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A day in the Life of Milo

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November 13th 2010 6:30 pm
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Meowllooo furiendz, gud timez r here! We be'z happee today, 'n efurday, coz u no'z why? Coz we r blessed. Yesh, we r so happee we r here on Catster, dat iz, me 'n mom an' my entire furmily! It jus' keepz on gittin' brighter. Dayz r gittin' kewler, did ya notice dat? OMC! It wuz DARK wen mom had to go do laundry today. It wuz like 530PM...? YIKES! Not too cold, but jus' gibz me shibberz. But dare iz alwayz..da cuddlez!! YESH!
Today mommy checked our mailbox, her not do it efurday, bahahahah MOL! her jus' sumtimez not interested in gittin' billz billz 'n more billz...oh 'n file 13 stuff'z! But TODAY we gotted anober card in da mail! It wuz frum my dear furiendz in Las Vegas! Yepperz, Rex, Max, Bugsy, Simba, Tutti, Spice (an all tingz nice!), Sadie, Abby 'n momcat. I adore it! Iz so saweet uv dem! I iz weally new to all diz gittin' cardz stuff. My eyez gotted weally BIG wen mom let ME open it! Her now let'z ME open all da mail, her sez I kin pay da billz too! MOL!! Tank u so mush ma dear furiendz fur da nice card. Happy Tanksgivin' to u all too! 'N to all my furiendz, mom & I sez, Hooray fur Catster! We makin' many new furiendz as well as mommy! Her sez Catster MOMCATZ rule! An' r so nice too! I iz blessed. Mommy iz blessed. We r so greatfur fur Catster 'n all whofur make it most lovable to come here. HERE IZ GWEAT! Here we kin haz fun! Dat IZ why I SO HAPPEE! So now u no'z! 'N I lubbz u!

Enjoy ur Holiday Season, bright Blessin'z to efuryONE!



Milo's Nite Life

November 9th 2010 4:50 pm
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Howdy an' hey ya'll! Hope efurFur iz habin' a gud holiday season! Iz jus' kin'a spooky now dat iz dark outside wen mommy git'z home frum werk! Iz all da necessary? I sez jus' keep it one way! Hmmmppft! Dis evenin' I saw Timmy outside, his mommy Sandy wuz callin' & wistlin' fur him to come on inside, MOL, he wuz so ignorin' her! Dat wuz funny az I sat in ma furvurite window in my bedroom. Notice I sez MY BEDROOM? Coz iz mine. Well I share it wif mommy ya no'z. But wen time fur bed, I iz rite dare, on dat bed, waitin' fur mommy. I iz all weady to be'z cuddlin' next to her. Last nite wuz kin'a spawcial. I wuz all huddled in, on my back wif my tummy up, all weady fur her spawcial belly rubz I get efur nite. Ohhh, I doez lubbz ma belly rubz! An' her gotted in da bed, so I goez ta cuddle against her. Now I iz a mush weally GUD cuddler, probably da best! So her gotted comfortable as usual wif me close. I nudged at da coverz, an' it wuz cold so I wan'ed unner wif her. I got purrsishoned, an' layed ma head on her arm. It wuz indeed nice! I wuz all a purrin' like, den I startz groomin' her. I weally halpz wif givin' her a baf. Den I layed wif my back closest to her front. Doez ya no'z dat iz called 'spoonin'? I doez. An' az we bof faded away to sleepzville, I cud hear her sez "Ur doin' it rite" agin'. Agin, we were all huddled togever an' warm. Her sez one last fing, her sez "Milo ur doin' it rite, an' ur ma bestest furiend, an' I lubbz u so mush" Her sez dat to me'z. I purroud uv my mommy. An' ya no'z wat? I iz rite here rite now, rite in frunt uv her puter fingie, wat dat monitor screen, ya no'z? I also lubbz ta paw at it, it wigglez 'n jigglez, iz anober fun fing I discovered! Wow, mom sez I weally gettin' attached to her. I no'z her gittin' 'tached to me, coz her followz me efurware! MOL! At least I be'z efurware her'z iz! We concude anober episode uv Milo'z nite life. Be happy, be fankfur, an' no'z dat ur lubbed. Catster iz here fur us, an' we no'z we habz a wonnerfur life an' home. Lubbz u all, an' may u dream sweet, live happee, give fanks fur habin' a wonnerfur home & furiendz whofur care. Coz I doez. I weally doez.

Nite an' may God Bless,

Purrz sweet,


Daylite Savin'z time? Dat meanz Holidayz r comin'!!!

November 6th 2010 5:14 pm
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So Mewz efurFur, iz it dat time agin?! Oh me oh me, shorter dayz, an' longer nitez! Which meanz more SNUGGLE time unner da coverz wif mommy! Yay! Still her sez her gotz ta get up, same time to go to werkz. Her 'splained to me her only haz two dayz off per week. BUT, weekendz are ourz to spend time, an' pway, an' I gitted lotz uv lovin'! So tonight, well early mornin', mom telled me we set clockz back one hr. Which meanz it will be DARK wen mom comez home frum werk! But dat'z ok, coz we get all cozy, an' warm, an' cuddle longer nitez! So efurFur dun't forget to turn back ur clockz tonite afor bedtime. DST iz dat sumtin' made up by hoomanz? I wonner why, but mommy try to 'splain to me. Hmmpf. Iz a peepz fing. Anywayz, "Fall back" iz da lingo. Iz gettin' mush mush kewler now, so I lubbz it wen we snuggle close unner da coverz. Do u like'z ta snuggle unner dat coverz too?? I no'z sum pwacez eben alweady gotted snow, u no'z, dat white stuff dat'z weally weally cold? Here in Texas, last season, we gotted lotz uv dat white stuff. Not a normal season fur us here in Texas. Anywayz I iz an indoor kitty only, so I not goe'z outside, at all anymore. Mommy want me safe. Keep me safe. I lubbz her vewy mush, coz her'z a vewy gud mommy. Take care all ma wonnerfur furiendz, be safe, love ur mommy'z 'n daddie'z. Enjoy ur furmiliez, catebrate often, an' feel da love in da AIR tonight az we enter into dat brite seasonal holiday spirit!!! I jus' lubbz Christmas, Santi Claws, an' all da lovely purrty litez, dun't u? Can'tz wait, Can'tz wait, can'tz wait! MOL! I be'z eggsited too! Nah weally? Yesh I iz.

Hugz, purrz, many wonnerfur head nudgez,
an' warm cuddlez too,



I iz in a Kewl Halloween Contest in Always in Our Hearts- (AOH)

October 28th 2010 4:05 pm
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Happeee Halloween! I hope u all habz a purrific catebrashon an' be safe, STAY INDOORS, pawlease? Sum weird folkz do not like'z us kitties vewy mush an' do crazy stuff's to us on dat halloween nite. So not a gud nite to prowl!
Ok, so AOH haz nominated me once again for one uv dere wonnerfur Contests. But iz going to be a hard choosin'. Dare r sum weally kewl kitfurz & doggiefurz competin'. I jus' ask if u will vote fur me on best Costume? Here iz da link to dat Monkey Survey (wonner why iz called 'monkey'? MOL)

Dare iz also an Honorary Pet uv dat month contest in dare (I voted fur Angel Missy, coz her sisfur Lucy weally wantz fur her to win, an' she deserve's it! Her came in second pwace last month so wuz automatically entered into dis month). Here iz da link fur dat one:

All uv Catster kittiez r spawcial, but I wan'ed to make note uv our Angel Bridge Kittiez. Dey r so wonnerfur! So pawpreciated fur bein' alwayz bein' dare fur us, watchin' ober all da time. Sweet Catster Angels will neber be forgotten. So I wantz to honor each uv dem, my furbro Smokey Joe, hiz gal Sadie, our lovin' palz Calvin, Sonny Bono, Buddie, Angel Smoke, jus' amoung da few. Dey will awayz be here fur us. Alwayz. Coz dey jus' are. An' alwayz will be. Furefur. An' Efur. Amen.

Love & purrz & many head nudgez fur a wonnerfur weekend,


P.S. Mommy iz purrty sick, maybe da flu, her goes to da Doc in da morning. Pawlease can all fur Angels sprinkle warm, lovin' Angel dustiez on her tonight? Tankiez vewy mush. Purrzzzz


My BroFur won Diary Pick today!

October 20th 2010 5:51 pm
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Pawmazing, I am so happy fur ma furbro, Smokey Joe. Like he wuz mummlin' to me earlier, he sez, he neber wins anytin'. He's so purroud today! He's simply enjoyin' hiz freedom wings, flyin' round wif all hiz fur angelz furiends, Earth furiendz, an' his love, Sadie. OMC! It must be so bootifur at da Bridge! Sumtin' vewy magical up dare in Heaven. Efurday, he fin'z sumtin' new to do wif his precious love, Sadie an' all da Wonnerfur Kitty Angelz dare. I'z so purroud uv him. Mom haz been cryin' today, memmberin' him, fur he iz in her heart furefur. I go cuddlez wif her now, to comfort her. Tankiez Diary Lady fur bein' so nice.
I love you, all my furtastic furiendz, Catster is Pawmazing, izn't it?!

Haz a slendid, super, pawsome day!

Mush Love,



Vote fur me & I'z Vote fur u in da World's Coolest Dog & Cat- Show

October 17th 2010 1:51 pm
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*Milo waves happily to all hiz Catster furiendz*
I'z so happy today, iz Sunday, an' me an' mommy haz been habin' a fun fun day! We had several neighborz stop by an' I gotted to see Angel Baby AND Emo (He'z a dog guy). I pwayed, runned an' chase Angel til her wore me'z out! MOL!
Ok, we haz dis Coolest Doggie & Kitty show goin' on, so let'z haz sum fun wif it! It'z so pawmazing how many cute, talented an' funny kitfur'z pishures are on dare! Mom helpz me luk thru dem efurday! Ok, so here's my link:

Here's Smokey Joe's Link:

Here'z Angel Baby's Link:

Here's Tim Tim's Link:

and last but not least, Ziggy's Link:

Enjoy ur dayz, an' tankiez fur voting fur me, Milo!

Love, purrz, & many head nudges,



Boyz Nite Out~

October 16th 2010 9:08 am
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Meowelloooo, Catster Furiends! I am so wealthy with the love uv ma gud furiendz here! I am so fortunate! *Milo tapz his pawz, feelin' da happy beat uv singsongz & memories uv Tate's Birfday, an' fun wif all his WONNERFUR furiendz last nite* Oh my cat, dat hummer uv Tate'z wuz so mush fun to drive, MOL, although my pawz barely reached da peddlez! MOL! Our boyzhood uv Catsterworld, me, Tate, Pigeon, Bugsy, Timmy Tomcat, Gump, Luke, Simom & Toki & sum oder kat furiendz slipped in da back uv Tate'z grand Hummer. I cudn't believe how much room we had in dare! Funny though, Tate had to find a litter box pitstop, an' by den he was purrty well lit from catniptini's. I fink he gotted shaved somewhere durin' dat escapade, coz we weren't wif him den. Or maybe dem girlz, I memmer we seen sum girliez, but it iz all kin'a blurry dis mornin'! I fink we all learneded a few lessonz last night. Yesh, we had a ball! An' I know we wuz safe, coz we had ANGELZ lukin' ober us! We all gotted home safe & sound (well maybe not 'sound' uv mind!!MOL!MOL!). I iz so gwad Tate shared his birfday wif all uv us, Tankiees Tate fur showin' us a gweat time! Pawtyin' wif da guys though takes a lot outta us! So we will haz to recoup; I no's I will needz several dayz to recoupz! MOL! An' so Smokey Joe & Sadie were there the whole time, watchin' ober us all. Dem Angels take gweat care to make shur we be'z safe. Bof uv dem were watchin' us an' shakin' dare headz, sayin' well, boyz will be boyz! MOL! Smokey Joe wrote in his diary also today. He wanted to share his thoughts on our situation, an' more. Maybe u haz time to read hiz? I'm so tankfur we r togever here in a pwace we feel so close an' comforted. Catster iz an important part uv each uv our lives, and beyond. Memoriez shared, memoriez memmered. Dose r happy times, sad times, or weird timesz. Dun't matter, we stick togever, dat'z all! We does! Tankies once again fur da fun timez last night, guyz! Jus' one more memory to go down in da history uv Catster. Our lives entangle, we learn, we grow, an' we love. May u all find peace within' an' may ur future hold bright blessin' uv love, harmony, & many gorgeous sunshine moments sitting in ur furvurite window sill!!! I for one, am so tankfur I haz a furbulous furefur home, a mommy who loves me for'a warm home, furmily, furiendz.

Happy Halloween efurfur, be safe, take care, and live long an' prosper!!!!!

Love, purrzzzzzzz, hugzzzzzzz, an' many wonnerfur memories to come,



Milo IZ a Happy Catster Kitty!

October 9th 2010 8:58 am
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*Milo waves to all hiz bootifur furiends in Catsterland!!*

First I hope all iz habin' a wonnerfur Caturday! Iz a lovely dayz in da neighborhood. I waned ta share a bit uv adventure wif u all, 'n sumwat furry funny situation! Since I'z been guardian brofur kitty uv Angel Baby, I'z learned many new 'n interestin' stuff's bout kittens! Whooo, r dey fast! An' I finks her iz on sum kinda CAFFEINE HIGH all da time! An' her eatz like a piggie! MOL! MOL! Iz vewy interestin' ta watch a kitten grow'z. Her gotten bigger now, an' at first I wuz a chasin' her, now her ATTAKZ ME! I wuz jus' layin' dare watchin' dis widdle one make a fool out uv herself's, wen wat to my wonnerin' eyez shud appear! Her wuz eyeballin' me frum above, an' an' her POUNCED upon me! ME!! Wat wuz dat all 'bout?!?! Her now gwabs me by da throat! WAT?! Hee hee, I wuz startled ta sez da least, but my instant reactions sent me into a hizzy moad, an' I gotted her back!! MOL! So den, I wuz on top once agin'! We pway like dis all da time! But her iz super fast, an' runz, rapidly like's a wabbit! I sez, u silly wabbit! MOL! MOL! Haz u noticed her extra LONG legs? Wow her's gonna be a 'looker' wen her growz up, fur shur! Hoppity hop, an' skiddle skadattle, her keeps me vewy buzy dese dayz! Oh an' an' I gotsta sleep in wif mommy dis mornin', her wuz so tired frum werkz all week. I cuddles unner da covers an' I purred loud fur her! I weally love'z my mommy, her iz da best mommy, like I no's all da oder mommy's r da best here on Catster! I lubbs Catster, I DOES! Tankies fur all da nice prezzies, an' all da LOVE frum'z my furiendz, u simply R DA BESTEST! Mom'z boyfuriend iz comin' up frum San Antonio ta visit dis afternoon, so I gettin' prepared, coz I lubbs ma Paw! I jus' call him Paw, coz he be'z gud to me! Welpers gotzta get washed up hansomely fur hiz arrival. An' help'z mom git's da house cleaned up sum.
Enjoy ur weekend, an' haz fun wif ur furmilies!!!

Love, hugz & many many lovin' purrz,



Sad News Today, ma outside part Feral Furiend went to da- Bridge

October 3rd 2010 11:30 am
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Hey Efurfur, fureinds, loved ones,

Yesterday wuz a most unhappy dayz. Fur almost 4 yrs now, mom haz been keepin' care of our part feral kitty on our porch. Boogerbear wud pway wif me through da windows, an' I'd watch him eat. Mom spent time wif him efury mornin' an' evenin' wen her comed home. Mornin's were spawcial wif BoogerBear alwayz greetin' her on da patio. Momma got weally close to him dese past few monthz. Yesterday him wasn't doin' well, we tryed to help, but da Lord called him home. We still not no's wat wuz wrong. Mom & I cryed fur hours. He will be so sadly missed. Mom & I put hiz pichure on ma page, so we can keep hiz memory wif us alwayz. He wuz da bested, sweetest, outside kitty efur!! Mom held him close in hiz last, final dayz. Her heartbroken, I wif her close now, cuddled rite in front uv da puter, watchin' her, keeping close watch on her as her still weeps softly. We can now no's dat Smokey Joe & Sadie, an all da sweet guardian angel kitty's will welcome him to da wonnerfur Rainbow Bridge. May he rest in slumber peacefully.

Many hugs, warm nudges & peace be wif u all,



Rainy Sunday

September 26th 2010 7:29 am
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I hope efurFur iz doin' gud today. Mom had a bad night an' dun't sleep at all. Iz ok, her feels mush better from her tummy sickness. Her has one last errand to run today an' be done. So her's can take a nappy afore our grand trip to Alaska in KCK, in which, I am in charge, along wif our COTM, Smokey. Did ya see dat "Kewlest Catster Kitties" iz Catster's Featured Group!? How Kewl iz dat?!

So I wuz readin' one uv my gweat furriends page diaries, Patchez, today. I wuz Enthralled by her diary from way back. It made mom cry. Coz mom no's not all pets r treated fairly. Iz called "A Cat's Ten Commandments" an' u might haz seen it afore, but it's well worth mentionin' agin.

Love & Purrs, Milo

A Pets Ten Commandments

1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you will be painful.

2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.

3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being.

4. Don’t be angry with me for long and don’t lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainments, but I have only you.

5. Talk to me. Even if I don’t understand your words, I do understand your voice.

6. Be aware that however you treat me, good or bad, I will never forget it.

7. Before you hit me, before you yell at me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet I choose not to bite you.

8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I’m not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might be getting old or weak.

9. Please take care of me when I grow old or become sick. No matter how you feel, I’ll be there for you.

10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please. Never say you can’t bear to watch. Don’t make me face this alone. Everything is easier for me if you are there, because I love you.

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