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A day in the Life of Milo

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Thank U Fur Ur Support 'n me Happy 8th Birfday Thankz~

May 30th 2016 3:53 pm
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Howdy Ya'll, welperz when we get moofed, guess I'z haz to change me greetin'z huh? Ah noperz. I still born 'n raise'd in Texas! MOL~!

So ya'll been doin' good? I shur hope so, mom iz hangin' in here 'n I halp her feelz mush better!

We wantz to share sum really lovely picciez our furiendz made fur me Happy 8th Birfday!!! 'n All da gifties, ya knowz whofur ya'll iz, so so kewl!! Thank U fur makin' me page a wonnerfur purrlace fur mommy to come 'n her do smile~!!!

Piccies dat make momcat happy!?

Thank U so mush Rory, Manytoes, Tundra 'n Lindsey~!!

Thank U frum dat Birfday 'n Gotcha Day club!

Thank U Auntie Ericka~

Thank U Auntie Becca!!~

Thank U Auntie Mary 'n Mayhem~

Thank U Auntie Lois 'n Napperz 'n Colorado!!

Thank U Auntie Stacey~!!

Thank U Auntie Dana

I LOVE me Gifties!!! I doez!! Thank U all~!!

Ya see dis year momcat cudn't do a piccie fur me! Coz her jus' not seein' 'n all da pain 'n jus' her doin' da best her can unner da circumstancez~
We want to jus' let alla our Catster 'n Dogster furiendz knowz dat ya'll mean so so mush to us 'n we thank U fur unnerstandin' 'n standin' beside us too~! Ya'll r in our heartz 'n we loverz ya'll so mush~ I haz had a great spawcial day 'n mc got me my fav FF beefy graviez 'n I got graviez 'n Mallee go sum too, but I jus' lovez da graviez part! Mmmm yeah! I haza grand furefur home 'n me momcat lovez me so mush 'n so do Paw~! Life iz good!!!

Still da Nekkid Entrepreneur
'n Chef Milo Blue Eyes


More Happy Timez to memmer! More Picciez frum Grand- Fureindz!~

May 2nd 2016 6:21 pm
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Me wud love to thank me wonnerfur furiendz whofur keep on makin' dese gorgeous picciez fur me, fur me spawcial day!!! I iz havin' one o' BEST Gotted Dayz I efur had!! 'n Thankz to alla U'z!~

Loverz alla U'z!~

Thank U Auntie Mary 'n Friday, Bijou, Bailey, 'n Neiko!!

Thank U Auntie Lois 'n Napoleon 'n Colorado Angelz

I love to save me wonnerfur piccies I get from me grand furiendz, still I really purrpreciate all da giftiez 'n love sent today to me 'n me mommy~! THANK U 'gain 'n 'gain!!

Milo Blue Eyes
Chef 'n Entrepreneur
Livin' 'n Lovin' me furiendz a'wayz!!!

P.S. It wud halp if mommy cud see better now 'n spell correctly too!~ Sorry so many errorz!! Ugh, pain iz back!!! :(


Mommy iz ofurwhelme'd by all ur KINDNESS 'n Thoughtfurness!!

May 2nd 2016 2:55 pm
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Milo wave'z 'n paw padz in slowly..Hey ya'll, mom jus' cries when her comez here; but yet it iz a happy cry..U all make her feel so mush better, emotionally. Thank U fur ur gifts o' kindness, for ur love 'n carin' thoughtz. Mom iz hangin' in here, jus' hopin' dat da Predni halpz 'n da pain onez welperz dey do halp sum.

I gone post sum piccies here sent to me from my furry grand furiendz, Flicka, A Lucas, 'n A Cleo, Rory 'n furmilies 'n da Birfday 'n Gotcha Club~

Thank U fur ur kin'ness!!

'n when mom can see'z better 'n feelz better we will send out thank u'z, but jus' thank U ain't 'nuff fur dese kin' hearted furs here whofur show dere unconditional love of furmilies 'n furiendz!!

Dis one iz from Rory, Manytoes, Lynzee 'n Tundra

Dis iz da beautifur Squirrel sent from Flicka, Lucas dear angel 'n Cleo dear angel

Dis un is from da Birfday 'n Gotcha Day Club

Dis un iz from Auntie Dana

From our heartz to urz, Thank U fur all o' dis!
Mom 'n Paw will be'z Leafin' dis next Monday to head fur Iowa. TO close ona our home. YAY!

I Love ya'll so mush!!


Milo Blue Eyes
Entrepreneur 'n Chef
Lifin' 'n Lovin' bein' nekkid still!!~ ;D


Update on me Momcat~

April 26th 2016 3:18 pm
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Milo wave'z to goodest furiendz 'n furmiliez~! :D

Not efuryone knowz whut mom haz been goin' thru. It waz suppose to be a quick left eye procedure 'n wake 'n can see better wifout glasses type than'. But somethin' went terribly wrong, 'n when da surgeon went to put da new eye part back into da capsule er envelope, it collapsed 'n pieces went into da back o' her eye. Very next day, waz referred to a new Retina spawcialist. Surgery again. Mom cud see him bein' suckin' out all dose floaties. He put bandage on her eye fur ofurnite. Her went back fur check up 'n took off bandage 'n cudn't see still. Dat waz ofur two weekz ago now. Dey sez it got blood up ina eye 'n it'z keepin' her siteless. 'n beside'z dat her rite eye ain't good 'n got bad cataracts also! Her triez to let me purrlay here whena her feelz good, but must lay down several timez a day. It haz been so stressfur 'n her off balance 'n her equilibrium iz outta whack. Sigh. I try to lay down wif her 'n give her lotza nudges. All we can do iz hopefurry her site comez back, will not be touchin' her rite eye til her can see'z. Got a follow up appt Friday. Out o' sum o' dem dropz a'ready now doin' three a day.

Anywayz it'z hard to get excited 'bout our new purrlace. Goin' back up to Iowa ona 9th er 10th o' May to close. Mom waz not prepared fur any o' dis. Dere iz so mush to do. Will moof what dey can, want to move washer 'n dryer 'n furniturez, but will get sum stuff new. Da neat than' 'bout it iz mom sez we iz o'ly 4 blocks from HyVee. It'z da grocery chain up dere. 'n dey a'so got Fairway. 'n oh yeah Walmart.

Mom sez it'z difficult to stay pawsitive 'n sumtime'z it hurtz so bad, her cries. I don't like seein' me momcat cry. I am a'wayz wif her. Coz I know sumthin'z wrong.

We had sum bad weather lately 'round us, but dat beeg hail dat hit N San Antone missed us, as we r jus' so far south. Dey sez it cud get really bad tonite, 'n efen up north o' here, tornado warnin'z 'n stuff. Up into Dallas area as well as OKLA 'n north. None o' our furiendz need dis bad stuff. Sum still tryin' to heal from dat hail dammage from few weekz 'go. Purrz fur 'em all!!!

Me 'n Mallee r doin' good, 'n we look furward to seein' our new home. Mom lovez it. But cannot do stairs one eyed. Sigh.

I know'z sum o' our furiendz still can't do mush here 'n it'z rather depressin' a'so. We lost my background on me page, didn't efen know it, til momcat looked at APB. Thankz fur dat update spot!!! Her memmered how to adjust da background 'n put in a new one, 'n it workz now. Mallee'z page still lookz good. I will be so glad when we can post commentz on diariez 'gain. 'n on picz too. We still can't get the picfur stuff to work rite. Shrugs.

Mom get'z really tired a lot. But if'n her cud jus' keep up wif efuryday lifin'...but, alas, it'z not good.
Her made homemade nana nut muffins. Will enjoy sum salmon pattiez 'n homestyle friez later. Paw jus' had a friend pick him up so he cud go pick up our car, waz ina shop early dis mornin. Battery. Kept mom from makin' her follow up appt last week.

Sendin' out all our love 'n hugz 'n whisker nudgez, hang in dere, as long as we haz hope, we can continue on..

I stand a'wayz..

Milo Blue Eyes
ManCat Entrepreneur 'n Chef
Still Nekkid 'n lovin' it~!! :D


Wave'z to grand furiendz 'n a moof Upstate!!~

April 5th 2016 3:56 pm
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Halloooooo me grand 'n meowvelous furiendz~ Furefur furiendz! All our love goez out to ya'll!~ Thankz fur hangin' in dere~!!

We got lotz to get caught up on, but one than' ata time. Jus' recently I seen more furiendz can post picciez 'n rearrange. Mom jus' uploaded a new pic, but waz not able to rearrange it to top. Ok, so sum than'z r gettin' fixes, 'n now me makin' dis diary, we shall see if'n it postz, shur hope so~!!

Da newest than' goin' on iz mom 'n pawz new purchase o' a kewl house up in Iowa~!! Mom lovez da clean air, da green gardenz 'n tonza rain dey get. 'n hospitality iz wonnerfur! Mom 'n Paw visit restaurants up dere 'n da folkz actually SMILE 'n showz dey like dere jobz~!!
It'z said dat here in Texas u don't expect good food or good service 'n when ya get it, ur pleasantly surprised. 'n welperz up dere iz like dis; U a'wayz get good service 'n great food 'n r sad when ya don't. Anyfur, iz a mush cleaner state mom sez. No beeg billboardz to look at, so if'n U don't know whar sumpurrlace iz, don't expect a beeg billboard sign tellin' ya~ Hehehee mom sez dat efen makez it cleaner.

Da new house iz furtastic! It gotz a 3 season sun room, heated, up front o' da house. Gotz a basement wif bar 'n upstairz huge room dat like two roomz up dere. Colorz r radiant 'n mom lovez da pink room!!
Got tonza winderz. Us kittiez will love da sun room, 'n mom sez cause it gotz a cofured side patio wif picket fence, we mite be able to go outside! Whooopie doggie! I like MISS gettin' to go outside!!! Mom sez we will getz seasons, fall, spring, summer, winter to whar here we get a lil bit o' fall 'n like summer summer summer!! Whew! We'z will trade 110 degreez fur snow! Hehehe I have seen snow but me sisfur haz not.

Oh boy, mom iz in love wif da all stainless steel keetchin~ Built in Micro, built in dishwasher 'n flat top range.

Mom sez da sun iz closer to da ground here in S Texas! Her likez cold mush better! It will be a long drive, wif one nite at hotel, mom hopez to find a good one dat will accept kitties. But it'z sumwhar in da neighborhood o' 17 hourz drive, like 1200 miles. Whew!

Mom got cataracts 'n got an appt on Thurs to talk to a specialist dat Paw haz known fur a long time. Her got new glasses recently, but her eyes r so bad now. Glasses don't halp mush. Her nervous 'bout dat part.

Me 'n Mallee been doin' good. Her iz still a pumped up lil wild child gurlie 'n will one in a while still pounce on me when I least expect it. Dat'z nother than' mom likez da fact dat da weather iz mush kewler up dere 'n me 'n Mallee snuggle more together when it's kewler. Now here, not so much, coz it on'y got down to 32 once. Mom likez lotza cofurz too~

So we seen sum changez round here 'n still come to purrlay in our fav groupz wif our fav furiendz. Our furefur furiendz efen if we don't particularly play wif ya, we still love ya 'n da true Catster Spirit livez on thru our actionz 'n kindness.

We close ona house in May 'n will be movin' in June. So mom 'n paw will be quite buzy ofur da next several weekz 'n will haz to travel 'gain up dere in May.

We miss ya'll whena we gone. We love ya'll furefur.

Thankz fur takin' da time to come here 'n check up on us. We r fine 'n dandy!!!

Bonks 'n many many purrz,

Milo Blue Eyes
Still nekkid Entrepreneur

'n Mallee wavez too~


Rockin' wif Catster 'n Rollin' wif da Flow

September 6th 2014 11:56 am
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Hiya 'n Howdy 'n Hey how ya doin'? We hope Ur all enjoyin' a somewhat kewler down time wif summer pawsib'y bein' close to bein' ofur 'n we shur doe'z hope SO~ Iz been a really hot 'n furry humid summer time fur us kit'z 'n we r jus' too warm to doe'z mush o' anythan'~!!! So we been a jus' keepin' it kewl 'n layin' 'roun' 'n stayin' unner dat kewl air masheen mostly.

Sometime'z 'n yeah if'n it'z early ina mornin', I get'z a small bee'z up me 'n zoomie'z 'n so do Mallee but mos'y Mallee iz jus' more energetic den me anyway'z. But still, I got whut it take'z ta keep up wif her 'n we purrlay chase 'n we wrestle'z 'n I doe'z take her down sometime'z! ;D MOL~ yeah wif her bein' a gurly gurl An' a Purrincess Diva 'n Entertainer o' da country, I still gotta keep her in line. It'z whut we beeg brofur'z do~ Now wif me bein' da ol'est, I doe'z me best to make shur dat gurly gurl iz taken care o' 'n I still let'z her eat first 'n pick her colour'z bowl to eat out o' 'n den I will proceed ta eat frum MY blue one~! Mal Mal don't'z alway'z eat frum her pink bowl, but I not care. I share. Iz whut us beeg brofur'z do! Paw'z UP~!

We finally got sum mush needed rain fur a couple day'z ina row 'n whish it filled up our lake pond'z out ina road 'n our yard too fur a bit. Nice! We so needed it 'n efurythan' waz gettin' so brown 'n sad lookin'. No whar'z could we find a goodest Kitty TV channel neither too! O' ALL da window'z we got to view KTV, no fur haz beena stirrin' coz'n yeah iz jus' been way too hot~ MROW! But we know'z now since it'z a'ready September'z it shud bee'z gettin' kewler soon! Bein' way down her in South Texas we country kits don't see mush cold weather at all. Maybe a few day'z in Jan or Feb ina 30's but usually we get'z Spring like weather durin' winter month'z here. Whish is NICE~ NICE mornin'z 'n lovely afternoon'z too~ 'n yeah, since it waz a bit kewler tooday 'n we jus' got rain, it was kewler dis mornin'! 'n Me 'n Mallee get'z MORE friskier when it not so warmest. We efen seen da goat'z get out 'gain~ Dey loved da rain whish made dere goodest grass foodage grow more'z~ Dey so cute ta watsh~

We know'z we'z also see more other furiend'z come back 'round coz yesty we seen a NEW baby Roadrunner comin' round! Now we had Mork 'n Mindee 'n Mickee da baby, but dis new one iza gurly gurl 'n we named her Mandee! Gotta keep'z it in our M furmilies ya know'z?? MOL! Milo grins~! ;D Oh 'n we efen got'z more burdie'z too comin' round. Dey were ALL most all gone durin' da heat wave'z. Since it rained, we seen 'em doin' burdy baf'z ina pond 'n lookin' all cutest 'n yeah, I wanted to get'z out dere 'n purrlay wif 'EM~ MOL~ Mom sez dey prob'ly wouldn't like dat tho! Shrugs~?

Paw slapped at a buggie ina keetchin da other day 'n I went to inspect 'n yeah I founded it 'n it shur waz tasty too! Mallee been sayin' I not keepin' up wif me own load 'round here lately, but I got'z MEWS fur her, I still reign Eldest 'n smartest too~! First son'z r alway'z considered royalty ya know'z? Fur shur~! But still I also remain da Beeg Brofur 'n I know'z me dutie'z to keepin' me sisfur safe 'n alway'z knowin' her iz loved.




I iz thankfur fur me furiend'z, me life 'n me grand world livin' ina country wif da bestest Mommy 'n Paw efur~! 'n I iz thankfur fur me sisfur, Mal Mal too (") (") ~!

Thank U Catster 'n HQ fur listenin' to us all 'n gettin' our Catster back flowin' better 'n so yeah, we can pawty here 'n enjoy fun time'z 'n more goodest furiendship'z~
Coz we shur doe'z love'z our happy home here~! :D

(") (")

Milo'z Motto:
Treat other'z like U want'z ta be treated.
Life is short, show Love 'n a Smile efury day!

I remain,
Milo Blue Eyes, Mancat Entrepreneur
Livin' Happy n Still Enjoyin' bein' Nekkid 2014


Milo Goe'z Nekkid

August 13th 2014 12:07 pm
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Hey ya'll'z~ Howdy 'n how ya doin' me find 'n awesome pawsome furiend'z 'n furmilie'z~?? : )
I hope dis Journal entry find'z ya happy 'n healthy 'n feeelin' great 'n also keepin' KEWL~ 'n I mean coz yeah, it'z been a rather HOT 'n HUMID summer season down south~!

So what'z da best way ya'll keepin' it kewl dis summer?

Ya know da bestest way ta keepin' kewl iz alway'z havin' water dishe'z in efury room, easily accessible 'n it'z furry necessary when it come'z to da heat 'n stuff, yeah! 'n shhhh don't tell Paw, but mom most day'z will efen keep da faucet runnin' fur me ina bafroom but az o' late, her can tell'z when I want dat FRESH delishous water runnin' ina sink fur me to lap up! 'n yeah, I like to turn me head sideway'z 'n gettin' efury last drop~!!!

Oh 'n dere other way'z to keepin' kewl too~! Well, let me tell ya a teeny story: way way back when I was firsted gotted, yeah back in 2009 welper'z I alway'z haz worn a neck ornament, Uhmm like wif jinggley than'z on it. Ya know'z da one'z our hoooman'z can hear'z us comin' 'n stuff'z? ;) Hehehee, I don't know'z 'bout U but I don't want'z Mallee ta know'z when I iz comin'~!!!!

Soooooo...since it'z been so hot now, mom took dat choke collar OFF ME 'n I LIKE IT~! Mom can brush me so mush easier 'n yeah, I STILL love'z ta be'z brushed 'n I STILL brush meself too~!

Milo smiles 'n puff'z out his chest~! :D Mom sez, but Milo U haz alway'z worn a han'some neck ornament 'n all ur piccies U r NOT nekkid~

But MOM!

I LOVE BEIN' NEKKID~!! It's great 'n feel'z oh yeah, it FEEL'Z mmmmmmmmm Milo simply purrrrrrr'z...oh yeah, mom skratch me rite dere ona dat spot unner me neck.

MY NEKKID neck~! Heheheeee! I LIKE IT...A LOT~!!

Wanna see'z whut my han'some nekkidness'z look'z like??? Milo chuckle'z~!


'n 'nother...


Heheheee! Ok, now if I can get'z mom to NOT put 'nother than' back on me neck, I'z be'z a happy camper 'n mush mush kewler dis summer 'n ya know whut? Her sez I can be'z nekkid fur awhile!


Oh 'n now guess whut? MALLEE went nekkid too~ Sheeeesh, her doin' EFURYTHAN' I DOE'Z~ Dat gurly gurl~! ; )

Purrs on 'n lotza head nudges,

I remain,
Milo Blue Eyes

"Nekkid Esquire"
Mancat Entrepreneur


Oldie'z but Goodie'z MILO Style

August 4th 2014 11:58 am
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Hiya 'n Howdy ya'll'z~! Hopin' dis find'z ya'll all happy 'n healthy 'n rockin' 'n rollin'~!! :D

First I wanna sez Thankie'z to U all 'n to Catster Gal/Doodman fur awardin' me da honor'z fur several Diary Pick'z fur da month o' July~!! It waz a FURTASTIC feelin' 'n we pawty'ed like we were fool'z 'n stuff ;D ~ Milo laugh'z out loud~! Dancin' iz so kewl 'n we all love'z ta doe'z dat 'long wif eatin' good foodage'z too!!! Yeah!

Now on to da goodest stuff~! Ya know, well maybe'z ya don't'z, but mom like'z to sing song'z to me 'n Mallee 'n replace werd'z in 'em to fit US~ Doe'z Ur furmilie'z do dat too? Heheheeee! Iz fun 'n coz yeah I love'z to ride on mom'z shoulder'z when her doe'z her dance'z 'n aerobic'z too! Mallee can too~ We love'z to watch her dance 'n since her iza 'oldie but goodie' 'least dat'z what her call'z herself'z welper'z beside'z dat CCL~! MOL~ Dem oldie song'z really make'z mom smile 'n her can really shake a leg too!

Wow I wuz watchin' mom yesterday az her waz dancin' 'n doin' aerobic'z 'n stuff, 'n I layin' ona bed backside down wif me belly showin' 'n her waz dancin' to one side o' da bed 'n her would bounce her hand ona dat bed 'n I would turn to dat side 'n her would dance on ofur to da other side 'n bomp ona bed 'n I would turn ofur to dat side!

Milo clap'z fur him meowmy!!!

Ok, so dem oldie song'z mom had one called "My Girl" but her replaced'ed it wif "MILO" instead so well, her been singin' 'dis song to me since I first'ed came to be wif her. 'n I like it when her goe'z..I guess You'd say what can make me feel dis way? MILO...MILO....Miloooooo, tawkin' 'bout Milo...well ya know da rest. ;) Anyfur NOW her got 'nother song her like 'bout me 'n it goe'z like dis:::: (see if'n ya know'z dis one!!)

Nothin' U can sez
Can tear me 'way frum Milo..milo
Nothin' U can do
Coz I stuck like glue to Milo...milo

Him may not be a moovee star
but when it come'z ta bein' happy, we r
Dere'z not a mancat tooday
whofur could tear me 'way from Milo...

Az a matter o' opinion I think'z him top'z
yep my boy him da cream o' da crop'z *tell me more'z*

I'z tellin' ya from da start
I'z won't be torn 'part frum....Milo....milo....milo

How'z dat??? Kewl huh?

Welper'z gotta go fur now 'n do what I doe'z best 'n givin' mom da 'Milo Blue Eyes' stare 'n belief'z it er not, her CAN read me mind~!! Milo wink'z ;)

Beeg hugs, many whisker nudges,

I remain,
Milo Blue Eyes
Mancat Entrepreneur


Patience iz OUR Virtue

July 24th 2014 6:13 pm
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Hiya efuryone o' our grand 'n oh so purrfect furiend'z 'n furmilie'z~

Thank'z fur keepin' da faith 'n all da love we feel here in our awesome pawsome Catster Communitie'z~ Iz our patience dat will survive. Iz our spawcial feeling'z. Iz our wisdom in knowin' dat I 5 Publishin' iz werkin' to get stuff'z better here fur us'n'z all~

Thank U HQ, our Watch Cat Mr John 'n all da techie'z 'n da famouse Cat Fancy owner'z fur takin' us'n'z all unner ur wing'z 'n savin' our precious SITE~ WE love'z U so mush 'n we still haz faith dat one day soon 'n ya know whut? If'n it take'z several month'z, indeed, it wud, coz stuff'z iz so messed up; but ya know'z, WE UNNERSTAN'~! We all doe'z. Coz we r da heart 'n soul o' our communitie'z, bof Dogster 'n Catster.

Mom 'n meself learned sum precious stuff'z lately. Been explorin' da All Paw's Bullitin group 'n seen sooo many doggie'z 'n kittie'z dat feel da same way we doe'z~ Da love. It'z extra spawcial dere. 'n our purrfect furiend, Flicka 'n him furmilies, yeah diz iz a doggie furmilie'z wif no kittie'z, BUT dey sooo furry spawcial to us 'n halped uz learn stuff'z dat we were catfused 'bout.
Thank U Flicka, :D U r a pawsome pal 'n hugs 'n happy nudge'z to ur woof mommy~! ;)

U see, we belief'z dat kittie'z 'n doggie'z shud be able to purrlay together in one site here. But mom didn't'z know how to venture a pup'z page when it went to 'dogster'. 'n den it wudn't let us purrlay, kept askin' fur passwerd'z 'n i.d.'z 'n stuff 'n wud not werk'z, BUT when we goe'z into da doggie'z page wif da catster url fur DAT doggie,wellper'z IT WERK'Z~!! 'n YAY~ We hope eventually dat I 5 Publishin' will intermingle bof side'z 'n change da site up a bit to be'z easier fur kittie'z 'n doggie'z to get to one 'nother. We ALL love our purrfect furmilie'z bof doggie'z 'n kittie'z~ 'n so we founded out dat it wuz da way Dogster/Catster had been set up in da beginnin', like 10 year'z 'go~!! So, we purr 'n we wish 'n hopin' dat our NEW OWNER'Z will listen 'n as dey expand 'n make stuff go smoother 'n better 'n also halp'z make it eazier to do backgroun'z 'n postin' piccie'z 'n all da fun stuff'z too~! Ahhh wudn't it be grand???

We haz faith 'n we haz da love 'n our communitie'z got da power o' stickin' together furefur 'n a day.

Here'z to da love 'n togetherness we share~!!!
Milo hold'z up him niptini glass 'n share'z sum purrfect bacon wrapped doggie treat'z wif him woofin' furiend'z too~



Right on.

I remain,
Milo Blue Eyes

Wif all da love'z in me heart....


Lovin' me Catster * Lovin' bein' DDP * Lovin' me spawcial- Catster Purrlace

July 16th 2014 1:11 pm
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Thank U Catster Diary Gal/Doodman picker'z o' da most awesome pawsome Catster communitie'z~Thank U fur da Diary Pick honor tooday, once 'gain~!! WHOO HOO!

Yesh, I iz furry thankfur 'n yesh me furiend'z R furry spawcial to me 'n I thank U all fur da nice 'n spawcial comment'z, pawmail'z, prezzie'z 'n ofur all jus' sharin' in da beautifur Catster honor'z 'n joy'z 'n catebrashon'z~!!!!

OUR COMMUNITIE'Z~ OUR SITE! IZ da one 'n ON'Y kitty site dat COUNT'Z~

I know dere r indeed other site'z, yeah other cat site's 'round. 'n we did go oufur 'n check out a couple, 'spawcially when we thought'z we waz gonna LOSE our Catster Communitie'z back in February. We did NOT want'z to lose toush wif our kewl furiend'z here whofur we love'z so mush! 'n yeah, we ventured'ed to 'em. BUT, we now know'z dat NO other site iz like dis one! NONE!~ We treasure our furiend'z here. 'n my furmilies thank U all fur stayin' 'n upholdin' da kin'ness 'n carin' 'n love'z dat true Catster communitie'z furiend'z share 'tween one 'nother HERE.

We seen dat our furiend'z like Hazel Mazel, saweet Mazie posted diary 'bout da new pardner'z takin' ofur. 'n we seen dat our grand furiend Miss Hazel Lucy also gotted Diary Pick honor'z tooday!!~ CONCATS me furiend'z! We sent Concat'z to Bear 'n Briana 'n Midnight gotted DOTD honor'z also tooday~!! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP~!! Oh yeah, pawty time~! heheheee!
It'z a purrfect 'n oh so awesome pawsome Wednesday, July 16th in Catsterland~!!!


We send happy 'n good feelin' wishe'z to da NEW OWNER'Z~ I 5 PUBLISHING!!
Dese folk'z r da LARGEST owned 'n operated online PET NETWORK~!! WOWZER'Z~!

'n ya gotta love'z 'em coz dey OWN Cat Fancy~!! Hehehee mom'z furvurite magazine!!!

I 5 PUBLISHING~! We wish U purrfect day'z 'n hopin' ya take notice o' da many spawcial furiend'z whofur LIVE'Z here in our Catster Communitie'z.

Dis here iza OUR HOME~ 'n so...

Here'z to our CATSTER~! May U LIVE'Z on 'n on 'n on 'n on 'n alway'z PROSPER~!

Jus' 'nother notice to alla our furiend'z az o' rite now, we cud post sum piccie'z finally, but still can't seem to get any o' 'em rearranged, so we did post me Diary Pick honor piccies from our grand furiend'z Tundra, Manytoes, Rory 'n Lynzee but dey don't show up on me front page, dey be'z at da back til I can get'z 'em 'rranged like I want 'em. Anyfur, I know it'z comin' 'long 'n I see efurythin' gettin' BETTER~


Bonks 'n alway'z be'z 'n stay Happilee Thankfur fur Ur Lovin' Furefur home 'n dis ONE too,

MILO Blue Eyes, I remain

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