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A day in the Life of Milo

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Oldie'z but Goodie'z MILO Style

August 4th 2014 11:58 am
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Hiya 'n Howdy ya'll'z~! Hopin' dis find'z ya'll all happy 'n healthy 'n rockin' 'n rollin'~!! :D

First I wanna sez Thankie'z to U all 'n to Catster Gal/Doodman fur awardin' me da honor'z fur several Diary Pick'z fur da month o' July~!! It waz a FURTASTIC feelin' 'n we pawty'ed like we were fool'z 'n stuff ;D ~ Milo laugh'z out loud~! Dancin' iz so kewl 'n we all love'z ta doe'z dat 'long wif eatin' good foodage'z too!!! Yeah!

Now on to da goodest stuff~! Ya know, well maybe'z ya don't'z, but mom like'z to sing song'z to me 'n Mallee 'n replace werd'z in 'em to fit US~ Doe'z Ur furmilie'z do dat too? Heheheeee! Iz fun 'n coz yeah I love'z to ride on mom'z shoulder'z when her doe'z her dance'z 'n aerobic'z too! Mallee can too~ We love'z to watch her dance 'n since her iza 'oldie but goodie' 'least dat'z what her call'z herself'z welper'z beside'z dat CCL~! MOL~ Dem oldie song'z really make'z mom smile 'n her can really shake a leg too!

Wow I wuz watchin' mom yesterday az her waz dancin' 'n doin' aerobic'z 'n stuff, 'n I layin' ona bed backside down wif me belly showin' 'n her waz dancin' to one side o' da bed 'n her would bounce her hand ona dat bed 'n I would turn to dat side 'n her would dance on ofur to da other side 'n bomp ona bed 'n I would turn ofur to dat side!

Milo clap'z fur him meowmy!!!

Ok, so dem oldie song'z mom had one called "My Girl" but her replaced'ed it wif "MILO" instead so well, her been singin' 'dis song to me since I first'ed came to be wif her. 'n I like it when her goe'z..I guess You'd say what can make me feel dis way? MILO...MILO....Miloooooo, tawkin' 'bout Milo...well ya know da rest. ;) Anyfur NOW her got 'nother song her like 'bout me 'n it goe'z like dis:::: (see if'n ya know'z dis one!!)

Nothin' U can sez
Can tear me 'way frum Milo..milo
Nothin' U can do
Coz I stuck like glue to Milo...milo

Him may not be a moovee star
but when it come'z ta bein' happy, we r
Dere'z not a mancat tooday
whofur could tear me 'way from Milo...

Az a matter o' opinion I think'z him top'z
yep my boy him da cream o' da crop'z *tell me more'z*

I'z tellin' ya from da start
I'z won't be torn 'part frum....Milo....milo....milo

How'z dat??? Kewl huh?

Welper'z gotta go fur now 'n do what I doe'z best 'n givin' mom da 'Milo Blue Eyes' stare 'n belief'z it er not, her CAN read me mind~!! Milo wink'z ;)

Beeg hugs, many whisker nudges,

I remain,
Milo Blue Eyes
Mancat Entrepreneur


Patience iz OUR Virtue

July 24th 2014 6:13 pm
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Hiya efuryone o' our grand 'n oh so purrfect furiend'z 'n furmilie'z~

Thank'z fur keepin' da faith 'n all da love we feel here in our awesome pawsome Catster Communitie'z~ Iz our patience dat will survive. Iz our spawcial feeling'z. Iz our wisdom in knowin' dat I 5 Publishin' iz werkin' to get stuff'z better here fur us'n'z all~

Thank U HQ, our Watch Cat Mr John 'n all da techie'z 'n da famouse Cat Fancy owner'z fur takin' us'n'z all unner ur wing'z 'n savin' our precious SITE~ WE love'z U so mush 'n we still haz faith dat one day soon 'n ya know whut? If'n it take'z several month'z, indeed, it wud, coz stuff'z iz so messed up; but ya know'z, WE UNNERSTAN'~! We all doe'z. Coz we r da heart 'n soul o' our communitie'z, bof Dogster 'n Catster.

Mom 'n meself learned sum precious stuff'z lately. Been explorin' da All Paw's Bullitin group 'n seen sooo many doggie'z 'n kittie'z dat feel da same way we doe'z~ Da love. It'z extra spawcial dere. 'n our purrfect furiend, Flicka 'n him furmilies, yeah diz iz a doggie furmilie'z wif no kittie'z, BUT dey sooo furry spawcial to us 'n halped uz learn stuff'z dat we were catfused 'bout.
Thank U Flicka, :D U r a pawsome pal 'n hugs 'n happy nudge'z to ur woof mommy~! ;)

U see, we belief'z dat kittie'z 'n doggie'z shud be able to purrlay together in one site here. But mom didn't'z know how to venture a pup'z page when it went to 'dogster'. 'n den it wudn't let us purrlay, kept askin' fur passwerd'z 'n i.d.'z 'n stuff 'n wud not werk'z, BUT when we goe'z into da doggie'z page wif da catster url fur DAT doggie,wellper'z IT WERK'Z~!! 'n YAY~ We hope eventually dat I 5 Publishin' will intermingle bof side'z 'n change da site up a bit to be'z easier fur kittie'z 'n doggie'z to get to one 'nother. We ALL love our purrfect furmilie'z bof doggie'z 'n kittie'z~ 'n so we founded out dat it wuz da way Dogster/Catster had been set up in da beginnin', like 10 year'z 'go~!! So, we purr 'n we wish 'n hopin' dat our NEW OWNER'Z will listen 'n as dey expand 'n make stuff go smoother 'n better 'n also halp'z make it eazier to do backgroun'z 'n postin' piccie'z 'n all da fun stuff'z too~! Ahhh wudn't it be grand???

We haz faith 'n we haz da love 'n our communitie'z got da power o' stickin' together furefur 'n a day.

Here'z to da love 'n togetherness we share~!!!
Milo hold'z up him niptini glass 'n share'z sum purrfect bacon wrapped doggie treat'z wif him woofin' furiend'z too~



Right on.

I remain,
Milo Blue Eyes

Wif all da love'z in me heart....


Lovin' me Catster * Lovin' bein' DDP * Lovin' me spawcial- Catster Purrlace

July 16th 2014 1:11 pm
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Thank U Catster Diary Gal/Doodman picker'z o' da most awesome pawsome Catster communitie'z~Thank U fur da Diary Pick honor tooday, once 'gain~!! WHOO HOO!

Yesh, I iz furry thankfur 'n yesh me furiend'z R furry spawcial to me 'n I thank U all fur da nice 'n spawcial comment'z, pawmail'z, prezzie'z 'n ofur all jus' sharin' in da beautifur Catster honor'z 'n joy'z 'n catebrashon'z~!!!!

OUR COMMUNITIE'Z~ OUR SITE! IZ da one 'n ON'Y kitty site dat COUNT'Z~

I know dere r indeed other site'z, yeah other cat site's 'round. 'n we did go oufur 'n check out a couple, 'spawcially when we thought'z we waz gonna LOSE our Catster Communitie'z back in February. We did NOT want'z to lose toush wif our kewl furiend'z here whofur we love'z so mush! 'n yeah, we ventured'ed to 'em. BUT, we now know'z dat NO other site iz like dis one! NONE!~ We treasure our furiend'z here. 'n my furmilies thank U all fur stayin' 'n upholdin' da kin'ness 'n carin' 'n love'z dat true Catster communitie'z furiend'z share 'tween one 'nother HERE.

We seen dat our furiend'z like Hazel Mazel, saweet Mazie posted diary 'bout da new pardner'z takin' ofur. 'n we seen dat our grand furiend Miss Hazel Lucy also gotted Diary Pick honor'z tooday!!~ CONCATS me furiend'z! We sent Concat'z to Bear 'n Briana 'n Midnight gotted DOTD honor'z also tooday~!! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP~!! Oh yeah, pawty time~! heheheee!
It'z a purrfect 'n oh so awesome pawsome Wednesday, July 16th in Catsterland~!!!


We send happy 'n good feelin' wishe'z to da NEW OWNER'Z~ I 5 PUBLISHING!!
Dese folk'z r da LARGEST owned 'n operated online PET NETWORK~!! WOWZER'Z~!

'n ya gotta love'z 'em coz dey OWN Cat Fancy~!! Hehehee mom'z furvurite magazine!!!

I 5 PUBLISHING~! We wish U purrfect day'z 'n hopin' ya take notice o' da many spawcial furiend'z whofur LIVE'Z here in our Catster Communitie'z.

Dis here iza OUR HOME~ 'n so...

Here'z to our CATSTER~! May U LIVE'Z on 'n on 'n on 'n on 'n alway'z PROSPER~!

Jus' 'nother notice to alla our furiend'z az o' rite now, we cud post sum piccie'z finally, but still can't seem to get any o' 'em rearranged, so we did post me Diary Pick honor piccies from our grand furiend'z Tundra, Manytoes, Rory 'n Lynzee but dey don't show up on me front page, dey be'z at da back til I can get'z 'em 'rranged like I want 'em. Anyfur, I know it'z comin' 'long 'n I see efurythin' gettin' BETTER~


Bonks 'n alway'z be'z 'n stay Happilee Thankfur fur Ur Lovin' Furefur home 'n dis ONE too,

MILO Blue Eyes, I remain


Caster Rock'zzzz 'Long wif all our Pawsome Furiend'z

July 11th 2014 7:22 pm
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Thank U~! Dat wuz da first 'n most important'z thangie I wanted'ed to sez~!

Now - Howdy 'n how ya doin'? Good 'n happy 'n healthy 'n energetic'z me hope'z~!! I love'z me Catster Communitie'z 'n soooo furry thankfur fur comin' here sum four year'z go 'n meetin' sush warm, carin' 'n pawsitive furrs~!! U ALL ROCK~! 'n ya know sumthin'? It'z us'n'z, yeah all o' us whish make our saweet 'n dear catster soooo great~! Iz U all 'n iz our kin'ness to one 'nother 'n our faith. 'n our Love. 'n our togetherness'z. US. We r ONE. United. Yepper'z dat'z us.

Thank U Catster Diary Gal/Dood once 'gain fur awardin' me Diary Pick honor'z tooday. I iz gratefur. I iz thankfur. I iz dancin' a happy Milo Blue Eye'd dance. Jig 'n Jig a bob 'n Jig a boop 'n Jig a hop. Heheheee, iz fun, iz delightfur, iz magnifiCAT~!!

Thank'z. 'n thank U fur halpin' me catebrate 'n enjoy efury moment dat me furmilie'z r here. Flea'z er no flea'z ('n yeah Mallee will continue'z ta eat'z 'em frum now on!!! MOL).

I love me Catster 'n alway'z will.

I remain,
Milo Blue Eyes
Meowmy'z Spawcial Baby Boy
(Yeah efen though I IZ six yr'z ol' now, MOM~! MOL)

Iz ok, I love'z me mom!!!!! Thank'z mom, U rock me world too!!!!


Diary Pick Honor Dood Tooday~Let'z Pawty~

July 6th 2014 11:44 am
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Hi Ya'll'z~! What fun when I seen I gotted Diary Pick honor'z tooday~ Thank U so mush Catster Diary Gal or Dood~! We also seen dat a few o' our grand furiend'z gotted Diary Pick honor'z too~! 'n so CONCATS to U 'n I love'z sharin' 'n catebratin' wif me awesome pawsome furiend'z here~

Catster rocks 'n ya know what? I love'z me Catster furiend'z 'n communitie'z~ I alway'z will 'n alway'z haz 'n I purrpreciate all me grand furiend'z fur da warm Concats via pawmails 'n giftie'z~!
THANK U~!! Also, thank U furry mush Manytoes 'n furmilies fur da pawsome piccie dat I can't post to my page. Sigh. I does love it.

Yesh, I know, Catster haz had sum prob'em'z 'n sum flea'z to deal wif. I not like it, but den, I shur catster/dogster don't like it neither too~! 'Em like'z to see us purrlay here 'n enjoy 'n haz FUN~! 'n yeah, I know bunches o' ya'll'z get'z flusterated 'n efen a bit weary sumtime'z 'bout havin' to enter passwerd'z 'gain 'n gain 'n den gettin' da poop scoop 'bout catster takin' a flea baf 'n den da poop 'bout Whoaa where did dat cat go stuff. 'n yeah, iz really sad when we can't efen share our honor 'n catebration'z on our page'z. Sigh. Mom tried to halp'z me get purrty piccie'z on me page in catebration from our pawsome furiend'z on behalf o' me DDP tewday, but alas, no go. We get error'z left 'n rite. Sigh. We cudn't efen rearrange piccie's yesterday or day 'fore when mom 'n paw got back from dere vaCATion.

But we r hangin' in here. 'n we hopin' U ALL r too~!! Common, we all been thru so mush together 'n we jus' can't give'z up NOW~!! Noooooo~! Dare is NO other site like our Catster, ya know'z it, rite? Yeah dere r other sites kin'a like 'n really dey wishin' dey were like our Catster, but dey ain't~! Nope...we stayin' rite here.

So many thank'z 'gain fur da purrfect happy concat'z 'n keep on writin' 'n keep on keepin' on 'n keep on hangin' in dere, coz I hear thru a lil mousie burdie'z, dat maybe we gonna hear'z sum goodest mew'z soon 'bout da partner'z 'n why all da long waitin' stuff. 'n den we'z will unnerstand.

In da meantime, let'z PAWTY, like we alway'z haz done 'n enjoy lovin' our furiend'z 'n catebratin' life 'n da pawsome kitty world we live'z in. 'n alway'z be purroud. Alway'z be thankfur fur a lovin' most awesome furefur home, coz we r fortunate~!!

Bonks 'n alway'z think happy,



Happy Birthday America~!!!

July 4th 2014 6:35 pm
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Hi ya'll~! Hey 'n how ya doin' efuryone? Mom 'n Paw finally got back from dere two week vaCATion late last nite. Oh boy waz me 'n Mallee soooo happy to see 'em bof~! Me 'spawcially~! Mallee o' course missed her daily 'facial's' 'n I missed bein' rite next to mom efury nite in da bed!!! It waz ok bein' taken care o' by Lisa 'n lil Megan 'n also Paw's other daughter, Karen tagged teamed wif Lisa 'n came by to check on us. Karen left a really neato note fur mom 'n paw whish said; Mallee waz extra lovin' to her hubby, Steve. 'n me? Well I hid coz I didn't know her, but den came out to sniff 'round 'n got pet's 'n lovin'z. Mallee is a kiss up~! MOL 'n yeah to efuryone~! I am more o' a refined gentlecat meself.

So we're all good here 'n I got da bestest nite'z saleep efur~
But...I hear we mite not get'z susha good nite'z rest/sleep tonite though. Pawty city iz happenin' next door, course we does live'z in da country 'n our neighbors r not really dat close, BUT, dere havin' a 15th Happy Birfday fur two young gurlie's 'n we seen a bus load pull in 'n it waz a Music BAND~! We hear 'em now 'n dey be'z really GOOD~! Mom 'n Paw got a pawty invite but since dey were gone 'n now still too tired to go, well dey be'z stayin' home wif us'n'z tonight. I also hear 'n kin'a memmer out here ina country, dese folks like to shoot off dem firewerk'z. 'n make tonza noise~! I don't really like dat kin'a noise, do U? I waz in da city last year when July 4th rolled 'round, so no sound'z happened within da concrete jungle. Mom 'n paw know'z dere will be purrty colorfur lite'z ina sky soon az it get'z dark, whish will be soon. Dat pawty next door will last til 2AM, so guess not mush sleep til den. Mom sez it'z ok, dem gurl'z r turnin' 15 'n ya on'y turn 15 once. It's gonna be'z a purrty rose type happy pawty, wif tonza foodage. Oh my, car'z upon more car'z r comin' down da street. Dey be'z lined up in da yard. Wonner whar dey put da goats 'n horsies? Paw sez dey be'z happy far in da back o' da yard. IZ a beeg yard~!!!

So Happy Birfday America. Happy Independence Day to all me american furiend's. Hope Ur spawcial holiday rocks 'n U gotted yummy bbq, burger's 'n lotza watermellon. We had baked beans, 'n potato salad too. Come on ofur if'n ya like, we got'z plenty left~!!! Oh maybe not, Mallee hasn't finished her'z yet~!! MOL~! Lil piggy.

Mom 'n Paw's trip waz great, venturing upstate Iowa. Traveled to Des Moines, Waterloo, Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, Mason City whar Paw lived when him was lil boy. Dey went through Kansas City bof Mo 'n Kansas. Stayed ofurnite in Wichita. Mo is beatifur 'n so is Iowa, but mom sez her nefur efur seen so mush CORN~ Ya be'z drivin' 'long 'n see corn 'n drive'z lil more 'n still more CORN~ Mom love's corn~! Oh 'n dey grow soy bean'z too. Discovered a really great restaurant called Perkin's. Dey don't haz any Perkin's in Texas. Good home cookin' foodage~! Her also wishe'z dere waz Fareway food store'z here too~ Da weather waz nice, so mush kewler den down here, mom sez. 'n efen got into a lil rain. We love'z rain. Okla is nice too. Dey stayed ofurnite in Ardmore. Nice hotel. But after 11 nite'z stay in hotel'z it do get'z kin'a rough.
MOL, U rn't gonna belief it but mom 'n paw explored 6 different casino's in 6 days~!!~ It waz fun dey sez. Da weddin' waz beautifur 'n ya know what? Bof o' Paw's brothers haz kitties, orangies too~ 'n him sister got a cat named Cat whofur got to stay in a three story kitty hotel wif a balcony 'n yard!! Paw sez him sister sez Cat won't want to come home!! MOL!~ 'n da bride, whish was Paw's brother's daughter, her has a orangie named The Captain 'n him is huge~ Mom sez her got her kitty fix while gone on dis trip~!!! Good thang her didn't smell like other kitties when her got home last nite~! Milo laugh'z. Also dey went back through D/FW on da way home 'n spent mom's happy birfday 'n da twin grand daughters happy birfday together 'n ate tonza cake 'n ice cream~! Mom'z brother also has two kitties~! Mom iz sooo glad to be back home 'n so iz Paw.

Well da band haz started 'gain. Gotta run to da window 'n see whut I can see.

Hope Ur weekend is happy 'n healthy 'n U alway'z enjoy a good pawty~!

Happy Friday 'n Happy 4th o' July to all my American furiend'z~!!

Bonks 'n whisker nudges,

Milo Blue Eyes
'n Mallee blow'z whisker kissies too xox


North Bound Travel'z

June 21st 2014 2:40 pm
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Hey ya'll'z~! How U all be'z? We hope good 'n happy 'n enjoyin' a purrfect furefur home ina comfort'z o' bein' all nice 'n kewl 'n gettin' tonza foodage'z too~! Oh yeah it'z been really hot here, but not near az hot az it WILL be'z. I hear da summer'z down here in South Texas r grippin'~ Well dat iz what my Paw sez. Mush hotter den when mom lived'ed up in D/FW area'z. Still me 'n Mallee knew'z how hot it waz dere in da summer time, ya know'z da song: in da summertime'z when da weather iz hot U kin stretch rite up 'n toush da sky, when da weather iz warm ya got....oh nefur mine~!! MOL~! MOL~! Anyfur, I think'z iz a good song.

Ok, anyfur, ya wonner why my Titail to diz here diary iz North Bound? Coz Mom 'n Paw r gonna be'z ON DA ROAD AGIN, jus' can't wait to git'z on da road 'gin, da life I love'z iz makin' musak wif me furiend'z 'n I can'tz wait ta git'z on da road 'gain~!! MOL~ Guessin' I jus' got kin'a carried 'way dere fur a momento~! MOL~ But we love'z to sing, yeah me Milo, I doe'z love'z ta sing 'n when I think'z 'bout musak 'n song'z I jus' wanna tap me pawsie'z 'n dance 'n sing sum more'z~!

Ok, meowmy, I'z git'z on wif tellin' what I came here'z ta sez~! Soooo, tomorrow mornin', Mom 'n Paw r leafin' out fur vaCATshon fur oh maybe 14 day'z or so. Dere travel'z include goin' thru Okla. 'n Kansas 'n part'z o' Missouri too 'n on into Iowa~! Two dayin' trip dey sez ta get'z dere~ Whew~ Long drive'z but nice to be able'z ta enjoy stuff'z 'long da way, coz dis time bof o' 'em r takin' dere time 'n ya see, Cedar Rapids Iowa iz whar me Paw'z brother'z daughter iz gettin' married~! Whooo~! 'n da weddin' iz Caturday., nite'z a'right...oop'z I got carried'ed 'way 'gain at singin'~ MOL~! Me love'z caturday'z~! Anyfur, den after dey get'z done wif visitin' Paw'z two brother'z 'n him sister comin' up too fur da weddin'. YAY Paw will be sooo happy~!

Now, on da way comin' back home, dey gonna stop off'n D/FW 'n visit dere fur me mom'z happy birfday on da 1st July. 'n den mom'z twin grand daughter'z gotted happy 10th birfday on July 2nd 'n dey will be visitin' mom'z brother to pawty~!!! YAY We love'z to pawty. Well, yeah mom 'n paw will really enjoy visitin' mom'z relative'z too coz also mom'z want'z to visit her Aunt Mary 'n cousin Sissy too~! Been too long her sez.

Now guess ya might'z wonner what will happen to us kit'z whilst mom 'n paw r away? Welper'z don't U worry none. We haz da bestest care possible~! Paw'z daughter 'n her two yr old daughter live'z rite behind us~! 'n me 'n Mallee jus' love'z lil Megan 'n her iz nice to us kit'z too~ 'n we nice to her~! yeah her love'z to purrlay wif OUR toy'z~! In our room, coz yeah we got'z our own room 'n Megan come'z ofur lot'z 'n purrlay'z in our room wif us~ We haz tonza toy'z 'n her like'z to line up our ball'z coz yeah we got tonza ballie'z too 'n her line'z 'em all up in our turbo skreetcher toy~! Heheheeee, 'n den her count'z 'em, yepper'z her iz smart fur on'y bein' two~!!

'n yeah, but mom, course like mom'z alway'z doe'z 'n iz worried 'bout us whilst her 'n paw r away, went to Petsmart 'n got sum stuff fur us. New litter/potty boxe'z. Addishonal potty boxe'z, a new feedin' huge bowl dat iz automatic~ Hmmmm, well we did no like it at first, but now iz ok. Mom sez it nefur run'z out o' foodage~!! Mom still worrie'z but we'z be ok. Paw'z daughter iz good wif us kittie'z 'n we love'z her too~! We can't wait to purrlay sum more'z wif Megan too~!!

Now mom sez dey mite be back by da 5th o' July, but don't count on it~ Coz dey be'z North Bound travelin' 'n gonna haza GOOD time~! 'n I hope dey doe'z too~

Now we want'z to sez dat we will miss U all 'n Catster communitie'z 'n know'z we will miss happy spawcial day'z 'n honor'z 'n stuff, so we want U all to know how spawcial U all r to us 'n hope Ur spawcial day'z r great 'n happy 'n ok, jus' pawty 'n Njoy~!! We sorry to not be'z here, but my mom, my Catretary won't haz catcess to da internet durin' dere time 'way.

Ya know'z how mush we care, all o' us, Me, Milo 'n Mallee, Angel Smokey Joe 'n Sam

Alway'z be thankfur fur a happy furefur home 'n alway'z cuddle 'n Njoy ur furmilies~!

Farewell til I return,

MILO Blue Eyes

Bonks 'n happy nudges 'n alway'z beliEVE~!!


MidNite White Lightenin' Show

June 13th 2014 11:20 am
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Whooo Hooo 'n first I gotta sez 'n kickin' me paw'z up 'n dancin' too; THANK U fur da pawsome Diary Pick honor'z me haz had 3 (ona me 6th birfday May 30th, ona June 5th 'n June 12th) ina past few week'z~Thank U me awesome pawsome furiend'z fur halpin' me catebrate 'n fur da nice message' 'n pawmail'z 'n prezzie'z too! :D
Diz IZ DINO-MITE~! Milo smiles 'n lovin' him furiend'z 'n shout'z out THANK U SOO MUSH fur bein' purrfect 'n furrtastiCAT 'n enjoyin' happy FUN time'z here sharin' in our pawsome CATSTERLAND~ 'n yeah we shur do enjoyin' pawtyin', don't we~!!!
Mallee gotted Diary Pick too ona June 10th 'n enjoyed a purrfect happy catebratin' type day~

THANK U CATSTER HQ, WATCH CAT 'n Catster Communities~!

Now on to me journal'z entry 'n yeah we haz massive storm'z come thru last nite, 'round midnite wokin' Paw up 'n mom too 'n me, well I a'ready wuz watchin' it brightenin' up our room 'fore mom got up 'n den I got up too. LITE, FLICKER, LITE oh bright lite 'n CRACKLE 'n LITED up 'gain~ Mallee came 'n joined meself unner da den dinin' room table whar mom 'n paw were sittin' as Paw waz hafin' to hold our back window to keep da wind'z from poundin' in. Ya see da window iz shakey 'n don't fit really rite nuff. So paw took duck tape to halp support it. Yeah did'nt'z ya know'z duck tape iz good fur anythang? Milo show'z a high paw'z up fur our paw~!!!
Oh 'n da LOUD thunder crackled too 'n lot'z 'n lot'z o' it. So Mallee 'n meself jus' lay low huddled 'round 'n waited it out. Efen our lectricitie'z went out couple time'z but came back on purrty quick. Mom sez dat'z thunder iz when our pawsome Angels r bowlin' 'n dey get'z lotza strike'z~! We know dey r happy 'n hafin' fun~
Finally da rain eazed up 'n wind'z kin'a calmed a bit down. Mallee 'n me caught a late nite snack 'n so did mom 'n paw, since dey hazn't had supper but grabbed foodage 'round 3pm back in Eagle Pass. Midnite haz come 'n gone, now it wuz 1:30 am time to cuddle back in da bed. Our yard'z out here still haz slight flood'z. Good, coz our burdie'z 'n bunnie'z 'n roadrunner'z need drink'z. It wuz kewl dis mornin' bout 72 wif lil breeze'z. Did not take long fur it to warm back up 'n lotza humiditie'z 'gain~ But we r furry thankfur fur da rain. Our sunflowers ina front r growin' 'n yeah, mom sez dey r flower'z, paw call'z 'em weed'z, I jus' think'z dey r purrty.

Our live'z r good here. I got lot'z o' me furvurite treat'z yesterday fur bein' DDP, but Mallee still get'z jus'az many or more den I doe'z. I a bit more picky 'n Mallee, dat gurly gurl will eat any 'n all type'z o' treat'z. Mom efen haz to spell it out so her not know'z but lately..dat gurly gurl can SPELL too~ 'n I swear I did not tell her~! MOL~! Time to catch a nappy but first think I will take a look at some Kitty TV. See if sumthin' interstin' iz on 'n yeah most o' da time dere iz~!

Happy head nudges,

MILO Blue Eyes



June 6th 2014 8:00 am
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Hi Ya'll'z 'n efuryone~! Happy Friday to ya~!

I hope Ur all doin' fine 'n wonnerfur 'n healthy too~!

Our grand fureind Dashy iz doin' lot'z better 'n eatin', drinkin' 'n sleepin' pawsomely ina him heated bed. ~
Our wish iz dat ALL o' our purrific furiend'z keep stayin' happy 'n healthy~!

We keep ona purrin' fur 'em all~!

I jus' gotta sez dat CATSTER iz really really rockin' 'n we been seein' more'z o' our furiend'z 'n dem writin' Diarie'z 'n havin' FUN checkin' out other'z piccie'z 'n Diarie'z 'n catebratin' fun 'n purrfect honor'z 'n spawcial day'z~ We waz ExCATzicsited whena we seen da piccie'z come back 'n we purr'z dat no more'z hacker'z bad folk'z be'za botherin' our way kewl catster site 'gain~ EFUR~! Jus' BE GONE~!

Oh yeah, we really do love'z our CATSTER~!

'n den dere iz da awesome pawsome Diary Pick honor'z I gotted~! Oh wow, did we catebrate 'n haz sum mush needed FUN 'n PAWTYIN' too?~ WOWSER'S~ Can't belief I gotted Diary Pick on May 30th, me happy birfday 'n DEN gotted Diary Pick once 'gain on da same diary!??? yesterday, June 5th~!!! WOW, was I SURPRISED~ 'n ALL me grand furiend'z halp'ed me catebrate 'n we danced 'n sang 'n enjoyed eash other'z companie'z~!

COZ yeah DIS iz whut it'z ALL 'bout~ GOODEST FURIEND'Z~

Thank U CATSTER/DIARY PURRSON fur dese honor'z......

Thank U so mush fur takin' da time to come here 'n catebrate my honor day'z, me happy 6th birfday 'n all da time'z U come 'n visit me page 'n Mallee'z too. We love'z U all.

'n beside'z catster bein' a really rockin' purrlace, it'z a really KEWL purrlace too. Mom tryin' to halp'z me 'n Mallee get'z back into purrlayin' ina our group'z, 'spawcially KCK our Kewlest Catster Kitties group iz rockin' too 'n we shur do haza lotza game'z 'n fun stuff dere~! Whooo~ 'n hopefurry, we'll 'ventually get'z round to comin' 'n visitin' sum other group'z we in. But fur rite now mom gonna focus ona KCK coz we r Admin'z dere. We love'z ALL our group'z so jus' be patient wif us 'n we'z get 'round sumtime'z. Milo Smiles beeg. Come on by 'n visit us in KCK sumtime'z jus' to say hi 'n hello efen if'n ya can't stay to purrlay, but it IZ fun, oh yeah~

'n guess I can sez dat me 'n Mallee iz doin' good 'n me irritated left eye iz gettin' better. Mom been usin' sum natural tears drop'z ina it 'n I don't mind. Dr K sez it'z ok to use. I unnerstan' dese allergie'z can hit at any time 'n dey do me mom'z eye'z 'n nose too. So we jus' gotta keep on fightin' sinus trouble'z. Other den dat, we be'z doin' GOOD 'n happy 'n we purrlay efury day 'n Mallee chase'z me keepin' me ona me toe'z (yeah WHUT??? MOL). 'n we eatin' good 'n still lovin' yummy treat'z (although I get mine brought to me wharefur I iz, coz yeah, mom sez I iz a King o' me CATSLE~! ). Mallee still get'z her efuryday 'facial'z' oh yeah iz she efur a gurly gurl DIVA~ Doesn't efen schedule dem dailey 'facial'z' jus' show'z up ina mom'z lap 'n 'cpect'z her to massage her face, neck, ear'z 'n keep ona dooin' it whenefur her want'z it~ Sigh. Whut a diva gurly gurl, Mallee ur sooo spoiled~! mol I guess we bof r.

Take care me furiend'z. 'n Keep on pawtyin' 'n purrin' 'n dancin' 'n singin'~!

Life iz great. Furrmily'z r great. Catster iz great.

Whisker nudges,

Milo Blue Eyes

Alway'z beliEVE 'n
Alway'z be Thankfur

:D Thankie'z fur readin' me diary. U all r soo spawcial~!! :D


Happy 6th Birfday to me, MILO~!

May 29th 2014 7:42 pm
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Hiya ya'll'z 'n how ya doin'? Really good I hope 'n wishin' ya a fun 'n pawsome weekend ahead~

Now on to me diary/journal stuff's.

Welper'z, yepper'z 'n dat's ME, Milo a turnin' da beeg 6 yrs ol' tomorrow, Friday, May 30th~!
It'z a pawsome day here too 'n I a'ready got'z a beeg servin' o' beef 'n lotza gravie'z fancy feast~! It wuz soooo yummy, but Mallee acshually ate most o' it~! Shrugs'z. Iz ok, coz her iza growin' gurly gurl~! MOL~! Milo wink'z~! 'n soooo, we gonna haz fun tonite 'n tomorrow 'n da whole weekend 'n coz meowmy sez it'z a gonna be'z a nice weekend, su'shine 'n nice~'n me 'n Mallee gonna watch tonza kitty tv, coz we got'z bunny bunny 'n him iz growin' but still lil 'n furry cute~! 'n yeah kitty tv iz really FUN 'n we got'z many window'z to look'z out 'n purrlaces to sit 'n lay 'n jus' watch 'n tawk to 'em too~ Heheheee, I like to tawk lot'z to dem country aminal'z~ But we hazn't seen da road runner'z in awhile now, 'n I hope dey come back. 'spawcially da lil one named Mikkie~! Da mom 'n dad named Mork 'n Mindie~! Dey cute 'n like'z to go into dat beeg tree ina our neighbor'z yard 'n yeah, dat'z whar ALL dem burdies get'z together 'n pawty~ Dey get'z SOOO loud 'n dere must be like a hunnerd 'n ten thousan' o' 'em ina dat one tree~!!! () () ~!!!

I not shur whut Mallee, mom 'n paw gonna get'z me yet fur me birfday but I'll let ya know'z 'n since we be'z catebratin' ALL weekend, dey still haz yet to go shoppin' fur ME~ Heheee, but I did give'z some hint'z 'n stuff. I really wud love'z a boogie mat~! I seen bunche'z o' 'em aroun' 'n some furiend'z got 'em 'n dey be'z lookin' soooo kewl~! Hmmm maybe an addishon to me two tunnels me got'z...I really love'z dem tunnel'z~! I gotta sez I really do haz million'z o' toy'z 'n fun stuff to purrlay wif a'ready 'n so I not askin' fur mush, jus' really thankfur dat I got a great furefur home 'n meowmy 'n paw r really really goood to me~

I memmer when I first came to Catster, da beginnin' o' 2010. Dem were da day'z huh? I wuz lil, but not a baby 'n I wuz one 'n den I had me second happy birfday in May. It wuz FUN~ 'n we all pawtaaaayed bunche'z 'n ate tonza foodage'z 'n danced 'n sang 'n laughed 'n shared many happy memorie'z. 'n since den, we haz cherished all dem fun time'z az dey keep on happenin'~!! 'n we treashur all ur furiendship'z 'n coz we'z furmilies here~ 'n so az we makin' more memories 'n furry happy dat our Catster communitie'z not goin' bye bye now 'n den we hopin' dat dem stoopid hacker'z bad folk'z don't come back 'n now iz a happy catster 'n yeah coz we can see'z ALL our pawsome face'z 'gain~!! Whooo Hoooo~! 'n yeah time to pawty 'gain 'n catebrate 'n enjoy knowin' we all haz purrfect happy furefur home'z 'n mom'z dat love'z us so mush 'n uncondishonally~ 'n yeah, we give'z dat love rite back to 'em in return uncondishonally too. now I not tryin' to get'z all gooshie 'n googlie nor nothin', but I really purrpreciate all dem fun time'z, dem happy time'z 'n I want'z to haz MORE~! Thank U Catster fur keepin' us 'round 'n lettin' us share dem happy time' dis~ Me, Milo catebratin' me happy 6th birfday here.. 'n dat mean'z we been here four year'z now 'n my, my, time shur doe'z pass by quick when we'z hafin' dem GOOD time'z~

'n so I wanna share'z sum goodie'z wif ya while'z we thinkin' 'n memmerin' 'n sharin' dem FUN time'z we alway'z haz...'n da love'z keep'z ona growin' strong : )


Enjoy Sum Happy Birfday CAKE~!!

'n sum cuppycakes too~!

'n yeah...dis iz what I want'z fur me happy birfday~ MOL~ ; ) : )

Ahhhh yeah~!! MOL~

I jus' love'z dat Garfield, don't'z U~?

Thank U fur readin' me diary/journal tonight, as we keep on buildin' dem happy memorie'z 'n fun time'z 'n keep rite on enjoyin' 'em too. Now let's eat 'n dance 'n sing 'n kick up our paw'z in unitie'z~! Coz yeah, we rock 'n U rock 'n we ALL rock together~!

Happy bonks 'n tonza lovin' purrs,

MILO Blue Eyes

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