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A day in the Life of Milo

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Diary Pick honor AGAIN~!!!! WOW~!!! Thank U so mush- Catster~!

April 19th 2014 5:43 am
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Ok, I doe'z love'z me CATSTER so mush 'n iz coz we R Furmilies here, ain't we?

'n ya know'z I really gotta thank'z dat DIARY LADY too fur pickin' me 'gain!
Or Diary dood, not shur, but anyfur...


Now on to thankin' me kind 'n genermouse furiend'z furmilie'z here on Catster!!!!
THANK U so mush fur puttin' purrty giftie'z ona me page 'n sendin' me purrfect 'n beeeutifur piccies, WeBees- Pipo 'n Minko 'n Tundra, Manytoes, Rory 'n furmilies 'n me Auntie Dana 'n furrs too~

Oh golly, I jus' iz speeeechless dis mornin'~ Well, I not really coz I iza tawkin'..
Hehehe, guess I am mumblin' 'na singin' too~!! MOL~

Yeah, well yesterdy whena I gotted picked fur da 17th, well, dat mornin' we got to put Tundra's saweet piccie up 'n DEN 'n DEN guess whut? Mom 'n Paw LEFT to go to da CASINO~! WHUT??? Lefted me 'n Mallee fur da nite to go purrlay 'n spend time at da Casino hotel at Kickapoo Lucky Eagle AGAIN!!!~

Well iz ok, coz we r fine 'n dandy by ourselved ofurnite 'n but shur wuz happy 'n glad to see 'em getted home last nite~! 'n den 'n den, wellper'z I gotted some really spawcial treat'z~ Mmmm yummy it wuz da mixin' grill kitty treat'z~! 'n den 'n den DIS mornin', when mom seen I wuz picked 'gain, I gotted some pickanik flavored treat'z efen before breakfast too~ Hehehee, it wus YUMMY~! 'n 'course Mallee alway'z git'z her fair share o' treats, 'n coz U can tell her iz yep IZ gettin' FAT! (no offense Mallee, but ya r honey~!! MOL~!)

Whooo, I iz tired now, been dancin' 'n catebratin' 'n eatin' 'n so, now must be'z time to take a kit nap~ But afterward'z, let'z ALL git'z together 'n DANCE 'n pawty 'n get down~
Ya want'z to pawty, rite?? Heheheee~!

Thank U all once 'gain fur bein' me grand 'n pawsome furiend'z 'n fur bein' here so we can purrlay 'n pawty 'n enjoy lotza mush needed relaxation 'n laughter, coz welper'z, I sez Laughter iz alway'z da BEST medicine fur healin' up jus' 'bout anythang~!

To US again~! Here'z to US CATSTERS~!!

Love 'n always GRATEFUL,

Milo Blue Eyes

'n Mallee dances happileee in da background 'n waves 'n shakes a booty too! MOL~

P.S. ona 17th me grand furiend, King Meiko, Beepers, 'n Sunflower gotted DDP'z also~ 'n DEY all ROCK~! Concats to U all me purrfect furiend'z~! 'n Beepers gotted multiple Diary pick honor'z too~ 'n so, dem Catster furiend'z were sayin' dat Diary gal iza STUCK ON YOU~! 'n so now, guess her be'z....

MOL~ 'n yeah, mom got'z dat song stuck ina her head once 'gain~


Hey Ya~! Ya know Freekibblekat??~!

April 9th 2014 6:33 am
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Hi ma Awesome Pawsome furiend'z~! How ya'll'z be? I hope good 'n all 'n coz me 'n Mallee really REALLY lovin' it here ina country~ Dood, iz soo nice 'n su'shiney today 'n if'n ya not got any su'shine, well, we sendin' ya sum RIGHT NOW~ Iz been so gloomy 'n sumtime'z rainy but mos'ly jus' dribble, well dat'z whut Paw call'z it 'n iz jus' drizzle day'z, yukky~! 'n Fog oh yeah we git'z da foggy stuff too~ But today iz nice 'n 60 here diz mornin'! Ahhhhh yesh~!
Ok, so jus' wanna share wif ya, 'n today me iz featured ona diz Freekibblekat site, ya know it? Well, mom goe'z in dere a'most efuryday 'n try'z to answer da question'z 'n iz FUN! So well, her know'z sum 'n lot'z 'bout us kittie'z, yeah, so dey haz dis 'what makes U happy' part..'k, kewl. 'n so her sent in me pishure 'n here I iz today ona da front page~!! Yepper'z, I doe'z make her happy 'n coz I a happy kit~ Take a look:

Ya know how purrfect all o' us kit'z r, rite? 'n so smile 'n do tonza nudge'z 'n purr'z 'n cuddle'z up to Ur pawsome mom'z 'n paw'z 'n enjoy life~ Coz it'z da on'y than' we can doe'z 'n wanna do, right? U all r purrfect to me 'n to Mallee 'n to Smokey Joe 'n 'gain we thank u fur bein' here 'n thank Catster fur not shuttin' down our pawsome hang out~! Iz a fun, great 'n awesome pawsome purrlace 'n we R furmily here! U all rock 'n I so lucky to haz wonnerfur furiend'z whofur love'z eash other 'n support eash other too~!

Take care 'n alway'z know how mush we care 'n send awesome pawsome hug'z 'n whisker nudges 'n bonk'z out to U all~!

Purrs on 'n alway'z alway'z be thankfur!~

Milo Blue Eyes
Here'z lookin' at U kid~ MOL~

Mallee wave'z 'n blow'z kissie'z too~! Hey Mallee stop bitin' me ear'z, will ya? MOL~


Happy FAT TUESDAY~! Mardi Grassss in Session~ MOL~! Oh,- Yeah~!!

March 4th 2014 8:14 am
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Ok Dood'z 'n Doodette'z, Time to pawty~ Ya know'z Fat Tuesday, Mardi Grasss 'n all dat jazz~?? Ok, I hope U doin' good 'n let's git Catster BACK to whar'z we were few year'z ago 'n get our Diarie's BEEG time goin' GOOD~ Happy Day'z r here 'gain~ Don't ya know it, don't ya FEEL it too?

Yeah, I love'z me furiends 'n I love's it when we all git together 'n pawty 'n enjoy 'n haza GOOD time~ Isn't dat what we doe'z? Izn't dat what it'z made o'? I miss dem day'z fulla funny furiend'z, funny 'n lon' lastin' good time'z 'n lotz fun shared by all~! Dis iz it~ We CAN make it happen~ 'n we will...

So time to DO dis~!
Furst we gotta eat~! Ya know Milo Blue Eyes won't let ya go hungry~! Oooooh yeah~

Mmm DEEG in~

U gotta know'z Dessert iz always furst~ MOL~

Grab a mask 'n time to pawty~!! Whoo Hoo~!

WOW~ Ain't Feather'z Grand???

Mardi Grassss oh yeah~

Pawty Platter oh yeah Let's EAT

OK! TIME TO DANCE 'n Git UR PAWS UP, way up UP High~

Ya know, ya ALL know how I love'z to pawty~ So come on, let's dance, let's eat 'n let's haza GOOD time~ We hazn't LOST it yet~ Ya know, we always had IT~ Course whutefur IT Iz, MOL~! But we doe'z got it~ Purrs on 'n Come Pawty wif me 'n Mallee 'n Angel Smokey Joe 'n Sam too~ We're ready fur a rockin' GOOD time~

Purrs 'n keep on keepin' on~!

Coz U ALL ROCK! 'n beeg tiny head bonkz goin' out to ya,

Milo Blue Eyes, Spokesfur in Action


WOW~! Mom furget'z stuff on here, We wud shur purrpreciate- some halp'z PURRLEASE?

February 26th 2014 11:38 am
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Hi Ya'll~! I been fine 'n Mallee been fine 'n we'z really enjoyin' da country life 'n Mom 'n Paw r pretty fine too~

We haz missed alla our furiendz here 'n tryin' to get back'z into da swing o' things but mom iz really catfused~ Sooo, when her tried to change me background, ALL our pages went blank, now whut'z up wif DAT?? Mom used to know all da Catster codes, well mind ya, it wuzn't anything'z really hard, but ya know'z jus' da basics to get colored fonts, sizes, background changes, post purrty stuff 'n I lost me LOVER BOY emblem too~ Well goin' back to her notes 'n stuff, nothin' seems to werk'z anymore'z~! Sad coz her almost think'z her really know's dese were da rite codes fur da fun boxes from before. Shrugs, 'n her gettin' really frusterated~! So, if'n any o' U can jus' halp me 'n mom get da codes or if'n dey changed 'n mom don't know how to werk's 'em anymore'z, purrlease let us know? We see soooo many o' our grand 'n pawsome awesome furiendz wif purrty pages 'n mom, well her eyes r really hurtin' dese dayz so her can't see furry good 'n can't stay ona dat 'puter furry long at a time. If'n ya want to pawmail me or post here wud be GUD or mom can give's ya her email in private pawmail too. Sigh, I really want'z back me'z purrty page'z 'n efen though mom used simple codes, her felt bad wen dey ALL disappeared~!

Thank U in advance 'n purrlease know how mush we love'z U all 'n will get back here when we can, coz me 'n Mallee really want'z to purrlay 'gain wif ya'll'z~!

Purrs 'n bonks o' love,

Mallee send'z kissies 'n
Smokey Joe send'z pawsome Angel huggies~!


Meowmy sez I iz soooo Kewl~! 'n U R TOO~! Yepper'z~

February 23rd 2014 12:56 am
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Meeeeeowlooo's 'n Hi dere my pawsome Catster furiends,

Time to catch up ona what's been goin' on here, well not mush really~! MOL~! Us kitties, me 'n Mallee r really happee 'n doin' our thing 'n we love'z it here in da country livin'. Seems like we see different stuff'z efuryday~!
Me? Well I does cuddle up, but weather been warm 'n nice spawcially fur February here~! 'n so, I don't git'z unner da cover'z wif meowm like when it'z ina 30's 'n really COLD~! I not like it cold, 'n we not haz central air/heat here, jus' two heaters dat blow warm air 'n a cold air machine in da livin' room 'n bedroom area. BUT, it's great 'n we sleep goooooood. 'n dat'z all dat counts, rite? Hehehehe, I love'z to lay up on meowm'z side o' da bed, I mean ona cool side 'n clean sheets I I feel furry good. Mom sez I TOOO close sometimes~! I git'z me paws ona her arm 'n my face ina her face, well dat is wat I doez~~ Yeah, 'n den I make my mrow mrow mrow noise's durin'n da nite 'n her calls me 'n I COME RUNNIN', coz I love's me mom, oh mom I doe'z love's U~!

Ya know's, all dem kewl kitties out dere whofur'z r catster kitty's rock 'n I know U all r really bein' taken care Of. 'n
Here's to U 'n makin' pawsome awesome memorie'z o' stuff 'n happy time'z~!

Now I gotta go grab some early mornin' brekkie, my tummy IS rummblin'~ MOL~!

Purrs 'n Thank U Catster fur not shuttin' us down,

MILO Blue Eyes, always watchin'


We don't want to sez Good Bye...but jus' Farewell till we- meet 'gain~!

January 28th 2014 8:00 am
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My dear 'n grand furiends, Ya know we been feelin' da pain 'n loss o' knowin' dis iz comin' to an end. Iz jus' mind blowin' fur us. 'n mom iz all in cryin' modes 'n we're lickin' da tears. We know U all feel da same. Jus' know WE will meet 'gain, 'n some sort o' way somewhar'z, sometimes, if'n we hazn't already. We love Catster. We love our Communities. We love our furiends. I can't sez mush more, coz it hurts too mush. Jus' memmer...

Farewell....till we meet 'gain~!!

Love 'n Bonks,

MILO Blue Eyes

'n o' course Mallee 'n Smokey Joe too



It's always about da LOVE~!

January 20th 2014 3:12 am
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Hi Efuryone, it's da MILO kitty jus' wanna tell ya what a grand time I had here in da Catster Communities. It's been great fun 'n tonza laughs 'n tonza MOL's~! I will miss U all 'n know how mush me 'n Mallee 'n Smokey Joe really love's U all 'n know how mush our hearts haza been here. We'z shared so mush, shared tonza party'z 'n fun foodage's 'n jus' all 'round great times'z, nefur to be furgotten.
It's nefur mush fun to say Goood Bye, but dere is many purrlaces we can go 'n we gotcha in many o' dem places too already~!
Life will go on. We will flourish. Cause we r loved 'n our pawrents 'n furiends r always beside us 'n stand by us. We love U all.

Carry on.

Mush love,



Puttin' up Lights, Merry Chrissymas 'n way kewl Country- livin'~!!!

December 19th 2013 1:55 am
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Hi Ya'll~!! Heheheee, dat's what we sez down here ina south~! Whoo, iz been a really fun time here.
Chrissymas time iza furvurite time o' year 'n we got TWO Chrissymas trees dis year. We got a BEEG one wif so many lights 'n ballies 'n 'nother lil one ina dinin' room window lookin' out back. Mom iz finally ofur dat nasty bronchitis too. Da decoratin' is da most fun 'n us two kitties really halpz out lots 'n lots~!! Paw's been puttin' up colored lights outside, got 'em all ofur da deck 'n house 'n dey look AMAZIN'~!!
Since bein' a country kitty, I'z not been able to go outside, BUT, da other day mom scooped me up and let me sit ina her lap ona patio chair an' I got to watch da birdies sing!!! I can't really go outside ona my own, too many doggies 'n other scary stuff out dere. Doggies purrlay ina streets here 'n since we way out ina country iz ok. No one comes down our dead end street unless dey live here 'n we don't get mush traffic at all. Neighbors are purrty far away, but we does haz some really nice ones.
OH 'n did I tell ya, we got roosters ona right 'n roosters ona left 'n roosters across da street? Mom gets up way early 'n goes outside 'n get's 'synchronized' rooster singin'~! MOL! Iz way kewl 'n one rooster will crow 'n da other one will 'n iza three way sing along~!!
'Nother funny episode o' country livin' happened several days back, well we all were sleepin' 'n snugglin' wif mom really close when some strange noise woke us all up 'n mom looks at us 'n sez ok guys what's goin' on out dere? Well, da side o' da house was bunped 'n mom could hear somethin' goin' on outside near da deck area. I got in one window, Mallee in da other 'n so mom looked out. It was da brown horsie!!! Ya know Black horsie brought brown horsie here 'n her been eatin' grass ina our yard. Well, Brownie was bumpin' da house 'n nudgin' da deck too~!! Den we all came into da livin' room 'n watched outside 'n her was really eatin' tonza grass 'n right ina our faces~!! Dat was way KEWL~!
It's been cold 'n den nice here. We got down into da 30's fur awhile, but da last day or so, it's been high ina 70's here. NICE~! Watched da mews 'n we suppose to get more chilly weather beginnin' o' next week, but not too cold. Chrissymas day should still be 'round 64 whish iz really nice.
Yesterday mom 'n paw went to get da grand kids tonza gifts, wrappin' paper, bows, ribbon 'n some goodies to cook up fur Chrissymas. Mom started wrappin' last night, 'n o' course we halped. Mom's gonna try her hand at makin' homemade sugar cookies, homemade macaroni 'n cheese, 'n homemade sweet potato casserole. YUM~! Mom watches lots of cookin' shows, dat MOM~! MOL~! Cookin' round here is a been thing~Since Paw iz retired, we haz lotza time to do jus' about anything~! Iz nice.
I wanna wish U all a furry MERRY CHRISSYMAS 'n Hap Hap HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!! Catster rocks 'n always will wif so many wonnerfur furiends 'n loved ones here. We thank you for bein' so kind to us all. Thank U fur Smokey Joe's gifties 'n pawsome pawmails fur his Gotcha Day. Mom was all in memories yesterday 'n den her smiled.

YOU ALL ROCK~! Hopin' Sandy Claws iz furry good to U all dis year~!!

Love 'n massive purrs 'n nudges,



Whoo Hoo my Angel Brofur got Diary Pick today~! Mommy is so- happy~!!!

November 23rd 2013 8:04 am
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First o' all, thank you all fur thinkin' o' me Angel furbro Smokey Joe ona him birfday~!!! It wuz a great time in Angel Heaven 'n pawty time wuz all ofur da purrlace~! YAY~! We love's pawties~! 'n now him got DDP 'n I wantz to thank U fur da prezzies 'n kewl pawmails~! Buddy Angel sent da purrfect pawmail to our angel Smokey Joe 'n we knowz dat ALL da angels will be pawtyin' in him honor today~! Thanks to Anna 'n furmilies 'n Tate our mancat furiend fur da gifties! YEEE HAW~!! Mommy is floatin' today~!
We're doin' good 'n we jus' love's our new home 'n country livin'~!! Thanks to our brofur fur postin' stuff 'bout us too~! Ya know'z iz really nice but lately we gettin' some really COLD weather here~! WAT? South Texas? Heheheee~! We snuggle up to mom 'n stay really warm at night~! It's da best~! Mallee 'n me really haz lotza fun here an' yesterday we got a new prezzie in da mail~! Mom sez it's an early Chrissymas giftie~! A new cat It purrlay treat/food toy~! Mallee jus' loves it~! 'n I wait 'n watch fur her to knock all da goodies to da bottom 'n I eat it den~! MOL~! It gotz holes 'n purrlaces Mallee can bat at 'n knock 'em all to da next level~! Purrfect~!! Sooo..we wanted to give 'nother update 'n let ya'llz know we're doin' fine 'n mom is feelin' good dese dayz~! Paw is an excellent dood~! We love him sooo mush 'n bein' here haz been really good fur mom~! Sooo... stay warm efuryone 'n be good 'n always respect 'n listen to Ur Angels~! Fur dey will alwayz show U da way~! Hooray fur our ANGELS!~!

Purrs on 'n lotza love always,



We made it down south~!! Whoo hoo~!

October 14th 2013 1:26 am
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Hello furiends 'n loved ones~! We are here 'n da moof went well~! Bof me 'n Mallee were sush good kitties efen if we DID haz to ride in carriers~! Da country is so mush different den lifin' in da city~! We're country kitties now~! It's nice here 'n we're adaptin' furry well~! I've actually become a lap kitty jus' like Mallee now 'n I get tonza lovin'z 'n pets 'n more from meowmy 'n my Paw~! Paw is great'n is a furry good cook~ Yummy homemade efurthin'~!! We're all o' 'bout 20 miles from da nearest grocery store or food place~! But all is furry kewl~! We really love's watchin' out all da windows 'n we're seein' animals we ain't efur seen before~! We seen horses 'n goats 'n roosters too~! Mallee get's a kick outta watching a horsie dat likes to graze in our yard~! We hope to be back active once 'gain on Catster furry soon. Meowmy is gettin' her strenghth back 'n eatin' so mush better here~! We're purroud o' her~!
We love our new home~ Lotza repairs still needed so mom 'n Paw keep furry busy~! We miss U all so mush~!! Mom keeps furry busy here. We do too 'n dere is SOO so mush to see 'n new stuff efury day happenin'~!
We wanted to check in 'n make shur our furiends r doin' ok 'n purrlease know jus' how mush we miss U all~! Mom will slowly be back on Catster little more efury day, but livin' here in da country is furry busy 'n stuff to do eferyday. I efen became a lap kitty jus' like Mallee now~Hehehee~! I get loadza lovin'z here from bof my pawrents~! We efen met Paws grand daughter 'n her is on'y one 'n really a furry kewl kiddo~Her really love's us kitties~So stuff is goin' good, but dere is mush more hard work to upgrade 'n get stuff organized in our new home. OUR new home~!! I love's bein' a country kitty now~! Yeppers we got it made~!

Love 'n always thoughts o' my way kewl Catster furiends,

MILO 'n Mallee too~!! Big hugs~!!!

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