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I am beating the boy's agan mom.!

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Happy Thanksgivieing from us.

November 22nd 2007 6:07 pm
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Our day went great until Dorenda calledand said she was not able to have michelle over for the day because of her roommate. was going off and Dorenda did not went michelle in the middle of it.But Dorenda calledagain this morning and told dad that she was makeing turkey for everyone there and she had a house full but did not ask if Michelle went to came over.Instead mom had to tell Michelle that her mom was not cameing to spend the day with us.Which made Michelle cry for a good half and hour..That mom had to call the mobile Urgent treatmentteam to came out and talk with Michelle to get her claim down again.So that is the only thing went wrong here todaay.Us Kittie's got atreat for dinner tonight we all got can food for dinner instead dry food and that was so good..Mom and Dadand michele haad bird and stuffeind and mash potota's and green bean catolroll for dinner.But because michelle was so upset by what Dorenda had pulled Michele did not eat a ny thanksgiveing dinner with mom and dad.So michele was so very upset..So us Kittie's put on a show to up her feel better and it worked..Michelle is back to watching tv and getting readly for bed...But mom is goingto lay into Dorenda about it the next time shesee Dorenda and Mom isplaning on letting the G.L . know what Dorenda pulled today on Michele...It was a a fun day outside of all that.hopeyour day was great and thatyou had a nice meal with your family and furi baby today..God bless an kept you.
love you so much,
Love, Sabryna


Andielee going to be ok.

October 31st 2007 5:59 pm
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Andielee came of the bedroom this morning and eat like a horse and been eating and drinking all day.In fact he was knock things off the headvboard on mom this afternoon and eating a snack and eat his dinner and now is up where he alway liketo sleep up high.But told me that she still plans on takeing Andielee to see Phil after Michele get home from school Thusday night.To have him check out real good and to make sure he's going to be ok..The rest of the family been kepting their eye's on Andielee for me and mom.Why mom was gone to get the mail and a two liter of 7up and gasoline for the van.We all lay with Andielee in the bedroom until mom and dad and michele walk thur the door.And Andielee was in the kicthen looking for his dinner before mom even had to call him.The one that mom had to look for tonight was Mack but he came out of no where at last to eat dinner.Which made mom happy..Well off to check on my son and to see if Michele is getting readly for bed .and let mom to use her computer..Thank you for the prays and thoughts. love you all much.


Mom and I are worried about my son Andielee

October 30th 2007 5:33 pm
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He was doing ok all day until around noon than he started to act reral funnie.So mom pick him up and put him in the bedroom with vipor vistor.Tonight mom try to feed him chicken liver his favor and he turn it down flat.And he's refuseing to leave the bedroom.After diner mom pick up Andie and meassage his tummy for him and lay there andlet mom do it without a fight.So now mom and I know for a fact he is sick.So mom put a call into Phil office but he's off today..So moms waiting for his boss to call us back.Becaue Phil is gone until Thusday...He just lays on the bedroom floor in front of the vopor vistor and sleeps.I hope he did not caught what mom and Michelle just got over..Mom said one way or the only he is going to go and see a doctor in the morning.I will up date you all on what up with my son..other wise all the rest of us are doing just fine.....Love you all much and God bless you all too.
love, Sabryna


I am ok.

October 13th 2006 7:05 pm
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I am doing just fine and my kid's are doing so great too.I have started to sleep with om at night and I enjoy it alot.Mom just love to have us all 13 sleep with her at night or any time she nap's..It make mom feel a lot better when we all sleep with her..Will I great and so are my kid's..write more next me around.
love,Sabyna Star


It's me Sabryna Star

February 5th 2006 5:18 pm
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Life is so grand here.I can sleep all day or play with my real kid's and with my cat dad and with my cat sister's four boy's.But I do miss my sister's and my cat mom it feel like their been at rainbow brigde forever more.Thing's here for me and the kid's are so great and we are all very happy to be able to be here with mom and dad and with Michelle even if Michelle can get on your nve's at time's.Just went to let you all know that I am still here and I am still with my whole the way I love it.
Lady,Sabryan Star


My eye is doing a lot better.!

November 13th 2005 1:52 pm
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Mom did not have to take me to see Phil with my right eye ,because it got better on it's own with the warMom m compass that Dad was putting on it twice a day day.And this morning I am doing just great and my eye is open wide and there is no dry bleed around my eye any more..Hope you are haveing a great day as we all here.Even if there are hight wind's and that Mom and Dad both have a bad sinus infection...Mom and Dad cooked some M'm M'm good chicken noodle soup today and it's home made too.!And all of us kat's got a dish of soup and like I said it was M'm M'm good...!
Lady Sabryna Star


I got in a fight again.!

November 6th 2005 5:23 pm
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Has mom saw my left eye .I got in a fight with one of the boy's last night why everyone was a sleep.And it's all full of bleed.So mom and Dad use a warm cloth to clean it out and than put something on it twice today and it feel a lot better.I am so thankfull that I have the mom and dad I do.Because their care so much for all 13 of us it's not funnie.No matter what their are doing when it come's to us their drop what their are doing andtake care of us ASP..Just Mom and Dad did this morning with my eye after Michelle told mom about it.So yes I am one luckie kat to have the people I do for Parent's..Their are the worlds best parent's to all of us here...Mom said that if my eye is not any better by the 18 of thiss month when Fredryckelee go back for a other bleed test,that I am going to be going with him to see Phil.Mom and Dad know best for us..So we well see what happen's in two week's.Time to move over and let Fredryckelee work at his jounal as well...But outside of that I doing great..Night everyone.
Lady,Sabrynalinn Star


Hello I am ok..and so are all my kid's.!

October 20th 2005 1:51 pm
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Oh..! yes..We are all doing just fine here and I mean fine with Michellie being off of school for the next two week's as she is gong to be.My five kids's are growning everyday and getting biggr than me..But their still come to mom for a cleaning or love that only a cat mom can give her kid's..!I been sleep a lot more with dadat night,but their are night's I will go in by mom and lay by her headand sleep there for the longest time..And mom turn over and give me all kind's of hug's in her sleep.So see she always loveing us kat's even in her sleep.And Dad is just happy that I lay out by him at nigth as is mom..And than thereare time's I will think of laying with Michelle for avery short time that is..!But I just could not ask for a much bettr home .Because I have it here.I belive mom say that we have a easy life liveing here with them and I belive her..But yes I am doing great and my kid's are growning like wild and alway into something..So I just went to let you all know we are doing great.And just can not wait for mom and dad to find that right house to move too....!


I saw Phil on Firday.!

August 6th 2005 1:31 pm
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I saw Phil on Friday and hetold me that I have lose to much weitgh and went for Mom and Dad to kept a close eye on me that I eating ok and that I am not sick like Fredryckelee is with diabetes mellitus .So Mom agree to kept avery close eye on me for the next month or so.So now I have to make sure that I eat right at breakfast and Dinner time.Outside of that I am in great health Phil told Mom and Dad on Friday.!So Phil give me my rabis short and send me back home with Mom and Dad again which I was happy about...But it was hot out on Friday afternoon when Mom and Dad took us three to see Phil.So mom try to use the AC in the van but it did not work that great so we were back to open window's again.And My daughter Apachie and me share the some kennel to go to Phil's office on Friday which made it hotter for the both of us being that close together.But we mad there and home again and than was put back in the safe room until Dad and Mom and Shellie return from Dee's place.Because Mom need to talk with Sis about her phone bill and a few other thing's beside that.But from what I over heard Mom and Dad talking about Dee got Mom very upset.Because She refuseing to help mom with Food this month and if she does that Mom and Dad and Shellie will have a other very very hard month to go thur.!I do wish for Mom and Dad and Shellie's sake their start to pay Dad for being Mom's heatlh caregiver this month because it give them the fund's their need to buy the exart food and soda and ect for the month.!And it help them make it thur the whole month without no one's help any more.Like it has been since we moved back from Michigan.Which I know for the fact Mom will like.Because Mom hate to ask for that kind of help.!But Mom always make darn sure that us 13 kat's have food for the whole month and than some.As long as I have Mom and Dad for my parents I have never gone without any thing to eat or without a place to lay my head at night.For their are the best Mom and Dad around this earth.I would not change a thing as far aaas Mo and Dad go.!But !Shellie that a whole driffer story that i am refuseing to go into right now.But we had a great day with Mom and Dad at Phil's..!
Sabyrnalinn Star Hathaway


Lazy day..!

July 19th 2005 12:42 pm
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Well,mom and dad have been home with us now going on seven day;s and not going any where unless it's for mom's or Shellie's med's or for the mail which has been once a week lately since my Late Sister's grandson Chaileray was taken thur the screen window on the front poch..!Mom is so driffer since that happen ,that in fact Mom does a head count at less twice aday.Breakfast and Dinner..!I myself count my kid's at less four time's a day like my Dad Tommie (kat) does it five time's a day to be sure that we are all here.It's like we are not all feeling safe living here in this mobile home..!I for one will be happy once mom and dad find us a safer place in which to live...!Which i hope is ASP..!But mom is looking for a four bedroom with at less three bathroom's and asun room for us KAt's to take in the sun when we we too.And with a open wall's to the kicthen to the frontroom and mom wents a family that she can turn into a therapy room and play room for Shellie..!Because mom went''s to make sure this is the very last time we all have to move.That why Mom went a much bigger place..!And I know that mom with do it with God's help....!well just went to let you all know that my kid's and I are doing just fine and are all still very much together like it was made to be....!
Lady Sabrynalinne Star

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