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A day in the Life of Milo

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OK!!! Tagged Again by a Pawsome Furiend!

February 4th 2011 2:58 pm
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Howdy furiends! Da wonnerfur hansome man cat, Blue II (Here's his link)
Tagged me again, so I gonna play again, since I've come up wif MORE stuff's dat annoy me 'bout me's meowmy!!! MOL! Him tagged me to name the five most annoying things my hooman does, den tag five ofurs to keep it goin'.

Here are five MORE things dat completely annoy me bout me's Meowma:

1.) Oh boy, her did it agin! While I wuz sleepin', her gotted dat camera out 'n started click click clickin' away! Well, dis time, I got up 'n ran off! MOL! So take dat, Meowmy!

2.) Dis mornin', I wuz up afore daylite, 'n I wuz so very hungry, I stopped 'n pawed at meowmy's face, neck 'n eyeballs. Guess wat? Her wud NOT wake up! Ok, so I tried agin, I nuzzed unner da covers, Wake up meowmy! Her not. OK, I am now annoyed big time! Sheesh!

3.) Another thing that really get's me iz wen her on da stoopid computer! Her won't let me type, coz I get in front 'n lay down at da monitor! I purrs 'n all. But her goes rite on typin'. Hey I iz here! Wat's up wif dat?!

4.) Den, her not pay me attenshon wen I mowz, 'n her asked me, Wat's wrong, Milo? I sez, look at me! I want U to cuddle me! Her not listen, goes rite on watchin' dat tube! Huh?

5.) My food bowl. Iz dare fur a purpose! To keep me happy 'n fed. It get's low way to often, keep it filled up, Meowmy!! Yikes! I might starve!!!

Ok, so I made list 5 more rude 'n annoyin' stuff's Meowmy does, an' so I am off to Tag more furiends who might wanna play 'n hazn't been tagged yet. If u been tagged, den u might wanna play agin, like I did?
I iz goin' to tag sum more spawcial furiends:

Ralph Bowers
Mz Murphey

If'n u read dis, consider urself TAGGED! Is fun, let's do it!!!

Thank u Blue II fur Taggin' me! Iz fun to play agin' 'n agin!

Purrs 'n love 'n hugs 'n head bonks,



Yee Haw, I've been Tagged!

January 27th 2011 4:31 pm
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Whoo Hooo, wat fun, I've been tagged by da purrty 'n lovely Miss Karma Kitty to play dis game! Ok here goes!

List 5 of the most annoying things your humans can do, then tag 5 friends to do the same and put it in their diaries.

1. Ah yes I agree wif Karma: Closin' the bathroom door.
2. Leavin' me alone all day while her werks!
3. Mommy playin' on da computer 'n ignorin' me!
4. Not gettin' attenshon when I wants!
5. Puttin' my spawcial toys back in da box! Ok, now wat's DAT all about?? MOL!

Not mush annoys me, BUT I not like bein' IGNORED~! Dat's wen I begin 'n learn how to be a BAD boy! MOL! Ooooh, wat does I do? MOL! I go crazy 'n RUN VERY FAST 'n bounce up jus' ta get rite in mom's FACE! MOL! Problem solved.

I gonna go now 'n tag some furiends:
Sweet ie


My FIRST CHRISTMAS gettin' toyz 'n Cardz in da Mail!!! Thank- u so Much!!!!

December 27th 2010 6:47 pm
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Meowloohooowhooo!!! OMC! I so hope 'n wish u all had a Merry Christmas!!! Mine was pawsome 'n excellent! My paw brought me the purple knit toy on a stick (in my pishure)!!! An' I so love it coz wif da halp from hiz daughter, him made it fur me! Also I gotted a cushon rainbow color kitty comforter her made fur me! An' I gotted so many wonnerfur toyz frum SPICE BUGSY REX 'n furmily! An' also frum my grand furiend, PIGEON!!! Den today another package came in da mail! I sniffed it, an' I clawed through it to get it open an' guess wat? It was 4 kewl Catnip toyz dat SIMONE 'n RIVER's mommy made just fur me!!! Well after I inspect dem really good, I get to share sum uv 'em wif Angel, Timmy 'n Ziggy...MAYBE!!! MOL! Coz I jus' lubbz 'em so much! I goez crazy kitty, kitty crazy!! MOL!! I am habin' SOOO mush fun wif all my purrific toyz! Thank u all sooo very mush!! Oh an' I gotted sum so furrtastic Christmas cards frum Simon, Patsy Marie 'n furmily; Spice, Rex, Bugsy 'n furmily; Tabby Little, Annie 'n furmily; Gump 'n Nadia; Pigeon; Julius 'n furmily, 'n also one frum Simone 'n River too!!! Oh diz iz da greatest Christmas efur!!! My FIRST to efur get toy'z 'n Christmas cards in da mail!!
I wish 'n hope ALL my wonnerfur Catster furiendz had a blast an' lotza fun fur Christmas wif furmily 'n furiendz comin' together sharin' da love 'n mush foodgage! MOL! An' I hope Santy Pawz wuz very good to u, so TELL me WHAT u gotted? I really want to know!!! Iz so mush fun to share, so..
HAPPY HOLIDAYZ 'N HAPPY NEW YEAR CATSTER!!! 'N Thank u fur bringin' all uv us together to share our Happy memory makin' momentz! I lubbz u all so mush!
*Milo happilee dancez roun' an' gibz hugz to all hiz grand furiendz*
May u all haz a Most Prosperous 'n Happy New Year!!!

Mush love 'n purrz uv Thankz,



It's not just about the Prezziez! But hey, they r so good!- MOL!

December 22nd 2010 5:57 pm
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Hi all, an' Merry Christmas!! Togetherness iz wat it's ALL 'bout!!! I know ur all gettin' so antsey in ur pantsey's now! MOL! I am so happy coz my Paw will be here tomorrow nite! My mommy's b/f iz sooo good to me! Ya know my kitty condo? He gotted dat fur me! Mommy jus' can't stop takin' pishure'z uv me! No more room on me'z page! MOL! Isn't it so furry funny how SOON our pagez get to 100? An' if ur like my mom, her neber wantz ta delete any uv my pix! I know, we haz 'em on da puter, but one day, her iz gonna add doze new onez to my slide show. Tsk Tsk, mommy!! U neber haz time to do stuff fur me! MOL! Yeah her really doez. Her werks too hard though, sumtimez! I miss her so mush wen her leavez each mornin'! Diz mornin' wuz really funny! Her gotted outta bed, but first her alwayz cuddlez 'n snuggles wif me more, 'n den kisses me! I not LIKE bein' kissed too mush, but lately I tolerate it! Den her said to me, time to get up! An' I looked at, well NO!! It isn't fur me! MOL! I jus' cuddled back unner da coverz an' went back to sleep! Her really hatez it wen I doez dat! MOL! I think it'z so funny! MOL! But now, we gotted THREE dayz to snuggle up in da mornin'z 'n my Paw will be here too! I snuggle up wif dem RIGHT IN DA MIDDLE! Iz so warm dare, an' my Paw iz da bestest!Shhh, don't tell mommy, but I doez hope dey get married one day! Shhhh! Maybe by next Christmas at least? I think dat we wud make sush a nice furmily togever! But still shhhh, not tell, ok? Mommy talks about it but only to me. So time will tell. Him retires in two yearz, so jus' maybe. So all u grand furiendz, haz a happy 'n purrific Christmas an' dream sweet dreamz uv Santa an' he be'z here very soon! Jingle Bells, jingle Bells, Jingle all the Way!!! Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh! I dreamin' uv a white Christmas, so if ya haz one already, pawlease send it my way!!? Here in Texas iz not likely we will haz one, but I can dream!!! MANY BLESSIN'Z OF LOVE 'N MANY PROSPEROUS DAYZ AHEAD!!! Hugz to all, an' to all a Good Nite!!!

Purrz, love 'n many head nudgez,



Oh oh OH! OMC! It'z Chrismas time in the CITY!! Many- Blessing'z to u all!

December 18th 2010 12:44 pm
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Meowellooo! An' Meowy Christmas! Oh iz sush a lovely time uv year! Efurone iz so happy 'n lovin' wif so mush to be thankfur fur! I iz espawcially thankfur fur all my most excellent furiendz here on Catster!!! Thank u all so mush fur all da Spectacular rosettes, nice comments 'n showin' da love! U r all so very spawcial in my lil heart 'n I can't begin to put into words how mush all uv u mean to me!!! Da light's on my Tree, I wish u cud see, I wish it efurday!! My paw gotted me an' mommy a spawcial tree, all white, an' it haz mommy's furvorite colored balliez-PURPLE 'n PINK!!! Iz so bootifur! I doez play wif 'em, as dey really attract my attenshon! MOL! Mommy found 'em all unner da couch an' put 'em back on, but now I not bother dem any more'z! I be'z good, coz Santy Pawz will come an' see I not attack dat tree anymore! MOL! I wish u all many blessin'z of love, happiness, togetherness wif furmily 'n grand furiendz dis year. An' diz IZ a spawcial year coz we r ALL together here at Christmas time an' sharin' the birth of our Lord Jesus! Wat a spawcial baby boy he iz! Happy Birfday Jesus!!! I also wish to thank a couple of my really grand furiends so dear to my heart: Pigeon, thank u fur sush a sweet Christmas card and toy!!! Bugsy, Rex, Max, Simba, Tutti, Spice, Abby 'n Sadie, thank u fur dat Pawsome Christmas card an' toys galore!!! I lubbz 'em all! Mommy haz been tryin' to get pishurez, but we ALL know how hard dat can be! Not dat I am difficult or anythin'!! MOL!!

here'z a lil Kitty Catmus poem fur u an' I hope u enjoy!

"Night before Catmus"

Twas the night before Catmas
When all through the house
Not an animal was stirring,
Not even the mouse.

The kitties were snuggled
And tucked in their beds,
While visions of cat goodies
Danced in their heads.

Their stockings were hung
By the cat bowls with care,
In hope that Father Catmas
Soon would be there.

Out on the rooftop
There arose such a hissing,
I knew Father Catmas
Was having trouble parking.

I jumped on the couch,
Stuck my nose to the curtain.
"Here he is!", I purred
"It is him, I'm certain."

What to my sky blue eyes
Should appear,
But Father Catmas himself
In his Cat-sled gear.

He purred and he purred,
But through the kitty door he went,
Then stopped and smelled the air
As he picked up a scent.

The cat cookies we left him
Were by the back door.
The kitties had baked them
Not an hour before.

He went about his work
With never a sigh,
Filling the stockings
With toys piled high.

He waved at me
With his mighty paw.
Although I was hiding,
'Twas my little nose he saw.

Out the kitty door he went
In oh such a rush,
Jumped on his cat-sled
And yelled out, "MUSH!"


Purrz 'n hugz 'n many saweet catnip kitty dreamz,




November 24th 2010 5:26 pm
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Good Evenin' all my wonnerfur, pawcious, good lookin' furiendz! OMC! I iz one Happee Kitfur! My mommy iz all happee too! OMC! I can't believe all da Happee wishez I've gotten, an' all da purrty prezziez, an' trophy'z! I am so thankfur fur all my bestest purrific furiendz! Diz wuz sush a shock 'n suprize to mom! Eeeek, her can'z stop cuddlin' me, an' lovin' on me now! I like'z it to a certain degree, but MOM, u can stop now! MOL!Yukky, all dem kissiez on me'z face!!! MOL!! Mom sez her want'd ta help me thank each one individually, BUT iz sush a long list! An' keepz on growin', so I jus' habz ta sez I love u all! An' many greatfur thank u'z! CATSTER rulez! Oh, an' did I mention dat Mommy & me iz now full fledged Catsteraholicz!??! MOL! Yep, her'z iz. An'...her'z made so many wonnerfur mommy furiendz here too! U r all pawmazing! So I be'z in da spotlite fur a whole week on CATSTER!! ME! MOL! I wanna wish each an' efurFur a most delishous an' wonnerfur Tanksgivin' an' Happy Holidayz to u! Many hugz, love 'n warm cuddlez to u, an' may all ur wishez come true! Tankiez fur bein' ma furbulous furiendz an' makin' my dreamz come true! Tank u CATSTER! U habz made my itty bitty lovin' heart beat faster. I so eggsited!

Purrz, hugz an' all my love alwayz,

Mommy'z Blue Eyed Handsome Man



November 13th 2010 6:30 pm
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Meowllooo furiendz, gud timez r here! We be'z happee today, 'n efurday, coz u no'z why? Coz we r blessed. Yesh, we r so happee we r here on Catster, dat iz, me 'n mom an' my entire furmily! It jus' keepz on gittin' brighter. Dayz r gittin' kewler, did ya notice dat? OMC! It wuz DARK wen mom had to go do laundry today. It wuz like 530PM...? YIKES! Not too cold, but jus' gibz me shibberz. But dare iz alwayz..da cuddlez!! YESH!
Today mommy checked our mailbox, her not do it efurday, bahahahah MOL! her jus' sumtimez not interested in gittin' billz billz 'n more billz...oh 'n file 13 stuff'z! But TODAY we gotted anober card in da mail! It wuz frum my dear furiendz in Las Vegas! Yepperz, Rex, Max, Bugsy, Simba, Tutti, Spice (an all tingz nice!), Sadie, Abby 'n momcat. I adore it! Iz so saweet uv dem! I iz weally new to all diz gittin' cardz stuff. My eyez gotted weally BIG wen mom let ME open it! Her now let'z ME open all da mail, her sez I kin pay da billz too! MOL!! Tank u so mush ma dear furiendz fur da nice card. Happy Tanksgivin' to u all too! 'N to all my furiendz, mom & I sez, Hooray fur Catster! We makin' many new furiendz as well as mommy! Her sez Catster MOMCATZ rule! An' r so nice too! I iz blessed. Mommy iz blessed. We r so greatfur fur Catster 'n all whofur make it most lovable to come here. HERE IZ GWEAT! Here we kin haz fun! Dat IZ why I SO HAPPEE! So now u no'z! 'N I lubbz u!

Enjoy ur Holiday Season, bright Blessin'z to efuryONE!



Milo's Nite Life

November 9th 2010 4:50 pm
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Howdy an' hey ya'll! Hope efurFur iz habin' a gud holiday season! Iz jus' kin'a spooky now dat iz dark outside wen mommy git'z home frum werk! Iz all da necessary? I sez jus' keep it one way! Hmmmppft! Dis evenin' I saw Timmy outside, his mommy Sandy wuz callin' & wistlin' fur him to come on inside, MOL, he wuz so ignorin' her! Dat wuz funny az I sat in ma furvurite window in my bedroom. Notice I sez MY BEDROOM? Coz iz mine. Well I share it wif mommy ya no'z. But wen time fur bed, I iz rite dare, on dat bed, waitin' fur mommy. I iz all weady to be'z cuddlin' next to her. Last nite wuz kin'a spawcial. I wuz all huddled in, on my back wif my tummy up, all weady fur her spawcial belly rubz I get efur nite. Ohhh, I doez lubbz ma belly rubz! An' her gotted in da bed, so I goez ta cuddle against her. Now I iz a mush weally GUD cuddler, probably da best! So her gotted comfortable as usual wif me close. I nudged at da coverz, an' it wuz cold so I wan'ed unner wif her. I got purrsishoned, an' layed ma head on her arm. It wuz indeed nice! I wuz all a purrin' like, den I startz groomin' her. I weally halpz wif givin' her a baf. Den I layed wif my back closest to her front. Doez ya no'z dat iz called 'spoonin'? I doez. An' az we bof faded away to sleepzville, I cud hear her sez "Ur doin' it rite" agin'. Agin, we were all huddled togever an' warm. Her sez one last fing, her sez "Milo ur doin' it rite, an' ur ma bestest furiend, an' I lubbz u so mush" Her sez dat to me'z. I purroud uv my mommy. An' ya no'z wat? I iz rite here rite now, rite in frunt uv her puter fingie, wat dat monitor screen, ya no'z? I also lubbz ta paw at it, it wigglez 'n jigglez, iz anober fun fing I discovered! Wow, mom sez I weally gettin' attached to her. I no'z her gittin' 'tached to me, coz her followz me efurware! MOL! At least I be'z efurware her'z iz! We concude anober episode uv Milo'z nite life. Be happy, be fankfur, an' no'z dat ur lubbed. Catster iz here fur us, an' we no'z we habz a wonnerfur life an' home. Lubbz u all, an' may u dream sweet, live happee, give fanks fur habin' a wonnerfur home & furiendz whofur care. Coz I doez. I weally doez.

Nite an' may God Bless,

Purrz sweet,


Daylite Savin'z time? Dat meanz Holidayz r comin'!!!

November 6th 2010 5:14 pm
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So Mewz efurFur, iz it dat time agin?! Oh me oh me, shorter dayz, an' longer nitez! Which meanz more SNUGGLE time unner da coverz wif mommy! Yay! Still her sez her gotz ta get up, same time to go to werkz. Her 'splained to me her only haz two dayz off per week. BUT, weekendz are ourz to spend time, an' pway, an' I gitted lotz uv lovin'! So tonight, well early mornin', mom telled me we set clockz back one hr. Which meanz it will be DARK wen mom comez home frum werk! But dat'z ok, coz we get all cozy, an' warm, an' cuddle longer nitez! So efurFur dun't forget to turn back ur clockz tonite afor bedtime. DST iz dat sumtin' made up by hoomanz? I wonner why, but mommy try to 'splain to me. Hmmpf. Iz a peepz fing. Anywayz, "Fall back" iz da lingo. Iz gettin' mush mush kewler now, so I lubbz it wen we snuggle close unner da coverz. Do u like'z ta snuggle unner dat coverz too?? I no'z sum pwacez eben alweady gotted snow, u no'z, dat white stuff dat'z weally weally cold? Here in Texas, last season, we gotted lotz uv dat white stuff. Not a normal season fur us here in Texas. Anywayz I iz an indoor kitty only, so I not goe'z outside, at all anymore. Mommy want me safe. Keep me safe. I lubbz her vewy mush, coz her'z a vewy gud mommy. Take care all ma wonnerfur furiendz, be safe, love ur mommy'z 'n daddie'z. Enjoy ur furmiliez, catebrate often, an' feel da love in da AIR tonight az we enter into dat brite seasonal holiday spirit!!! I jus' lubbz Christmas, Santi Claws, an' all da lovely purrty litez, dun't u? Can'tz wait, Can'tz wait, can'tz wait! MOL! I be'z eggsited too! Nah weally? Yesh I iz.

Hugz, purrz, many wonnerfur head nudgez,
an' warm cuddlez too,



I iz in a Kewl Halloween Contest in Always in Our Hearts- (AOH)

October 28th 2010 4:05 pm
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Happeee Halloween! I hope u all habz a purrific catebrashon an' be safe, STAY INDOORS, pawlease? Sum weird folkz do not like'z us kitties vewy mush an' do crazy stuff's to us on dat halloween nite. So not a gud nite to prowl!
Ok, so AOH haz nominated me once again for one uv dere wonnerfur Contests. But iz going to be a hard choosin'. Dare r sum weally kewl kitfurz & doggiefurz competin'. I jus' ask if u will vote fur me on best Costume? Here iz da link to dat Monkey Survey (wonner why iz called 'monkey'? MOL)

Dare iz also an Honorary Pet uv dat month contest in dare (I voted fur Angel Missy, coz her sisfur Lucy weally wantz fur her to win, an' she deserve's it! Her came in second pwace last month so wuz automatically entered into dis month). Here iz da link fur dat one:

All uv Catster kittiez r spawcial, but I wan'ed to make note uv our Angel Bridge Kittiez. Dey r so wonnerfur! So pawpreciated fur bein' alwayz bein' dare fur us, watchin' ober all da time. Sweet Catster Angels will neber be forgotten. So I wantz to honor each uv dem, my furbro Smokey Joe, hiz gal Sadie, our lovin' palz Calvin, Sonny Bono, Buddie, Angel Smoke, jus' amoung da few. Dey will awayz be here fur us. Alwayz. Coz dey jus' are. An' alwayz will be. Furefur. An' Efur. Amen.

Love & purrz & many head nudgez fur a wonnerfur weekend,


P.S. Mommy iz purrty sick, maybe da flu, her goes to da Doc in da morning. Pawlease can all fur Angels sprinkle warm, lovin' Angel dustiez on her tonight? Tankiez vewy mush. Purrzzzz

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