 'n so happy too~! Dis is what KCK is all 'bout, havin' fun 'n enjoyin' Grand Trips, fun times, games 'n jus' enjoyin' life~! Our leader 'n Owner o' da group, PIGEON has been gone now fur awhile, 'n we shur DO MISS him so furry mush~! We hope efurythin' is OK 'n we send purrz 'n wishes him to come back soon~! Pigeon, my dear furiend, thank U fur developin' a most precious 'n welcomin' group~! We haz so mush fun here 'n we purray U see our messagez 'n know how mush we miss U~!
Iz what we do here on Catster, iz what We R~! Some folks think we needz more information groups, 'n I think dat'z fine 'n all, but don't stop our pawsome FUN groups~! We need 'em so mush 'n iz what most furrs come to Catster to doez, enjoy 'n laugh, joke 'round 'n just enjoy da simple pleasurez~! Ain't it so???
So come visit us 'n enjoy da love, laughter, fun 'n games we share 'n enjoy a simple, laid back lifestyle whar we ALL want to be~! We love our memmerz 'n we're like furmily~ Jus' like Furmilies~! We gota a furtabulous 'n pawsome Adventure trip comin' up dis Caturday, July 14th 'n our furmous 'n wonnerfur Kitty O' Da Month, ATHENA is leadin' us to Block Island via Ferry boat from St Judith~! Oh it'z gonna be'z 'nother fun 'n excitin' trip~! Come visit us in da KCK Grand Trips & Adventures thread 'n see why we love it so mush~! Our grand 'n purrfect Admins BUGSY an' furmilies make pawsome Action Pix 'n so U gotta check out all our Grand Trips from da past~! We love our memmerz, 'n we love to chat, play games, 'n jus' totally enjoy FUN~! Our furmilies o' furiends is growin' 'n I love 'em all~! My grand new furiend, SAMSON made a purrfect pix fur us~! Purrfect furiendz pix, Samson dood, I love it, thank U sooo so mush~! U can see it on me page!!~Samson U r indeed a KING~! Our pawsome fureinds PHANTOM 'n his sisfur Spice E r so mush fun~! Thank U fur bein' a grand furiend 'n memmer~! Our wonnerfur furiends HOBO 'n Moose make KCK a really fun purrlace to be 'n we thank U bof fur bein' so purrific~! 'Nother really active memmer is SMILEY what a fun 'n hansome dood him iz~! Smiley Ur a pawsome 'n valuable memmer 'n a good lookin' Norwegian Forest Cat~! Love ya dood!~
We thank ALL o' our memmerz fur bein' so saweet 'n kin' 'n fur bein' so pawsitive~! Dis is what makes Catster a fun 'n purrfect purrlace to come~!! We love U 'n be happy 'n prosper~!

Thanks fur readin' my diary, I am jus' so excited right now, oh look, mommy got us some munchy treatz in hand~ Time to go~!

Purrz on 'n love ya bunches,


My Silly SisFur 'n other catebrationz~!

June 28th 2012 8:22 am
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Hello 'n Happy Summer Efuryone~!! Hey did ya know dat we can ALL get cat crazy durin' da summer time??? OH wow, da zoomiez r definately in order~! Heheheeh~! I can now swoop down on dat furry funny sisfur o' mine 'n freak her out fur a change~! O' course she wuz somewhere'z her not spose to be anyfur, in MY duffy bag~! How dare her~?? Ok so I wuz up top ona chair layin' really close on my Jasmine blankee when I got a notion to jus' GET HER~ 'n good I did~ Ya'll would be so purroud o' me 'n it wuz hilarious~ Well ya know how her can get? She alwayz rufflez my furz 'n still bitez my bum 'n when I 'sleep too~! Grrrrrowl~! So, dis time, I really bopped on down whar her wuz 'n her came outta my duffy bag on all fourz 'n yelled at me~! MOL~! Servez her rite~! We batted eash other fur a while 'n I chased her 'n her bounced at me 'n popped me GOOD~ But it wuz all worth it, kitties~! All worth it fur shur~! I'll teash dat silly sisfur o' mine to get into MY stuff~! Did ya'll efur doez dat?? I mean, I iz sooo laid back dat I usually don't care 'n jus' run off when her triez gettin' into MY stuff~! So, see~!?? I iz NOT a whimp like mommy sez I iz sometimez~! Mommy gee, I iz a guy 'n I iz tough when I wanna be'z~!! So I got BACK MY duffy bag~ YAY~!

Ok, so mew story, today iz MOPPIE'z Gotcha Day~! Happy Gotcha day my fellow hansome furiend~! I hope Ur day iz fulla fun 'n rompin' 'roun' 'n U doin' good~ Mallee iz back dere ina kitchen (well where her lovez it so mush coz her iz a food eatin' JUNKIE~!) 'n her iz fixin' U a mousie cake 'n snackz too~! Moppie 'n Mallee r goin' steady now 'n dey r sooo cute together~ Mallee really love'z her Sweet Moppie, what a kewl lil dood~!
Also, it'z BooBoo, our pawsome 'n beautifur kitty Angel furiend'z Gotcha Day too~ Happy Gotcha Day to our gorgeous BooBoo~! U r an inspiration to us all~ It's Pixie'z Gotcha Day 'n Angel Lumi'z Happy Birfday too~! We wish U all da happiest o' dayz 'n hugz to Ur purrfect furmilies today~!
Ahh, 'n it'z lotza more spawcial dayz too~! We wish happiness to 'em all~!

Oh wow it'z time to go on 'nother venture outside 'n Mallee iz in her harness 'n waitin' on me~! Gotta go now, furiendz 'n be well 'n stay HAPPY~! Coz well, eash day iz mew 'n upon uz 'n waitin' fur dat spawcial challenge~!

Purrz 'n love alwayz,
Da new 'n sometimez fighter but alwayz a lover...*winks*


Summer time fun~!!

June 17th 2012 7:00 am
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Howdy 'n how iz efuryone~??? Da summer iz here 'n time fur some really fun 'n excitement outdoorz~!! We haz a grand time in Catstertown dis month 'n went to Sanna Cruz 'n visited da Boardwalk 'n we rode ALL da rides, it wuz really FUN~!! We're also havin' a Grand trip on Sunday June 24th in KCK 'n we goin' ona African Safari wif PHANTOM leadin' us~! It will be so kewl, so come on by our Grand Trip thread 'n RSVP to be in our purrfect action pix made by our kewl Admins, Dante 'n Dexter 'n Bugsy 'n Rex 'n furmilies~! We're gonna see loads o' animals 'n as alwayz enjoy some pawsome foodagez too~! We hope to see ya dere~!!

On 'nother note, it'z gettin' really really hot outside~ I jus' heard Bugsy sez it's gonna get to 111 dis weekend in him town Las Vegas~! Whooo, dat's so hot U can haza BBQ out ona front porch~! WOW~! Iz not too bad here today, yet, iz still in da upper 70's but did get to middle 90'z yesterday~!

Mommy decided to go grocery shoppin' in da heat yesterday in mid afternoon~!!! Eeek~! But, we needed nom nomz so her wuz desperate~! Heeheeh~! I glad her went, now we got a Cupboard full o' yummy nom nom'z~!!! Iz cloudy so we all went outside dis mornin', MALLEE on her harness 'n me followin'~ I doez dat, I follow 'em alwayz 'n make shur MALLEE stays outta trouble~! Ha, dat gurly gurl~! Iz fun to watch her 'n her iz really gettin' GOOD at catchin' bugz 'n stuff hidden ina grass~!! I seen a stoopid burd 'n tried to jump 'em but az always dey jus' fly 'way~! Stoopid Pigeon'z too~! ya know what Pigeonz good fur?? Poopin' ina Ur face~! 'n poopin' ona sidewalk 'n our picnic table unner our pawsome Tree o' Knowledge~! Dat's all dem good fur~! I shur wish Tabbies were here to shoo 'em 'way~!!!

Anyfur, I don't like to complain, but Catster gived us a hard time ona postin' pix 'n stuff. We haz to try too many times jus' to post efen ONE pishure on our pages~! So I haz to delete some o' mine to make it werk right. 'n Some o' our furiends not gettin' dere emails 'n notificationz too~!! Catster fleas or maybe internet?? Don't know but makes too mush time 'n not 'nuff time to spend visitin' our furiends 'n sendin' kewl comments 'n stuff~!! I know dis not haz to do wif summer time, but I jus' sayin'~!!!! We did get some new pix on our pages today though. I also got a new tag 'n it'z really kewl~! Take a look~!!

Ok!~! Time fur us to go outside once 'gain 'n MALLEE too, I jus' love to purrlay out, don't U~?? Well, mom sez 'fore it doez get way to hot to be out dere~! Mommy NOT like da heat~!! So enjoy da summer 'n hope Ur all havin' a great Father'z Day weekend too~!

Happy Father'z Day to all daddiez efurywhere~! I not haza dad but my PAW comes really close 'n iz a really kewl dood~! We gonna see him when him come'z to visit end o' da month 'n Mommy'z birfday too~! Same day as Canada Day~! Happy Canada Day too, to all our wonnerfur Canadian furiendz~! Whoo hoo, fun timez ahead~!! ROLL ON~!!

Purrz 'n lotza nudges,


Time to PAWTY~! Get Ur Dancin' Pawz Ready~!!!

June 1st 2012 9:43 am
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HELLOOOO!~ 'n Welcome to our Happy Birfday 'n Catebration Pawty~!! We gonna dance 'n sing 'n eat 'n loads o' other fun stuff too~! We hope U join us 'n memmerin' alla da birfday 'n happy dayz fur da month of MAY 'n now da Month o' JUNE TOO~! We got sooo many Happy Birfdays today 'n we wanna catebrate WIF U ALL~!! Common let's kick up our pawz 'n enjoy eash other'z company 'n rock 'n roll~!! Whoo hoo~!
Sweet Gump gotta Happy Birfday tomorrow 'n him will be 18~!! Whoo Hoo, sush a hansome dood, Happy Birfday pal~!! Hope U catebrate wif us too~! We'll see ya tomorrow~!!

Da Pawty iz right here~!!

Get up on our rockin' DANCE FLOOR 'n SHAKE IT~!

We got tonza Foodage so dig in 'n halp Urself~!!

I know Mallee tol' me her can't wait to dance wif MOPPIE 'n SAM can't wait to dance wif his saweet Harley too~! She brought some o' her delish goodies too~!!

Mallele's homemade french fried SHRIMPIES~!

'n Timmy workin' on creatin' some o' his ultimate BLUE TUNATINI's fur efuryone~! Come take a look~!!! Ziggy will pop in to sing some too~! Smokey Joe is flyin' high 'n wishin' all o' U a Happy Day 'n Happiest o' Birfday's efur~!

Mmm Tasty Tunatini's~!

'n dat's not all~!! We got efen more great fooodage's to share~ So come on, efuryone~! If Ur havin' a birfday catebration today, LET's PAWTY 'n CATEBRATE 'n HAPPY BIRFDAY TO U~!!


Gotta admit, Pizza Hut iza my best furiend so I be'z sharin'~! LET"S EAT~!

So wif my mouf fulla pizza 'n goodies, I wave to U all 'n hope U join us dis weekend 'n enjoy da fun, da laughter 'n alla our furiends gettin' together 'n makin' Catster rock~!! Iz becoz o' alla U we love it here~! I want to give shout outs to alla my purrific furiends whofur sent gifties, pmails, love 'n comments fur my purrfect birfday catebration on Weds. I am honored to know eash 'n efuryone o' U~! Now wifout further adoo, let's get on wif da SHOW~!





May 29th 2012 7:26 pm
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*MILO waves* Hey all~!! Hope U all had a purrific Memorial Day weekend~! Dat's to alla our USA furiends~! To all our Cananda furiends, like MOPPIE 'n BLADE hope Ur weekend wuz super great too~! We know dey catebrate on a different day~!
'n where Efur U r, hope Ur happy 'n feelin' fine~!

Weekends if'n ur pawrentz r off from werk'z makez it sooo mush better too~!

Well, today, mommy went to a TWC (dat'z Texas Workforce Commission fur all who not know'z) mandatory meeting/orientation today. She thought she was goin' to get to interview also, but da meetin' lasted fur ofur two hours 'n her wuz dere EARLY~! I know her will get a job soon 'n won't be here near as mush wif us when dat happens, but we shur r enjoyin' it while lasts~!!

Now on to pawty 'n catebration eventz~! My birfday is tomorrow, but we think we gonna catebrate MINE 'n Timmy's bof birfdayz dis weekend~! Startin' Friday afternoon, I will post a pawty diary~! Shur hope alla U can come~!! We'll jus' make it open fur efuryone to show up when dey can~! I know Timmy lookin' furward to makin' some more really tasty Tunatini'z~!! U gotta taste 'em~!!

I think MALLEE really wants to dance wif her honey pie, MOPPIE~ Oh what a great cute 'n pawsome pair dey make~!! Her misses him soo mush~!! Dey had dere first date 'n shared Ice Cream 'n purrlayed chase~ Lil onez, ain't dey so spawcial?? Mallee tol' me, MILO purrlease give me time to write in my diary too 'n make her MOPPIE announcement~! Her so tickled pink 'n pinker dat dey be'z goin' steady now~!!

Jus' curious, haz anyfur seen TAO??? Da Purrince TAO?? I not shur what happened to him or if'n Sissy got her 'puter taken 'way?? We really MISS him so mush~!!

So we all be'z fine 'n happy, but mommy must make a V E T appointment fur me, coz her sez I due fur my rabies shots 'n check up~! YUCK, but iz not too bad, coz I really love my Dr. K my vet dood~! Him really smart 'n takez time wif him patientz~!! But I not too excited 'bout gettin' my butt stuck~!!!

So until Friday, Enjoy Ur week 'n don't take no wooden nickolz either~! MOL~!

Purrz 'n lotza bonkz,


For da LOVE o' Catster~!!

May 17th 2012 1:58 pm
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Howdy, furiends~!! Ya know it's been a grand 'n pawsome month, efen purrfect year~! I can't thank U all 'nuff fur da kindness 'n love shown~! Da support here is somethin' I can't describe~! Well I can only describe it da way I feel. 'N da way I feel haz to do wif Love. Strong werd, ya say?? Yesh, it iz.
Becoz dis is what it means to me:
Ya know when U get aroun' a fur 'n dey make U feel complete??? Dey make U feel cherished 'n treasured, like U r da only one?? 'n Dey make U a better furr jus' coz dey R 'round U~! U feel comfortable 'round 'em 'n all U want fur dem iz dere happiness~! I know. Coz I do. It's becoz o' Love. Dis iz what Catster meanz to me. It'z a feelin' o' happiness dat flows through ur entire body~It's purrpreciation 'n showin' Ur love unconditionally. Coz dis is what our kitties mean to all hoomanz too~! We all share diz one most important emotion. Our love fur one 'nother. Our concern, our thoughts, our sincere exceptance 'n reassurance. Big werds? Yeah. Big meaning? Efen more so. I'z treasured bein' a part o' dis community fur ofur two years now, haz made hundredz o' furiendz. I haz seen some go too, 'n I so sad 'bout dat. But, I'd like to take dis opportunity to thank U all. Here iz Love shown: da smile dat I get on me face when I come here. Beautifur furiends, efen more beautifur Angels. Gorgeous mom'z 'n dad'z 'n furfamilies o' all kindz~! Our love grows, it nefur stops. It's a continuous ongoin' flow o' natural feelin'z. Der can be tears o' happiness, tearz o' sadness, but da common denominator iz da fact dat we R "n We keep comin' back...dat is Love. Sharin' our world, our time'z, 'n our hardshipz, daily venturez 'n livez...What keeps us here?? Dat answer is simple. Love.
Mom sez dere r many many werdz dat can describe love: Trust, caring, heart, togetherness, furmily, furiend, affection, devotion, honesty, furefur, companionship, compassion, kindness, warmth, respect, fun, laughter, joy, givin', understandin', comfort 'n da list goez on....doez dis describe us?? O' course it does. Oh 'n Mommy sez don't furget...chocolate too~! MOL~!! But az I tryin' to keep diz a bit on da serious note, we haz come together, joined by pawz, to strengthen our bond as cat loverz. Fur dat, I am furry thankfur we haz Catsterland. From my heart to Urs, be well 'n continue to cherish Ur furs, coz dere iz NOTHIN' like us~!

Love alwayz,

Pee Ess: Life iz an open book o' experiencez. Enjoy 'em~!!

Purrz on 'n Be happy~!!!


Thank U so mush 'n Happy Mother'z Day!~ Coz if'n it weren't- fur MOM'z, we wouldn't be here~!

May 6th 2012 3:12 pm
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Hellooooo~! It'z been a furtabulous month o' May 'n April too~! Wow, I got DDP 'n MALLEE got DDP 'n her got Cat o' da Day too~! Her catebrated her happy 1st birfday 'n got sooo many kewl 'n spawcial prezzie'z~ Her iz dancin' still~! Ha, her iz so happy her don't know'z what to sez how lucky her iz~! Now dat'z funny, coz Mallee not know'z when to keep her mouf shut~! MOL~! I catebrated MY pawsome Gotcha Day too~! THANK U so mush fur all da wonnerfur giftiez 'n paw mailz 'n fun stuff~! WOW, da pix R jus' so spawcial~! THANK U THANK U~! U ALL R SO GRAND~! *Milo shouts out to him pawsome furiendz~!* I purrpreciate eash 'n efury ONE o' U~!
We catebrated our Gotcha Day in way kewl 'n pawsome TAO's Diary 'n my Diary too~! It WUZ a furtastic PAWTY~ Thankz efuryone fur comin'~! We danced 'n had sush a grand time~ Purrfect gurliez came 'n our Grandette Calie enjoy herself so mush~! Her iza fiesty one, dat gurly gurl!~ Thank U Platelicker, my furtastic furiend fur showin' us UR FINE 'n way kewl dance move'z good buddy~! Thankz to Zack 'n Zoey (shout out to Zack fur bringin' us so many wonnerfur flavours o' FF to enjoy~!), my totally purrfect furiends~! U bof rock~! Thankz to Tundra, Rory 'n furmiliez fur 'nother fine pix~! Thankz to DANTE fur da gorgeous Gotcha Day pix~ Dood U r too kewl~! Thank U to Big Harry 'n furmiliez fur 'nother purrfect pix~! Thanks to Anna, Jezebel, Gaga, Tabbies, sweet Harley, Pipo 'n Minko fur comin'~! (WeebeesSiamese, Thank U fur all da pix U make, I love dem so mush~!). Thank U Toki, Iz so nice to hear U be'z so social 'n fun lovin'~!! Thank U TINISTER, my pawsome twin look a like good buddy~! Thank U ZACH fur da great shout out 'bout my MEW NAME~ Mom sez it doez add a bit o' elegance to my kewlness 'n originality~! Gotcha Day'z r really important 'n we give so mush thankz fur when we got gotted~! U rock my furined~!
Shout out to TAO 'n lil Miss Calie~! U guyz rock 'n thank U so mush fur gettin' dese pawtie'z started 'n fur makin' way kewl 'n purrfect pix fur us too~! Our diariez were FULL o' fun Tunatini'z 'n dance'z 'n great foodage~ Added thankz to my fur cousin, Timmy fur makin' some o' da yummiest Tunatini'z 'round~ Ur one pawsome bartender~! Thankz to my fur cousin, Ziggy fur singin' his fun 'n entertainin' tunes~ Zig, U doez it well, dood~!
A big shout out to MOPPIE 'n BLADE fur comin' to our pawty~! WE catebrated MOPPIE'z Birfday too~! YAY~! MALLEE so mush enjoyed da spawcial dance wif MOPPIE~! I think her really got a crush on dis fine 'n hansome young man kit~!! PURRZ on, pal~! ^ PAWZ~! Her be'z so furefur thankfur o' da pawsome dance 'n spawcial nose kissie from U~!! HOW coot dey R together~! I hope I did not miss anyfur dat came to our pawty~! More came to TAO'z pawty, so thank U fur comin' to him pawty too~ U all rock~!
I can't think o' a more lovin' 'n spawcial purrlace fur us kittiez to come 'n purrlay 'n enjoy 'n jus' chat 'round 'n make new furiends, enjoy old furiendz 'n chill out~!! We've come to love Catster so mush~! Thank U fur makin' our lovin' Catster Home a purfect purrlace~! Thank U CATSTER!!!!~Our love continue'z~!

HAPPY MOTHER'Z DAY to all da fine 'n beautifur MOM'z efurywhere~! XOXOX

*MILO dance'z still 'n iz soooo greatfur dat him haz so many purrfect furiendz~*

Enjoy Ur Sunday nite 'n purrfect blessin'z to all~!

Love 'n happy head bonkz,

MILO BLINKERS (now izn't dat a way kewl name~??)


Happy Day'z 'n I did get gotted dis DAY~!

May 2nd 2012 3:46 am
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MEOWZER'z~! Wow, what a GRAND year dis haz been~!! I hope U all r doin' really good 'n happy 'n havin' lotza FUN outside 'n inside 'n lovin' all Ur sweet furmilies~! Ya know what? I wuz gotted dis day back in May o' 2009~! Dat mean'z mommy haz me fur 3 years now~ Mom sez it haz been da bestest most lovin' 3 years o' her life~! Ya know I wuz gotted on'y short time after my angel furbro Smokey Joe had to make him way to da bridge, so I not know him, but wished I had~ Coz I heard sooo many grand thang's 'bout dat dood~! Well dat iz him story, so back to mine. Mommy wuz so sad 'n her really missed havin' a feline buddy to love 'n take care o'~! I wuz in dat stoopid purrlace dey call a shelter~! Iz where kitties dat roam 'n got NO home'z r picked up 'n put into stoopid cages 'n left fur no tellin' how long~ Mom jus' happened to come lookin' da sunny day in May~! Her wuzn't really gonna 'get' a kitty 'n dat wuzn't on her mind to take one home, but dat wuz da day I got so furry lucky~!!! Her looked 'roun' at all da kitties dere. Lil baby kitties, lotza lil ones~ Her not wanted a baby, her wuz lookin' fur a wee bit older kitty. Dere wuz one black one, BIG kitty, older but him wuz like already 5 yrs 'n her sez maybe not him. So her looked more 'n WAY in da back cage, dere I wuz~!! Her seen me 'n I wuz really tryin' my best to skritch my way outta dat space~! Dey haz newspapers unner me 'n I wuz DIGGIN 'em up~!! MOL~! I wuz~! Well mommy got to lookin' 'n seen I wuz 'bout 11 months old at dat time~ No, not lil baby 'n her thought well dat'z a purrfect age fur her~! So her took me outta dat cage 'n so her could see how lovablez I wuz~! Well I wuz SOOO Lovable 'n jus' den I looked up at her~! My blue eyes went WIDE 'n I seen her SMILE~! It wuz love at 1st site~! I thought to meself, now DIS lady iz really swell~! Maybe...well jus' den her put me back. NOOOO!~ I want to come home wif U..PURRRLEASE~~?? Her walked up 'n down dem cages once 'gain. I seen her scritch her head...her wuz still thinkin' 'bout Smokey Joe, I knew her wuz, so I HAD to convince her to PURRLEASE COME BACK 'n TAKE ME OUTTA HERE~! I seen her went to talk to dem peeps up front. 'n den...her came back down to da end o' da cages where I wuz~! Dat man peeps halped her take me out 'gain. Her loved on me 'n I not make a sound at dat time. I not know'z how to purrz yet~ But...her looked back at me 'n looked at him 'n sez, wait fur it....I WANT HIM~! YESH~! Her wanted me~! YAY~! Well, da rest is history~! As her filled out alla da paper werk'z 'n got me in a box to take me out to her car. Well, I not like dat box 'n so bein' da cat lover mommy her wuz, took me OUT o' da box 'n I had free roam o' da car goin' home~ I wuz all ofur her blinkers 'n stuff 'n my name wuz almost BLINKERS~! MOL~! But, efen 'fore her could think more'z 'bout my name, her memmered dat movie her loved so mush called MILO & OTIS~! Well, my purrsonalities fit~ So here I am, called MILO~!
Efur since den, I haz been mommy'z spawcial Lover boy~! Well, gotta give'z ya a small hint here, Smokey Joe had lotz to do wif me gettin' gotted~! Him whispers in my earz 'n into mom'z earz too~! Him my Angel furbro 'n him gotz my BACK~! Mommy sometime'z really thinkz dat Smokey Joe came back as me~! I got so many o' him personalities now~ I earned dem, I learned dem~! I wuz not smart in da beginnin'~ But I grew~ 'n now I ride mom'z shoulders, I bat 'n chase ballies, I iz da bestest soccer player 'n I like my dry kibbles AN' my graviez, jus' like Smokey Joe did~!!! Isn't dat so kewl~? Ya know, We R all united together by paws o' love. If not fur Smokey Joe, I would no be'z here~! 'n if not fur Smokey Joe, I wouldn't be'z as smart as I am now~! Well dat's my story 'n how I am so Happy I wuz gotted~!

We haz fishies, beefies, spawcial treats 'n dancin' 'n foodages all lined up to enjoy~! We got cuppycakes 'n pies 'n pop tarts too~! Halps urself'z~! Iz here to enjoy~!
I love to share 'n I love my furiends~!

NOW LET'z get dis pawty started~! Today iz my grand furiend TAO's Gotcha day too 'n so him pawty already started~ HAPPY GOTCHA DAY TAO~!
Let's go ofur dere 'n pawty some too~! Him got dance floor, foodage, DJ, 'n lotza goodies too~! Iz gonna be'z a Grand Day 'n Catebration'z~! Whoo Hoo, we all so lucky we here together 'n can purrlay 'n haz fun~! ROCK ON CATSTER~! Coz We love U~! HAPPY DAY'z~!!!

Purrs o' love 'n lotza nudges,


SOME STORIES 'n We need purrz too, purrlease?

April 17th 2012 9:25 am
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Hellooo 'n Happy Dayz to all my pawsome 'n saweet furiends~! Time to shine 'n enjoy da most gorgeous weather...coz IT'S SPRING TIME my furiends~! Ya know what Spring time brings? Many fun activities 'n delights goin' on OUTSIDE~! WOW, da burds r really makin' happy noises 'n me 'n MALLEE loves to watch 'em (sorry Tabbies but we does~!). Da sunshine comin' through our windows make us SING too~! Mom laughs efur time her hear'z us make our own chirpin' soundz, o' course it's KITTY soundz 'n not stoopid burds sounds~! MOL~! Since mommy been unemployed, her been lettin' me go outside fur jus' a lil while, bein' efury day been so sunny 'n nice 'n in da 60's~! Dis mornin' welpers, I went outside 'n her watched me 'n I RUN up da stairs to purrlay wif my upstairs cousinz Timmy 'n Ziggy. Dey wuz bouncin' 'round 'n dis efenin' I will purrlay wif my grand brofur Sam when him mommy get's home from werkz 'n maybe we efen climb dat tree o' knowledge too~!! I hid in da bushes, oh it wuz so mush fun 'n den, well den, I chased bugs 'n butterflies too~! Our grasss iz so green 'n I love's to chomp on it~! Heheh, it's my furvurite thang goin' outside~!! So it wuz time fur me to come on inside 'n mom calls me 'n I come. I always come when her calls me, but dis time, I WUZ NOT ready to come inside~ Her said our brekkie wuz ready, full o' Fancy Feast 'n my spawcial part..da gravies~!! YUM~! But, nope, I not ready yet. I sailed up da stairs 'n wuz lookin' down at her from da third story floorz. Her jus' laughed. MOMMY, why U so lil down dere?? MOL~! Her 'bout MY size~! Hehehe~ Ok, so her sez lil while longer I could purrlay~! Iz been my routine since mom not werkin'. 'n Oh, I gotta tell ya too some other stories~!

Dis happeneded yesterday mornin'~! Mommy wuz sittin' on her 'puter jus' lookin' up jobs 'n stuff 'n knock on da door came. It wuz a lady neighbor lives same bldg only next breezeway ofur. Her had a problem 'n a black 'n white kitty wuz LOST in her house~!! Him wuz unner dere bed 'n him wuz SOOO upset, coz dey be'z shooin' him outta dere house. Him slipped in dere when dey had da front door open 'n deyz be'z on da second floor~!Mommy sez her could halps 'n her wuz a real true crazy cat lover~!! Boy iz she efur~! Dis kitty belonged to somefur in da bldg, we knew dat. Him had a collar. 'n Him wuz so purrfect too~! Mom got him 'n put him in da carrier 'n took him to da apt office. Dey knew whofur were his pawrents too~! YAY~! Mom did a GOOD thang 'n feels so pawsome 'bout it~ Her sez if her gonna be'z home doin' nothin', her should haz a purpose. Makes her feel good when her can do stuff fur others.

Next story: Mom been takin' care o' our goodest furiends, an elderly couple, mom haz known since her lived here, 'bout 6 yrs now. Olen haz cancer in him lungs 'n it went to him liver now. Him went to da hospital to begin chemo last week fur free dayz. Den him did get to come home. Well him wuz not haz to go back fur 'nother free weeks to begin 'gain therapies, but sad coz him had to be rushed to da ER from ambulance yesterday. Him blood pressure iz too low. Him wife, Mamie iz a really nice lady but her not can do mush, coz her disabled. HER 87~! Mom been halpin' take care o' her, well jus' yesterday, her AID dat her loves so mush finally came back from vaCATion. We love her 'n her really halps 'n we so happy now. Mom wuz really frustrated wif dem Social Security folks dat spose to come out to halpz, but didn't~!! Olen isn't doin' well, so if'n U purrlease purray fur him 'n send lotza POTP 'n good blessin' purrlease? Mommy really love'z dis couple dearly.

Well dat's been keepin' momkat fairly busy lately. Me 'n MALLEE r doin' well 'n happy. Also thank u all fur halpin' make my MAL MAL'z birfday susha purrfect one~! Turnin' One fur her will be'z unfurgettable~!!

Oh'n MAL MAL finally got her way kewl CAT IT Purrlay sensor circuit~! It came yesterday, a day early fur her Happy Birfday Prezzie~! Mom gettin' some pix o' us purrlayin' wif it 'n will put 'em up on our pages soon~! u should see MALLLE, her jus' goes cat crazy ofur it!~ It IZ sush a FUN toy 'n ZACK 'n ZOEY; U bof were right~!! WE LOVE IT~! Big SHOUT OUT 'n thanks fur da recommendashon'z~!! We hope to get da rest o' da purrlay circuit system soon~ But den, I'll let Mal Mal tell U how mush fun her haz wif it~!

Purrs 'n love 'n whisker nudges to all my pawsome furiendz,
Enjoy Ur Spring~!!

**MAL MAL waves all giggley behind me 'n throws kissies too~!*

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