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Rider's Reflections

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My 1st Birthday!

July 15th 2010 10:38 pm
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Today is my 1st birthday! I've now lived in my forever home 4 and a half months. Unfortunately I "celebrated" by going to the vet! I got a distemper vaccine and Mom also expressed some concern about my teeth. I do have some mild gingivitis. I'm NOT very cooperative about having my teeth brushed either. At 9 pounds, I'm getting a little "pudgy" too. Tonkinese are generally not very big cats.

Yesterday we had some severe thunderstorms move though our area. Lightening shorted out the fire alarms in our apartment complex (causing them to go off), fried Mom's garage door opener (causing her to be late to work), and zapped Mom's T.V. Linus and I were so scared and hid under Mom's bed for quite a while. Scary part is, the worst of it was north of us, we only caught the edge of the storms.


TCA 2010 Annual Photo Show

June 28th 2010 8:25 am
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Mom entered Linus and I in the Traditional Cat Association (TCA) annual photo show. They just posted the results! I won:

1st place - Traditional Tonkinese, Best Kitten (5-8 months)
1st place - Traditional Tonkinese, Best Cat in Premiership (Alters)
1st place - Traditional Tonkinese, Best of Color (Natural Mink/Seal)
1st place - Best Couch Potato
2nd place - Most Beautiful Eyes
Co-2nd place - Best Cat in Show
Co-3rd place - Best Kitten in Show
Co-3rd place - Best Alter in Show

Here's a link to the show: TCA show
They are still working on uploading pictures, but the results are posted. Linus also did very well and Mom is so proud of us!



June 13th 2010 6:28 pm
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Mom took me for a nice stroll in the park today (before it rained). That was pretty fun. There was a mother with a young toddler who was having a tantrum and when Mom and I strolled by, the little boy stopped crying and Mom let them look at me in my stroller. Then the boy was good. The mother thanked us for the distraction! There were also some kayaks in the river we watched for a little while. Then we had to make a quick stop at PetSmart on the way home for some kitty litter (and a couple toys since I was so good). That was fun too. I had several people admire me and pet me... and I loved watching the birds that were for sale (Mom wouldn't get me one though)! Mom is tentatively planning to taking Linus and I to some cat shows this fall which could be another strolling adventure...

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