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A day in the Life of Milo

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I not feel good~Purrlease purr fur me?

January 12th 2013 9:14 am
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Hallo, my furry grand 'n purrfect furiends~! Me got a cold or somefin' in me eye 'n I not shur what it iz, but iz all red 'n I'z squintin' now! I bat at it 'n paw at it, but not seem to halps mush. I think us furry light headed 'n fair complected orangie furrs get dis sometimes. I memmer my fur cousin Tim Tim got it 'n had to go to da V-E-T 'n get eye drops 'n antibiotics, hopefully I won't haz to GO!~ I haz had it 'fore 'n mommy kept it flushed wif saline solutionz, dat's what Dr K told her to does 'n I don't like it, not one bit~!!! Mom worries so mush 'bout me; Dr K sez I has allergies, jus' like, well, meowmy 'n all peeps get it. Mom asked him if I can haz benedryl, he sez no. It will go 'way on it'z own, usually, like peeps does. Well, meowmy fights wif allergies eash 'n efury day 'n takes benedrylz most days. Some dayz r better den others, I guess I haz ta know 'bout dat~! I restin' now 'n mom watchin' me like a HAWK! Mallee efen cuddlin' wif me 'n not bein' a 'pain' either! MOL! Dat's funny, coz meowmy sez her probably know's I not feel good.

Thank U in advance fur Ur purrs 'n I gonna take a nice long nappy now, coz it's cloudy here 'n rainy 'n a really GOOD day to jus' relax 'n take it eazy!!~ Hope Ur weekend iz nice 'n cozy too!

Purrs on 'n lotza love 'n bonks,

MILO Blue Eyes
Bluest Eyes in Texas


OH WOW, WE had a WHITE CHRISTMAS here in Texas~!!!

December 26th 2012 6:36 am
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Howdy 'n Hi Ya'll~! We hope U all enjoyed Ur Chrissymas Day 'n enjoyed bein' wif purrfect furmilies 'n furiends!! What a great holiday Chrissymas iz~! Let me tell ya, it was a most weird experience fur mommy! We had been watchin da weather all mornin' 'n knew we had a COLD front headin' our way, but first we started out wif just lotza rain 'n heavy at times! 'n Thunder boomers, skeered mommy 'n me at times! I seen her jump! Well mommy had purrlans to go visit her brother fur Christmas supper yesterday afternoon, but called him to see what time 'n if'n him was watching da weather forcast, 'n yesh him was. We knew it was suppose to turn ofur to snow 'round 2ish, but mommy left from home 'round 1:30 PM to take on her holiday travels. Our Aunti Sandy texed mommy 'n said LOOK OUTSIDE it's SNOWIN'~ Yesh, mom told her, as her was 'bout to leave..
Course da last time we had snow here was back in 2009 'n got some on Chrissymas Eve~! Ahhh, mommy made it ofur dere 'n so many nice 'n purrty decorations 'n her furmilies had a BIG BIG Tree 'n so lighted up!! It was such a furtastic holiday enjoyment! Da foodage wuz excellent 'n da honey baked Ham, oh so good!!
Den da snow kept on comin' down 'n dey were watchin' it ofur mom's brothers pool area 'n palm trees! 'n da wind shifted 'n became fast 'n strong!! Brrrrr, but da lil ones jus' had to go outside 'n purrlay in da snow! Mommy sez dey were ALL bundled up good. So mom got some piccies, not as many as her wanted but some o' da snow 'n purrtiness!

Snow on da Palm trees above da Pool area in da backyard!

More Backyard sceneries~

Mommy had a bit o' trouble leafin' to come home 'n her car wouldn't start! Poor mommy 'n her spent so mush time scrapin' all da 4 inches o' snow off'n da car 'n windshields! Her wuz a frozen mommy!! Her went back inside all teary eyed 'n So her brother 'n her nephews, Monty 'n David halped jump start her car 'n dese doods, well dey r arrg arrg doods 'n love to purrlay wif dere equipment toys! MOL! Dey did good 'n da car started 'n Monty followed mommy home to make shur here got home safely! What a pawsome furmilies we got~! Da love shined yesterday 'n magic was all 'round! Mmmm I got munchied on some o' dat Honey baked ham 'n Mallee went wild ofur it! Well mommy will haz to get a new battery soon. But da Chrissymas Day was a spawcial day to memmer 'n to love alla furmilies 'n watch alla cute lil chil'ren openin' prezzies 'n light up faces!!

Purrs U enjoyed Ur Chrissymas Day too! Mommy now has a cold, wonner why?? I gotta go 'n keep her warm now, iz only 22 here 'n really cold! Some snow still left but sunshine is comin' out so it will gone soon. But it was soo lovely to watch!!

Bonks, Purrs 'n love always,



My Fur Cousin Timmy is a Christmas Angel

December 17th 2012 12:40 am
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Wif a sad heart 'n sorrowfur paws, I share dis diary on behalf o' my purrific fur cousin, Timmy. Him wuz my furiend, my furmily, my pawsome playmate. I know da Heaven's opened up it's gates to welcome U, yesterday. I know God had a plan, and in dat plan we don't know how long we haz, we don't know what we will wake up to tomorrow. All we know is we need to LOVE in da moment 'n cherish as mush as our hearts will allow wif da time we haz!!
Sweet Fur cousin, I will miss seein' U outside 'n baskin' ina sunshine! Ur orangie fur shinin' in da sunlight....I do know all Ur furvurite spots! We go nose to nose 'n purrlayed ina vast green grasses ina our purrlay area unner our furvurite tree o' knowledge. Our home.
Me 'n U, Timmy we good buddy, were da FIRST!~ It wuz jus' U 'n me, dat wuz before Mallee 'n Ziggy. Me 'n U purrlayed 'n shared happy times 'n fun at Chrissymas time. We shared prezzies 'n fun wif Santa Paws comin'. I'll never furget dem days.
We were all shocked when Auntie Sandy came ofur 'n told us dat U had breathin' prob'emz 'n gurrgles, oh iz so sad! I so sorry U had to go through alla dat. I know, Doc sez U had Congestive heart failure..oh, so sad dis happened to U at sush an early age!!! OMC, Ur younger dem me, Tim Tim!!
I love ya cuz, ya know dat. I haz one a tribute 'n I wanna share wif alla our Catster furiends....iz all I can sez, may U learn from our own Smokey Joe 'n him wise ways..dat Heaven is truly a lovin' 'n cherished purrlace. U R free dere, U will run free wif endless catnip fields 'n gardens to purrlay in! I know how mush U love gardens to dance in~! Run now, my Tim Tim!!

For my Tim Tim, My cousin, my furiend

Our hearts ache, our tears still flow....but we know U r free 'n wifout pain now. Furefur I luff U my dear cousin. It's been great fun wif ya.

Purrs 'n love,


A Kitty Chrissymas Story

December 11th 2012 9:50 am
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Meow ‘n tonza hugs go out to our many wonnerpurr Catster furiends durin’ dis fun ‘n happy Season!~ Merry Catmus to U ‘n Urs…’n a Hap Hap HAPPY NEW YEAR!!~

Well thought I would write ‘bout our new adventures with our lil Chrissymas Tree dat we got last weekend. Paw wanted mommy to haz a nice ‘n bright ‘n colorfur Chrissymas time, efen though it’s been really rough on mommy lately. We not gonna tawk ‘bout sad stuff here though. We got happy times to report!! Caturday nite, mommy ‘n Paw got da tree all set up ona end table, iz so cute wif lights ‘n some really purrty different color blue ballies! Well dey tightened dem onto da branches so we couldn’t knock ‘em off so easily. It works! Mallee on’y knocked down one ballie so far!! ‘n we’re not really distracted by dat lil tree, unless da lights r on or mommy comes to mess wif it. But mostly, WE R GOOD KITTIES!! YAY!!! Now mommy put a nice cloth like scarf (dat her mother made when her wuz a lil gurly) ‘n used dat as our tree skirt! It fits so nice, ‘n we did no efen bother it~!!! I betcha Santy Paws will be so excited fur us ‘n bring us tonza goodies ‘n fun toys coz we been so good!! Whatcha bet?

We want to share ‘nother really fun event durin’ dese happy dayz o’ Chrissymas time! One o’ our bestest furiends in da whole wide world sent us a PACKAGE!! Bugsy, Max, Simba, Rex, Tutti, Spice, Abby ‘n Angel Sadie, OMCatness, I can’t thank U all ‘nuff! We got mousies ‘n ballies ‘n lil frames fur us too~ Oh ‘n mommy jus’ cried ‘n cried when her saw da BEATUTIFUR Frame U sent fur our dear Smokey Joe in lovin’ memories! We gotta share dis one!!

Smokey Joe's picture memorial on the Tree!

Our Tree is now complete. We now haz TWO lovin’ Angels ona our Chrissymas Tree! Da Tree topper haza really pawsome history…mom’s last job ofur da years, alla da gurls in her dept. knew how mush her loved kitties! ‘n Some o’ ‘em were really crafty ‘n creative! Dis tree topper Angel wuz made fur her by a furry spawcial friend who worked wif her. If’n ya can’t really see it, It doez sez I LOVE CATS! Treasures can also be seen onna our tree, a couple o’ homemade clear balls wif pink’s ‘n purrpals in ‘em! I hope U can see ‘em, dey were also handmade by pawsome furiends.

Top of Our Chrissymas Tree

Our Itty Bitty Tree but love surrounds it~!

Sorry but mommy did no get any piccie from when we were purrlayin' wif our package, but we did haza good time wif it, Bugs! 'n Mallee really really loved da bag it all came in!! MOL! Purrty toyz 'n we love 'em 'n in our hearts we r a couple o' happy kitties fur shur!

We R so delighted dat all our wonnerfur furiends enjoy dis time o’ year ‘n make dere pages so festive ‘n fun!!~ We really enjoy seein’ da kitties in real Santy hatz ‘n costumes, but…oh no, MOM, Ur not gonna put clothes on me!! Hehee! Don’t think Mallee would allow it either, but dat should no stop Santa from comin’, rite???

We're dreamin' o' a White Chrissymas, but don't think so here in Texas! But we know some o' our grand furiends haz already had bunches o' snow 'n will haz a White Chrissymas too!!

Enjoy da Festivities 'n WE LOVE U ALL!!~

So, as we venture deep into Chrissymas Season, may all the joys and happiness o’ da world shine down on U ‘n may happy Blessin’z follow U where efur U go!!

Christmas Cheer ‘n Good Tidin’z to all ‘n to all a furry Blessed Nite!!!

Purrz ‘n love,


Rockin' around da Chrissymas Tree~!!

November 30th 2012 6:52 am
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Meowlooo, my pawsome 'n dear furiends!!~ Tomorrow is DECEMBER 1st!~ YIPPEEE!!
Tis da season 'n ya know what? Looks like all o' us here on Catster r really gettin' into da Chrissymas spirit~! I really enjoy seein' alla da pages so wondermouse 'n fulla tonza Chrissymas happiness!! We'll be sharin' a really happy Chrissymas dis year, as I hope U all will too!!~ Mommy 'n my Paw will be together fur 4 whole dayz durin' dat wonnerfur holiday! I love me Paw (mommy's b/f) 'n him treats us kitties really great 'n him efen loves Mallee, jus' like I do~! Yep, I do love's her! Dat lil kit, her really has grown on me! Can't belief it? Well it's true! Her so funny 'n mom 'n I get a kick outta her antics!!
Well ya know, Chrissymas come's but once a year 'n it's filled wif so mush magic!! So many glad tidin'z 'n happy faces all aglow! Chil'ren, oh mommy sez da smiles ona lil chil'ren makes da holidayz so spawcial!~ Smilin' folkz as dey pass by ona streets, smilin' 'n greetin' one 'nother!
I like to share some magical times wif a bit o' fun time's to shine upon us! Does ya memmer dis spawcial reindeer???


As we all know'z, Rudolph halpz Santa efury year to get plenty o' toys 'n goodies to furs efurywhar dat's been GOOD!! 'n Santa really know's him stuff!!


Do ya memmer dis HOLLY JOLLY Snowman??

Hazza a....HOLLY JOLLY CHRISSYMAS, iz da best time o' da YEAR!~

Ok 'n so U wanna make shur U really been GOOD coz Santa checkin' his list 'n checkin' it TWICE!!!!

Yep Santa Checkin' him LIST~!

So here's whatcha do, hang Ur stockin'z 'n hopefully Santa will come down dat chimney, but ifn't ya got no chimney, like we does, den him will come anyfur! 'n him can get really SMALL too ta get inside!!

Kitty Filled Stockin'z wif lotza goodies!!

So here's to Chrissymas 'n to eash o' U 'n Ur furmilies, wishin' U a fun filled 'n pawsome day dat rocks 'round dat Chrissymas Tree!~ Mom love's dese!!


Oh 'n 'fore I sez goodnite, I gotta really grand 'n pawsome video to share, it'z so warm 'n fuzzy too! 'n Gotza a really happy endin'!~ Purrs to all kitties near 'n far...


U all r so mush fun 'n I so enjoy purrlayin' on CATSTER, coz Catster rockin' round da Chrissymas tree wif us all!~

Haza Candy Cane Beutifur Chrissymas!!

Oh I can't wait fur Catster 'n da mos' wonnerfur Chrissymas rosies 'n fun we'll all haz wif 'em!


Wif tonza love 'n bright blessin'z,



Furry Thankful~!!!

November 21st 2012 2:14 pm
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Hi , My pawsome 'n way kewl Catster furiends!! Wow, diz is da time o' season when foodage is abundent 'n loved ones come close together 'n say grace 'n speak o' how thankfur they R. I am so thankfur fur all o' U, my purrfect furiends! I am thankful for my home, da love, da warmth, da shelter from da cold, my mommy, 'n yeah I guess Mallee too. HA!~
Happy Thanksgiving to U all~! I hope U find many blessin'z 'n happy times sharin' wif dose U love!
Ya know, meowmy speaks for me, typsterz fur me, but I tell her what to sez 'n my thoughts reach right deep within her heart 'n mind!~ I know, I'z justa kitty, but as we all know, our pawrents love us like chil'ren 'n we r chil'ren in dere hearts! I am so glad. Mommy's r spawcial.
Furiends, thank you so mush for all da good times, da happy times, da fun, da laughter, da shared moments~!! U all rock 'n take it eazy tomorrow, eat, drink 'n be merry!~ Coz, we all know our thanks show in eash 'n efuryday activities~! Purrs fur happiness one 'n all~!! We r indeed Blessed.

Purrs 'n love,

P.S. Mallee I guess I love'z U too~!! Jus' don't tell me to shut up anymore'z!!!
(ha, see her diary!!)



October 29th 2012 11:25 am
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OMC!~ So many o' our furiends 'n pawsome pals r in da line o' Hurricane Sandy 'n her NOT a nice lady either!~ WE been watchin' da news 'n it don't look good!!~ We skeered fur our furiends! Purrlease take cover 'n shelter 'n get out when dey tell ya too~! My furmilies keepin' U all in our thoughts 'n we'll be constantly purrayin' fur dem furs ona East Coast!~
'n Purrlease let us know Ur ok, ok? We r jus' terrified 'n wanna make shur U all be SAFE~!
From my Texas purr house to Urs, lotza hugs 'n keep in mind, we're here fur ya~!
Always 'n furefur!~

Tonza purrs 'n love,


We Can't Send Gifties/Prezzies~!!!

October 5th 2012 3:02 am
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Sigh. We've been havin' troubles fur da last few days tryin' to send prezzies out to all our grand furiends. We're sorry!!~ I not shur if it's our web browser/Google Chrome or da problem is wif Catster, but we did send in a trouble shootin' inquiry to da Watch Cat dis mornin'. We nefur had a problem like dis before, haz any o' U had dis problem?? I jus' hope it's a problem dat can get fixed soon. We don't us I.E. coz it freezes up 'n Firefox doez da same. We do gotta use I.E. fur Photo Bucket on'y coz we can't get to it wif Google. Not shur why either. It's slow, it freezes 'n dat's why sometimes mom get's so frustrated wif doin' roll ofur pix. Anyfur, we're sorry we missed any o' our furiends Happy spawcial days!!! Mom is slightly flustered right now. On a good note, we not been havin' troubles postin' new pix on our pages. Dat wuz really kewl~! I hope it continues~! 'N we hope dat da Cat o' da Week problem get's fixed soon too. Sweet Athena's pix still dere 'n we know her enjoyed her time in da spotlight, but now it's time fur sweet Zoey's pix to be dere. Concats Zoey 'n we'll check efuryday to see if'n Ur pix is up dere!!!~ Oh 'n her gotta contest goin' on too, see her Zoey's Diary !~

Happy Halloween, what a great time o' year~!

Be happy 'n purrs galore,


What is OCTOBER?

October 1st 2012 1:33 am
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Hi Efuryone!~ MILO WAVES~!! It's been awhile since I wrote in ma diary~!
WOW, does timez pass by fast or what? Must be coz we're havin' so mush fun~! Tis da time o' year when colors change 'n we feel a crisp kewl breeze in da air~ 'n FUN~! Well it rained all weekend here but yesterday da sun came out fur a bit 'n I got to go outside fur while! Also it's my sisfur MALLEE's Gotcha Day tomorrow~ Wow, jus' gotta say it's been a trip havin' her here~! MOL~! A whole year 'n her still bites me bum~ MOL~! Anyfur mom sez her still a kitten 'n haz bunces o' fun wif her baby gurl! WHAT? I iz her baby boy 'n mom don't furget it~! I wuz here first~ MILO bats his eyelashes 'n flashes him baby blue eyes~!

So what is October? Iz da 10th month ona our calendar. Da 8th month in da Roman Calendar, October kept it's name after January 'n February were added into dat Calendar originated by da Romans. October is commonly known fur Autumn or Fall in da Northern Hemispere 'n Spring in da Southern Hemispere. October ends on da same day o' da week as February~! But dem r jus' statistics.
Fall has begun full swing in October, all da colorfur leaves begin to change colors..yellow, orange, some vivid red~! What a beautifur time o' season~! It's a time when da Earth iz goin' through changes, Mother Nature prepares to rest. Iza time when dere's a nip in da air 'n makes efuryone think 'bout wearin' scarves, mittens, sweaters 'n more~ Coz some states get colder sooner 'n stay colder longer~ Here in Texas, we been awaitin' dat OctoberFest o' kewlness 'n friskey activities~! Guess U could say we been havin' a bit o' Indian Summer weather here. Coz we thinks Mother Nature iz tryin' to make up her mind. Still warm durin' da day but kewler at nights 'n early mornin'z.

Where does da season 'FALL' name come from?? When da trees begin to wither 'n die 'n all da leafies fall to da ground..well 'bout 500 yrs 'go when middle english wuz spoken, dey had 'spressionz like 'Fall o' da leaf' 'n 'Fall o' da year' so da season o' FALL comes from dem~!

What do I love 'bout FALL? Football season!! 'n mom sez all da good TV shows start back up 'gain~! oh 'n Halloween, dat's my furvurite~! 'n dat also means dat Thanksgivin' iz comin' up too~ Wow, all dat TURKEY 'n gravies~! YUM~! I love bein' able to snuggle unner da covers 'n nuzzle 'gainst mommy!! Blankets 'n more blankets 'n da fun o' bein' ina lap~! 'n FUN foodage's, punkins, squash, nuts, 'n good soups~ Carvin' punkins, apple cider, 'n homemade breads~! Scented candles 'n spice fragrance echos our home~! Watchin' da chimney's smoke, knowin' dat da Winter is upon us soon. I know, it does get cold, but cuddle time 'n blankets 'n butternut squash cookin' up ina keetchin iz so comfortin' at dis time o' season~ Dis iz jus' some o' da things I love 'bout October 'n da Fall Season. What do U love 'bout FALL??

On da downhill side, we all get more cold'z 'n flu season we all know comes durin' dis time o' year. I habz a cold now 'n my eye been red 'n itchin' but mommy fluids it 'n flushes it out. I don't like it one bit~! But I know her keepin' me safe 'n cares so mush 'bout me. So, stay warm, drink lotza hot chocolate or warm herbal tea 'n eat lotza good Fall foodage, coz it's da best~!

Take care 'n see ya next time~! Thanks fur readin' my diary~! I lubbs U all~!

Lotza warm cuddles 'n purrs,




August 21st 2012 10:47 am
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Hallo efuryone~!! Dis iz a way kewl 'n pawsome tag game spawcially introduced by my pal
ZACH !~ I wuz tagged by several 'n today, Miss Anna tagged me ina pawmail~! Thanks Beautifur Purrincess ANNA ~! Ok, so dis is how ya purrlay, Copy 'n paste 'n tag 5 furs U'd lubbs to purrlay 'n pawmail 'em too. Well since dere haz been so MANY kits purrlay, I taggin' whoefur hasn't been tagged to purrlay 'long~! Thanks Zach fur beginnin' a fun 'n fabulous trend to Catster~! We LUBBS readin' alla da way kewl diaries 'n answerz~!! BRAVO!~

"Who are you really?"

1) Tell me your funny Christmas story.

Hmmm, gotta tell ya my first Chrissymas story. Dis wuz 'course before Mallee!! We've always hada tree, but da first Chrissymas fur me wuz really NEW~! I liked da lights 'n would stare at 'em at first..I jangled da balls 'n tinsels a bit, den I got BRAVE!!! Heheee!~ I did knock it down once, but mostly jus' loved to purrlay wif da shiney stuff 'n plurrlay soccer wif da lil glass balls rollin' 'round ona floor!!~ But I nefur broke one~!! I good at soccer, I da best~! Prezzies were fun 'n I really liked chewin' on da ribbons, oh what a blast~! Until I upchunked a small peice 'n mom banned me from ribbons since den!~

I lubbs Chrissymas~!!!

My Furvurite Chrisymas photo shoot~!

2) Where's your favorite hiding place when playing hide and go seek?

Well it's been ina my kewl duffy bag ona floor in front o' da bedroom closet fur some time now. It's back 'n outta da way 'n U can't see it from lookin' in from da door lookin' into da bedroom from da livin' room~!! I like my privacy, but Mallee, dat GURLY~! Her iz so nosey!~ Yesh, her did get into my private duffy bag a couple times, but LATELY, I gained it back 'n am in full control!!~ It's my solitude 'n my spawcial dream area. Also, when Mallee gets a bee up her bum, 'n starts goin' cat crazee, I run 'n get right in MOM's Face 'n tell her...SAVE ME!!~ Ya can't belief's how rough her get's 'n me bein' a Southern gentleman kitty, well, I am jus' way too mellow 'n let her get by wif too many BITES~!! But my Duffy bag rules~!!

Me ina my DUFFY BAG~!!

3) What did you dream of being as a young kit?

Hmmm, guess I jus' really wanted to be a kit dat felt 'belonged'. I needed a real true lovin' home 'n when mommy found me at da shelter, well, I had been ona streets 'n den stayed ina shelter fur two weeks ina cage~! Thought at dat point, nofur wanted me 'n I wuz nefur gonna BELONG~! Hmmpfft~! Mommy saved me 'n so I am MILO BLUE EYES now 'n famous coz I has a true, amazin', wonnerfur mommy dat cares fur me 'n loves me unconditionally. Well, I wuz almost Blinkers, but dat's another story, maybe U've heard it? Ha! I like bein' MILO, I fit my name 'n well, dreamin' is still a hobby o' mine 'n as I purr today, I dream o' my furiends here 'n my furmilies too, 'n wish 'em happiness always. Dis is my dream. Happiness. Love. Blessingz.

4) What's your favorite hobby? Anything goes.

Hobby? I really like purrlayin' soccer 'n I does it well. But maybe my furvurite gonna hazta be purrlayin' OUTSIDE~! I'm avid 'bout goin' out ina purrlayin' ina my garden~! Yeps, it's great 'n eatin' grass 'n 'splorin' 'n lovin' life~!! It's a true adventure~! Oh gotta also mention, I does really love all my toys but my Cat It purrlay circuit track iz da bomb~! I love my bags, boxes, scratch toys, climbin' toys, battin' toys, catnip toys, U name it, I got it~! But 'splorin' outside iza hobby I can not resist~! WINKS~!!


Ina my garden~!

Mallee's Cat it Purrlay Circuit toy iz MINE too~! Hehee~!

5) What's your one "bad habit" that you love and your Mom hates?

Bad habit?? I really don't have any, but I guess I must admit, sometimes mom gets a bit irritated when I give her the "BLUE EYE STARE"~!! MOL~! I do it efurytime I want to go outside, 'n I might efen mew a time or too, but da stare usually does da job~! Today, it's been rainin' so it's a day when I can't go out~! I hate it 'n so I been givin' her da PAW too~! Mom will not let me go outside when it rains. Hmmmfftt!! I am not skeered o' a lil rain~! But dis iz a habit I haz efuryday~!

Givin' mom da EYE LOOK~!!

6) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

I would lubbz to explore EGYPT 'n it's furscinatin' stuff~! Wow to go back in time 'n see da famous Cleopatra da Queen~!!?? Wouldn't dat be furtastic?? We would all be da Kings 'n Queens we R meant to be 'n be worshiped furefur 'n efur~!! Heehee~!


7) What is your guilty pleasure? Food, skirts and suits or cars? What?

I LUBBS gurls but my ONE true passion is cars~ Milo da Mustang hot rod, dat's me~! I lubbz da Ford Mustang 'n rev 'er up 'n get 'er goin' FAST~!! VROOM, speed is fur ME~!

Mustang MILO Crusin'~!

8) What is your favorite make believe monster? And yes girls, unicorns and fairies are included. Post a pic of this mysterious beast.

I like to look up at da skies 'n see many thangs~! I love alien bein'z 'n weird stuff 'n we can see so mush in da mystery o' da skies!!! Monsters?? If ya look at 'em dat way...I love my mysterious beasties~! Da skies r a wonnerfur purrlace to see whatefur U want to see~!!

Heavenly Skies~!!

ET, My furvurite ALIEN Beastie~!

9) What is the one dreaded thing you have to do at home? Babysitting, taking baths, entertaining guest....what is your dread?

Ok, I don't really dread mush, but sometimes I must babysit my sisfur, Mallee. Her can be a pain, but I take care o' her like a grand big brofur should~! 'n dat's dat~!

10) We are going to have coed ships this year so which ship do you want to be on mine, or Zoes. Gris will be having a small ship (more like a dingy) for all our kits to be on.

I'd like to be on Zach's ship 'n yeah, I'll be ready fur talk like a Pirate Day~! I still got da LOOK~!

MILO got da look~! Argggg~!

What fun to create a pawsome diary fulla fun 'n stories 'bout ourself'z~! I really enjoyed writin' it 'n sharin' it all wif U~! I hope U enjoyed my features~!! Purrlease tag whoefur U like 'n memmer we're all together in dis 'n it's all fur da fun o' Catsterland 'n our many wonnerfur furiends whofur we share it wif~!!!

Peace on 'n always be Rockin'~!!

Bonks 'n love,

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