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A day in the Life of Milo

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Puttin' up Lights, Merry Chrissymas 'n way kewl Country- livin'~!!!

December 19th 2013 1:55 am
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Hi Ya'll~!! Heheheee, dat's what we sez down here ina south~! Whoo, iz been a really fun time here.
Chrissymas time iza furvurite time o' year 'n we got TWO Chrissymas trees dis year. We got a BEEG one wif so many lights 'n ballies 'n 'nother lil one ina dinin' room window lookin' out back. Mom iz finally ofur dat nasty bronchitis too. Da decoratin' is da most fun 'n us two kitties really halpz out lots 'n lots~!! Paw's been puttin' up colored lights outside, got 'em all ofur da deck 'n house 'n dey look AMAZIN'~!!
Since bein' a country kitty, I'z not been able to go outside, BUT, da other day mom scooped me up and let me sit ina her lap ona patio chair an' I got to watch da birdies sing!!! I can't really go outside ona my own, too many doggies 'n other scary stuff out dere. Doggies purrlay ina streets here 'n since we way out ina country iz ok. No one comes down our dead end street unless dey live here 'n we don't get mush traffic at all. Neighbors are purrty far away, but we does haz some really nice ones.
OH 'n did I tell ya, we got roosters ona right 'n roosters ona left 'n roosters across da street? Mom gets up way early 'n goes outside 'n get's 'synchronized' rooster singin'~! MOL! Iz way kewl 'n one rooster will crow 'n da other one will 'n iza three way sing along~!!
'Nother funny episode o' country livin' happened several days back, well we all were sleepin' 'n snugglin' wif mom really close when some strange noise woke us all up 'n mom looks at us 'n sez ok guys what's goin' on out dere? Well, da side o' da house was bunped 'n mom could hear somethin' goin' on outside near da deck area. I got in one window, Mallee in da other 'n so mom looked out. It was da brown horsie!!! Ya know Black horsie brought brown horsie here 'n her been eatin' grass ina our yard. Well, Brownie was bumpin' da house 'n nudgin' da deck too~!! Den we all came into da livin' room 'n watched outside 'n her was really eatin' tonza grass 'n right ina our faces~!! Dat was way KEWL~!
It's been cold 'n den nice here. We got down into da 30's fur awhile, but da last day or so, it's been high ina 70's here. NICE~! Watched da mews 'n we suppose to get more chilly weather beginnin' o' next week, but not too cold. Chrissymas day should still be 'round 64 whish iz really nice.
Yesterday mom 'n paw went to get da grand kids tonza gifts, wrappin' paper, bows, ribbon 'n some goodies to cook up fur Chrissymas. Mom started wrappin' last night, 'n o' course we halped. Mom's gonna try her hand at makin' homemade sugar cookies, homemade macaroni 'n cheese, 'n homemade sweet potato casserole. YUM~! Mom watches lots of cookin' shows, dat MOM~! MOL~! Cookin' round here is a been thing~Since Paw iz retired, we haz lotza time to do jus' about anything~! Iz nice.
I wanna wish U all a furry MERRY CHRISSYMAS 'n Hap Hap HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!! Catster rocks 'n always will wif so many wonnerfur furiends 'n loved ones here. We thank you for bein' so kind to us all. Thank U fur Smokey Joe's gifties 'n pawsome pawmails fur his Gotcha Day. Mom was all in memories yesterday 'n den her smiled.

YOU ALL ROCK~! Hopin' Sandy Claws iz furry good to U all dis year~!!

Love 'n massive purrs 'n nudges,



Whoo Hoo my Angel Brofur got Diary Pick today~! Mommy is so- happy~!!!

November 23rd 2013 8:04 am
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First o' all, thank you all fur thinkin' o' me Angel furbro Smokey Joe ona him birfday~!!! It wuz a great time in Angel Heaven 'n pawty time wuz all ofur da purrlace~! YAY~! We love's pawties~! 'n now him got DDP 'n I wantz to thank U fur da prezzies 'n kewl pawmails~! Buddy Angel sent da purrfect pawmail to our angel Smokey Joe 'n we knowz dat ALL da angels will be pawtyin' in him honor today~! Thanks to Anna 'n furmilies 'n Tate our mancat furiend fur da gifties! YEEE HAW~!! Mommy is floatin' today~!
We're doin' good 'n we jus' love's our new home 'n country livin'~!! Thanks to our brofur fur postin' stuff 'bout us too~! Ya know'z iz really nice but lately we gettin' some really COLD weather here~! WAT? South Texas? Heheheee~! We snuggle up to mom 'n stay really warm at night~! It's da best~! Mallee 'n me really haz lotza fun here an' yesterday we got a new prezzie in da mail~! Mom sez it's an early Chrissymas giftie~! A new cat It purrlay treat/food toy~! Mallee jus' loves it~! 'n I wait 'n watch fur her to knock all da goodies to da bottom 'n I eat it den~! MOL~! It gotz holes 'n purrlaces Mallee can bat at 'n knock 'em all to da next level~! Purrfect~!! Sooo..we wanted to give 'nother update 'n let ya'llz know we're doin' fine 'n mom is feelin' good dese dayz~! Paw is an excellent dood~! We love him sooo mush 'n bein' here haz been really good fur mom~! Sooo... stay warm efuryone 'n be good 'n always respect 'n listen to Ur Angels~! Fur dey will alwayz show U da way~! Hooray fur our ANGELS!~!

Purrs on 'n lotza love always,



We made it down south~!! Whoo hoo~!

October 14th 2013 1:26 am
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Hello furiends 'n loved ones~! We are here 'n da moof went well~! Bof me 'n Mallee were sush good kitties efen if we DID haz to ride in carriers~! Da country is so mush different den lifin' in da city~! We're country kitties now~! It's nice here 'n we're adaptin' furry well~! I've actually become a lap kitty jus' like Mallee now 'n I get tonza lovin'z 'n pets 'n more from meowmy 'n my Paw~! Paw is great'n is a furry good cook~ Yummy homemade efurthin'~!! We're all o' 'bout 20 miles from da nearest grocery store or food place~! But all is furry kewl~! We really love's watchin' out all da windows 'n we're seein' animals we ain't efur seen before~! We seen horses 'n goats 'n roosters too~! Mallee get's a kick outta watching a horsie dat likes to graze in our yard~! We hope to be back active once 'gain on Catster furry soon. Meowmy is gettin' her strenghth back 'n eatin' so mush better here~! We're purroud o' her~!
We love our new home~ Lotza repairs still needed so mom 'n Paw keep furry busy~! We miss U all so mush~!! Mom keeps furry busy here. We do too 'n dere is SOO so mush to see 'n new stuff efury day happenin'~!
We wanted to check in 'n make shur our furiends r doin' ok 'n purrlease know jus' how mush we miss U all~! Mom will slowly be back on Catster little more efury day, but livin' here in da country is furry busy 'n stuff to do eferyday. I efen became a lap kitty jus' like Mallee now~Hehehee~! I get loadza lovin'z here from bof my pawrents~! We efen met Paws grand daughter 'n her is on'y one 'n really a furry kewl kiddo~Her really love's us kitties~So stuff is goin' good, but dere is mush more hard work to upgrade 'n get stuff organized in our new home. OUR new home~!! I love's bein' a country kitty now~! Yeppers we got it made~!

Love 'n always thoughts o' my way kewl Catster furiends,

MILO 'n Mallee too~!! Big hugs~!!!


UPDATE: Movin' is actually FUN~!

July 16th 2013 9:08 am
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Hey ya'llz~! Thank U so mush my pawsome furiends fur carin' so mush 'bout me 'n my furmilies~! Thanks fur all da happy birfday wishes fur mommy too~! It r a good month, but mom hasn't really felt really good, so we still can't purrlay on Catster like we once did. Iz sad coz I really miss all my grand furiends 'n all da pawsome stuff 'n pawties 'n fun timez goin' on~!! But, movin' can be really excitin' 'n fun. Spawcially packin'~! We got new containers 'n we LOVE dem coz dere BIG 'n we can explore 'n halpz mom pack up all her breakables in 'socks'~! MOL~ Iz a safety feature her learned from Paw 'n cusionz our valuable family treasures!!! Mom has been emptyin' out her big walk in closet wif clothes all scattered in dere. Iz a mess~! MOL~! But so mush stuff to be thrown out 'n most stuff mom can't wear anymore coz her gotten so skinney dese days~! *Milo rolls eyes coz mom needs to EAT more* Jus' her can't 'n coz her tummy iz not exactly right still. So..dat's what we're doin', cleanin' out drawers filled wif JUNK, do ya'llz haz junk drawers?? We got so many o' dem 'n wif a really tiny matchbox 'partment, mom sez how could her collect so mush junk?? Sheesh. Her still got boxes in closets o' stuff her didn't unpack from 7 yrs ago~! Dangit mom~! Milo giggles.
On a kewler note, iz been REALLY nice here da last few days~ We been gettin' rain 'n lots 'n lots kewler temps too~! Da rain is nice, but when I go out I can on'y stay on my catio fence 'n look. Coz I jumped down onto da grass to try 'n eat some 'n got all wet~! Dangit, I don't like it ina my ears~! MOL! So.. I jus' been a purrlayin' ona my catio, but dis mornin' it wusn't rainin' so mush 'n I gotta get down 'n eat me some nice GREEN grass~! It wuz all wet, but still ok.
So we're plannin' on movin' sometimes da end o' August or into September, we're not shur, but our Paw is halpin' us out now 'n him wuz here dis last weekend~! I love me Paw so mush 'n Mallee does too~! Mom 'n Paw enjoyed da Sunday 'n wuz gone mush of dat day doin' errands goin' shoppin' etc. Mom really hates it when Paw haz to drive back to San Antone. Won't be long now till we will be dere too! So mush is planned fur our arrival. We got lil kids to meet also~! Wow, I don't know any lil kids so dis should prove interestin'. Mallee loves efuryone so her will probably love 'em. Mom sez her will love it dere coz bein' wif furmilies is da best 'n wif folks whofur really care 'bout you fur bein' you.
We're hopin' Paw will get to retire soon. Da shootin' day is September 1st but him wants to get outta dere BEFORE dat. Him has two paid vacation weeks comin' so maybe him can take 'em 'n come halps us pack some more. We jus' hope dey let him retire earlier. He still not shur when. Gotta get someone to replace him and skilled person to learn computer 'n business.
Well, dat's 'bout all fur now. We're ok 'n we really miss bein' here 'n purrlayin' ina our groups, but we try to come some 'n concats furrs wif honors, etc. We try. Coz we really enjoy sharin' gifties, but we're really gettin' low now. If'n we miss birfday's or gotcha days or honors, purrlease furgive's us. We really want to be here 'n we WILL when we get all settled in our new home!! We really can't wait to live's wif our Paw, coz it's gonna be furtastic~!
Purrs to ya'llz 'n know how mush we love's U always 'n furefur 'n efur. 'N also know'z we'll be back, so purrlease don't furget'z us~!!

Love always 'n many happy bonks,


'n Mallee waves too~! Sendz her pawsome kitten whisker kisses.


New News an' hot summertimez~!

July 1st 2013 11:29 am
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Hi Efuryfur~! We're sorry we not been 'round mush, but lotza stuff been goin' on 'n big decisions bein' made here. Whew furst o' all it has been HOT~! But thank goodness mornin'z r good 'n I still get to go out 'n purrlay in my garden 'n ona my catio. It reached 103 last Friday. But we had a kewl front move through 'n dis mornin' it wuz 70~!!! 'n now after noon iz on'y 82~! Wow! Mom lovez dis so mush~!
Ok nuff 'bout weather 'n on to our news. Mom haz decided dat it's time fur us ALL to move in wif PAW~! Our Paw lives in S. San Antonio 'n haz 3 acres o' land 'n also haz him daughter 'n son 'n law 'n three children living behind him. He has a big house wif four bedrooms~!! WOW don't dat sound really kewl?? I know da 5 hour drive will be interestin' coz mom will borrow some kitty carriers dat belong to one o' Paw's daughters 'n her is a CAT LOVER TOO~! So we gotta get used to dem carriers 'n we gotta get alla our kitty stuff packed up 'n mom gots tonza stuff to throw way 'n clean up. Today is mom's birfday.

Happy Birfday mommy~!!

She paid rent 'n gave da 60 day notice as required in her lease. Golly, I know I will miss dis purrlace as it's da on'y purrlace I've know 'n so will Mallee. BUT, our furrniture is comin' wif us~ ALL O' IT~ So wif our smells on dem 'n sush, we will love it at Paws. Meowmy 'n Paw r a true couple now and what once wuz separate is now one. We r furmiliy. We will be together 'n dat iz all da counts right now~!! Mom 'n Paw love eash other furry mush 'n we kits, well we know how mush Paw loves us. 'n Mom? Well mom is da best. I'z her blue eyed baby boy 'n Mallee her purrty baby gurl 'n we r all in love. 'n as da song goes "Love will keep us together"...tis so true, coz it does count da most~! I love U all too, but we'll still be takin' break from Catster, as mush as we love it all, we jus' won't haz da time to venture here mush. Takin' dis time now to wish all our furiends happy purrdays, happy gotcha days 'n happy honors, if we miss 'em. Coz we love to send prezzies, it's jus' we hazn't been able too mush coz we can't buy anymore rite now.

But we'll be around.

Big hugs from alla us,

MILO Blue Eyes

P.S. We really miss purrlayin' in our groups, it's jus' not a good time fur us~!
Milo waves to all o' 'em furiends~!!! (((hugs)))


Hey Ya'll~ We gonna Pawty~!!

May 28th 2013 10:51 am
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Hello my precious 'n saweet furineds,

I'm turnin' 5 on Thursday May 30th, two days from now, but we gonna get dis pawty goin' now 'n catebrate~!! So many happy birthdayz all 'round~! We wish 'em all a furry pawsome 'n purrfect happy birfday efur~!

Let's get dis pawty started~! Wanna?

Enjoy some cuppycakes~!

PIZZA~ Yummy~!

Mallee made some shrimp okra gumbo~! Mmmmm~!

Mallee's Gumbo

Spicey Cheese cornbread muffins~!

'n some Nanner Puddin'~!

So mush fun to pawty~! Common to da pawty, we'll be catebratin' through da weekend~ We all catebrate our cousin Angel Timmy's happy Birfday too~! Catster is fulla rockin' good times 'n makin' saweet memories~! We hope U all join us in catebrationz~! Coz We love's ya 'n we love'z Catster 'n our grand communities~!


Let's Dance~ Whoo hoo strut Ur stuff~!

Dancin' to da pawty beat~!!

Don't we ROCK~??? We're so kewl 'n my pawsome furiends love's to dance 'n sing 'n eat~ I know I doez~! MOL~ MOL~!

Grab some popcorn balls 'n pawty hats 'n favors 'n haza great time~! WHOO HOO~!

Ok, so let'z PAWTY ON~!!

Purrs 'n lotza bonks 'n love'z,

MILO Blue Eyes

Love U ALL so mush~!! XOX


OMC~!! We got broken glass~!

May 22nd 2013 8:34 am
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Hi Efuryone~! Iz been a furry weird mornin' fur mom. Mom sez her iz dumb, but I don't think so. Dis mornin' her got up 'n went to turn off da fan on da side o' da bed 'n BONK, her nudges da chest o' drawers which had a furry spawcial puzzle pishure on top o' it. Well dis piccie wuz given to her by a furry good furiend from her last job, yeah da animal health job. 'N den it fell behind da chest 'n broke into a million peices~!!! Well as U know, all us cats gotta inspect stuff 'n we kin'a freaked when it shattered behind, but still tried to check it out. Mom has it blocked off so we can't get behind it BUT, dere's still a chance we might check it out 'n mom worries we'll get our paws all bloody from da shatters. Mom gotta question, what is da best way to clean up broken glass from a carpet? Mom gotta wait til our Paw get's here dis comin' Caturday to halps, coz her can't move da chest by herself, iz jus' way to heavy. Mom frets 'n worries 'bout us so mush. We're bein' good though, 'n not really checkin' it out anymore's. But her still worries. Paw sent an email an' will halps her wif movin' it 'n getting da glass picked up. Not shur though, jus' HOW to get it all outta da carpet??? Mom still so sad coz it wuz a purrfect prezzie puzzle pishure framed in glass o' kitties. Mom knew it wusn't safe to haz it jus' sitting atop my chest, but iz been dere long time 'n I got piccies o' me ina drawer whar dat piccie iz a part of. Anyfur, iz jus' an article, stuff, jus' material 'n all mom cares 'bout is our safety.

Any suggestionz would be o' all kin'a halps~! Hope Ur day is goin' good 'n ya know we love's ya alwayz 'n furefur~!



Happy Happy Meowmy's Day 'n kewl free gifties from Catster~!- Whoo hoo~!

May 12th 2013 1:04 pm
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Hi ya'll~! Happy Mother's Day 'n hope Ur all havin' a great 'n furtastic day~! Iz a sunny 'n pawsome day here 'n meowmy got to spend tonza time outside wif me dis mornin'~ Walkin' da catio fence 'n purrlayin' ina me garden wuz really fun~ I purrpreciate me meowmy so mush~Me 'n Mallee got fun 'n crunchy pawsome snacks dis mornin' 'n I came a runnin' up ona bed, well Mallee wuz already dere~ MOL~ I made happy head bonks to mom 'n thanked her fur da pawsome nom nom's~ We got seconds too~! Purrs on to alla da PAWSOME mom's today~! We treasure Ur furiendship 'n thank you so mush fur lettin' Ur purrfect furrs connect 'n chat wif us 'n pawty right here on Catster~! Ya know, Catster rocks~! 'n I love me mommy~! Mom's efurywhar's; U r da best~! Takin' care o' us 'n makin' shur we alwayz got nom noms 'n clean litter boxes~ Thank U~ Purrs 'n hugs fur purrlayin' wif us 'n makin' our lives happy~! Iza good day.

Love 'n happy head bonks,



Sunshine, Kewl Breezes 'n new stuff~!!

May 6th 2013 10:39 am
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Hi Efuryone~! Time to write in me journal once 'gain~! I hope U all haz enjoyed some nice weather 'n sunny dayz like I haz~! Iz 72 today 'n beeutifur outside~! I purrlayed out a few timez already today. Mallee got to go fur a walk too ona her harness~! 'n Mom got a NEW camera, thank goodness~ Our Paw halped her pick it out 'n her sez camera withdrawals r nasty~*Milo rolls his eyes* So, me 'n Mallee will be addin' some new piccies to our pages furry soon. We love alla our Catster furiends 'n wish U all well 'n happy spring 'n purrin' dat da warmer weather is comin' Ur way if'n ya hazn't already seen it. I know'z some folks haz really warm temps 'n some were still havin' SNOW. Ouch da S word bites~! We're all doin' good here 'n meowmy fixed our Auntie Sandy breakfast dis mornin'. Her sez it wuz da best breakfast her efur had~ Two soft fried eggies 'n toast wif butter. Mmmm, mom usually enjoyz dat efury mornin'~! Since her wuz sick fur so long, gotta be'z makin' up fur some lost time on eatin' good~ Her feels mush better now. Still got a bit o' a cold da lingerz or maybe sinus 'n allergies jus' like I got too~! We really had fun wif our Paw dis past weekend, 'n him so gooood to us bof~! Lotza time ina sunshine 'n purrty purrty weekend~! Oh yeah, Mallee went looking today fur da burdies ina bush but I think'z dey wuz hidin' from her~MOL~ Her caught a buggie 'n ate it 'n made her happy. I supervised, as usual.

I wanted to thank eash o' U fur da pawsome comments, gifties 'n piccies fur my Gotcha Day. It wuz so wonnerfur thanks to my grand furiendz here~! Catster 'n me furiends really do ROCK~!!

Enjoy Ur week ahead 'n now time fur a lil nappy~!!

Love 'n bonks,

MILO (Mallee waves 'n blows kissies)


Gotcha Gotted Day Memories

May 2nd 2013 6:14 am
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Hi Efuryone~!! Purrs 'n hugs to U all~! My Catster furiends mean da world to me 'n today iz a furry spawcial day I want to share wif my grand furiends here in Catsterland. Dis Day, May 2 back 4 yrs ago, I came to be 'n live' in my furefur home. Smokey Joe, mom's spawcial russian blue, had gone to da bridge 'n her wuz really lonely 'n missed him so mush~So, him whispered ina her ear 'n tol' her to come to da shelter 'n look~! Well her not really knowz her would actually find ME! Heheheh~! In a small room wif a couple cages fulla kittens, her looked 'round. Mom not want a kitten-kitten, least ofur 9 months old 'n I wuz jus' at 11 months. Kittens r so cute, her thought. But still wusn't shur until her heard me scritchin' way back in da corner cage. Skritchin' dem newpapers dey had ina da stoopid cage! I wuz goin' to town tryin' to get her 'tention 'n tossin' dem outta dat cage~! Hey Nice Lady, LOOK at ME~! Well her came back 'round a second time 'n seen me, asked to see me 'n I said HI!!!! will U be my new Meowmy??? Dat's when da blue eyed stare came into effect 'n let me tell ya, it works really really well~! MOL~! Mom blinked 'n I blinked 'n den her sez, to me Yeah, Ur my new baby boy~! YAY~! I cuddled 'n grabbed onto my mom 'n sez purrlease don't let me go~! Course U all know da rest o' da story 'n how I wuz almost named Blinkers 'n I had changed my name here to Milo Blinkers at one time. 'n dat wuz coz I couldn't stay still ina car ona way to my furefur home 'n kept pawin' da blinkers ina car. Mommy thought it wuz funny 'n cute. But..wif my purrsonalities 'n venturous way, mommy decided to name me MILO from da movie called 'Milo and Otis' coz well dat orange kitty wuz so mush like me~! I loved to explore 'n sometimes it takes a bit o' time to really find a good name fur a new fur baby 'n one dat fits. I love my furefur home, but da story continued. I had almost a year 'n half wif my mom by myself, had her ALL to myself. 'n Let me tell ya, IT WUZ GREAT~! Den Mallee came along, 'n coz I wuz so laid back 'n a kind hearted kit, I let her stay. Hehehee. Anyway, U already know her couldn't get 'long wif my Auntie Sandy's kit, Ziggy. Dat's why her here to stay. 'n she's not so bad.
Mallee gotz one than' to sez in MY diary today, Happy Birfday MOPPIE, him finally turned 2 today 'n caught up wif Mallee. Mallee sends kisses 'n hugs to her boyfuriend. We hope Ur spawcial day is fulla fun too, Moppie 'n Blade will be 2 also soon~!! YAY more birfday's to catebrate~!!! What fun, izn't it??? PAWTY PAWTY~!

As far as I'z concerned, I got da bestest 'n most lovin' 'n kind mom in da world. Her puts me first, well US first I should honestly say meow. I'z thankfur fur dat 'n thankfur dat I haz so many wonnerfur kind hearted, carin' fur furiends here on Catster too. Dey be's da cat's pajama's~! Dey be da BOMB, my furiends~! Last year, a year ago, we catebrated wif a furry good furiend coz him Gotcha Day iz same as mine, Purrince Tao 'n I miss him so mush 'n Sam misses him coz Sam wuz hiz Grandie. We pawtied 'n had a blast 'n Mallee 'n lil Calie, Tao's sisfur, had fun too 'n so many furiends came to pawty~! GOOD TIMES~!

Thank U fur memmerin' my Gotcha Day in comin' to halps catebrate 'n bringin' nice prezzies 'n all Ur purrfect comments 'n fun~!!! I belief'z mommy gonna let me purrlay ina my garden dis mornin' 'n den I gettin' some turkey or beefies 'n gravy FF 'n den I gonna brush meself 'n den..well, I gonna take a nice, long, purrfect nappy.

I noticed dere r tonza Birfday's today 'n tonza Gotcha Day's today too~ Wow, I so happy happy we ALL got gotted 'n got happy birfday's to catebrate~!!!
So, let's get started 'n pawty 'n enjoy whatefur U love's to do, coz spawcial dayz r to be memmered 'n treasured 'n kept in Ur heart furefur. 'n No matter if'n Ur at da bridge or on earth, U'll be loved furefur. Coz Catster mom's r da best in da whole wide Universe~! 'n dat's a BIG Big land~!
I purrpreciate U all~! Thank U fur bein' pawsome 'n furtastic furiends 'n fur bein' here fur me 'n my furmilies~!!!

Oh 'n jus' one more thang I purrin' fur furrs up in da north whofur got tonza snow I seen on TV~! What'z dis all 'bout Snow in May??? Heard dat schools were efen closed today, WTC?? So purrin' 'n purrayin' dat Spring comes fur alla my furry spawcial furiends 'n furmilies. We also got a cold snap in today 'n cooler dis weekend. Purrs on, stay warm, purrin' fur sunshine to shine on U all~!!

Oh 'n (Mol, I keep memmerin' stuff to write 'bout~! MOL) iz Rhett's da Rhettsie's Happy 1st Birfday TOMORROW, May 3rd~! Rhett turnin' ONE! 'n dat is spawcial, izn't it?? Happy Purrday my kewl Cousin~! Bonks fur a good time~! I'll see ya soon~!

Thanks for da memories, Catster 'n for alla da good timez to come~!! Thankz 'gain fur bein' da best furiends a dood kitty could want~!

Bonks, purrs, biggest hugs 'n love'z,

MILO Blue Eyes

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