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A day in the Life of Milo

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YAY SPRING~!! Burdies, pigeons, buggies 'n squirrels too~!!- Oh boy!!!

April 17th 2013 4:20 pm
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Hi ya'llz 'n happy days efuryone~! Iz been really nice dayz lately here in da land o' Texas Purrsville~! But da wind is WAY up 'n so I spend lotza time ona me catio porch wif mom. We like to enjoy da sunshine so mush outside~ I purrlay ina me garden fur a bit den come back ona catio to be wif mom. I jus' wanna always be outside when her iz dere~! Lately 'n I guess due to all da winds 'n stuff, me eye is botherin' me 'gain 'n iz lil red 'n gooey. Yuk~! Iz blinkin' 'n I can no open it up furry wide. Mom gotz dem yukky allergies too 'n goez ACHOO lotz. 'n her nosey runs 'n I sez, Mom, go chase 'n gitz it~! MOL~! Dat's a joke! ya know, her nose runnin'...well anyfur.

Yesterday we had more sun den today 'n Mallee got to go out onna her harness 'n see if'n her could find some burdies ina bush!! Well we wuz walkin' out unner da tree o' knowledge 'n goin' 'round da other side o' da pool area 'n as we turnin' da corner ('n dis wuz REALLY funny) Mallee came face to face wif a SQUIRREL~! Her first she'd efur seen~! Dey stopped 'n den Mallee took off after it 'n dat lil baby climbed up a tree so FAST! Mallee, o' course wanted to climb dat tree coz we bof spotted dat lil squirrel up on da first limb, him wuz layin' down flushed wif da limb, maybe so he thought we could no see him? But Mallee did 'n her raised up on dat trunk. Well mom said oh no Mallee Ur not gonna chase da lil squirrel up dis here tree! 'n Den him seen us lookin' up 'n him hauled butt further up dat tree, well I wuz goin' up after him 'n mom stopped me. Hmmmft~! Her not like me to get TOO high up ina tree, it scares her. So we continued to walk 'round da complex 'n tryin' to find more burds. We on'y found a few 'n Mallee DID explore alla dem bushes too! Mainly we seen pigeons 'n a few bugs. Mallee found a bug 'n quickly ate it, so mom did no efen see what kin' it wuz. I jus' supervised da whole adventure~

Well tonight we're suppose to get storms after midnight 'n into da morning. So maybe pollenz will be less, but U know how Spring iz 'n alla da stuff flyin' in da air?? Mom flushed out me eye wif saline solution today 'n I NOT like it at all~!!! I a good boy 'n did no fight to mush though. Mom jus' worries 'bout me 'n watches me like a hawk!!! Iz been super cloudy today but got up to 83 dis afternoon~! Wif da winds it did no feel dat warm. We sleep purrty good when it storms, but we don't like da thunder 'n heavy lightenin' so hopefurry it won't get too bad here. But, we can always use da rain~!!!

I do hope alla my furiends r finally seein' some milder temps 'n Spring is shinin' it's Beeeutifur face on U~! Coz Spring is really great 'n we seen tree's 'n bushes sproutin' up~! I love it but not da allergies!!!

Purrs to ya'llz 'n Enjoy Ur Week~!!

Love 'n happy bonks,


Mallee waves 'n throws happy kissies 'n sends massive thank U's fur a furry Happy Birfday pawty her had 'n all da wonnerfur gifties, comments 'n nice stuff furiends sent. Iz furiends 'n da love here at Catsterland dat makes dis a pawsome purrlace to come purrlay~!!!


Spring iz in da Air Tag Game

April 5th 2013 8:10 am
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If you would like to purrlay da Spring game, jus' copy me diary, change da answers to urs an' tag five o' ur furiends!
I was tagged by my grand furiends Tiny Mighty MoeMoe 'n here goes!!

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1. Gettin' to go outside 'n explore!!
2. Purrlayin' ina me garden area or climbin' a tree
3. Lookin' fur burdies ina bush (oh maybe dat's Mallee but I love's to watch her~! MOL)
4. Open windows 'n sun puddles efurwhar'z
5. Efuryfur feels friskey 'n happy

6. Dis is a bonus: Blooms 'n more blooms!!!

Mom halped Smokey Joe to write in him diary too today 'n do da new Tag game dat Tink tagged him fur. Finally mom felt good 'nuff to halps me write mine too. It'z furry tiring fur her though.

If ya hazn't been tagged, consider urself tagged here 'n purrlay! Iz fun. I know most o' my grand furiends haz already purrlayed dis game. Iz a lil late but better late den nefur ya know!!!

Purrs on 'n happy Spring!!!

Love 'n bonks,




April 2nd 2013 9:36 am
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OH wow, how so furry kewl o' Catster to give'z free Easter Eggs to send to our grand furiends~! Thanks fur 'em, we shur do love to see 'em on all our pages!!!
Ur da best Catster 'n our Catster furiends!!

I wanted to paw an update here fur our mom:
Sorry we did no get to send any free Easter Eggies out, mom wuz in da hospital early Easter Sunday mornin'. Her wuz so sick 'n gotta get fluids 'n pain meds 'n tummy meds too. Dey did so many tests on her 'n her sez da cat scan did no look nothin' like a cat!!! MOL! dem vamps got most o' her blood too!!~ Yuk!~ da sonogram wuz no fun either. Dey made her drink yukky stuff 'n her tummy wuz so empty anyfur from all da massive nausea 'n stuff. Good dat da tests came back A ok. but her gottza some bad junk wrong wif her belly. Dey got her on good meds now, hope dey keep on workin'. Anyfur..her home now 'n doin' more comfortable wif med's da doc sent home wif her. I keepin' her warm 'n her sleeps lots. Her slowly startin' to eat a bit more, mainly fluids, as it tries to stay down. Her still so furry weak, so Purrlease keep purrin' 'n purrayin' fur her 'n thanks a bunch!!~

We got storms comin' dis afternoon 'n tonight 'n tomorrow so time to cuddle up 'n keep mom as comfortable as we can. Me 'n Mallee r really good nurses though! We hope to come back with time, as mommy gains more strength 'n get's back to normal which still might still take awhile.

We shur do MISS our Grand Furiends!! We miss purrlayin' in all our groups too!
'n We love's ya'll!!~

Bonks o' love,

MILO 'n Mallee waves too


SPRING ina air??

March 27th 2013 4:03 am
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Spring is comin'~! Yesh it iz~! It'z gotta be~!

Hey furiends!! I'z missed U all 'n mommy iz feelin' better by eash day dat passes. We know most o' da land hazn't felt mush 'spring' activities in da last several dayz o' March! 'n iz suppose to be Spring time? We hazn't felt mush o' it either. Snow up top 'n all our furiends still shovelin' it~! Sigh. But, jus' wait, it'z gonna be here! Yesh it iz~! 'n yesterday mom seen burdies ina bush 'n Mallee will be so excited! Coz her love's to seek out dem lil burdies in dose bushes!!! Yeah dat gurly gurl!~ Her loved her spawcial day when her got Diary Pick honor~! U shoulda seen her, all dolled up 'n struttin' her stuff! *Milo chuckles* I am purroud o' her efen though she still picks on me 'n is bigger 'n me 'n ruffles my tail 'feathers'~! MOL~!!! I find her furry amusin' at times~!

Still iz cold. Iz 44 dis mornin' but suppose to go to upper 60's today~! So, dat's mush better 'n sunshine, oh yeah!!~ I find dat really nice 'n sun puddles to bask in 'n purrlay in.
Our complex had mowers out yesterday 'n dey made my garden look so purrty!~ Dey edged 'n hedged dem bushes 'n made our property look really nice!!~ 'n dey blew all da debris away! I so enjoy goin' out to purrlay ina me'z garden area 'n NOW Mallee will get her harness on 'n mom will come outside wif us bof 'n walk 'round ina sunshine 'n my sisfur will search out dem burdies ina bush 'n I will watch her enjoy~! Spring? Oh yeah, it will be here!~ It's gotta be here soon~! We'z waited so long. Soooo long~!

Oh I gotta tell ya small story 'bout da time I did go outside a few days 'go. It wuz funny, well meowmy thought so. I wuz rather invoked by a new really purrty black gurlie gurl outside~! Well her struck my fancy 'n my tail fluffed out quite large! Meowmy wuz watchin' me from our patio 'n I followed her to across da way. Mom wuzn't purrlease wif me followin' her. But she intrigued me! Well ya know how meowmy's r 'n her came 'n got me, pulled my fluffed out tail from unner a car 'n took me on home. BAH! I wuz jus' hazin' fun!~ 'n her wuz purrty too! I made a small fuss at first 'n den meowmy cuddled me 'n I wuz ok. Funny though, I really enjoy dat!!! MOL~!

We will slowly be comin' back to our Catsterland as meowmy is feelin' a bit better. We'z missed U all so mush 'n hazn't been purrlayin' in groups mush. Efen our own. I really miss purrlayin' in groups. Slowly we will begin purrlayin' 'gain.

Purrs to all 'n bonks too,

MILO Blue Eyes
Here's lookin' at U~!


We're Takin' a Mush needed Break:) Purrs fur meowmy- purrlease?

March 11th 2013 2:34 am
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Hello, mom's not been doin' well 'n haz severe stomach problems, issues. Paw was here dis weekend 'n him came to take care o' her 'n do stuff fur her. Sunday Paw took her to da clinic. Dey not shur what's wrong but gave some anti nausea med's da work fairly well. Her sleeps lots. Her hasn't eaten anythin' solid in ofur a week now so it's pretty empty. Paw had to leaf 'n go back home to San Antonio. We miss him. If things get worse, mom will haz to go to ER 'n get fluids. Let's hope not fur dat!!!
We will miss you and sorry in avance fur all da birfdays, spawcial ocassions, diaries, etc dat we might miss. Sometime's it's necessary to jus' call it safe 'n go offline fur a bit, don't know how long. Mom finds it impossible to look at da screen fur too long periods.

Be well our fine furiends 'n know how mush we love U 'n don't furget us!!!!

Love 'n bonks from alla us,

Milo, Mallee, Smokey Joe, Sam, Timmy, Rhett, 'n Ziggy 'n meowmy Kathy

Purrs fur my meowmy purrlease? Thank u~!


MEWS~! I kissed my SISFUR MALLEE~! Oh noes! MOL~

March 2nd 2013 4:32 am
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Hello 'n it's been awhile, so I hope dis finds alla my pawsome furiends doin' ok 'n happy.
Now on to my story. I guess by da title U can tell it's gettin' a bit better tween me 'n my overly anxious sisfur Mallee. Her loves to lick on me 'n gib me kissies 'n I like it but her get's TOO rough most times. Well last night it wuz different. We bof came to lay on top o' momma like we doez efury night but dis time, I wus all cuddled in on top o' mom's chest 'n Mallee came a huntin' fur a nice spot to lay. Mom wuz peakin' at us 'n coz mom don't like it when Mallee tries to bite me head. noticed us bof gettin' purrty close together 'n den...'n den...I started lickin' 'n kissin' my sisfur. I did! I licked her head 'n her neckie 'n I enjoyed it~ 'n her let me 'n wuz all relaxed 'n comfortable 'n her did not get all anxious 'n stuff. I did dis until her fell 'sleep. Den mom fell back 'sleep 'n we all libed happily efur after. Mom thinks dis has happened 'fore wif me, but hasn't seen it but makes her SOOO happy dat we love eash other 'n show it now!! I doez love's her. Maybe her growin' up. Maybe not. I still see her runnin' through da house grabbin' all da toys outta da box 'n tossin' 'em up ina air! MOL~! Dat's a gurly gurl fur ya~ Keeps mom on her toes fur shur!
Oh mom's been shufflin' boxes 'n tryin' to get stuff organamanized lately. Heheee 'n I see a box dat really NEEDS my 'tention!!!
Be well 'n happy efuryone 'n enjoy Ur weekend!!~

Bonks 'n happy purrs,



Blue Eyes of Love

February 2nd 2013 5:29 am
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Howdy ya'll~ I really wanted to jus' write in my diary 'n tell ya how mush I love'z alla my Catster Furiends 'n how mush U all r loved 'n purrpreciated. Ya know it don't matter what goes on here at Catster, fleas or whatefur, da love is alwayz shown. By furiends, always. Kindness, carin' 'n sweet comments galore. We share a bond here. Mom memmers when I wuz first gotted. May 2nd 2009. Thinkin' back, it was a day in whish I might not haz been adopted. Mom came into dat shelter 'n did no know'z what her would find or take home. I wuz in da back, in a cage all by meself. But I wuz makin' da loudest noise I could 'n scratchin' dem papers so SOMEONE would hear me! Mom did! Her looked at me, took me outta da stinkin' cage 'n I said HELLO MOMMY! 'n Her said U my sweet orange o' blue eyes, r comin' home wif me TODAY~! Dat wuz an excellent day fur me. My eyes o' love keep her knowin' it wuz da bestest decision her could o' made 'n now her know'z our Smokey Joe halped find me 'n bring her me dere~! I am purroud. I love my mommy so mush, I jus' can't tell u how mush I show her 'n how my tiny bonks 'n 'blue eyed stares' get her attention~! Dese blue eyes feel lotz better now 'n cause o' mommy's love 'n 'tention, got me better when I had dat stoopid eye infectionz. No fun! My blue eyes r better 'n clearer. Thank U fur all ur purrs 'n purrayers 'n gifties to me on gettin' all healed up 'n better~ Coz dey work 'n I purrpreciate dem SO MUSH~!

Valentines Day is comin' up soon 'n I hope U all haz tonza Valentines sweethearts, includin' Ur mommy, coz I know MY mommy is my Valentine furefur~! I does love my Sweet Hen too! Mallee love's her Moppie, but her is mommy's gurly gurl 'n a spawcial calico gurly at dat~ Mommy really cares 'bout dat lil gurly 'n I does too~ Sometimes her isn't so nice but all in all, a furry good sisfur!

Love'z to you'z 'n bonks 'n happy wishes,

Blue Eyes


Feelin' Better but not tip top jus' yet~!

January 24th 2013 8:04 am
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Hiya efuryone 'n thankies fur Ur blessin'z 'n purrs 'n purrayers fur me eye infection~! I still on da drops 'n I STILL don't like 'em~! I got crusties efury mornin' 'n mommy gotta get a cleansin' cotton ball 'n wipe me clean~! I still don't like it~! My eye is still red but not near as bad. So guess, mommy will haz to take me back in to my pawsome Dr K~ Her won't let me go outside to purrlay, but her been sittin' down ina den 'n purrlayin' efury day wif me 'n Mallee 'n I been purrlayin' good 'n I be'z happy~! Ya know how mush me mommy love's me? Her wuz jus' noticin' dis mornin' how purrty her thinks I iz 'n I love's her furry mush~! Mallee wuz all up ina my face dis mornin' 'n I had to give's her a BIG slappy paw 'n sez BACK OFF, GURLY GURL~!! Iz ok, her backed off 'n maybe one day her will unnerstand I not want her bitin' me bum or me neck, but if'n her could jus' lick me head or me face, dat would BE OK~! But..da issue at paw is her don't do dis 'n her continues to bite~!!
Ok, so I stop complainin' now. Hmmmpft. I gettin' better 'n dat's all dat counts right now. Mommy love's me 'n jus' purrlease continue to purr fur me. Allergies, bah hum bug!! I hope Dr K know's some answers to keepin' me well 'n my Blue Eyes clear~!!

Purrs on 'n thank U all~!!

Bluest Eyes in Texas gettin' well...


Paris France Land o' Love 'n what a great KCK Trip~!

January 21st 2013 8:48 am
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Hi Efuryone~! What a great purrlace Catster is to come 'n purrlay 'n haza grand time!
Yesterday we shared a pawsome trip to Paris, France wif our grand Kitty o' da Month, HOBO~! Thank U Hobo dear furiend fur hostin' 'n guidin' us on a most furtabulous KCK trip adventure to Paris~ Dood U rock~! Thank U to our grand Admin's fur makin' way kewl 'n pawsome piccies too, MAC 'n furmilies , 'n REX 'n furmilies~! U guys make our trips so memoriable~
Spawcial couples shared some really fun time's in Paris~ Me 'n my Sweet HEN, Dexter 'n Kassidy, Paris 'n Pete, Spice E 'n Tate, Jasmine 'n Dante~! Thank U Simba, Rex's brofur, fur alla our great couple piccies!

Dis wus a really memorial trip 'n adventure! So happy to see so many kewl 'n fun furrs comin' by to enjoy a romantic trip de amour~! Thank U fur a pawsome trip 'n thank U all fur bein' pawsome memmers in KCK 'n halps makin' it a fun 'n stress free group~! Come one come all, to KCK - Kewlest Catster Kitties, iza group whar we all can share in fun times 'n pawsome games, activities, trips 'n pawties~

'n Thank U Catster Community fur bein' here fur us kitty lovers~! We care so mush 'bout our dear Furiends~! Thank U fur a fun purrlace we can come 'n purrlay 'n voice our opinion~!

Purrs on 'n may Ur week be full o' happiness 'n stay warm too!!!

MILO Blue Eyes
Bluest Eyes in Texas


Oh Yeah, Back from da Vet~!!!

January 16th 2013 4:51 pm
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Hi Efuryone! I wanted to keep ya updated on me eye 'n how it'z goin'! I finally went to visit Dr K dis afternoon! Ahhh, it wuzn't too bad! I wuz a good kitty! I don't really squirm at all 'n I jus' kin'a sit wif mom 'n sometimes I love to explore ina waitin' room! Dr K is furtabulous! I gotta tell ya what him did to halpz me feel better. Yesh, he was concerned 'bout me eye bein' all red 'n runny 'n so I gotta Cytology Exam, dat's when dey take some fluid or tissue 'n look see unner a microscope fur bacteria's, inflammationz, infection, fungus, parasites 'n efen cancer. Well, I got a bacteria infection, non o' da rest. I also got a Flourescein stain done. Now dat wuz weird! Some green junk in me eye 'n den lights went out 'n Dr K looked through some different types of close up glasses dat could see stuff way up inside o' me cornea! Well, it wuz denoted dat I did haza lil tiny scratch on me eye!!! It wuz lil though, ok!? Dr K sez wif meds 'n rest 'n stuff it will heal up in no time! I got antibiotic eye drops called Tobramycin Ophthalmic Solution to be administered 3 to 4 times daily fur 7 days. Oh 'n dey gave me a pain shot o' Meloxicam Injection fur my pain 'n inflammation. I love Dr K 'n da nurse sez I am susha hansome flame point! Milo blushes...hehehee! I love her~! Boy we were dere fur long time 'n all da time I wuz jus' cuddled to mom or sniffin' out stuff. Mom is jus' so purroud o' me bein' so good! When I got home, I ran to my foodage bowl! Hehehee! I got a appetite while dey prodded me!
So, I restin' now 'n got me a really comfortable purrlace mom made jus 'fur me padded wif her fleece clothin'~! I got it good!~ I love mommy smells! Purrs on 'n many thankies fur keepin' dem purrs 'n purrayers comin'!! I think I'z gonna be'z fine!!

Keep da faith 'n love to all,

Bluest Eyes in Texas

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