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A day in the Life of Milo

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TAGGED! Read wif Caution! MOL MOL!!

July 26th 2010 6:40 pm
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HI Furiends! I finally made it to answer the Tag GAME!
Here we go! I was Tagged by my great furriends:
and REX Thanks fur tagging me!!!

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?

Well actually most uv da time's, mommy wakes wen I does. We go potty at da same time durin' da night too. Sumtimes I eben wait in da bed fur her, coz I not want's ta get's outta dat warm bed's!!!If'n I does wake's her up, means I needs some sweet an' gental lovin' and I will 'tap' her face/cheek wif my huge paw and her will open her eyes to see's me starin' at her's. Her's always smiles and I get's lottsa lovin' an' pettin' den. I dun't play much at night, I am always in bed wif mommy. On occashon I will get fired up and row meow row mmmmow, which jus means I am strolling da window and lukin' out ta see's wat's goin' on out dare. But I dun't stay away long, her's sweeps and I come backs ta bed vewy soon, ta cuddle wif her. Her's a excellent cuddler! I mostly just sweep all night long.

2. Do you ever tear up things?

Welpers, sumtime's I does. But I use me scratchin' post quite regularly and her's let's me stretch and paws on her puter chair (Understand dis iz a diver dumpster puter chair and her's jus dun't cares mush about it! MOL Gud fur me's, Huh?) So now I dun't claw on furnitures or anyfur else. But I Does lubbs ta chew on stringies, rubber bands and anyfur I can find dat's not gud fur me! Jeez, I am a cat, right? I like to chew on stuff's. Just sumtimes I does dat. Especially wen mom haz companies over! MOL I just like ta show off, me guess.

3. What is your favorite treat?

Oh dat wud be ma spawcial treat chicken temptations. I like dose softy kinds, war I can play soccar wif 'em and den eat's em up. Yesh, I lubbs ta pway wif ma foodage! MOL

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?

MOL MOL Wat does ya tinks I am, A DOG?! Daat part is left up to ma sweet mommy. Her's fetch and rolls it round and pways wif it til I see it not movin' anymore's! MOL, huh if'n it wuz efur movin'?!? I kinda git's ocnfuseded MOL MOL But I does pway Soccer weally well! Mom sez I funny! Coz I roll and tumble wen I pway!

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?

Uh huh fur shur, but I not like to memmer it too well. Dat Shelter place was not a happy pwace. Dey yelled at me dare. I wud scratch and paw at dat newspaper dat wuz in my prison cell, thinkin' I cud dig ma way out. Fur weeks dat neber worked, until Mommy came to rescue me. Her got's me outta dare in a hurry! I'z be so purroud of me's furefur home now. My mommy's da gweatest in da whole wide world fur rescuin' me. I got really lucky.

**Here is what you have to do now. You need to copy & paste this entry into your diary. Delete my answers and Tag furriends names and add yours. Be sure to mention or thank the furriend who Tagged you ! You need to send a message off to the furriend/s you would like to Tag. You may copy and paste my original Paw Mail/ message I sent to you. You may also send your message in a Zealie. That's it! You may want to read your furriends Diary entries afterwards and thank them for playing. Have fun!

For anybody who may be reading this who has not been tagged /yet... consider yourself Tagged by me! :)

Have a wonderful SUMMER!!

I’m going to tag a few furriends of mine now.





July 23rd 2010 6:13 pm
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Hey glorious furiends! First uv all, I lubbs u!! Vewy mush!

Now mom's puter iz finally goin' into da shop in da mornin', her's takin' it to CompUSA and gonna tell 'em ALL dat's wrong. We not no's wen it will be outta da shop. Jus as long as dey fixin' it right!!!So me, Smokey Joe, Timmy & Ziggy will not be online til it git's outta da shop. Hope it can be's fixed fur gud. OR mom might get a new one, but not shur on dat. Anyway...

I haz so mush fun in da KIT KAT CLUB and want's ta thanks all da kitfurs dare! I eben got to dance wif my precious furiend, ZOEY!!! Her's a saweet kitfur! We won best dance last Friday and I haz a blast wif her tonight!!!~wat fun we had, til...Timmy wuz about ta dance wif Kitty Kitty and shucks, da puter went gone, bye bye, nothin'. Her gots it back up, BUT da dance wuz ofur by den. Shucks.

I will misses u so vewy mush, but I no's u will be here's wen I comes back, won't u?!?! Pawlease dun't forget's me?!

Da puter haz really worn out my mom (My mom, Kathy is aunti to TImmy & Ziggy and does all our typing fur us AND fur Smokey joe, our fur angel, my furbro).

Wishin' u happiness and a joyous weekend, many lovin' purrs and thoughts go out to u's, my Catster furiends!!!

Peace and love,



Mio talks fur his Mommy

July 21st 2010 5:04 pm
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Hey efuryfur! First off, I love's u all and I love's Catster! Mom haz been so sad and I'z weally tired uv seein' her cry! If not werk, iz dis terrible computer! Her's want's so mush fur me to play and haz fun in our CATSTER world. But alas, dis puter is really not running an' iz very sick. If'n iz not shutting down efury few minutes, da mousie quits. Her not want ta part wif it ta take it in to da shop, but her will haz to vewy soon, iz drivin' her crazy. I hope's her takes it in dis weekend. An' den we won't no's wen her git's it back. But gotta be done. Mommy pawlease git's it fixed. I not want ta see's ya cry no more's! Werk her can sumtimes come here, but iz hard fur her, coz it wud be so bad if'n her got caught doin' dat at werk.
Tankies fur listenin'!!

Love, Milo



July 18th 2010 11:42 am
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Milo’s Summertime Song:
Tune to “Those were the Days”

Milo’s version:

Once upon a time there was a Shelter
Where dare I didn’t haz a clue..
Memmer how I pawed away da hours,
Deamed uv all da gweat tings I could do.

Den my mommy finally came to get me
I nefur efur knew wat her’s wud bring,
I dun’t no more tinks uv dat Shelter
I smile at me’s mommy and I sing…

Dese r da dayz my furiends,
I hope’s dey neber endz..
We sings and dance furefur an’ a day,
I lives’ me’s life fur fun,
And it neber come’s undone
Dese r da dayz, oh yesh, dese r da Dayz!!

Meow mow mow…mow mow mow..mow mow
mow mow mow mow mow,
These r da dayz, oh yesh…

I hope efuryfur iz habin’ a gweat Sunday, mommy feels
Mush better today! Tankies vewy mush!



Halp! Mom iz so sad!

July 17th 2010 10:08 am
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Hi Catster furiends! OH I jus dun't no's wat ta do! Momcat iz so unhappy and her cried last night and this mornin'~! Troubles at werk and her boss said something weally rude to her while she was askin' a co werker a business related question. In front's uv da whole office! An' peeps were mad. Coz mom didn't deserve that! Another g/f took up fer hers and went into da boss's office! An' now her computer is so messed up her's can't eben make pishures for me anymore's!! Her tried on Imikime but it just shuts down all by itself! Oh an' her's dun't no's wat ta do, but can't get another computer soon. Her want's ta take it into Compusa, her furiend's son werks dare so maybe. But her's dun't want's ta leave her puter for vewy long! Ugh. I tried to helps, I weally does! Last night her wuz cryin' again, and I layed on her chest and pawed her lips. I did da 'kneading' thing. I rubbs my nose on her chin and hands. Her pets me lots but I no's her still sad. Her haz so mush fun on Catster wit all my most delightfur furiends, but iz gettin' harder and harder fur her to eben git's da puter to turn on. I want's ta go ta da beach SOOO BAD! But her's can't get me pishure made. And my brofurs, well dey jus habs mom and dey r sad too! I hazn't seen Timmy or Ziggy all week long. Their momcat werks on da weekends now. Iz so sad. I want's ta help mommy be happy again! I not like ta see's her cry. Her's a weally nice lady and her does her job weally good at werks. Her's weally down now. So let's cheer her up, ok? Meowsers, MOM! I love you! I like's it wen u hold me like a widdle baby! I'z here fur u's! Always! I no's u miss Smokey Joe too and cried fur him last night. An' I no's u cried fur granma & grampa, coz u miss dem so vewy mush. Iz ok, mom! I iz here fur u! Now pawlease be happy! Coz if u didn't rescue me I wudn't be here wif u! An' I so happy to be wif u! I lubbs my home. I lubbs my Catster furiends!

*snugglin' up close to mom and purring, kneading and knowing her's loves me vewy mush*


P.S> I does hope's efuryone haz a lovely weekend!



July 9th 2010 5:51 pm
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It's here! It's time! The last and final overall contest is here! Dis gwoup iz pawmazing! Here's what we got's!

(Dis wuz posted in our gwoup site)-
Okay! The titles are won but we still have Overall Winner to do! You will have MUCH more time to vote for this one! The cats and dogs cateogries are kept separate but everything else is altogther!

Let's start with the kitties!
Will it be...
-Simone? (Winner of Best Eyes)
Find Me Here-->

- Milo? (Winner of Best Smile)
Find Me Here-->

- Angel? (Winner of Best Coat)
Find Me Here-->

- Luna? (Winner of Most Photogenic)
Find Me Here-->

Now here are the dogs!
Will it be...
- Ginger? (Winner of Best Eyes)
Find Me Here-->

- Bingo? (Winner of Best Smile)
Find Me Here-->

- Honey? (Winner of Best Coat)
Find Me Here-->

- Peaches? (Winner of Most Photogenic)
Find Me Here-->

Vote at dis site:

NOW PAWLEASE vote fur ME-MILO!, but let me tell ya Luna and Simone r da gweatest efur too! If dey win I'z be so happy!

This iz a survey through Monkey survey:

Hard choices I KNOW! I will jus keep on a smilin' wide and weird! MOL Does ya tinks I'z funny?! Mom sez I haz da biggest Smile around!

Hope and wish eferyfur da best of luck! Love and lots of paw hugs to all of dem and doggies too! We haz some really gweat furs in competition here. I jus LOVE "Always in our Hearts" and a big tankies to Kenna, Jaz, Angel, Koby & Nakota fur all their hard werks and efforts to bring us all together for loads of fun and enjoyable communications!!!!

Furefur purrs and enlightment,



Tankies! Iz da best day Efur! Yay AOH!!!

July 8th 2010 6:30 pm
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Meowsers! Haio! Furriends!

Welpers, we DID IT! I WON in my section of: Best Smile category. An’ SIMONE won Best Eyes In her CATagory an’ LUNA won “Best Photogenic” in her CATagory! Yeah, tankies fur all dat voted fur us! Da doggies had a gweat turnout too, cause momcat sent emails at her’s werk fur voting purposes! Dey all no’s dat mom is CATCrazy ‘bout me! Tankies “Always in our Hearts” fur da privledge to be a nominee in dat contest! Momcat be’s sooooo vewy purroud uv me’s! I’m so happy fur SIMONE & LUNA!!!
Ok be furwarned dare will be anover contest but not sure what it will be yet. We’ll know more from Jaz, Koby, Angel, Kenna, Angel an’ Nakota later on dis month. AOH is da best! An’ so u’ll all no’s, I will be fillin’ in as Admin in dat gwoup fur a week starting da 11th~!! when dare Momcat is on vacation! I’m nervous, but we shud haz so mush fun, cause we haz games beginnin’ and all. My mom’s puter is sumwat lousy now at home, but sumtimes her can come ta Catster at werk. Sumtimes! If’n u dun’t know about AOH, here
Iz da link, so check it out!

Here u can see’s all uv our purrty faces on da front, ME, SIMONE, LUNA, GINGER, BINGO & PEACHES! Da WINNERS! Dare also is ME fur da Honorary Pet uv da Month fur July, BINGO fur da month of June, & Kelly Ann fur da month of May.

Maybe’s ya wants ta join?! Iz a vewy fun gwoup!

An’ I want’s ta say many purrs and lubbs ta all our Rainbow Bridge kitty’s and doggy’s Dare too! Espawcially to my furbro Smokey Joe!

Love an' many warm purrs,




July 2nd 2010 7:21 pm
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Hey efurfur! Iz been buzy roun' here lately! Wow so mush going on!
**Tonight we haz a wonerful pool, bbq and dance at da Kit Kat Club! It wuz so kewl! Ziggy got to pway wit his bbf Patsy Marie and dey haz so mush fun!!
**I am shur ur familiar with da gwoup "ALWAYS IN OUR HEARTS" wit da gweat admins, Kenna, Koby, Angel, Jaz and Nakota. Wonerfur dey r! Iz anoder weally fun gwoup! I won TOP Honor Pet of da Month fur July 2010; haz ya see my find Ribbon dat Kenna made fur me? Dey ALL are pawmazing~~!
**So here's da contest information an I does hopes ya votes fur me, but dare r several CATagories and DOgagories! MOL

Here's the info and link will follow:
Let's start with the cats first!
The nominees for the
"Best Eyes" category are:
~Bunka~ 36189760.jpg
~Metro~ 0.jpg
~Simone~ 419.jpg

The nominees for the
"Best Smile" category are:
~Milo~ 276049026.jpg
~Gimli~ 1.jpg
~Tom~ 729.jpg

The nominees for the
"Best Coat" category are:
~Victor Gibbs~
~Frog-Gee Girl~ 324.jpg

The nominees for the
"Most Photogenic" category are:
~Luna~ 265330575.jpg
~Queen Uno Bambino~ 294.jpg


The nominees for the
"Best Eyes" category are:
~G inger~ 94 505.jpg
~Nilla~ 2.jpg

The nominees for the
"Best Smile" category are:
~Squirty~ 70215003.jpg
~Bingo~ /118247_1211117174.jpg
~Frankibebe~ /dogs/01/990201/990201_1249413277.jpg

The nominees for the
"Best Coat" category are:
~SiSi~ 4858131.jpg
~Honey~ 9189

The nominees for the
"Most photogenic" category are:
~Rider Blue~
~Peaches~ 389.jpg
~Miss Wiggles~ 7.jpg

Here's the link:

*There are 2 pages...the first page is cats, the second page is dogs, make sure you take both!

**IN MY OPINION: SIMONE has da best eyes!**
**LUNA is most Photogenic!**
But den I be's partial to dem two girls!!! YESH!
Will u vote fur me fur SMILING handsome?! Pawlease!?

Da link DOES indeed werk, mom already tried it! MOL

Happy voting and to each and efury contestant, good luck and may God bless!!

OH, and HAPPY 4th of JULY! Enjoy ur weekend!! *bounces and runs to hug efuryfur, all my 'furmily' furiends here at Catster!!

Love you's, MILO


P.S. Oh an' so u can get's more familiar with da group AOH, check out da site and u will meet many many furbulous kitty's and doggie's. SAWEET!
*****Happy dancin' Paws!!!!!*****



June 27th 2010 6:43 pm
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Welpers mom u did it again. Trying to rearrange my page and when u added da JukeBox u lost my Guestbook! Now my furiends haz ta start all ofer again. Sowwy furiends@!!
Can u PAWLEASE sigh again when u habs time!? I weally weally wud pawpreciate it! Tankies fur being my vewy spawcial furiends! Gosh, Mom!

Hope's ta see u soon!!!!!

Purrs and Love, MILO


OMC! Wat a wonerfur SUNDAY! An' more...ZIGZAG!

June 27th 2010 2:14 pm
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Haio!Fureinds! Ok now ware does I start? Oh yeah, it wuz a gweat day in Meezer Junction! I wus head uv da train to our trip to da Gweat Land of Egypt! Wat a Blast! I wan ta sez thankies fur all my furiends help in showing me how's ta does pishure in a forum! (Tankies Sou Sou!!!). Dat wuz pawmazing! Now I git's ta tell ya all bout Timmy's lil new furbro, Ziggy! He's a pawsome kitty! He's about 3 months old and he's vewy fiesty! He pawlays really hard! He LUBBS eferyfur an' I mean his motor runs all da time! He's a purring machine! Welpers, he got's ta come ofer my house Friday night and spend da night wit me and momcat Kathy!!! It wuz a blast! Momcat went out and got eben MORE kitty toys and one jus fur him, iz a squeeky mousie dat hangs lower den da one I habs. Iz just fur him and he can jump high and bites it! Iz a squeeky lil thing! MOL After a while momcat cudn't get it to shut up! Iz still squeeking in da drawer her's put it in!! MOL So da night got late and we's bof got's tired, so Ziggy slept on one side of mom and I slept on da oder side. He is so lovable! An' he went right under her's neck and cuddled and den he pawed her eyeball! MOL He's learnin'. But fast! I enjoyed habing him and da next day he stayed and pawlayed wit me while momcat went to lunch wit her furmily. He got's his own bowl and water glass here at me's house. I does tink he likes it here vewy mush! I no's mom weally does lubbs him! I watched her cuddle him an' he is just a big ol HOGSTER! I thought, mom, here I am! So her picks me up too and we bof were in her arms togever! I lubbs dat! I purred too, lots! Den Saturday evening we took him back home. Timmy haz been outside purrlaying as usual! But I does tinks he might have missed him a bit! Timmy licks him like I does. We jus wanta makes sure he's taken care of da proper way. His introduction to be on CATSTER will be soon, when my mom can haz more time but her's jus wanted ta add some of his pishures so eferyfur cud see him, sush a sweetie!!! Weekend haz come and gone, and time fur Mom ta go backs ta werk tomorrow, but her's will be's werking on Ziggy's bio and stuff as time goes on. U no's hooman's, dey haz ta werks and oder stuff's. I am blessed. I habs many gweat fureinds and a fine furmily! Haz a gud week all, and many happy purrin' moments!!!!

Loves bunches, Milo

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