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A day in the Life of Milo

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The Power of Furiends! An' how do you Thank them for bein'- so Pawsome?!

May 30th 2011 3:33 pm
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Hi! I have had da most wonnerfur Birfday efur! An' it's all becoz coz of U~! How do I thank u fur bein' so spawcial? How do I thank u fur always bein' there for me? How do I LET u know how warm 'n purrific U r to me? Words cannot express how I feel today~I haz so many thoughts, so big is my heart, so mush pawpreciashon deep down in my lil heart!!! My Catster furiends, oh what would I do wifout U?? My love is nefur ending. MY heart is filled wif joy 'n ofurwhelmed wif gratitude!~ So many thank u's fill my lil mind, so many warm feelin's U have put there!!! Thank u jus' seems nefur enuff, for my world is so mush brighter since I've met U~! My furiends of Catster, I can say Thank u, I can say how mush I care, 'n I can sez I am so happy that we all r here together, sharin' 'n carin' coz we know how mush our meowmy's 'n daddy's 'n furmily's love us, love us all, uncondishonally. My Catster fureinds, I can not efen come close by way of words how mush gratitude goes out to U today!!~ But I hope a lil poem from my heart will light ur way to knowmy feelin's:

Efuryone knows of the power of furiends,
The purrrific result, when efurythin' blends.
When Kits have friends, they don’t stand alone;
Furiends always help, when you face dat unknown.

Your givin' does not go unnoticed;
I’d be lost without you, furiend.
What we have together
No one else can comprehend.

Thanks for being my furiend!' a gazillion purrs, hugs, nudges, lubbs, 'n dear thoughts,

A furry warm hearted feelin' lil dood,
whofur know's how spawcial it is to be a "Catster".

Thank u so mush fur ur Birfday wishes, greetin's 'n happiness wishes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~ Furefur u r in my heart~!


Making Mommy Smile~

May 8th 2011 2:27 pm
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Happy Mommy's Day to all my spawcial 'n wonnerfur Catster furiends mommy's! U all r da greatest 'n U ALL haz great mommy's, huh, bet ya didn't efen know dat! MOL! Well we does. 'N Welpers it's HER day to make her smile! Yeah, I know all dat mushy stuff 'n I love u's 'n all of dat is really kewl 'n all..BUT, is mush more important to make ur mommy SMILE!!~ I wroted a poem fur my mommy today 'n it made her SMILE! I hope it makes ur mommy SMILE too!!! Enjoy ur Day, mommy's!

Fur My Mommy:

Thank u mommy, U…I Adore,
Fur puttin’ my foodages down on da floor.

Den dare’s my liter box too,
You keep shuffled up clean all sweet smellin’ new

So many times u go outta ur way..
To show me love throughout ur busy day

We play each day when u come’s home
‘N dat is why I will nefur roam!~

So now I wonderin’ why U only get ONE day,
Wif all u done, u should get da Entire month of May!

I love u mom! Ur so spawcial to me! I hope efuryone haz a delightfur day wif Ur spawcial mommy's too!

Happy Mom's Day!!!

Purrs 'n many Nudges,


Many Thanks, Love 'n Pawpreciation~

April 30th 2011 1:19 pm
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Hi 'n Meowlooo, I jus' can't thank u all 'nuff fur da thoughtfurness 'n kind words when I came back from bein' offline while my 'puter was down. Den I got back to see I wuz DDP too! WOW! What a honor! Thank U Catster Diary Lady! I lubbs u so mush! 'N Thank u all so mush fur da prezzies 'n all da wonnerfur love shown. U R da Best!~
Mom gotted her paws full takin' care of us 5 kitties here on Catster, but ya know, her lubbs all of us 'n we be's good kitties! Outdoors is really havin' a high impact on me lately! I have gotten really good at climbin' dem trees, but my fur cousins jus' think I'm showin' off! MOL! I am havin' fun 'n I jus' might catch da birdie whoo is mockin' me one day! MOL! I'm teachin' lil Sam sum new tricks too. Him finally followed me upstairs 'n he wusn't too skeered. Him usually goes where I go 'n I not get furry far! I keep a furry close watch on where my mom is, coz her might get lost wifout me! We did haz another pizza pawty, it wuz Timmy 'n Ziggy's turn to buy. Dat Timmy was really concerned 'bout his mom when dat pizza boy came by. Dem mom's r so crazee too. Well I did join in by gettin' on mom's shoulder while her did a dance or two. I'm light on me paws though, 'n can do a number of slide, skip, 'n bounce techniques on my own. I'm purrty good keepin' up wif da beat. But when mom sings...well, let's jus' say her tries anyfur! MOL! That Sam is shur growin' up 'n him seems to think I know what I'm doin' outside. MOL! We run so fast 'n then Sam he pounces on me 'n runs ahead of me! I not in no hurrty. An' I've been to where efur he's goin' to probably anyfur! MOL! I like to eat da grass. 'N I chase bugs too, only I catch 'em, Sam still learnin'. I tell him, watch me, coz I older 'n wiser.

I hope U all haz a most wonnerfur Caturday wif many sunshiney days ahead. Iz almost summertime 'n will get hotter, but fur now, it's so nice out! I still lubbs my window 'n sleep there lots. It keeps me in da loop 'bout what's goin' on. I think I will take a cat nappy now since mom jus' washed me pink blanket 'n put it on my chair.

Wishin' U a wealth of happiness always.

Love 'n many nudges,


Thank U all again 'n fur readin' my Diary.


I missed U all so mush! I think I am back (from outer- space!) MOL!~

April 14th 2011 5:19 pm
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Oh wow! Dat wuz so weird! I been gone fur 4 days 'n I missed u all so mush! Puters r NO FUN! We couldn't get anywhare online, 'n MS wuz tellin' us we had 38 virus's 'n worms 'n stuff's 'n wanted 60$ to get it straight! Now it seems better 'n we got Avira downloaded 'n it only sez we had 2 probz! Wonner whare dat came from!? It cleaned 'em right on up! Thank u River 'n Simone fur lettin' us know's 'bout Avira! I think we r good to go. We gotted to do a 'back up' too, wat efur dat iz! MOL! OH my goodness! Ya know though, I had sum really FUN times outside playin' dese last few dayz! I gotted to play upstairs wif Timmy 'n Ziggy! I gotted to play ofer at Sam's house! Mom gotted lots of sunshine 'n outdoors activity 'n walked wif furiends around da apt's. We did haz fun, but Catster iz our home 'n we feel so comfortable here wif all U saweet, lovely 'n kind kitties!~ Haz I tol' u jus' how mush I lubbs u lately? I does, bunches 'n bunches!!! So we gonna go try to see wat we missed, I know's probably lots of spawcial dayz! I hope dey were grand, jus' like u r!~

See ya soon!~

Purrs 'n many nudges,



Beware! My Computer is Infected!~

April 10th 2011 4:43 pm
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Dear Furiends,

Mom is havin' a terrible time wif our 'puter tonight! We jus' found out that it's all infected 'n won't let us do anything! I am sorry but I may be off Catster for awhile becoz mom needs to upgrade her Windows Security an' doesn't have money to do it now! Ahhhhh! I am sorry and she is crying now! I am not even sure if dis diary will make it. I am really tryin' so hard to make sure I can communicate wif u all! I love u all, but dis is serious stuff. Looks like we has Trojans 'n Virus's trying to take our personal stuff's. I will be back when we get dis straight. Not shur when....or if...

Purrs an' lotza love,

MILO 'n mom


We had an outside Pizza Pawty last night~!

March 25th 2011 6:06 pm
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Hi ya'll~! How iz efurone tonight? Oh wow, I jus' gotta share dis one wif u~! I see Tim Tim already got his turn to talk about our Pizza Pawty last night!~ What makes HIM so spawcial? MOL! I guess he's not so bad..anyway, I wuz all ofur da place 'n u can see by my pishure, I had a good time, although, I wuz kin'a freaked out when mom took dat pishure, coz a doggie jus' tryed to EAT ME! Ugh..I wusn't shur but his owner iz a nice man 'n dat doggie is a girlly whofur is usually nice, so I wusn't worried to much!~ MOL~ SIKE~ NOT, I freaked out!~ My tail wuz all bushed out 'n fluffy like Finn's gets! MOL~ But me 'n da boyz had a furtastic time sharin' dat pizza wif all our kewl mom's~! First I ran out da door, coz, well mom made me WAIT to get to come out, an' I heard Timmy, Ziggy 'n Sam playin'! Mom does not let me come outside mush, coz her sez it's way to dangerous 'n her a bit overprotective of me~! So I sez, MOMMY! PAWLEASE let me come outside! So her did. 'N I sailed outside! It wuz so purrty out 'n da flowers were smelling good!~ Sam chased me lots 'n den I got him!~ He wuz so funny, I snuck up on him 'n he yelped like a girlie! MOL~ But den, oh boy, here he comes after me!!! Dat Timmy spent most of his time in his trees, 'n Ziggy found out how mush fun lil Sam iz!~ Well my mom, waz a camera clickin' phycho!~ MOL! Everytime I turned around she had dat camera in ALL of our faces!~ But I went about my speedo self 'n finally we gotted da bestest snack round! PIZZA~! Dat pizza guy couldn't believe how many kitties were playin' 'n havin' sush a good time together!~ He says we were all very hansome boyz 'n we were so good~! Yes we are. We not run off nor did we make our mom's come after us, when it got dark, we came right on home 'n I ran into my house, coz I know where I be's safe~! Our mom's had a blast 'n dey needed dat, coz dey ALL werks so hard to put foodage on our plates~!

So how r u all doin'? Iz gettin' really purrty 'n nice outside! I shur hope u all get to spend a lil outdoors time dis Spring! U will lubbs it~!

Many purrs 'n love,

Thankz fur readin' my diary~!


We Gotta Pawty Goin' On~!! St Paddy's Day at Finn's Place~!

March 15th 2011 5:41 pm
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Oh oh oh! I iz so eggsited to announce dat there will be's a Super Dooper Furtastic St Paddy's Day Pawty at
An' U ALL r invited!~ WHOO HOOO! It will be's a blast!!!

WHERE: FINN's Diary; here is hiz page url:

WHEN: Thursday, March 17th

TIME: All Day 'n ALL nite!! WHOO HOOO!!

WHAT TO BRING: Oh urself 'n furiends 'n more furiends!! All da GREEN u can think of! MOL! We will haz jokes, foodage, massive posts 'n irish rockin' dancin' 'n LOTZ of HAPPYNESS!!


ADDITIONAL STUFFS: We catebratin' 'n pawtyin' coz lots of mommy's haz been so sad lately!! We wanna enjoy dis day 'n night so bring ur sisfurs, brofurs, cousins, aunts, uncles 'n all ur furmily 'n furiends! We will be funny 'n laughin' all da while too! So bring ur happy face 'n jokes 'n anythin' u can think of to raise da roof here at Catster!!! Whoo hooo!

RSVP: If u can!!!

Yipppeee! See U there~!

Many hugs 'n lotza love,



PAWTIES 'n Happy 1st Annifurrsary to me~on CATSTER! U ROCK!!

March 12th 2011 2:41 pm
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Oh Hai all my WONNERFUR CASTER FURIENDS whom I love 'n adore!! Yes that's u all! U, my furiends 'n Catster make my mommy so happy 'n her can't remember when her's had so mush fun wif me in pawties 'n forums 'n clubs 'n events 'n pawmails 'n comments 'n diaries! WOW!! Dat's a mouthful! MOL! I jus' can't 'splain how much I LUBBS Catster! Ok, let me calm down now, I gets rather ofurly eggsited sumtimes! MOL! Ok, so yesterday marked my ONE YEAR Annifurrsary with CATSTER! 'n it STILL ROCKS ON! I wuz havin' so mush fun 'n dancin' 'n kickin' up my heals last night at da Kit Kat dat I really forgots all bout my Annifurrsary Catebrashon, coz I really wanted to haz a pawty! But we ALWAYS havin' pawties, ain't it FURTSTICAL~? MEOWS 'n ROWS 'n LOTSA MPZBRRMEWS! MOL! Is dat how U sound sumtimes when u is happy lots?? MOL! I want to thank my many WONNERFUR CATSTER FURIENDS, coz u makes me happy each 'n efury day! Yeps, I does lubbs ta pawty n ya know what? We also had a fun Mardi Grass Pawty in Zachary's dairy on Fat Tuesday night! IT ROCKED OUT! I had to scamper to find a mask to wear 'n Teddy Bearz 'n PIPO bof came to my rescue! I lubbs my masks, dude pals! THANK U SO MUSH!!
Ok did I mention dat u all r so WONNERFUR?? MOL! Thank u fur makin' CATSTER a really fun 'n magical place to share our love, laughter, thoughts, feelin's, tears 'n fears..Ur moms 'n dads rock 'n r super spawcial! Can't sez it enuff, I LOVE U!

Thanks fur takin' da time to read my diary,
Purrs 'n enjoy ur weekend,


I'm am so Talented so I got the ARC Treatment!~ Whoo hoo!

March 5th 2011 6:28 pm
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Mews 'n Meow's 'n all dat Howdy stuff!~ Well u gotta guess what? Several things, I am an ARC cat breed..well it's not really a breed, but I iz an "Absolutley Rotten Cat" fur shur! MOL! Now I have been learnin' all kinds of new tricks 'n gettin' purrty good at some! Dis mornin' I said to mom, "Mreebz" 'n she know's dat means I want attenshon 'n I want it NOW! So her picked me up, I like ta be helded like a baby, den I let her kiss me paws 'n I purred really loud! Well dis is a new one on mommy coz I not normally like me paws kissed. 'N Den ya know, her kissed me's neck 'n I purred LOUDER! MOL! Yeps I did. Well another thing I does 'n gettin' better at it is I likes to sit on da puter table in watch her online. Her said "Lover Boy" (yeah her likes to call me dat! MOL!) let's shake, 'n I did! I pawed her 'n shook her paws. Well is dat not really smart fur a kitty? I come on command now when her sez "Lover Boy" 'n I run to her! Mom also likes to dance, shhh, her likes to do it by herself when nofur is lookin'!! MOL! I pawed up to her 'n I gotted on her shoulders 'n her danced wif me up dare! I be's like Smokey Joe!An' him wuz a furry SMART kitty! WOW! I can dance wif mommy now! Her danced 'n danced 'n I watched me hansome self in da mirror! Mom cudn't believe it when I started purrin' so loud agin atop her shoulders! I lubbed it up dare! Spawcially since I lubbs mommy to sing to me 'n do her groove thing! MOL! 'N u know what else I can does? We played 'paper bag shuffle' dis mornin' 'n it wuz a tiny bag dat I pounced on inside 'n mommy caught me 'n turned it up 'n I figured out how to turn 'round in dat tiny bag! Haz u efur done dat before? I like tiny small spaces, hummmm, must mean we can make ourselves really small! Now dat is a great trick I learned too! Furtastic! What an eggsitin' day it wuz! Mom sez I am so smart 'n I learn really fast! Wishin' all of u a wonnerfur, fun 'n advenshurous day 'n keep ur mind 'n body active! Iz da best way to become a genious 'n I am one in progess! How many of u r ARC's? I bet I ain't da only one!!

Thank u fur readin' me's diary 'n habs a glorious Weekend!

Love 'n many ARC Hugs,


Dust Bunnies

February 25th 2011 7:56 pm
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Hi my fine feline furiends! I wanna thank u so mush fur carin' 'n sharin' ur troublez wif allergies! WOW, I gotta admit I wuz a bit skeered! Mom been flushin' me's eyes regularly 'n I feel mush better! I not got red eyes nor does I squint anymore! Iz it a miracle or jus' da dust bunnies settled down? I not know's, but mom sez fur shur her not bring anymore's furniture in here wif DUST BUNNIES on 'em! Her gotted a new air filter too 'n dat must have halped too. Ya know, it will also halp when da weather gets nicer 'n ol' man winter goes far away..well, maybe, but den mom tells me sumthin' called Spring comes which brings pollen 'n other nasty air floatie things! Ha, guess I can't escape da AIR I breath!! Or da dust mites, 'n dis thing called pollen too? Mom fights it efurday, but her won't efur admit she's allergic to me! Efen if she is! Her sez dat sum guy named Ben-A-DRIL is here to halp her stop sneezin' 'n halps her nose frum runnin' away! Oh goodness, mom, I halps u chase it down! MOL! Her is good to me 'n I so happy her canceled dat VET appt fur tomorrow too! Her sez I gonna get treats anyhow 'n a new toy is comin' too but her won't tell me yet what it is! It be's a surprise!! YIPEEE!!

Many purrs 'n love,

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